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A News Magazine Published by The Governor's Academy 

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From The Archives 


| he Trustees of the Academy authorized the construction of a big new barn in 1806 to replace two outv\ 
structures, according to John Ragle in Governor Dummer Academy History 1163-1963. The structure report- 
_ edly cost $1, 394.14, a considerable sum by the day's standards. In those days, the barn was a necessary 
building for the working farm on campus. In 1924, 75 feet of the back of the barn was removed to make room for 
a new athletic field and bleachers. 

The 2008 renovation of the barn was just completed with new features including bathrooms with showers, chang- 
ing rooms for visiting teams, and a laundry facility for the campus community. While work was being undertaken 
in September, a large hive of European honey bees was discovered in the eaves. The hive reached approximately 
three feet across and hung nearly four feet down. A man on a cherry picker took several hours to detach the hive 
and vacuum the bees before their journey to their new home at Essex Agricultural and Technical High School 
where they will be resettled and continue their honey-making. How many bees were being resettled? Perhaps a 
100,000 or more. Two to three thousand returned to the site of their former hive after scattering during the big 
move. If bees have feelings, this bunch was very surprised at the foreclosure on their beloved home. 


If you are interested in donating items to the Archives, please contact 
t, The Governor's Academy, 1 Elm St., Byfield, MA 01922. 






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Hal K^JSEkf/ff JBofcZl B< \ sr ' MXI 


IfllMlMl MMllMJli j ■ 

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Annual Fund 
1 Elm Street 
Byfield, MA 01922 






The Aichon 

Published since 1884 


John M. Doggett Jr. P'04, '07, '08, '08 


Judith Klein P'99, '08 

Art Director 

Christie Rawlins-Jackson 


Linda Haas Photography 
David Oxton 
Chrisde Rawlins-Jackson 
Len Rubenstein 

Director of Advancement 

Lori Correale 

Director of Alumni and Parent Relations 

Michael A. Moonves P'82 

Director of Annual Giving 

Ellen C. Oliver 

Trustees of The Governor's Academy 

Jeffrey Gordon '69, President 

Christopher C. Beebe '55, Co- Vice President 

Priscilla M. Mclnms P'02, '03, '06, Co-Vice President 

James L. Rudolph '68, P'05, P'12, Secretary 

Steven Shapiro'74, P'09, Treasurer 

William L.Alfond '67 

Nathalie E.Ames '85 

Adrienne Berry-Burton P'96, '04 

Christopher W. Collins P'07, '10 

Jonathan J. Doyle P'08, '09 

Henry B. Eaton 70, P'03, '08 

Beverly R. Giblin P'04, '05 

Lauren B. Gudonis P'03 

Kathleen S. Hines P'08, '09, '12 

Stephen G. Kasnet '62, P'95 

Richard M. Kelleher P'99, '01 

Thomas M. Mercer Jr. '61 

Kara Moheban McLoy '88 

Daniel M. Morgan '67, P'97, '02 

Brian H. Noyes 76 

James M. Pierce 72, P'08 

Peter H. Quimby '85 

Haskell Rhett '54 

Gary A. Rogers P'04, '07 

George S. Scharfe P'95, '95, '00 

Aaron M. Sells '96 

Bruce C.Turner '83 


Alumni Trustees 

Daria C. Grayer '00 
Matthew R. Lee '01 
Sarah Willeman '99 

Ex Officio 

Christen H.D'Orio '8 

!, President, Alumni Council 

Alumni/ae Council 

Chris D'Orio '88, President 

Carolyn Nissi 77, Vice President 

Gretchen Scharfe '95, Secretary /Treasurer 

Nathalie Ames '85 

Deana Boyages '88 

Tyler Collins '03 

David Corbett '91 

Daniel Cross '81 

John P. English '28 (Life Member) 

Putnam P. Flint '37, GP'99 (Life Member) 

Brendan Forrest '94 

Anthony P. Fusco '85 

Dan Guyton '03 

Franklin E. Huntress '52 

Ray Long '96 

Daniel Look '68 

Justin Marshall '99 

J.J. Morrissey '02 

Ted Nahil '68 

Paul Nardone '86 

Julie O'Shaughnessy '05 

Richard Pew '54 

Nicole Prunier '94 

Matt Prunier '94 

Matthew Remis '92 

Chris Ruggiero '92 

Brian Rybicki '96 

Heidi Danielson Stevens '88 

Devin Sullivan '92 

JohnTarbell '62 

Marc K.Tucker '68, P'01, '05 

Jackie Ward '04 

Alison Williams '89 

Jessica Karlin '99 

Ex Officio 

Catherine D. Burgess '91, Past President 
Peter T. Butler, '62, Past President 
James C. Deveney Jr. '60, Past President 
John S. Mercer '64, P'95, Past President 
Karen A. Schulte '83, Past President 
Peter M. Sherin '59, Past President 
Arthur H.Veasey III '68, Past President 

The Archon is published three times a year by The Governor's 
Academy, Byfield, Massachusetts 01922. Telephone: 
(978) 465-1763. Letters are welcome from alumni, alumnae, 
parents and friends of the Academy and are subject to editing 
for reasons of space availability. 


10 A Man of Many Seasons 

12 The Tiny House Project 

16 The 'Moon' and His Orbit 

21 Prague By Day & Night 


2 headmaster's message 

4 development developments 

25 annual report 

45 class notes 

93 in memoriam 

A freshman signs the ledger in the Little Red 

Schoolhouse as part of a new tradition. See 

Headmaster's Message on page 2. 

Photograph by David Oxton 

The Archon is printed on recycled paper with a rrrinimum of 10% post-consumer waste. It is printed with 
sustainable resource vegetable-based soy inks in accordance with our commitment to the environment. Please 
recycle again. 

■', / .-■ . : .< ' ' '''' 




headmaster's message 

As you read this, I may be thousands of miles away from South 
Byfield visiting the families of many of our international students in 
Asia. Even with electronic communications making our world 
smaller and flatter, opportunities to meet face to face with families 
from far away is a pleasure and an honor. My annual trip to Asia 
always reminds me of the courage, grit and faith our international 
students (and their parents) display in electing to pursue their high 
school education so far away from all that is secure, familiar and 
comfortable. The tradition of leaving Asia to study in America began 
in 1884 whenYu Kil Chun of Korea accompanied the first group of 
young intellectuals allowed to visit the United States to learn about 
American culture and technology. Yu Kil Chun remained after the 
rest of the group returned home and studied at The Governor's 
Academy in preparation for entering Harvard. Unfortunately, polit- 
ical changes in Korea beckoned him home before he could finish 
here or at Harvard, but he went on to become a renowned political 
and social reformer in his own country. Today's international stu- 
dents continue a proud tradition. 

Speaking of tradition, in September, when our new freshmen 
arrived on campus, we initiated a custom designed to tie the stu- 
dents to the great history of the Academy as they embark on their 
secondary school career here. I met with the entire Class of 2012 
outside the original Little Red Schoolhouse, the building where 
Master Samuel Moody welcomed the school's first students in 1763. 
There, I shared with the students stories of the school's beginnings, 
of our founder, and of our unique distinction of being the first 
boarding school in America and the first school without religious 
affiliation. Then, as now, the Academy was a school devoted to edu- 

cating students regardless of financial circumstance and an institu- 
tion that believed in teaching students not just to know, but to 
think, not just to perform, but to excel, not just to take the trodden 
road, but to forge their own paths. Master Moody had a reputation 
for sternness; my approach that morning was decidedly less severe. 
My message sought to convey the sense of excitement, honor and 
shared legacy that comes with being part of a school that has a 245- 
year history. 

Following my short presentation, each student walked through 
the schoolhouse, stopping to sit at Master Moody's desk and sign a 
leather ledger with his or her name and hometown. This book will 
be stored in our Academy Archives. When the students in the Class 
of 2012 graduate, they will pass through the schoolhouse again as 
part of their final route around the Milestone and over the wall 
behind Mansion House. 

This new tradition is like so much at the Academy: inspired by 
the past but looking toward the future. How fortunate we are to 
have a history that teaches so much of value yet encourages us to be 
innovative and forward-thinking! 

As always, I look forward to seeing you on campus or on my 
travels in the next few months. There is always much to see at school 
— teams playing, music groups performing, artists exhibiting, teach- 
ers and students engaged in living and learning. Every day, I am con- 
stantly renewed and fortified by the knowledge that our students 
will be among those leading their communities and caring for our 
planet. Come see for yourself. I guarantee you will find the experi- 
ence invigorating. 

x^ ^ -^ 

John M. Doggett Jr. 

2 The Archc 

Fall 2008 

The Annual Fund . . 


needs your help to ensure that students 

today enjoy everything that has made the 

Academy so special since 1763. 





l: .. 





Help us provide our 

students with the education they 

need in the 21 st century. 


David Ellsworth '48 took this picture of Headmaster, 

Marty Doggett, Julie and Bob Rice P'll, and 

Chris Harlow on Cape Cod in September. 

Alums Gather at the Cape... 

Cape Cod was the locale for a reception for Academy 
alumni and parents hosted by David Ellsworth '48 at the 
Wianno Club in Osterville on Tuesday, September 16. 
Headmaster Marty Doggett and veteran faculty member 
Mike Moonves represented the Academy. Marty gave an 
informative talk on the state of the school and answered 
questions from the audience. Marty also recognized John 
English '28 who came over from Yarmouthport. John gradu- 
ated from The Governor's Academy in 1928 when the school 
was called Dummer Academy. There will be an article about 
John in the upcoming Archon. All in attendance were most 
appreciative of David Ellsworth's sponsorship of this event. 

si . ■*• 

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» :.. < > 



':• v. 


1 , 




"' q 



■ -:\ 




— __ 


& f 

1 ■ 

LF A.:. 


Joan Ross P'OO, Marc am Rhein '50 and Claudia 
Minott at Portland, ME reception. 

...and in Portland, Maine 

Headmaster Marty Doggett, Director of Advancement Lori 
Correale, Events Coordinator Sandy Keyes, and Director of 
Alumni/Parent Relations Mike Moonves traveled to Portland, 
Maine, for a Governor's Academy reception on September 18. 
The gathering, hosted by Widgery Thomas '43, was held at the 
historic Cumberland Club. Alumni from the 1 940s to the pres- 
ent attended along with present and past parents. Mr. Doggett 
gave an informative talk on the state of the school and on plans 
for the future and answered questions from the audience. Thanks 
to Widgery Thomas for being a most gracious host. 

As the Archon went to press, receptions in Greenwich, CT, NYC 
and Chicago were on deck. 

Gold Joins Department 

Jeff Gold, a familiar face and a part of The 
Governor's community for the past 13 years, 
joined the Development Office in September as 
Associate Director of Annual Giving. 

"I've traded in my trademark polo shirt, khaki 
shorts and flip flops for a suit, tie and dress shoes. . . 
and I'm excited about it too," says Jeff with his 
well-known dry humor. Jeff, husband of English 
teacher Karen Gold, and father of Jeremy, class of 
201 1, has worked as a sales, marketing and business 
development professional with Reebok, 
CMGi and Exodus Communications. Most 
recently, he owned and operated a popular 

retail / wholesale sporting goods business in 

"My career has been about building partner- 
ships and relationships with my clients. Whether it 
was in a small business or a large corporation or 
with a customer of my sports business, it always 
boiled down to the connections developed... that 
relationship or partnership," explains Jeff. "That is 
what I will be doing here for the Academy, build- 
ing connections and relationships with alumni and 
their families. As everyone knows, alumni relation- 
ships are critical for the Academy to continue to 
grow and to influence the lives of its students!" 

4 The Archon ■?» Fall 2008 

Alumni Events: 



Two New Trustees Join Board 

The Academy welcomes newly appointed trustees, Matt Lee '01 
and Chris D'Orio '88 

The Board of Trustees welcomed 
two new members to its ranks this fall. 
Matt Lee '01 is the founder and presi- 
dent of SC Capital Management, LLC, a 
Registered Investment Advisory division 
of Robyn Lee Financial Services, which 
specializes in retirement and wealth 
planning through various alternative 
investments. Matt also works part-time 
for the San Francisco 49ers during the 
season. A California native, he graduated 

from Santa Clara University with a B.S. 
in Finance. Matt and his wife Sara reside 
in Los Altos, CA. 

Chris D'Orio '88 graduated from 
Union College in 1992 with a 
Bachelor's degree in Economics. He is 
the Chief Financial Officer at Hansen 
Engineering and Machinery Company, 
Inc. He and his wife Dana have two sons, 
Alec and Brendan. They live in 
Marblehead, MA. 


Nov. 26 

Dec. 4 


Jan. 11 

Jan. 21 

Jan. 22 

Feb. 18 
Feb. 20, 21 


March 16 
April 23 

May 1 

Young Alumni 

Milestone Stop at 

The Grog, Newburyport 

Holiday Gathering for 
Alumni and Parents, 
The Harvard Club, 

June 5,6,7 

Winter Alumni Games 

San Francisco reception 
The University Club 

Los Angeles reception 
Riviera Country Club in 
Pacific Palisades, CA 

Washington, DC reception 
Chevy Chase Club 

Winter Parents 

Palm Beach & Naples 

Alumni Council Dinner 
for Seniors 

Grandparents Day 

Academy Night at the 
Boston Pops 

Reunion 2009 

Though Jeff is new to the 
Development Office, he brings an under- 
standing and affection for the school to his 
new position. "Over the years, Karen, the 
boys and I have developed wonderful 
friendships and relationships with many of 
The Governor's students, faculty and staff 
members," he says. "These relationships are 
part of the reasons why I accepted this 
position." More than that, Jeff believes his 
professional experience in sales and mar- 
keting will help the school in ways that will 

benefit students. "The Governor's 
Academy has been very good to my fam- 
ily," he contends, "and my new position 
allows me to give back to the school in a 
meaningful and productive 'way" 

Jeff looks forward to meeting many 
alumni in the coming months. If you'd like 
to speak with Jeff, call him at 978-499- 
3215, email or 
stop in and see him in the Development 
Office on the lower level of the Phillips 

Reunion 09 

Mark your calendars, 

4's and 9% because Reunion is 

just around the corner on 

June 5-7, 2009. 

If you are interested in assisting 

with your class reunion plans, 

please contact Ellen Oliver in the 

Development Office 

at (978) 499-3256 or 

eoliver @ govsacademy. org. 

Please check the school's website at 

development developments 

Volunteers Attend Trustee Weekend 

The Academy runs in families: the Dorsey, Eaton, Morgan, and Tucker families each 
have two generations of graduates serving the Academy as Class Agents. Pictured at 
the recent gathering of leadership volunteers are: (from left to right) George Dorsey 
'08 and father Peter Dorsey '69; former Board President and Class Agent and current 
Trustee Dan Morgan '67 and son Robb Morgan '02; Marc Tucker '68 and daughter 
Shaena Tucker '01. Missing from the photo were Trustee Henry Eaton '70, daughter 
Brooke Eaton '03 and son Perry Eaton '08. 

The Academy's first annual 
Volunteers Weekend welcomed more 
then 110 alumni and parent volunteers 
to campus on September 26 and 27 to 
exchange ideas, socialize with each 
other and hear from the Board of 
Trustees. Volunteers included Class 
Agents, Class Secretaries, members of 
the Alumni Council and Governor's 
Council, as well as Parents Fund and 
Allies volunteers. The weekend 
included a joint session with the 
Trustees to hear about long range 
planning initiatives, as well as break-out 
sessions for each volunteer group to 
plan for a full and productive year of 
activities. "We are so grateful for all the 
time, talent and energy our volunteers 
give to the school each year," said 
Director of Advancement Lori 
Correale. "We extend our sincere 
thanks to all of these volunteers for 
spending their weekend with us. They 
are our best ambassadors to the larger 
community, helping to keep other 
alumni and parents in touch and 
engaged with the Academy." 

6 TheArchon^ Fall 2008 

w Est 

2009 cAucfip, 


Join us for a very special evening 

in the 
Whiston*Bragdon Arena 

Saturday, May 2, 2009 

Silent and Live Auction 
Food and Dancing 


Hosted by The Governor's Academy Allies 

2009 Auction Committee (partial list) 

Joanne Brine, Lisa Collins, Dyane Cotreau, Stacy Lamson, Barbara Grant, 

Laura Wolfe, Sandy Morrissey, Stacey DiCroce, Sue Durkin, and Penny Cieri 

Contact Joanne Brine for questions, donations, etc. at 

Admission Update: 

Fall Golf Draws Crowd 

. . e're really looking forward to this season in 
the Admission Office. We're thrilled with the qual- 
ity of our new students. Last year we saw a record 
number of students inquire about, and apply for 
admission. In a tough economy, we anticipated that 
our yield rate might decline but it actually rose a 
few points. The difference compared to just 15 
years ago is really something. "We have nearly dou- 
bled the number of applicants, while our attrition 
number (the number of students who leave, or do 
not return) has gone from the mid 40s to 10. 
Though it's early in the season, preliminary num- 
bers have us up once again this season. Our key 
concern is that of affordability. We look forward to 
the Academy making continued progress in our 
ability to provide financial aid to increasing num- 
bers of qualified applicants. Word of mouth is our 
best friend, and our alumni base is very important 
to us. If you know of anyone who would like to 
learn more about The Governor's Academy, please 
call our office at 978-499-3120 or send an email to 

Peter Bidstrup 
Director of Admission 

Please go to: 
and click on " Student Speak" to view our new 
interactive feature for prospective families. 

Tom Jacobs '68,Jim Rudolph '68, P'05, PT2,TR, Marty Doggett, 

and Marc White, P'09 

A full field of golfers, including Headmaster Marty Doggett, alumni, past 
and present parents, and friends, participated in The Governor's Academy 
Fall Golf Classic at the Essex County Club in Manchester-by-the-Sea, 
MA on October 6. Sponsored by the Alumni Council, the day provided 
good golfing, camaraderie, and even a little revelry. "The Academy is most 
appreciative for the support of many who were generous in their sponsor- 
ship of this event which benefits the school's Athletic Hall of Fame," said 
Mike Moonves, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations. Alumni 
Council President Chris D'Orio emceed the after-golf proceedings, and 
he recognized Marc Tucker '68, P'Ol for his important leadership of the 
Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. The evening wound down with the 
awarding of golf prizes, according to Moon, and a spirited raffle drawing 
for a number of fine items. 

George Scharfe P'95, P'00,TR with daughters Gretchen '95 and Molly '95. 

*:» i»- Tj 

The winner of the 2008 Yale Book Prize was incorrectly 
named in the summer issue of The Archon. Amanda 
Correnti '09 received the award "given to a junior with a 
love of learning and high character." The editor apolo- 

■ ' I H4.1 t«] ■ II l'-W-i tl> 

)r\ier H.€ wajckfyl eye ok Ye\er ^>w-\ 1 ^dr-ie^er 

edrdofdindt'fe, \Ui y€3rs £>V<?3nfC fdfier* af "jig Opv&rrofX A&ki&ry 

(omaine . . . 

mixed cjreens 

snap peas. . . 


radishes ... 

summer squas 

rru tomatoes. 

26 lb 

ecjqplant. . 
peppers. . 
tomatoes . 


San VI 

arzano tomatoes 


saqe . 



to count 

^^GREEN \" 

1 },'£ 


A Man 
of Many 

To put things in perspective, John English, the school's oldest 
living alumnus, entered the Academy four years after World War I 
ended, during the height of Prohibition, while Ford Motor 
Company was manufacturing the Model T, the year the first radio 
entertainment show was broadcast, and well before the Great 
Depression. Born in 1910, the only child of an executive in the 
shoe manufacturing business in Haverhill and a homemaker, he 
arrived at boarding school for seventh grade at barely 12 years of 
age. His parents thought he 
needed to get out of the house 
and interact more with others. 
It worked. "Being placed in a 
free, yet somewhat controlled 
atmosphere, I learned how to 
live with other people and get 
along in a community," John 
says with appreciation for the 
years spent at the Academy. 

The campus was different 
then. Fewer buildings. Barely 
100 students. And no girls. 
"Occasionally, we had dances 
with girls from other schools," 
John recalls. Those were held in 
what was then the Lang 
Gymnasium and is now the 
front of the Schumann Science and Mathematics Building. Part of 
his attraction to the school was the golf course. In 1915, just seven 
years before John arrived on campus, the Academy leased some pas- 
tureland and swampland across the Newburyport Turnpike as the 
location for a new golf course. Just a year later, the Ould Newbury 
Golf Club was established, with junior membership accorded to 
Academy students. 

John's history at the Academy was stellar. He was editor of The 
Archon, then a student newspaper; worked on the Milestone; and 

played football, hockey and golf. At Commencement, John received 
the prestigious Morse Flag, awarded to that student in the senior 
class who earns the highest respect of the faculty. While other boys 
may have been up to some mischief, John was far from a scallywag. 
The most rebellious act he ever recalls is going off campus without 
permission. "It was a cold winter night," he remembers, "with snow 
all over the place. Two or three of us conjured up the idea of walk- 
ing into Newburyport." Because students were forbidden to walk 

on the turnpike, they opted to take 
the back way where there would be 
less chance of being caught by 
teachers. "We got ice cream sodas at 
Fowle's and walked back." That was 
the apex of John English's schoolboy 

Since John was headed for 
Williams College (in those days, one 
prepared for a specific college or 
university), which required four 
years of high school Latin of its 
applicants, he saw a lot of 
Headmaster Charles S. Ingham who 
also served as Latin master. Indeed, 
Dr. I, as he was affectionately called, 
figured largely in the young stu- 
dent's academic life. Dr. Ingham's 
family even influenced the route of Mr. English's professional life. 
"Travis, the headmaster's son, who went to GDA and then Yale, 
worked for the Boston Herald and introduced me to an editor 
there," Mr. English recalls. "I got a job as a reporter and stayed until 
1941 . Every job I've had since then related to that first one," he says. 
John's relations with the Ingham family continued into his 
professional days in Boston, far past his graduation from the 
Academy or even college. Though John would serve as Director of 
Alumni Relations at Williams College in the 1960s and 70s, he 

Archon Board; John English seated in center 

10 The Archon <w Fall 2008 


"I do not feel like a qualified source for advice to students of the current generation, so far removed from 
mine" fohn English said when asked for his counsel to today's Academy pupils. "However, I will take one 
shot. I would urge anyone starting out in life to get in the habit of establishing clearly defined goals for 
him or herself — goals for his or her education, goals for his or her personal life, goals for his or her career. 
Write them down. Don't be afraid to reshape them as you mature and circumstances change. They will 
change. But keep them clear, keep them current and keep them before you. Don't just float'." 

credits Dr. I with starting him off in this direction. In 1930, Dr. 
Ingham, then retired from the Academy and living in Haddam, 
Connecticut, told John that he wanted to stay in touch with his for- 
mer students. To help his valued teacher, headmaster and friend, John 
compiled a list of the Boston alumni he knew. Every Christmas for 
some years, then, the Inghams would book a suite at the Kenmore 
Hotel and invite the alumni to a reception. "This was the first ges- 
ture made in alumni relations," John notes. Twenty-five to thirty peo- 
ple would show up for the free event to meet with each other and 
see their former headmaster. 

Though the Christmas reception was a popular affair, the new 
headmaster at the Academy, Ted Eames, contacted John and asked 
him to "cut it out" because the event was not inclusive of all alumni. 
Mr. Eames suggested there should be an alumni gathering for the 
entire body of graduates, something that had never been done 
before. John believes this marked the birth of alumni relations at the 

By 1941, the armed services beckoned and John left the Boston 
Herald. He joined the Navy and served in Intelligence in the Pacific 
during World War II. After the war, while having 
cocktails one night at Waikiki Beach, he relates, "I 
carelessly raised my hand when they said they were 
looking for some people to go to Shanghai." For a 
year, from 1947-1948, he worked in public infor- 
mation for an intelligence agency. "There would 
be a hotel filled with American correspondents," 
he explains. "I was the liaison between them and 
the Seventh Fleet that was trying to get the war 
cleaned up." 

After Shanghai, John was a "little antsy," as he 
puts it, for another change. He moved to New York 
City where he took a job at True Magazine, one of 
the popular periodicals of the day. There, he met 
his wife Nora, at the home of his good friend, 
Sandy Wolfe, a sideman with the Ozzie Nelson 
Band. Nora was a war widow with a two-year-old 
son. The couple married in Greenwich, 
Connecticut in 1950 and soon had two daughters. 

It would be years later when John was eating 
lunch at the Williams Club in New York City and 
someone approached him to say that the position 
of head of alumni relations at the college would 

soon be vacant and people thought he might be right for the job. He 
was... and stayed for 15 years. 

When he left his position at Williams, John didn't want to be 
one of those alumni who retire in Williamstown. "I'm going to get 
out of town," he decided, "rather than hold onto my old life." Since 
he had always loved Cape Cod, he moved to East Orleans in 1975. 
Living in Yarmouthport for the last eight years, John is still far from 
idle. He's mastering sudoku puzzles, among other endeavors. Still a 
history buff, he belongs to an organization he formerly chaired 
which is dubbed "The Wonks." Six to eight people get together 
monthly to discuss major world issues, particularly political in nature. 
Although a recent injury has had him temporarily sidelined, John 
hopes to get back to an agenda of great interest to him. Computer 
savvy, he will do much of his research online. "We take turns pre- 
senting topics," he explains. "Mine will be on the proposed wind 
farm. I am in favor of it. I think about global warming and think we 
ought to pursue everything that will help." 

John English. Ninety-eight years young. Truly a man of the new 
millennium. -JK 

Team captain of the 1927 -1928 Hockey Team, John English sits wearing 

a white sweater 

TheArchon e- Fall 2008 11 



A summer of community building 

By Elizabeth Turnbull '00 


The inspiration for the Tiny House Project came last winter at a 
two-week 'Design/Build' course at the Yestermorrow School in Warren, 
VT I'd enrolled to get skills I'd need for a job as the 'Sustainability 
Coordinator' for a residential building company. I'd been hired to 'green 
the built environment' but first I needed to learn how the built environ- 
ment worked. 

Over the drafting table, I mentioned to my classmate that I was 
intrigued by the role of good design in making small spaces feel bigger 
than they were. 

She responded, "Have you heard of the Tumbleweed Tiny Houses?" 
I checked their website and saw a series of tiny, perfect houses on wheels. 
Over the next several weeks, I would discover a whole network of tiny 
house enthusiasts and begin to design my own portable small space. 


Returning home from Vermont, I began my work with the build- 
ing company. I spent my days studying the environmental impact of 
building projects and exploring alternative materials and techniques. 
Over time, I built a partnership with a construction waste recycler, 
explored healthier paints and tailored a green consulting service around 
the needs of our clients. 

However, most of my clients were wealthy, with thousands of 
square feet per occupant. Though they genuinely wanted the health 
and energy benefits of green building, they had tremendous homes. I 
began to see that scale is central in sustainable design and building. In 
the evenings after work, I sketched Tiny Houses. 

Tailoring the design to my own body, I wondered how functional 
I could make a house feel. A six-foot tall woman, I designed the coun- 
tertops to rise to 40" instead of the standard 36". The sleeping loft is 
6'1" above the study space — I sacrifice doing homework in heels for 
more headroom, but it's a fine tradeoff. 

In April, I was accepted to the Yale School of Forestry and 
Environmental Studies. Elated, I enrolled in their Master's of 
Environmental Management Program and my thoughts turned to New 
Haven, CT. How much space will I need to live well? If I could build 
it, what materials would I use? How 'green' could it be? If I built a 
Tiny House, could I bring it with me to Yale? 

12 TheArchon w Fall 2008 


m campus 

Enter: The Governor's 

Though I had a couple of good options 
for building sites, The Governor's Academy 
held the possibility of opening the project 
beyond myself. I proposed to build on cam- 
pus in a series of building weekends as an 
accessible experiment in sustainability. The 
school gave their strong support and space at 
the newly opened Savage Buildings and 
Grounds Facility. Supervisor Don Millard 
kindly provided access to his wealth of tools 
and I began to work. 

Building Parties & 
"Tiny Raisings" 

Working until late into the nights with 
family and friends, I framed the walls and 
prepared the trailer to be a foundation. 
Then, on a hot Saturday morning in June, 
we opened the gates to the Savage Buildings 
& Grounds Facility. The Newburyport 
Daily News had been documenting and syn- 
dicating the story, effectively sending an invi- 
tation to join the project to people across the 
North Shore. Soon, I was welcoming peo- 
ple I'd never met and, on the first weekend, 
we raised the walls! 

For the next four weekends, family, 
friends, Academy folks and people from the 
community came to check out the progress, 
tour the site and lend a hand. During the 
weekday evenings, I worked alone or with 

■fM i> J ^^ 

The newspaper articles caught the 
attention of some innovative companies and 
before long, the project was blessed by some 
great donations, including FSC-certified 
hardwood floors from Wood Flooring 
Design in Salisbury, MA; an aluminum roof 
from ATAS International; soy-based spray 
foam from The Green Cocoon in 
Newburyport, MA; and beautiful faux 
painted walls by Julie King and her all- 
female painting crew "Samarra" in 
Newburyport, MA. 

My siblings Doug and Caroline lent 
considerable sweat and ingenuity: Caroline 
painted and gave invaluable design advice, 
Doug wired lights, hung shelves and sought 
every opportunity to use pneumatic nail- 
guns, sawzalls and heavy duty powertools. 
My parents, Suzie and David spent weekends 
painting, screwing, organizing, cooking and 
providing essential moral support. 

Materials & Components 

Material selection and alternative water 
& energy system design were important to 
me, and I took the opportunity to learn 
about the environmental and logistical rami- 
fications of their use. Here are some of the 
things I chose: 


• FSC Certified wood for framing 
and sheathing 

• Soy-based spray-foam insulation 

• Recycled windows 

■ i 

7& ^^^Hl^fe 

• Recycled door 

• Low-formaldehyde FSC-certified 

• Recycled sail cloth for the ceiling 

• FSC-certified oak floors 

• Recyclable aluminum roof 

• 'AFM Safecoat' a nontoxic, 
low-VOC paint 

Energy - Light & Heat 

A 200-watt solar array powers the 
lights, a laptop and cell phone. I chose halo- 
gen, CFL and LED bulbs. These lights are 
more expensive than a conventional incan- 
descent bulb, but allow me to use my finite 
power supply wisely. Because I have a small 
space to light, I can choose each bulb for a 
specific purpose. An efficient propane stove 
and oven to heat and cook inside fulfill my 
kitchen needs. 

Water use 

Eventually, there will be a composting 
toilet as well as a greywater management sys- 
tem to handle the shower and dishwater. For 
now, the house is 'dry' — water use will be 
handled through the existing plumbing of a 
host facility. I made this decision to expedite 
the siting process in New Haven and allow 
time to perfect the design before it's 

TkeArchon^ Fall 2008 13 




In reality, there is an environmental 
impact to every human activity. I 

weighed my priorities and chose the best 
approach based on reputation, cost, dura- 
bility and strength, in addition to environ- 
mental factors. The house has to with- 
stand an 1-95 wind load, after all! I 
burned countless tanks of gas driving to 
and from school and picked up power 
tools when I arguably could have been 
planting trees. 

The project has since been picked up 
by the Associated Press and covered in 

papers across the country, filling my email 
inbox with comments, congratulations 
and critiques. A reader from the Miami 
Herald wrote to say," Did you ever stop to 
consider that the business of construction 
itself is inherently an environmentally 
impactful activity?" 

Yes, I did, I wrote back. I could have 
rented a little apartment in New Haven, 
kept the heat low and been done with it. 
Heaven knows I would have more time to 
focus on Yale schoolwork, human relation- 
ships and my job. But I wouldn't have 
learned nearly as much about how build- 
ings work or the deep potential for appro- 
priately scaled spaces to make a positive 
impact on the human environment. 

Furthermore, because the house is 
144 square feet, I often only needed a lit- 
tle bit of something. Where possible, I 
could use leftover materials from others' 
projects and pay a premium for an envi- 
ronmentally preferable item. Scale is cen- 
tral. Painting the exterior, I could afford 
$40 per gallon for an environmentally 
responsible paint because I only needed 4 
gallons for the whole house. I also explic- 
itly avoided buying virgin vinyl or PVC, 
as well as items with formaldehyde and 

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). In 
cases where these were present in recycled 
or salvaged materials like windows, I con- 
sidered their use carefully. 

The Future 

As The Archon goes to press, I am 
getting ready to hitch up the Tiny House 
and take it to New Haven. There, it will 
be my primary residence and serve as the 
foundation for a Master's program explor- 
ing the links between sustainability, busi- 
ness, design and the built environment. I 
look forward to keeping it accessible, host- 
ing tiny tours, bringing it to local schools, 
and improving my design for water and 
energy management. The House will also 
continue to have a relationship with the 
Academy as we explore creative ways to 
connect these lessons of scale, sustainabil- 
ity and economy to the curriculum at the 

Without The Governor's Academy, 
the Tiny House Project could not have 
grown into the vibrant educational struc- 
ture it has become. Thanks again to staff, 
faculty and students for all your great sup- 
port this summer! 

14 Tlie Archon ^ Fall 2008 

The Archon ae Fall 2008 1 5 


The 'Moon' 
and His 


The walking Rolodex, a colleague recently called him. 
Everyone in the room smiled and nodded in agreement at the 
apt sobriquet for the beloved Michael Moonves, Associate 
Director of Development and Director of Alumni and Parent 
Relations. Mike is renowned for knowing the name of every 
alumnus he sees, the names of their spouses and children, their 
year of graduation, their college alma mater, and current city of 
residence. No one would be surprised to hear him rattle off a 
favorite color or dessert or even a phone number. His memory 
may be outstanding but it is fueled by a genuine love of peo- 
ple and a gentleman's commitment to etiquette. 

Moon, as he is affectionately known, will retire from the 
Academy in June 2009, after 40 years working in our school 
community. The Archon sat down with Mike to talk about his 
tenure at the Academy. 

In the Beginning.... 

Mike's road to The Governor's Academy was marked by a 
series of interesting intersections. 

Mike's dad, after playing baseball and football at Penn State 

and serving in the armed forces, worked at Yale University for 
four years as an assistant coach. There, two of his notable play- 
ers were George "Poppy" Bush, first baseman on the NCAA 
championship team, and Valeau Wilkie. (Pay attention now. 
Wilkie's name will come up two more times.) 

During his tenure at Yale, the elder Moonves brought sev- 
eral freshman teams to play against New England prep schools, 
a common practice of the day. He developed quite an appreci- 
ation for independent schooling, according to his son. 
Consequently, after he moved the family to Newport News, 
Virginia, Mike's dad soon became disillusioned with what pub- 
lic education offered his son and daughter. "He was not pleased 
with what he saw in public school in Newport News," Mike 
recalls. "No homework and all A's." The elder Moonves thus 
took his son on a tour of prep schools, visiting Andover, Exeter 
and Deerfield.The year was 1959 and the choice was Andover. 
Why? "My father used to say it was because my mother liked 
the trees," Mike says with his trademark laugh. Andover turned 
out to be a good fit for the young Moonves and provided a 
chance meeting with lasting consequences. During his first year 
at Andover, Mike showed up at freshman football practice and 

Reminiscences — — ^^^^^^^^^-^^ — _ — . 

From Daniel Cross '81: for many of the top East Coast Colleges and ways between classes at the Academy. I 

"In my summer camp days as a boy Universities. The tunes stayed with me remember a particular day in the late Fall of 

before attending GDA, I was taught and through my youth and I often hummed or my Senior year - at the height of college 

greatly enjoyed learning the "fight songs" whistled them when walking on the path- application season - when I entered the 

16 The Archon sw Fall 2008 


one of the two coaches came over to him and said, "Did your 
father by any chance coach at Yale in the 40s?" That was Val 

From Andover, Mike entered Trinity College where he 
majored in history and played squash and baseball. On a 
Saturday in June 1966 he graduated; the following Monday he 
enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves. "Because I was unsure of 
when basic training would begin," he recalls, "I went back to 
Trinity to take some graduate courses and walked down to the 
Athletics Department to offer my services. All of a sudden I was 
on the football staff." For a year, Mike continued to take grad 
courses and help in the Athletics Department before leaving for 
basic training for six months. Then it was back to Trinity as the 
school's first graduate assistant in the Athletics Department and 
a stint taking over for a faculty member who left to pursue his 
Ph.D. "I was a member of the Trinity faculty in 1969 but the 
guy I was replacing came back and Trinity froze the number of 
faculty. I was low person on the totem pole, so I had to look 
for a job." What first may have seemed as a stroke of ill fortune 
led to Mike's four-decade career in Byfield. 

"I always thought I'd like to work in boarding schools if 

'Moon' song and dance after graduation instruction ca. 1980s. 

the opportunity ever presented itself," Mike recalls, "because I 
really appreciated my Andover experience and had tremendous 
regard for the faculty I had been associated with there." So he 
wrote to a number of schools, one of them Governor Dummer 
Academy, where his former freshmen coach, Val Wilkie, had 
become headmaster. No surprise that Wilkie responded to the 
young Moonves whose father had coached him at Yale. And 
networking hadn't even become part of the vernacular yet. 

Wearing many hats... 

Thus it was that in the fall 
of 1969, Mike Moonves came to 
Byfield as Mac Murphy's assis- 
tant in the Athletics Department. 
"My job included everything," 
Mike says. "I was a trainer, in 
charge of Frost Rink, coached 
three seasons, was Dorm Master 
in Perkins. All of the above." 
After a couple of years, Mike 

Casino Night ca. 1970s 

Phillips Building front door while whistling Moonves was passing by, overheard the anyone else it might have seemed a crushing 
"Going Back to Nassau Hall" (of Princeton, a tune, and turned to me to say, "Radar, not a blow - from Mike it was perfect, 
university well beyond my reach). Mike chance" before continuing on his path. From 

The Archon ^ Fall 2008 17 

I #fc\v 



Teaching history ca. 1970s 

asked Val if he could work in the classroom 
too. "I felt like I would be more a part of the 
school that way," he says. As a full-time fac- 
ulty member, beginning in 1971-1972, Mike 
continued to coach three seasons — football, 
basketball and baseball. "The first year, when 
Val told me my assignments, he said they 
were full on basketball staff so I would be 
thirds hockey coach," Mike recalls. "I didn't 
know how to skate. Luckily, I had a great 
assistant - senior Henry Eaton who had 
played hockey but didn't go out for varsity. 
He did the coaching and I did the yelling." 
Val Wilkie retired that year and Jack 
Ragle took his place as headmaster. In 1975, 
longtime Director of Admissions John 
Witherspoon decided to step down and his 
job was open. Mike was selected and served 
in Admissions from 1975-1993 in that role. 
For the past 15 years, Mike has served the 
Development Office. He, his wife Jo, who 
passed away in 2004, and his two step- 

daughters, Augusta '82 and Josephine, lived 
on campus for many years. "My wife Jo truly 
loved the relationships she established with 
other families during our 32 years together 
as a faculty couple at the Academy. And the 
girls appreciated the fun that faculty kids 
could have on campus. 

High Jinks from the 
master.... Pond throwing 
and other misadventures 

For many, memories of Moon are not 
complete without conjuring images of a 
Michael Jackson dance routine followed by a 
dunking of the Director of Admissions. In 
John Witherspoon's last year in Admissions, 
he advised Mike to shadow him in his role as 
commencement coordinator. "It entailed a 
lot," Mike recalls, "including giving instruc- 
tions to the entire school about the whole 
routine. I inherited some detailed notes from 
John which would include: 'Midday meeting 
on Wednesday: This will be the last time we 
are together as a school until commence- 
ment morning and I have a number of 
instructions for each and every one of you so 
I'd appreciate it if you would pay attention.' 
A list of details would follow and then John 
would say, 'Thanks for your attentiveness.' 
The speech was very dry so I decided to 
spice it up a bit." 

At first, that meant concluding the 
announcements with, "To ensure that it 
doesn't rain on the seniors' parade, I'm going 
to open this umbrella inside.' Soon Mike 
brought a cassette player on stage, put on a 
Michael Jackson tape and danced across the 
stage. That became known as the "Moon 
Dance." Then Mike began adding some rid- 
dles and phantom facts such as "What do 
George Bush, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 
Steve Bucknall ['85] and Mike Moonves 
have in common? They all went to boarding 

school." Or, "Some people would say that 
Carmen Salvino was the greatest bowler of 
all time, but my vote would go to Wrong 
Foot Lou Campi." Then he would do his 
Wrong Foot Lou Campi imitation. "I'd just 
have this silliness," Mike remembers with a 
sparkle in his eye. "Sometimes it would lead 
to me disappearing behind the curtain. Then 
the curtain would open up. One year, Chris 
Stowens had smoke rising and I did Michael 
Jackson's 'Bad'. Another year I did 'YMCA'. 
It was a lot of fun to get everyone excited for 
graduation." Not infrequently, the hoopla 
escalated and resulted in seniors coming on 
stage and carrying Mike out to toss him in 
Morse Pond. Talk about a good sport! 

More than a 
parlor trick... 

Mike's reputation for knowing every- 
one by name is legendary. How did he 
develop this skill? "It's hard to say," Mike 
offers. I've always enjoyed people and anyone 
who really enjoys people remembers those 
he is around." Working in admissions for so 
long helped. "I remember all the kids who 
were here from 1975-93 because, from the 
time someone first appears, you're practically 
sleeping with the folders of every one of 
their kids. You learn more about them and 
their families than they might want you to 
know. That experience certainly helped with 
remembering people." Besides, Mike smiles, 
"some of us are just visual learners." 

The man of manners.... 

Mike also has a reputation as the quin- 
tessential man of manners. Hats off, napkins 
in laps, doors held. That sort of thing. "For 
people in my generation," he explains, "we 
had a lot more opportunity to sit down with 
our families for meals in the evening. The 

From Jim Pierce '72: 

I have known Mike since the fall of 1969- 
almost 40 years. I was a frightened 15 year old 
when I arrived in Byfield as a sophomore. I 
believe by the grace of God my housing assign- 
ment was Perkins 1 and my dorm master was 
also new - a coach and trainer named Mike 
Moonves - Mr. Moonves to me. 

I vividly remember the day when I knew it 
would be ok. I was in his apartment that fall 

watching a college football game with him. At 
halftime scores of games in progress were 
reported. One of us threw out a school nick- 
name... Washington. ..the Huskies or maybe San 
Diego State... the Aztecs... and then a blizzard of 
others back and forth. I knew I had found a kin- 
dred spirit. 

Our friendship has grown deeper over the 
years. Moon and I are partners in a golf game 
every summer with our great friends Bill Dore 

and Rusty Bennett. It is the one thing that none 
of us will miss each year. 

The reason is Mike. He has that rare combi- 
nation of humility, humor, and an awareness and 
appreciation of the feelings of those around him 
that make him someone people go to. 

So thank you, Mike, for the contribution you 
have made to my life and those of your legion of 
admirers who have passed through our great 

18 TlieArchon a» Fall 2008 

■ • "v- < j»*a< !■■■ In V v il 

Coaching baseball ca. 1980s 

proper thing to do when you sat down for 
a meal was put your napkin in your lap, not 
start before everyone was served, stand 
when a woman came to the table, and, 
when you wanted to be excused, ask per- 
mission. When it came to meeting a person 
for the first time, we were all taught to 
shake hands firmly and look the person in 
the eye and tell them that it was a pleasure 
to meet them. I always thought it was the 
way it should be done." Mike concedes 
that today it can be much tougher for par- 
ents to inculcate these habits in their chil- 
dren because everyone is running in differ- 
ent directions, both parents are working, 
there are soccer games, etcetera. But that 
doesn't stop Mike from offering reminders 
to Academy students. "Good manners and 
proper etiquette are a true way to show 
respect for appropriate behavior and other 
people," he still believes. 

Girls? Girls! 

To Mike, the biggest change during 
his years at the Academy was evolving from 
an all male student body to coeducation. 
Though he was always in favor of the addi- 
tion of girls, there were some who were 
not and Mike recalls some serious (read 
"heated") discussions at faculty meetings. 
Looking back, Mike believes going coed 
made a significant improvement in the 

overall experience of the students. "It's 
been great to see it in terms of the male- 
female ratio in both the student body and 
on the faculty," Mike says. "Having the girls 
arrive meant that the arts department really 
grew and more and more boys became 
involved in the arts. It was okay to be on 
the football team and in the jazz band." 
Throughout the 60s, he recalls, if boys 
wanted any contact with girls, they tried to 
join the glee club because there were joint 
concerts with girls schools. 

Culling his proudest 


Asked what he thinks he has accom- 
plished at the Academy, Mike answers with 
typical humility. "I would say that the 
whole experience has been made reward- 
ing and truly memorable because of the 
people I have come in contact with. I 
remember bonding with Michael Kaplan 
my first fall here when I took him to Hunt 
Hospital in Danvers after he had broken his 
ankle as clearly as totally enjoying my 
advisee meeting today with the likes of 
George French, Brian Durkin, Danny 
Hines, Blake Riley, and Nate Collins. By 
the way, I fondly remember and consider 
friends, George French's father, Steve, Class 
of 1976; and Blake Riley's uncle, John 
Blake, Class of 1973, who was in my dorm, 
the manager of the baseball team and one 
of my history students. It's been fun know- 
ing different generations." 

Mike goes on, without ever mention- 
ing what he has brought to the Academy, 
but rather what joy and fulfillment the 
school has brought him. "Certainly the 
close relationships with members of the 
faculty too innumerable to name have 
been great. Dick Leavitt and I became fast 
friends soon after my arrival — both young 
guys in our 20s. And then there are the 
many great parents I've come in contact 
with and remain close to today." 

Looking to the 
school's future... 

"The school has finally reached a 
point of true respect as an independent 
school in America," says Mike, "which 
makes me very proud. I think we're much 
better known than we were at any time in 
our history." He believes that the many 
improvements in the school's physical plant 

Faculty portrait ca. 1980s 

From Philip Mclnnis '03: 

Coach Moonves and I spent a lot of time 
together throughout my four years at The 
Academy, and to this day I consider him to be 
both a mentor and a very close friend. As my 
advisor he gave me academic advice and tried to 
keep me out of trouble. As my golf coach he 
encouraged me to perform well, but also repre- 
sent The Academy with integrity and sportsman- 
ship. Most importantly, as my friend he provided 
and continues to provide sound advice and 
guidance on any issue I come to him with. The 
genuine smile and firm handshake he greets 
everyone with is something I know will be sorely 
missed in Byfield. The faculty and staff at The 
Academy are stellar all around, but I still feel 
that you would be hard pressed to find another 
individual that has touched and continues to 
touch the lives of so many current and former 
students. One thing I remember vividly is 
Moon's ability to remember everyone's name, 
and I do mean everyone. Though this may seem 
inconsequential, I can assure you it isn't. I can 
say with great confidence that I do not believe a 
better ambassador for the school we all love so 
much has ever existed. I learned a lot of valu- 
able things during my time at The Academy, but 
I feel that the most valuable were learned from 

TheArchon a» Fall 2008 19 

'ft I 

Mike in the new millenium 

have resulted in a campus that is comparable to "if not more 
spectacular" than any other school our size. Mike sees the student 
body as a "great variety of kids, talented and destined for being 
great citizens." So what does he hope for the future? "Ten years 
from now my hope is that the school makes great strides in the 
two areas where it has lagged: financial aid and faculty/staff com- 
pensation. My hope would be that the school makes every effort 
to be able to care for the adults in the community and to pro- 
vide assistance for acceptable students whose families are unable 
to afford the tuition." He thinks it would be "kind of cool if 
schools such as The Governor's Academy were the norm and the 
whole thing were free." 

That said, Mike feels "strongly that the Academy in 10 years 
will not be a different place than it is now or was when I first 

came here. It cares tremendously about the kids and hopes that 
each kid has a truly positive experience. The school will most 
probably be the most loyal institution for its graduates that they 
will encounter in their fives." It's true, he emphasizes. "Prep 
schools are more loyal to grads than their colleges or employers. 
We will always be here for our students." 

"Being involved in a school such as the Academy," Mike 
concludes, "you're exposed to many great schools in the 
Independent School League (ISL) and elsewhere through con- 
ferences, coaching. Those experiences have solidified my true 
belief that independent education deserves its place in the fore- 
front of American secondary education." 

In his future... 

Mike is "looking forward to that first cup of coffee in the 
morning and the Boston Globe with his girlfriend, CD, contin- 
uing my love of outdoor activity, golf and tennis, playing catch 
and throwing the football with CD, some travel, and very impor- 
tantly, greater involvement with my stepdaughter Augusta '82 
and grandchildren Savannah and Ashleigh." Next summer will 
include going with Savannah on college trips. 

But Mike won't leave the Academy entirely behind. "I still 
will be involved with the Academy, coming back for games, 
commencement, other events and possibly involved with a com- 
mittee or two and some special projects. But I'll have no office, 
no set time, and no longer be the first one at breakfast every day 
As my geometry teacher at Andover used to say, Quod Erat 
Demonstrandum or QED, Quite easily done." 

Carpe Diem, Mike! You always have. -JK 

From Kara McLoy '88: 

The Governor's Academy is losing a leg- 
end. Mike has had an amazing impact on 
everyone associated with the Academy. I 
have always admired Moon's witty sense of 
humor and his ability to not only remember 
every student who has jumped over the wall 
throughout the past thirty years, but to also 
recite their full name, their parents names, 
their address, and what position they played 
on the athletic field or what activities they 

were involved in while students at the 
school. When I worked with Mike in the 
Admissions Office I was impressed by his 
ability to put the prospective students at 
ease by telling jokes and making them feel a 
part of the community. I'll never forget how 
every spring the students anticipated the 
"Moon Dance" where he danced like a mad- 
man on stage in front of the faculty and stu- 
dents in Thompson auditorium to help 
ensure that it wouldn't rain on graduation 

day. Now that's dedication. Mike always 
cared first and foremost about the students, 
and through his leadership and vision he 
helped to significantly enhance the reputa- 
tion of the school. I have met numerous 
graduates over the years who chose to 
attend the Academy because of him. He is 
one of my most treasured mentors and 
friends. He will truly be missed. 

20 TheArchc 

Fall 2008 


€wi€t \_yV^^S 

by Geoff Brace 

Art Department Chair Geoff Brace was granted a summer 

sabbatical by the Academy to visit the Czech Republic. Below, he shares some of his impressions and photographs. 

Stepping off the train into a beautiful Saturday sunrise, I felt 
immediately concerned that I had taken a wrong turn at 
Albuquerque. Having spent the previous eight hours on a night train 
from Germany under the distrustful scrutiny of two women and a 
little girl, while at the same time being kept awake by the neighbor- 
ing compartment where at least one individual felt it important to 
share with everyone on the train at the top 
of his lungs that he was having a great 
@*%$ A #> time in Europe, I was perhaps 
not in the best frame of mind to think and 
act clearly. The platform looked like 
something out of an apocalyptic scenario, 
and the surrounding overgrown deserted 
lots did not ease my concerns. Reading 
the station's name typed in bold on my 
ticket, I looked around in nervous desper- 
ation for the station's designation sign. I 
looked left and right, but found nothing to 
help me get my bearings; I tapped one of 
the train officials on the shoulder (a rather 
beautiful woman) to get her confirmation 
that this was in fact my point of departure. As I used my best the- 
ater training to mime my question to her, I was struck with how 
amazing her eyes were - bluish gray with a touch of hazel. Holding 
up my ticket for her perusal, I waited for a helpful answer. Perhaps 
she had a really hard night; or maybe, like myself, she was in the next 
compartment listening to the American gentleman who was "having 
a great @*%$ A #> time in Europe," but whatever the cause I 
watched in horror as those beautiful blue-gray eyes with a touch of 
hazel began to change, to fill with scorn and loathing, to become a 

scathing whip as she raised one hand to point above my head. With 
that she whipped around, grabbed her small bag, and left me stand- 
ing rather embarrassed. I followed where she had pointed, and 
looked directly above me at the rather large sign; white with large 
black lettering PRAHA, HOLESOVICE...this was my station. 

Much relieved, and more than a little embarrassed, I grabbed my 
backpack and started off to find my hotel 
with the tourist's zeal and a rather excited 
spring to my step. 

Six hours later, with back and shoul- 
ders screaming at me, clothes soaked 
through from the heat, I found myself 
questioning the direction this excursion 
was taking. Whenever I begin walking 
though the streets of a new city, my first 
order of business is always to get a cup of 
coffee and a map, and this was my plan for 
Prague, as I knew generally where my 
hotel was and knew that it would be easy 
to find. Unfortunately, this city had other 
plans for me. It quickly dawned on me 
that on a Saturday morning in Prague there is apparently a rule that 
coffee houses and stores that might sell maps do not open until some 
ungodly-late-in-the-day hour, and so I was left following the tram 
and bus stops through the city. There was absolutely nothing open, 
and I was really starting to get worried; there were not even people 
on the streets. Okay, that is only partially true. If I had wanted to 
gamble or drink, I would have been in luck, as these establishments 
stay open 24 hours a day. The idea of walking into one of these 
establishments with my non-existent Czech language skills and a 

Above: Old Town at night 

TheArchon es Fall 2008 21 

: W 

backpack and asking for directions from the rather intoxicated 
inhabitants did not really appeal to me. Not only would I have 
felt very uncomfortable, but I also suffer severely from the dis- 
order know as Donotaskus 
Directionus, and firmly believe 
that with a map I can always find 
my way. This had held true until 

At hour five I found myself 
in an area with restaurants and 
cafes open, and so was able to sit 
for a moment and enjoy some 
refreshments, but the desire to 
find my hotel did not let me sit 
there long. Shortly after this I 
found an internet cafe and was 
able to track down my quarry 
even more. I now knew where 
the street began from where I 
was. I could taste my impending 
victory. It was while walking 
along this very long street that I 

began to fantasize about how much lighter I could have really 
packed. Did I really need all those clothes, sketchbooks and that 
extra pair of shoes? I noticed the buildings beginning to change 

and the neighborhoods taking on a much darker hue. I plod- 
ded on. I arrived at the number where the hotel should have 
been. I had passed many on my way and was always tempted to 

just see if I could register in any 
one of them, but I had always 
pushed on, wanting to find this 
elusive beast. So here I was, but 
no hotel. What a coy little piece 
of real estate. So I walked a little 
further up the street, and then 
back the way I came, finally once 
again stopping where I thought 
it should be. There were three 
doors that all looked pretty plain, 
but on one there was a piece of 
paper taped to the window. The 
top was all in Czech, but the sec- 
ond half switched to English. 
Although the exact wording 
escapes me, the contents were 
there to inform me of the fol- 
lowing: This is my hotel and the 
front desk is across the street in another hotel. I breathed a sigh 
of relief. ..I had made it. 

After this rather difficult introduction to this city, I began 

22 TheArchon » Fall 2008 

to wander the streets and became infatuated with what Prague 
has to offer. By now I had a map, currently on my apartment 
wall but barely whole after much use, so I was able to freely 
walk the city. I was amazed at how safe the city felt no matter 
what time of day. Though constantly warned about pickpock- 
ets and street swindlers, I never felt physically threatened dur- 
ing my 17 days there, and I wandered into some very interest- 
ing parts of the city. I was also very taken by the people who 
are some of the most personable I have ever come across. They 
bent over backwards to make my time in their city enjoyable. 
Having a strong interest in architecture, I was fortunate to 
find many buildings being renovated, and was invited in to walk 
through them with the workers. It was very informative to see 
how the buildings were designed and the care that the renova- 
tors were taking to maintain the historical integrity of the 
structure. Having been allowed to fall into disrepair during the 
Communist regime, the city has been working very hard since 
1993 to restore the former majesty. Because of this, I was able 
to see the whole spectrum of buildings from those still 
untouched to those that have been completely renovated. The 
first section of the city to be restored was The Old Town 
Center, a beautiful area with a rather large plaza right in the 
middle. Leaving the plaza, one can become lost on the wind- 
ing alleys that lead off of the main thoroughfares. Down these 
alleys you can find wonderful little shops and cafes. I enjoyed 
an amazing meal in this area once, one of standard Czech fare, 

but upon receiving the bill I realized that this would have to be 
the last time I feast in such a place. The prices are raised three 
to four times higher in this area due to the high tourist traf- 
fic... That was a piece of information that I could have used a 
little earlier. 

Having a chance to tour Prague Castle was a high point; 
the total tour really takes a full two days. It is listed as the largest 
ancient castle in Europe, and even has a little home connected 
to it where Franz Kafka lived and wrote. Some other sites are 
the Lennon Wall (a graffiti wall dedicated to John Lennon),The 
Astrological Clock, Wenceslas Square and the Josefov (The Old 
Jewish Quarter). 

With the daylight hours spent getting to know the city, the 
nighttime was spent putting that knowledge to use. It was to 
The Charles Bridge and the river way that my wanderings usu- 
ally brought me. All along the bridge and spreading out from 
either end are street performers. Walking down to the river I 
would hear everything from folk music to the highest form of 
classical music. I became mesmerized by a guitarist whose 
musical prowess seemed to defy reality. She sounded like a 
quintet of guitars rather then just one lone woman sitting along 
the side of the stone bridge, the sun setting behind her. As I lis- 
tened to her music with the tide of the crowd flowing this way 
and that, I could not help but sit back and smile in total con- 

To view more of Geoff Brace's photos of Prague, go to 
http: / /www.govsacademy. org files /xmlViewerPrague. htm 

TlieArchon w Fall 2008 23 

The Academy Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form 

Please suggest a nominee for The Governor's Academy Athletic Hall of Fame! Complete this form (or photo- 
copy it) and mail the nomination form to: Mike Moonves, The Governor's Academy, I Elm Street, 
Byfield, MA 1 922 or send by fax to 978-462- 1319 

Nominee's Name 

Your Name 



if applicable 


if applicable 




Home Phone 

Business Phone 

Preferred Email 

Why do you believe this person should be con- 
sidered for the The Governor's Academy 
Athletic Hall of Fame? 

(Please list awards/honors while he or she was a student/athlete at 
the Academy or other information to support your nomination.) 

Criteria to consider for an alumnus/a: 

• athletic performance while a student at The 
Governor's Academy, realizing that sportsmanship, 
leadership and teamwork are critical elements of 
athletic success at the Academy. 

Criteria to consider for a coach at 
the Academy: 

• his or her exemplary performance as a coach, 
realizing that teaching and sportsmanship are essential 
values of good coaching 

Criteria to consider for a friend of 
TGA Athletics: 

• his or her contribution to The Governor's Academy 
Athletics as a loyal supporter to athletic programs at 
the Academy 

Other criteria to consider: 

• athletic performance or participation in athletics 
beyond The Governor's Academy that has brought 
recognition to the Academy, and has served as a 
model for the the Academy community 

• any alumnus/a or coach nominated for the Athletic 
Hall of Fame must have been away from the Academy 
for a minimum of 10 years 


Nomination forms are due by January 31, 


The Governor's Academy 

Other Notes: 

The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee will make final 
decisions on new inductees for the fall of 2009 to join 
those inducted in 2003, 2005 and 2007. 

24 TheArchon <s» Fall 2008 


Jeffrey L. Gordon '69, Trustee President 

he Governor's Academy Annual Report arrives as an 
insert in the fall Archon. As a consequence, the mate- 
rial included is obviously old news, and you might well 
ask why we spend time covering the past when everyone 
should be totally focused on the new academic year. The 
simple answer is to say thank you. We welcome every oppor- 
tunity to express our appreciation to those who make this 
great school possible through their generosity of time, 
treasure, and talent. The annual report provides a public 
forum to highlight this essential financial support that has 
such an immediate impact on the quality of academic life on 
our campus. Our donors represent many constituencies: 
alumni/ae, trustees, parents, grandparents, past parents, 
faculty and staff, foundations, corporations, school vendors, 
and even graduating seniors. Each one plays an enormous 
role in the success of the campaign, and on behalf of the 
entire Board of Trustees, I would like to express our pro- 
found appreciation to everyone who has stepped up to the 
plate in support of this venerable Academy. 

At the spring Board of Trustees meeting, a number of for- 
mer trustees who served multiple terms with distinction 
were inducted into a newly created category as Trustees 
Emeriti and were invited to join the Board during the week- 
end. We were able to reconnect with many old friends and 
bring them up-to-date on the initiatives the Trustees and 
Administration are currently considering as part of the 
strategic plan. We look forward to making this an annual 

Additionally, the Trustees have invited a number of other 
important volunteers to join the Board at their fall meeting 
for a similar update on the current planning discussions. 
Included in this august group are all class agents and secre- 
taries, members of the Alumni Council, members of the 
Parents' Committee, the Academy Allies, and the Governor's 
Council. These volunteers spend a great deal of time and tal- 
ent contributing to their school in so many ways. The Board 
feels very strongly that it will enhance everyone's respective 
roles by sharing our strategic planning discussions so that 
there are well-understood common goals. We plan to make 
this volunteer weekend an annual event as well. 

When September comes around, one cannot help but think 
of the end of summer, the nearing end of the year, the har- 
vest season, and the days getting shorter. Perhaps that is 
what the Annual Report conveys when we close out the old 
year. But the reality is that September brings new vitality, 
new opportunities, new faces and friendships, new chal- 
lenges, and more opportunities for our school family to 
tighten its already powerful bonds that link us to this 
extraordinary institution founded nearly 250 years ago. As 
all of us who once played for Buster Navins would say, "Put 
me in, coach!" 


Jeff Gordon '69, Trustee President 

Annual Report 2008 






77?e Wonor Roll of Donors 

The Governor's Academy wishes to thank 
the alumni and alumnae, parents and 
friends who generously contributed to the 
Academy in 2007-2008. Gifts to the Annual 
Fund promote the continuation of a strong 
tradition at the Academy. 

Alumni and Alumnae, parents and 
friends who contribute $500 or more to The 
Governor's Academy are recognized as lead- 
ership donors, and qualify for membership 
in one of the Academy's seven leadership 
societies. Graduates of the Last Decade 
(GOLD) qualify as leadership donors with 
gifts of $100 or more while young college 
undergraduates qualify with a gift of any 

The 1763 Society 

In grateful appreciation to these 
alumni/ae, parents, and friends who gave 
$50,000 or more to the Annual Fund. 

Robert M. '67 and Anne Bass 
Estate of Robert Morse '51 
Christopher C. Beebe '55, TR 

The Milestone Society 

In grateful appreciation to these 
alumni/ae, parents, and friends who gave 
$25,000 or more to the Annual Fund. 

Hyung Suck Chai and 

Mi Kyung Hong P'09 
Jonathan and Elysia Doyle P'08'09, TR 
Stephen and Beverly Giblin P'04'05, TR 
John D. Hartnett & Son, Inc. 
Woo Sung Lim and Sun Hee Chung P'll 
Paul and Wendy McKeon P'10 
Peter S. Morgan '43 
Thomas Otis '49 
Carrie W. Penner '88 
James 72 and Polly Pierce P'08, TR 
Dong Won Shin and 

Seon Young Min P'08 
The Walton Family Foundation 

The William Dummer Society 

In grateful appreciation to these 
alumni/ae, parents and friends who gave 
$10,000 or more to the Annual Fund. 

Ayco Charitable Foundation 
R. Macdonald Barnes '67 
William and Nina Binnie P'10'11 
Margarita Blanter and 

Alex Alexeyenko P'09 
Dong Suck Chai and Jung Eun Lee P'10 
Jae Kook Chun and 

Do Kyeong Jeong P'08 
Christopher and Lisa Collins P'07'10, TR 
Michael and Peggy Curran P'02'04 
Anthony and Stacey DiCroce P'09 
Estate of Thomas King '53 
John and Jan Fitzpatrick P'09 
Michael '83 and Deirdre George P'll 
Richard and Katherine Goglia P'04'10 
Jeffrey L. Gordon '69, TR 
Paul and Lauren Gudonis P'03, TR 
Francis and Elizabeth Hatch P'07 
Brian and Kathy Hines P'08'09, TR 
Richard and Nancy Kelleher P'99'01, TR 
Joshua '69 and Mary Miner P'96'98 
Timothy and Cynthia Moran P'07 

Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan P'97'02, TR 
Mark Muscatello P'05'08 
William F. O'Leary 73 
Robert 73 and Sherilyn Phillips P'03 
Jeffrey and Carmen Pope P'08 
Gary and Jill Rogers P'04'07, TR 
James '68 and Susan Rudolph P'05, TR 
Robert '40 and Marilyn 

Schumann P'66'74, GP'03 
Humphrey '42 and Rosalie Simson P'72 
Jung Haon Song and 

Hyun Hee Lee P'08 
Howard F. Stirn '41 
Stephen and 

Karen Swensrud GP'04'05'09 
The Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation 
C. Thomas '39 and Eunice Tenney P'69 
C. Thomas Tenney, Jr. '69 
The Pittsburgh Foundation 
Bruce C. Turner '83, TR 
S. Robson Walton P'88 
James W. Waugh '44 
Jeffrey and Marion Webster P'08'09 
Mark and Eve Whiston, TR 
Roger and Carla Williams P'10 

The Governor's Society 

In grateful appreciation to these 
alumni/ae, parents and friends who gave 
$5,000 or more to the Annual Fund. 

Abbott and Dorothy 

Stevens Foundation 
William '67 and Joni Alfond, TR 
The William Alfond Foundation 
Taylor and Willa Bodman P'll 
Charles C. Bowen '50 
William and Cindy Burke P'08 
Brian and Diane Cahill P'09'll 
Joseph and Darcy Cardarelli P'10 
Frank and Penelope Cieri P'09 
Jay Cooke '64 
Andrew Cotreau and 

Dyane Mini-Cotreau P'06'06'10 
Charles A. Davis '67 
Henry 70 and Cathy Eaton P'03'08, TR 
Eaton Foundation 
Putnam P. Flint '37, GP'99 
Harold and Kathy Hansen P'08 
Jeffrey and Laurel Harris P'08'10 
David M. Hicks '54 
The Hicks Charitable Foundation 
The Highland Street Foundation 
Crosby Hitchcock '43 
A. Michael Honer '58 
Dennis and Teresa Jenson P'll 
Brian and Paula Jerome P'10 
Stephen '62 and Marie-Louise 

Kasnet P'95, TR 
Donald W. King 73 
Robert C. Kirkwood '58 
Joseph and Erika Leone P'09 
M. Scott Maguire '82 
David and Donna McGrath P'09 
Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis P'02'03'06, TR 
William S. McPhee '62 
Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. '61, TR 
Richard and Andrea Montoni P'10 
Irving and Ellie Morris FR 
Richard A. Nielsen '55 
The Nielsen Family Foundation 
J. Jeffcott Ogden 76 
Robert and Carol Pease P'10 
Haskell Rhett '54, TR 
Henry M. Rosen 79 
George and 

Coreen Scharfe P'95'95'00, TR 
Peter Sherwood and Sarah Merck P'10 
Silicon Valley Community Foundation 

Kurt Somerville P'08 

Christopher Swenson '82 

Jay and Lynn Wailes P'04'08 

John and Anne Webster P78, GP'08'09 

Arnold S Wood Jr. '60 

The Master Moody Society 

In grateful appreciation to these 
alumni/ae, parents and friends who gave 
$2,500 or more to the Annual Fund. 

Peter G. Alfond 71 

Sung-Jin An '95 

Matthew and Hellen Barbara P'll 

Stephen and Katherine Barrand P'08 

Bill Hoyt Painting 

Boston Red Sox Foundation 

Catherine D. Burgess '91, TR 

Jordan J. Burgess '88 

Anthony J. Cohen '91 

Combined Jewish Philanthropies 

Mark and Joanne Connors P'06'10 

Wendy B. Cowie 79 

William and Ann DiFrancesco P'10 

Daniel and Corinne Doherty P'10 

Steven and Sandra Dunstan P'09 

Thomas and Susan Durkin P'08'09 

Timothy and Liz Durkin P'07'll 

Fidelity Investments 

The Charles Foisy and 

Florida Foisy Foundation 
Mark and Janet Gacek P'll 
Bart and Leslie Grenier P'll 
Robert and Pauline Haran P'08'09 
Vincent and Jean Helfrich P'll 
Henry Hornblower Foundation 
Hurdle Hill Foundation 
Stanley and Laurie Jacobs P'09'll 
Edward and Holly Jenkins P'll 
Thomas P. Jones III '60 
Hong Seop Kim and Yun Jeong Lee P'09 
John and Barbara Kotzen P'08 
Edward and Jill Kutchin P'll 
Young Oh Kwon and Ji Min Lee P'07'10 
Joe and Susan Lang P'03'05'07'11 
Chong Suk Lee and 

Myung Hee Kim P'll 
Hongjoo and Hwallan Lee P'09 
Jonghyun Lee and Jieun Jung P'10 
Sang Kyung Lee and 

Won Jung Han P'10 
Seok Lyoo and Hae Shin P'05'10 
Wilhelm Merck P'10 
Thomas and Catherine Metcalf P'09 
Paul '41 and Anne 

Morgan P'67, GP'97'02 
James and Kristen Mullin P'10 
Brian H. Noyes 76, TR 
John A. O'Leary '69 
Colleen O'Neal P'09 
Albert P. Pettoruto 71 
David 77 and Michelle Phippen P'10 
Quaker Hill Foundation 
The Grace Jones Richardson Trust 
Peter L. Richardson 71 
Thomas and Jane Riley P'09 
Amos and Catherine Rogers P'10 
Joan M. Ross P'OO 
Jonathan S. Shafmaster '63, P'90 
Joseph and Yvette Shakespeare P'08 
Steven 74 and Eileene Shapiro P'09, TR 
Frederick M. Smith II '52 
Perry M. Smith 76 
Russell and Frances Smith P'68'76 
Richard W. Snowdon III '61 
Peter N. Starosta '81 
Norman and Robyn Stavis P'05'07'09 
Andrew J. Sterge 77 
Joseph Story II '67 

Richard E. Stram '83 
Charles and Tracy Sweetman P'08 
William and Martha Willis P'07'10 
Nathan '58 and 

June Withington P'84'97 

The Headmaster's Society 

In grateful appreciation to these 
alumni/ae, parents and friends who gave 
$1,000 or more to the Annual Fund. 

Nancy Angell P'll 

David and Allison Annand P'll 

Mrs. William B. Ardiff AW'55 

Michael and Laura Arrigo P'06'08 

Karla A. Austen '81 

Andrew C. Bailey '40 

Robert and Karen Barnett P'08'10 

Robert and Denise Basow P'll 

Richard J. Bates 72 

Berkshire Taconic Community 

Carl A. Berntsen P'68'73 
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood C. Blake P'73'79 
John A. Blau '87 
Ken Bloom 78 
April W. Bodman P'll 
August W. Boss '52 
Mark and Kerri Bouzianis P'10 
Peter and Dorothy Bragdon 
William '80 and Joanne Brine P'09 
Mark and Pamela Brislin P'08 
Norman G. Brown '47 
David and Catherine Budd P'06 
Donald P. Bullock '53 
John C. Canepa '49 
Lawrence and Sally Carlson P'08 
James and CeAnn Carney P'07 
Maurice and Lisa Caruso P'09'll 
Chang -Ho Chang and 

Chieh-Yun Wong P'll 
William S. Connolly 72 
Peter Conway 72 
Paul and Gail Conway P'll 
Robert 0. Coulter '49 
Timothy T. Crane 73 
David W. Critics '81 
Colin P. Cross 74 
Daniel C. Cross '81 
Douglas '67 and Linda Curtis P'97 
Robert C. DeLena '87 
Robert and Nancy DeMartini P'09 
Robert and Patricia Dempsey P'04 
Frank S. Dickerson III '57 
Michael and Barbara 

DiGuiseppe P'01'03'07 
Dominic and Emily DiMaggio GP'08 
Marty and Patty Doggett P'04'07'08'08 
The Ellsworth Foundation 
David H. Ellsworth '48 
Martin and Paula Fisch P'08 
Michael and Laura Foley P'08 
Donato Frattaroli P'06'll 
Mirick Friend '59 
Clinton and Kimberly Funald P'll 
Joseph and Gay Gardner P'09 
The Gardner Family 

Charitable Foundation 
John and Debra Gould P'll 
Jessica A. Gould '85 
Greater Miami Jewish Federation 
Jason G. Greenberg '96, TR 
Tamara T. Grenier P'll 
Thomas and Karen Guidi P'07 
David J. Hanlon '88 
Mitchell Hardy and Susan Bailey P'10 
David H. Harris '36 
Steven and Sara Harrold P'10 
Frank Hatch GP 


Donald R. Hayes, Jr. '68 
Roland Henneberger and Louisa 

Mackintosh P'07'10 
John A. Henry '56 
David Hershey '50 and Brenda Hayward 

Denald Hienkle-McCarthy P'06'09 
Michael and Marie Hoffman P'08'll 
Thomas and Mollie Hoopes P'09 
Cyrus W. Hoover '62 
Richard Huang and Vivian Hsieh P'll 
Tom and Mary Hyndman GP'04'07'08 
Inez Benjamin Foundation 
Robert L. Jaffe '70 
Bruce and Tari Johnson P'09'll 
Johnson Lumber Company 
E. William '49 and 

Consuelo Judson P'79'83 
Mosa P. Kaleel '86 
Yukio and Midori Kaneko P'09 
Harry J. Kangis '68 
William and Lori Kavanagh P'09 
Michael and Valerie King P'09 
Frank R. Kitchell '35 
Douglas and Susan Kline P'll 
Andrew D. Lappin '72 
Latona Associates 
Lester and Robyn Lee P'01 
Lehman Brothers 
J. Andrew Leonard II '66 
Randall and Cynthia Lilly P'05'07'11 
Chia Jung Lin and Tung-Chain Tung P'10 
Gordon G. MacVean '56* 
J. Scott Magrane, Jr. '65 
Sean Mahoney '85 
McConn Communications 
William and Kathy McDonough P'll 
R. Neal and Nina McElroy '76 
Walter L. McGill '43 
George E. McGregor, Jr. '51 
Jason '89 and Kara 

Moheban McLoy '88, TR 
Leo and Karen Melanson P'll 
Dolly 0. Miller P'02'04 
Keith and Mary Ellen Moores P'06'09 
Daniel L. Morison '88 
Stephen L. Morison P'88'10 
Michael and Andrea Norkus P'08 
Randy O'Brien '79 
The Oxford League 
Gregory and Susan Paskerian P'08 
John Pates '69 
Richard '38 and 

Susanne Phippen P'71'72'77 
Christopher and Sheryl Poole P'10'11 
Spencer L. Purinton '75 
Peter H. Quimby '85, TR 
John H. Read, Jr. '58 
Mark and Gaylyn Reilly P'll 
Robert M. Rex '53 
Donald N. Rice '52 
William I. Richter '48 
Keith and Sharon Riedell P'08 
S. Robert '60 and Paula Rimer P'94'10 
John D. Roach '87 
Andrew W. Robinson '78 
The James E. Robinson Foundation 
Lewis Rumford III '67 
Richard and Nancy Russell P'89'95 
Richard and Susan Savage 
Aaron M Sells '96, TR 
William '71 and Marcy Shack P'06 
Kenneth and 

Bernadette Shedosky P'96'01 
Anthony and Kate Sillari P'03'06 
Cabot and Tracey Smith P'10 
Philip 73 and Winifred Smith P'08 
Philip T. Smith '53 
Amy A. Spellman '92 
David and Janet Splaine P'05'08 

David Strouss P'08 

Marcia Strouss and Brian Bernier P'08 

Henry and Terry Souminen Fll 

Brett and Joan Sylvester P'05 

Jeffrey P. Taft '85 

Peter Tarr and Gail Nelson P'06 

Robert and Christine Terry P'08 

Francis and Lisa Toomey P'10'11 

TMS Architects 

Bowen H. Tucker '55 

George '50 and Benson Tulloch P'77 

Jonathan P. Wade '82 

David and Elizabeth Wadman P'10'11 

Samuel W. Wakeman '61 

Peter Warren P'08 

David and Elayne Weener P'90 

The David and Elayne Weener 

Family Foundation 
Paul and Marianne Wekhselbaum P'll 
Josiah '47 and Donna Welch P'80'83 
Peter and Sally Wells P'10 
Albert B. Wende '55 

Marc White and Stephanie Andrews P'09 
Bea Whitney P'81'83 
Frank and Maureen Wilkens P'95 
John and Corinne Wilkinson P'10 
Sarah B. Willeman '99, TR 
Charles C. Windisch '52 
John and Laura Wolfe P'08'10 
Michael Wong and Anning Ye P'04'08 
Howard '57 and Nancy Zuker P'91'91 

The Catherine Dudley 
Dummer Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents and friends who gave $500 or more 
to the Annual Fund. 


The Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Nathalie E. Ames '85, TR 

Peter Arnold, Jr. '74 

Sideris D. Baer '66 

R. Jeffrey '80 and Maggie Bailly P'07 

Bank of America Foundation 

Bank of New York Company 

Dennis and Donna Becker P'01'06 

Joseph J. Benson '80 

Melvyn Blake '57 

Samuel T. Blatchford '85 

Gary and Cheryl Borden P'03 

Boston Tennis Court Construction Co. 

Frederick P. Bowden III '52 

Richard M. Brayton '67 

Benjamin '43 and Anne Brewster P'68 

Kimberlee G. Burgess '84 

Michael S. Burke '91 

Robert C. Burnham '66 

Peter T. Butler '62 

Robert and Julie Carpenter P'll 

Central New York Community Foundation 

Peter and Caroline Collins P'09 

Joan Cook AW'53 

Joseph and Teresa Correnti P'09 

George W. Cowles '53 

Dale and Laura Cronin P'09 

David and Clair Cushman P'05'08 

John W. Deering '47 

Archer '49 and Carol desCognets P'88 

Design Technique 

James and Katharine Dickerson P'10 

Carolyn J. DiGiammo '92 

Stephen and Edith Dubord P'01'02'06 

Wilson '69 and Kathy Durham P'92 

Robert C. Erb, Jr. '52 

Peter and Candace Erickson P'98'00 

John P. Eveleth '52 

Stephen and Candace Falvey P'01'03 

Elizabeth T. Farrell '84 

Parker B. Field III '53 

Orrie and Laurel Friedman P'84 

George E. Gale III '53 

Howard and Naomi Gardner P'85 

Paul A. Gares '68 

Anthony R. Gerard '67 

Robert and Judy Gore P'95'97 

Stanley Greenberg '67 

Timothy G. Greene '50 

A. John Gregg '65 

Richard A. Guenther '71 

Jeffrey and Diane Gwynne P'08 

Hanover Insurance Group 

Jeffrey R. Harris '67 

Diana Harrison P'81'84 

James J. Healy '56 

John E. Hellerman '89 

Peter C. Hicks '66 

A.C. Hubbard '55 

Roger Jones and 

Joanne Muther-Jones P'01'08 
Katherine W. Kane, FR 
Michael W. Kaplan '71 
Arthur and Kathy Kelly P'll 
David Lampert '71 and Toril Forland P'08 
Henry and Penny Lapham P'83'86 
Charles B. Larned '82 
Edmund C. Lattime '69 
Daniel '55 and Betsy Leary P'88 
Harold 0. Leinbach '43 
Tung-Ying and Claudia Lo P'06 
Lombardi Oil Co. 
Charlotte Lombardi F88 
James and Marguerite Long P'80'84 
Robert '40 and Thelma Lyle P'69, GP'01'03 
Richard and Gerry Mack P'87'91'93 
Tomas G. Mathews '78 
Meredith G. McPherron '85 
Howard D. Medwed '59 
Mellon Bank Corporation 
John and Terese Menard P'08'09'09 
Phebe Miner P'69, GP'96'98'06 
Anne Minster P'78'80 
William and Jacalyn Mitchell P'00'01 

William R. Moore, Jr. '51 
Robert L. Morrell '43 
James M. Morrissey '02 
John and Sandy Morrissey P'10'10'10 
J. Davidson Moss '64 
Michael K. Mulligan '71 
John M. Nash '54 
Stanley R. Morton, Jr. '60 
Roy C. Nash '59 
Wayne M. Noel '67 
Theodore H. Northrup '71 
Todd M. O'Brien '88 
John F. 0'Dea '64 
David and Pamela O'Neill P'03'04 
George Q. Packard, Jr. '52 
G. Richard Paul P'04 
Leonard N. Plavin '44 
William R. Plumer '53 
Seward E. Pomeroy '42 
John and Nancy Pope P'10 
A. Gordon Price '49 
H. Reid Pugh II '67 

Robin A. Remick '90 
Matthew H. Remis '92 
William '50 and Judy Rex P'73 
Peter F. Richardson '75 
E. Stephen Robinson '68 
Evan and Suzanne Rochman P'll 
Larry and Karen Russell P'll 
Samels Associates 
Amy P. Shaf master '90 
Charles E. Shalvoy P'02'04 
Peter M. Sherin '59 
Jay and Kathy Siegel P'04'08 

Gardner P. Sisk '67 

J. Hale Smith '68 

Nathaniel T. Smith '68 

Joseph and Lorraine Sousa GP'98'00 

Linwood R. Starbird '50 

Steven L. Sterman '79 

Ete Szuts and 

Susan Oleszko-Szuts P'96'96 
Henry L. Terrie III '69 
Peter C. Thomas '64 
James I. Tikellis II '72 
Even M. Trent '98 
Robert and Susan True 
Uptack Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 
Richard and Heidi Vancisin P'05'06 

Mrs. Charles Watts GP'09 
Nancy Weinstein P'05 
Lee W. Wesson P'98 
John A. Whitmore '66 
Williams Company 
Thomas N. Willins, Jr. '33 
Mark and Dorienne Winters P'96 
Robert L. Wise '64 
John Witherspoon 
Benjamin T. Wright '40 
Alvert L. Wyer '44 
Michael S. Yeagley '90 

The Lieutenant 
Governor Society 

In grateful appreciation to those graduates of 
the Last Decade who gave $100 or more to 
the Annual Fund (the GOLD graduates). 

Brandon A. Bates '03 
Kristina L. Benson '01 
Emily E. Block '03 
Marc I. Borden '03 
Lucinda Boyce '02 
Elinor M. Brown '98 
Bernard J. Christopher '01 
Alexandra S. Cotreau '06 
Zachary A. Cotreau '06 
Emily R. Dana '00 
Christoher G. DeLisle '01 
Patrick R. Dempsey '04 
Rachelle E. Dennis '02 
Laura E. Ellison '03 
Shannon L. Falvey '03 
Lindsey R. Gobin '00 
Melissa M. Green '98 
Jordan J. Harband '01 
Kimberly F. Jones '01 
Kaitlin M. Lang '03 
Daniel G. Lee III '01 
Matthew R. Lee '01 
Adelle C. Lilly '98 
Richard M. Lufkin '01 
Laurence A. Lyons IV '01 
Mark R. McDonnell '00 
Meghan D. 0'Malley '03 
Michael D. O'Neill '03 
Meaghan A. Owen '05 
Molly K. Owen '06 
Aaron M. Parola '02 
Emilie R. Pickering '05 
Robert P. Rudolph '05 
Jason M. Salony '00 
Eve R. Seamans '00 
Kelsey I. Shannahan '03 
Joseph S. Shedosky '01 
John C. Shuster '01 
Mathew M. Steir '03 
Laura K. Sullivan '07 
Shaena A. Tucker '01 
Joshua M. Weiner '07 
Yeonju Woo '07 

The College Club 

In grateful appreciation to those 
college undergraduates who gave 
to the Annual Fund. 

00 : 




Victoria B. Allen '05 
Ana S. Almeyda-Cohen '07 
Nicholas H. Almy '05 
Cameron W. Archibald '06 
Katherine C. Chandler '07 
Peter W. Collins '07 
Erin C. Connors '06 
Taylor A. Cook '07 
Alexandra S. Cotreau '06 
Zachary A. Cotreau '06 
Brian A. Day '07 
Patrick R. Dempsey '04 
Andrew D. Doggett '04 
Daniel H. Doggett '07 
Francis J. Donovan '06 
Frederick W. Durkin '07 
Travis N. Ferland '07 
Christopher J. Genovese '05 
Brendan C. Giblin '05 
Jenna A. Glendye '07 
Kathleen A. Glynn '04 
Lauren E. Goglia '04 
Lauren E. Guidi '07 
Elizabeth C. Guyton '06 
Meghan Hartnett '06 
Thomas M. Hyndman '04 
Cameron E. Keith '06 
Michelle A. Kinzie '05 
Jessica R. Long '04 
Melissa M. McDonnell '04 
Julia E. Mclnnis '06 
Alexandra J. McLain '07 
Kristen L. Miller '07 
Kristen A. Moores '06 
Alexandra L. Moran '07 
Molly K. Owen '06 
Meaghan A. Owen '05 
Emilie R. Pickering '05 
Robert P. Rudolph '05 
Andrew T. Sillari '06 
Rachel A. Stavis '07 
Barrie M. Stavis '05 
Laura K. Sullivan '07 
Moira A. Talbot '04 
David J. Ward '05 
Jacqueline M. Ward '04 
Joshua M. Weiner '07 
Yeonju Woo '07 


Old Guard 

John P. English '28 

Class of 1933 

Amount Raised: $700.00 
Participation: 40.00% 
Stuart B. Barnard 
Thomas N. Willins, Jr. 

Class of 1935 

Amount Raised: $2,050.00 
Participation: 83.33% 
William. C. Bates 
William V. Broe 
C. Nelson Corey 
Frank R. Kitchell 
Donald Lawrence 

Class of 1936 

Amount Raised: $1,350.00 
Participation: 50.00% 
Dudley B. Follansbee 

David H. Harris 
Julian Hess 
Stafford J. King, Jr.* 

Class of 1937 

Amount Raised: $5,850.00 
Participation: 85.71% 
Putnam P. Flint 
W. Dana Jones 
Nathaniel N. Lord 
Edwin C. Murphy 
Melvin Salwen 
William P. Sheffield 

Class of 1938 

Amount Raised: $1,795.00 
Participation: 46.15% 
Harold H. Audet 
Alan L. Bullwinkle 
William R. Ferris 
Charles T. Henrich 
Richard D. Phippen 
Clifford H. Sinnett 

Class of 1939 

Amount Raised: $11,796.00 
Participation: 41.18% 
David F. Ellbogen 
Charles E. Hewitt 
Thomas L. Killough 
George M. Lord 
Edmund G. Noyes 
Philip A. Simpson 

C. Thomas Tenney 

Class of 1940 

Amount Raised: $12,950.00 
Participation: 57.14% 
Andrew C. Bailey 
David F. Gearhart* 
John M. Hastings, Jr. 
Willard S. Little 
Robert J. Lyle 
Charles E. McDowell 
Robert F. Schumann 
Edwin S. Sheffield 
David H. Solomon 
Kenneth P. Stein 
Benjamin T. Wright 
Sanford P. Young 

Class of 1941 

Class Agent: David T. Goodhart 
Amount Raised: $13,800.00 
Participation: 38.10% 
William C. Abbott, Jr. 
Neal W. Cox 
David T. Goodhart 
James Monroe, Jr. 
Paul S. Morgan 
George J. Siganos 
Howard F. Stirn 
Wilbur E. Webster 

Class of 1942 

Amount Raised: $10,782.42 
Participation: 25.00% 

D. Robert Kelly 
William B. Kirkpatrick 
Peter H. Klaussen 
Seward E. Pomeroy 
Humphrey B. Simson 

Class of 1943 

Class Agent: Walter L. McGill 
Amount Raised: $34,425.38 
Participation: 65.38% 
Thomas Akin 
Benjamin B. Brewster 
Roy E. Coombs 

Morgan Cooper 
Warren L. Court 
Crosby Hitchcock 
Harold 0. Leinbach 
Benjamin E. Mann 
Walter L. McGill 
Peter S. Morgan 
Robert L. Morrell 
Angus W. Park 
Philip N. Sawyer 
Alexander D. Smith 
Robert S. Tannebring 
Widgery Thomas, Jr. 
Robert Wadleigh 

Class of 1944 

Class Agent: Gordon Hoyt 
Amount Raised: $12,735.00 
Participation: 52.00% 
Andrew L. Brillhart 
Courtland J. Cross 
Nathaniel N. Dummer 
Gordon J. Hoyt 
Steven K. Kauffman 
Benjamin Pearson 
Warren T. Perkins 
Leonard N. Plavin 
Edmund C. Tarbell 
Malcolm H. von Saltza 
James C. Waugh 
John R. Whitney, Jr. 
Albert L. Wyer 

Class of 1945 

Class Agent: Donald G. Palais* 
Richard A. Cousins 
Amount Raised: $2,665.00 
Participation: 84.00% 
David W. Barnard 
William A. Barrell, Jr. 
Stephen D. Bean 
Edgar S. Catlin, Jr. 
Richard A. Cousins 
Warren W. Furth 
John S. Gillies, Jr. 
David P. Graham 
Stanley A. Hamel 
Edwin L. Hubbard 
Brewster W. Jameson 
Archibald J. Kingsley 
Leon L. Noyes 
Arthur S. Page, Jr. 
Donald G. Palais* 
Bradley H. Roberts 
Robert S. Steinert, Jr. 
Warren G. Symonds 
Joy Towne AW 
Irvine F. Williamson 
Paul Withington 
B. Botsford Young, Jr. 

Class of 1946 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $510.00 
Participation: 36.84% 
James E. Chase 
Paul B. Gaudin 
Herbert J. Levine 
Theodore G. Mixer 
Robert H. Reid 
William E. Silver 
Robert W. Waugh 

Class of 1947 

Class Agent: John W. Deering 
Josiah H. Welch 
Amount Raised: $4,177.63 
Participation: 54.55% 
Samuel M. Allen 
Homer Ambrose, Jr. 

Ralph E. Bailey, Jr. 
C. Benson Birdsall 
Norman G. Brown 
Jay C. Curtis 
John W. Deering 
Henry T. Dunker 
Kevin J. Gaffney 
Daniel M. Hall 
Peter Hill 
Alan B. Hughes 
Plato H. Kangis 
Robert J. McGill 
Henry M. Sanders 
Josiah H. Welch 
David S. Wilcox 
Leland F. Wilson 

Class of 1948 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $4,445.00 
Participation: 36.11% 
Richard D. Attwill 
G. Fred Beaudry 
Peter T. Case 
John H. Deuble 
E. Ashley Eames 
David H. Ellsworth 
Philip Gemmer 
James B. Geyer 
Jarvis W. Lambert 
Richard N. Macnair 
Duncan H. McCallum 
William I. Richter 
Robert B. Skeele 

Class of 1949 

Class Agent: William L. Chamberlin 

Amount Raised: $30,210.00 

Participation: 48.65% 

John C. Canepa 

Robert 0. Coulter 

Archer B. des Cognets* 

William H. Drake 

Thomas R.M. Emery 

Manson P. Hall 

Chester R. Ham 

Allen Hollis 

William T. Johnson 

E. William Judson 

Arthur B. Martin 

John J. Mozzicato 

Thomas Otis 

Kimball M. Page 

A. Gordon Price 

Mansfield F. Smith 

Richard M. Tyler, Jr. 

John E. Veasey 

Class of 1950 

Class Agent: Timothy G. Greene 
Amount Raised: $11,609.63 
Participation: 54.05% 
Marc am Rhein 
David C. Bailey, Jr. 
Charles C. Bowen 
Robert T. Comey, Jr. 
Robert H. Cushman 
William D. Engs 
Alan F. Flynn, Jr. 
Peter W. Gavian 
Timothy G. Greene 
David R. Hershey 
John G. Ives 
Richard H. McCoy 
James H. McManus, Jr. 
Richard W. Patton 
William E. Rex 
Malcoumbe C. Robertson 
Robert W. Squire 
Linwood R. Starbird 

George S. Tulloch, Jr. 
Arthur Withington II 

Class of 1951 

Class Agent: George E. McGregor, Jr. 

Amount Raised: $3,050.00 

Participation: 32.61% 

Kenneth M. Bistany 

E. Ronan Campion 

Peter D. Dunning 

Frederic Franzius 

Charles E. Hussey 

Louis A. Ireton 

George E. McGregor, Jr. 

William R. Moore, Jr. 

David A. Pope 

Walter G. Staley, Jr. 

Edward G. Stockwell 

Louis F. Tobia 

Robert L. Wenz 

Peter J. Whitney 

Webster Wilde, Jr. 

Class of 1952 

Class Agent: Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 

Noble Smith 
Amount Raised: $10,525.00 
Participation: 40.00% 
August W. Boss 
Frederick P. Bowden 
Peter T.C. Bramhall 
Robert C. Erb, Jr. 
John P. Eveleth 
Barry Gately 
Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 
Walter R. Lawson 
John T. Lucas 
Richard J. Nader 
George Q. Packard, Jr. 
David L. Powers 
Howard E. Quimby 
Donald N. Rice 
Frederick M. Smith 
Charles C. Windisch 

Class of 1953 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $7,525.00 
Participation: 36.00% 
Arthur C. Bartlett 
Donald P. Bullock 
George W. Cowles 
Thomas G. Craig 
Parker B. Field III 
George E. Gale III 
Charles F. Gibbs 
Lawrence W. Guild 
William D. King 
Richard T. Man 
Richard B. Osgood 
Charles C. Palmer 
Norris R. Peirce 
William C. Pinkham 
William R. Plumer 
Robert M. Rex 
Philip T. Smith 
Frederick C. Waldron 

Class of 1954 

Class Agent: Richard H. Pew, Jr. 

Amount Raised: $14,175.00 

Participation: 29.27% 

David H. Alven 

Cary K. Bradford 

Bradford H. Crane 

David M. Hicks 

Richard A. Michelson 

Stuart L. Miller 

John M. Nash 

Allen K. Needham, Jr. 

'■ wSif 

John M. Perrigo 
Richard H. Pew, Jr 
Haskell Rhett 
Gerard G. Vaughan 

Class of 1955 

Class Agent: William S. Friend 
Amount Raised: $21,875.00 
Participation: 44.68% 
Philip A. Angell, Jr. 
Christopher C. Beebe 
David F. Brainerd 
Thornton Burke 
Orrin M. Colley 
Dudley A. Dorr 
William S. Friend 
A.C. Hubbard, Jr. 
Norman S. Jessop 
Allan R. Keith 
Daniel L. Leary, Jr. 
Peter F. Littlefield 
Bruce Macgowan 
Richard A. Nielsen 
John J. Pallotta, Jr. 
Peter F. Scott 
Frederic J. Sears 
William P. Stone 
Roger S. Tompkins 
Bowen H. Tucker 
Albert B. Wende 

Class of 1956 

Class Agents: Joseph E. MacLeod 

John S. Wilson 
Amount Raised: $5,725.00 
Participation: 58.54% 
Richard A. Ananian 
Rufus Ansley 
Arthur E. Balser, Jr. 
Richard S. Bartlett 
Stephen C. Bartow 
Huntington Blatchford, Jr. 
James Dean III 
Stephen R. Domesick 
Clark G. Duncan 
Thomas P. Elder 
James J. Healy 
John A. Henry 
Herbert H. Hodos 
Joseph E. MacLeod 
Gordon G. MacVean* 
George L. Needham 
David S. Pennock 
Peter H. Renkert 
Stanley W. Rhodes 
Otto P. Robinson, Jr. 
William W. Sayles 
Reaves E. Strobel, Jr. 
Thomas V. Urmy, Jr. 
John S. Wilson 

Class of 1957 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $4,400.00 
Participation: 48.57% 
Edmund C. Beebe, Jr. 
Melvyn Blake 
Eugene R. Bouley 
Peter Y. Cadigan 
Lyman A. Cousens III 
Frank S. Dickerson III 
Geoffrey E. Fitts 
Frank H. Gleason 
Robert F. Hicks 
Donald W. Morse 
Thomas H. Parker 
Richard J.V.C. Pescosolido 
Charles E. Reed III 
Chuck E. Schroedel, Jr. 
Brian Sullivan 

Guy M. Ule, Jr. 
Howard J. Zuker 

Class of 1958 

Class Agent: Harvey L. Hayden 
Amount Raised: $22,425.80 
Participation: 58.33% 
Ralph E. Ardiff, Jr. 
Maxwell Brace III 
Charles M. Carroll 
Paul S. Clark II 
David S. Cox 
Michael G. Dunsford 
Donald H. Gray 
Michael P. Hale 
Harvey L. Hayden 
A. Michael Honer 
William T. Hunt 
Robert C. Kirkwood 
Newton W. Lamson II 
James C. Main 
L. Wardlaw Miles 
Richard P. Morse 
J. Cornelius Quinn, Jr. 
John H. Read, Jr. 
John A. Schabacker 
James R. Sylvester 
Nathan N. Withington 

Class of 1959 

Class Agent: William J. Donnelly 
Amount Raised: $4,475.00 
Participation: 33.33% 
Courtney F. Bird, Jr. 
Edward S. Bliss, Jr. 
James G. Brooks, Jr. 
John B. Chase 
James S. Foley 
Mirick Friend 
C. Randolph Light 
Howard D. Medwed 
Roy C. Nash 
Richard C. Pratt 
Peter M. Sherin 
Everit B. Terhune III 
William B. Whiting 
Nathan D. Woodberry 

Class of 1960 

Class Agent: Carl M. Youngman 
Amount Raised: $9,850.00 
Participation: 29.79% 
Robert H. Adams 
Donald G. Alexander 
H. Paul Buckingham III 
James C. Deveney, Jr. 
John C. Elwell 
Malcolm E. Flint 
Richard L. Henry 
Thomas P. Jones III 
Willard R. Nalchajian 
Geoffrey H. Nichols 
S. Robert Rimer 
Lawrence E. Ross 
John L. Slater 
William F. Tuxbury, Jr. 
Carl M. Youngman 

Class of 1961 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $11,727.75 
Participation: 26.19% 
John T. Brickson 
John J. Canepa, Jr. 
John M. Carroll 
David W. Graff 
James F. Hunt, Jr. 
Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. 
Geoffrey H. Robinson 

Chris Beebe '55 

Henry Eaton 10, ¥03, '08 

Dear Alumni, Parents and Past Parents: 

As another academic year commands our attention and, 
yes, another annual fund cycle begins, we don't want to 
forget to celebrate the great accomplishment of the 
2007-2008 Governor's Academy Annual Fund. Thanks to 
your generosity, we surpassed our annual goal of $1.7 
million! This milestone is that much more impressive in 
light of the current challenging economy. Your dona- 
tions reflect clearly that not only in good times but, 
more importantly, when times are tough does The 
Governor's Academy community answer the call to sup- 
port our beloved school. 

As you know, the Annual Fund supports financial aid for 
worthy students, faculty compensation, and facilities. In 
fact, all students benefit financially since even full 
tuition covers only 75% of the costs of an Academy edu- 
cation. In other words, all our students receive a "silent 
scholarship" that many people do not recognize. Thus, 
the Annual Fund benefits every student on campus. 

While energy costs rise, financial aid requests burgeon, 
and the price tags on everything from equipment to 
information technology soar, not only families but also 
schools are saddled with higher expenses that challenge 
their ability to offer all the advantages they are commit- 
ted to provide. That is why we appreciate in advance 
your continued and increased support as we undertake 
an ambitious goal of $1.8 million for the 2008-2009 
Annual Fund. 

We are confident that with the commitment to The 
Governor's Academy that we all share, our goals will 
once again be met ... and exceeded. 

Best wishes, 


Chris Beebe '55 

Co-Chair, Development Committee 

Board of Trustees 

Henry Eaton '70, P'03, '08 
Co-Chair, Development Committee 
Board of Trustees 







J. Stephen Sawyer 
Richard W. Snowdon III 
David D. Stringer 
Samuel W. Wakeman 

Class of 1962 

Class Agent: Peter T. Butler 

Thomas S. Tobey 
Amount Raised: $17,650.00 
Participation: 36.54% 
Raymond A. Bird 
Nils P. Bjork 
Peter J. Buck 
Peter T. Butler 
Darrell H. Hamric, Jr. 
Stanton T. Healy 
Charles A. Higgins 
Cyrus W. Hoover 
Benjamin J. Jameson 
Robert A. James, Jr. 
Mark R. Johnson 
Stephen G. Kasnet 
Timothy W. McNally 
William S. McPhee 
George A. Randall 
Slater Smith 
Colin A. Studds 
Thomas S. Tobey 
Anthony D. Whittemore 

Class of 1963 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $3,250.00 
Participation: 13.95% 
Peter B. Coburn 
David R. Dent 
Frank B. Gummey III 
Robert P. Ingalls 
G. Calvin Mackenzie 
Jonathan S. Shafmaster 

Class of 1964 

Class Agent: John S. Mercer 
Amount Raised: $8,137.53 
Participation: 25.49% 
Donald S. Balser 
Jay Cooke III 
Robert S. Farnum 
Howard W. Foss 
Paul S. Freedberg 
Larry Henchey, Jr. 
J. Davidson Moss 
John F. O'Dea 
A. Rocke Robertson 
Andrew J.E. Rose 
Peter C. Thomas 
Richard A. Tuxbury 
Robert L. Wise 

Class of 1965 

Class Agent: Jeffrey H. Kane 
Amount Raised: $2,915.00 
Participation: 19.37% 
A. John Gregg 
Kenneth A. Linberg 
John M. Mackenzie 
J. Scott Magrane, Jr. 
William E. Major 
James C. McGuire 
Stephen M. Rolfe 
Peter B. Sargent 
David B. Sullivan 

Class of 1966 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $4,610.00 
Participation: 36.07% 
Manly E. Applegate 
Sideris D. Baer 

Samuel G. Billings 
Robert C. Burnham 
James T. Connolly 
Malcolm P. Gourlie 
David H. Hartz 
Peter C. Hicks 
James H. Keeler III 
Timothy R. Keeney 
J. Andrew Leonard II 
Laurence W. Lougee, Jr. 
Peter L. Navins 
David B. Richards 
Bradford H. Silsby 
David W. Stonebraker 
John L. Trickey 
Robert H. Vaughan 
Jeffrey C. Weber 
John G. Wellman, Jr. 
John A. Whitmore 
Dana W. Woodward, Jr. 

Class of 1967 

Class Agents: H. Reid Pugh II 
Amount Raised: $100,122.00 
Participation: 90.16% 
Keith L. Adolph 
William L. Alfond 
R. Macdonald Barnes, Jr. 
Robert M. Bass 
Bennett H. Beach 
Sidney M. Bird IV 
Roger T. Block 
Russell S. Bolles 
Richard D. Boucher 
Richard M. Brayton 
Winston S. Burt 
John W. Butler 
Remington A. Clark III 
Donald H. Congdon 
Phillip S. Congdon 
Andrew F. Creed 
Douglas J. Curtis 
Charles A. Davis 
Theodore H. Dix 
Morgan 0. Doolittle III 
William A. Dougherty III 
Carter S. Evans 
Philip T. Finn 
Harper Follansbee, Jr. 
Jeffrey P. Forte 
Donald F. Gay, Jr. 
Anthony R. Gerard 
Stanley F. Greenberg 
William M. Haggerty 
Jeffrey R. Harris 
Paul A. Hemmerich 
Ray J. Huard 
Richard A. Jensen 
Anne-Marie Laverty 
Kevin R. Leary 
Ross W. Magrane 
David R. Marsh 
Robert E. Marsh 
Michael V. Miles 
Daniel M. Morgan 
Charles M. Murphy, Jr. 
James C. Nevius 
Andrew G. Nichols 
Wayne M. Noel 
Arthur W. Pearce 
Ralph H. Perkins 
Wilfred C. Poon 
H. Reid Pugh II 
Gene D. Romero 
Alan F. Rothfeld 
Lewis Rumford III 
F. Jay Ryder III 
Joseph Schwarzer 
Gardner P. Sisk 
Joseph Story II 

George H. Swift III 
Thomas G. Taylor 
W. Ward Westhafer 

Class of 1968 

Class Agents: Carl F. Spang, Jr. 
MarcK. Tucker 
Arthur H. Veasey, III 

Amount Raised: $18,730.00 

Participation: 58.73% 

Wayne A. Barbaro 

Peter M. Barkin 

Carl A. Berntsen III 

William H. Black 

James F. Brooks 

Howard W. Burns, Jr. 

Steven B. Cox 

William M. Degen 

John W. Emerson 

Paul A. Gares 

Brian M. Griffin 

Donald R. Hayes, Jr. 

R. Thomas Jacobs 

Charles B. Johnson, Jr. 

Harry J. Kangis 

Harold G. Levine 

Evan S. Leviss 

Robert M. Lord 

David S. Mitchell 

Stephen M. Murphy 

Fred J. Nahil, Jr. 

Elliott H. O'Reilly 

D. Christopher Page 
Robert W. Parsons 
Steven E. Pollak 

E. Stephen Robinson 
James L. Rudolph 
Richard Schiess 

J. Hale Smith 
Nathaniel T. Smith 
John W. Sowles 
Carl F. Spang, Jr. 
C. Wilson Sullivan 
Marc K. Tucker 
Marcus M. Urann III 
Arthur H. Veasey III 
John W. Wannop, Jr. 
Joseph W. Worthen II 

Class of 1969 

Class Agent: Peter K. Dorsey 
Amount Raised: $39,145.00 
Participation: 38.33% 
Robert H. Amsler 
Christopher C. Barker 
James C. Bayley 
William S. Clyde 
Johnston P. Connelly II 
Peter K. Dorsey 
Wilson C. Durham 
Nathan Follansbee 
David W. Francis 
Jeffrey L. Gordon 
Edmund C. Lattime 
Frederick J. Lyle 
Garrett R. Martin 
Joshua L. Miner IV 
John A. O'Leary 
John L. Pates 
Brian Pfeiffer 
C. Thomas Tenney, Jr. 
Henry L. Terrie III 
Michael H. Terry, Jr. 
Richard G. Whitten 
Jonathan P. Williams 
Steven P. Worthen 

Class of 1970 

Class Agent: Henry B. Eaton 

Amount Raised: $9,500.00 
Participation: 19.12% 
Wendell W. Brown 
Henry B. Eaton 
Chandler R. Gilman 
Robert L. Jaffe 
Nicholas P. Meyer 
Thomas B. Nast 
Benjamin T. Smith 
Frederick R. Statler 
John A. Stichnoth, Jr. 
Guy A. Swenson III 
Willliam B. Tobey 
Thomas C. Turner 
J. Randall Whitney III 

Class of 1971 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $13,530.00 
Participation: 28.57% 
Peter G. Alfond 
Edgar S. Catlin III 
Scott L. Collins 
Russell F. Ethridge 
James S. Fleming 
Richard Guenther 
Michael E. Hoover 
Michael W. Kaplan 
David Lampert 
Arthur J. Moher II 
Michael K. Mulligan 
Eric H. Nietsch 
Theodore H. Northrup 
Albert P. Pettoruto 
Thomas C. Quinn II 
Peter L. Richardson 
Jonathan Roof 
Scott H. Seaver 
William P. Shack 
David H. Shove 

Class of 1972 

Class Agent: James I. Tikellis II 
Amount Raised: $43,000. 78 
Participation: 25.97% 
Richard J. Bates 
Robert R. Bryan 
Paul J. Commito 
William S. Connolly 
Peter R. Conway 
Judson B. Crook 
Geoffrey A. Durham 
Willliam D. Duryea III 
Peter W. Franklin 
Frank A. Holmes 
Andrew D. Lappin 
Robert E. Martin 
Robert M. Murphy 
Benjamin Pearson 
James M. Pierce 
Sarah Ewell Smith 
William R. Struby 
Christian Swenson 
James I. Tikellis II 
James H. Whitmore 

Class of 1973 

Class Agent: G. Douglas Pope 
Amount Raised: $30,615.98 
Participation: 22.62% 
Roberto Arguello 
William C. Arthur III 
Thomas R. Bell 
John C. Blake 
Sheldon L. Chase 
Ian B. Chisholm 
Larry A. Coles 
Timothy T. Crane 
Mark N. Hoffman 
Charles C. Holleman 

Donald W. King III 
Kevin J. McKenna 
William F. O'Leary 
Robert E. Phillips 
G. Douglas Pope 
Carol R. Salloway 
Bruce W. Sheldon 
Philip C. Smith 
George W. Williams II 

Class of 1974 

Class Agent: E. Scott Williams 
Amount Raised: $7,420.00 
Participation: 13.10% 
Peter Arnold, Jr. 
Colin P. Cross 
Steven S. Epstein 
Mark L. Hughes 
Steven G. Shapiro 
Andi Lipsky Shaw 
Pamela McElroy Toner 
P. Woodbridge Wallace 
E. Scott Williams 
Steven M. Winer 
Lawrence B. Woolson, Jr. 

Class of 1975 

Class Agent: Spencer I. Purinton 
Amount Raised: $1,950.00 
Participation: 9.21% 
Craig L. Clark 
John Harrington 
Louise S. Johnson 
Barry H. Miller 
Richard H. Neyman 
Spencer L. Purinton 
Peter F. Richardson 

Class of 1976 

Class Agent: Perry M. Smith 
Amount Raised: $15,590.00 
Participation: 13.64% 
Thomas P. Balf 
John J.R. Cavendish 
Nina McElroy 
R. Neal McElroy 
Brian H. Noyes 
Gordon Eric O'Brien 
J. Jeffcott Ogden 
Perry M. Smith 
William C. Woods 

Class of 1977 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $7,100.00 
Participation: 15.66% 
Benjamin S. Collins 
Huw R. Jones 
C. Eric Laub 
Perry H. Long III 
John T. Lu 
Carolyn Lyons Nissi 
David 0. Phippen 
Stephen H. Pingree 
Christopher L. Poole 
George Richards III 
Andrew J. Sterge 
Mark Vorreuter 
Frank P. White, Jr. 

Class of 1978 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $4,050.00 
Participation: 14.29% 
Ken Bloom 
William F. Drislane 


David R. Drukker 
James C. Goodhart 
William C. Jerome III 
Tomas G. Mathews 
Douglas J. Minster 
Richard P. Neville 
Andrew W. Robinson 
Andrew W. Stephenson 
Kurt Voedisch 

Class of 1979 

Class Agent: James J. Ronan 
Amount Raised: $9,870.00 
Participation: 21.54% 
Wendy Bixby Cowie 
Troy A. Dagres 
Elizabeth A. Farley 
Martha Blake Ficke 
Randy Tye O'Brien 
John S. Perlowski, Jr. 
James J. Ronan 
Henry M. Rosen 
Kathleen Leary Ryan 
Anne Chisholm Sandt 
Hal F. Sizer 
Steven L. Sterman 
Richard Theriault 
Michael C. Weldon 

Class of 1980 

Class Agent: Joseph J. Benson 
Amount Raised: $4,275.00 
Participation: 23.44% 
Charles B. Atkinson 
R. Jeffrey Bailly 
William M. Bartlett 
Joseph J. Benson 
William H. Brine III 
Virginia A. Bushell 
Kevin W. Callahan 
Erica Baum Goode 
Frederick H. Long 
Steven M. Moheban 
Carl A. Schwartz 
Christopher H.A. Stafford 
Matthew D. Tomlinson 
Stephen G. Wall 
Pamela Kurtz Welch 

Class of 1981 

Class Agent: Michael M. Reilly 

Amount Raised: $8,020.00 

Participation: 14.10% 

Karla A. Austen 

James G. Bostwick 

John S. Cole 

David W. Critics 

Daniel C. Cross 

Lisa Louden 

Michael A. Menyhart 

Michael M. Reilly 

Peter N. Starosta 

Benay Lazo Todzo 

E. Dabney Friend Tonelli 

Class of 1982 

Class Agents: M. Scott Maguire 

Christopher F. Swenson 
Amount Raised: $7,225.00 
Participation: 15.38% 
Mark S. Allen 
Richard D. Brown 
Claire Dober Danaher 
John F. Leary III 
M. Scott Maguire 
John B.A. Nye 
Ann K. Rooney 
Kristen P. Saunders 
Christopher F. Swenson 
Sloan A. Tyler 
Jonathan P. Wade 
Nancy Lord Wickwire 

Class of 1983 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $33,694.00 
Participation: 14.67% 
James H. Aimone III 
David S. Dow 
Michael J. George 
Aaron L. Halpern 
Frederick J. Hare 
David S. Hoffman 
C. Herrick Morse 
Karen Gronberg Schulte 

Richard E. Stram 
Bruce C. Turner 
Lori A. Whitney 

Class of 1984 

Class Agent: Brett Engel 
Amount Raised: $1,650.00 
Participation: 6.94% 
Kimberlee Grillo Burgess 
Michael D. DiModica 
Brett Engel 

Elizabeth Tuthill Farrell 
Hugh R. Friedman 
Michael P. Leary 

Class of 1985 

Class Agents: Anthony P. Fusco 
Peter Quimby 
Sean Mahoney 

Amount Raised: $8,125.00 

Participation: 17.33% 


Nathalie Ames 

Benjamin C. Armstrong 

Samuel T. Blatchford 

Steven M. Bornstein 

Anthony P. Fusco 

Dennis P. Gately 

Courtney Church Goldthwait 

Jessica A. Gould 

Paula Goldberg Madoff 

Sean Mahoney 

Meredith Lazo McPherron 

Peter H. Quimby 

Jeffrey P. Taft 

Class of 1986 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $1,805.00 
Participation: 10.96% 
Jennifer Glesmann Arthur 
John B. Bailly 
K. Cressler Heasley, Jr. 
Mosa P. Kaleel 
Eric S. Krukonis 
George J. McCarthy 
Robert H. Studley, Jr. 
Anne Pollock Waldron 

J fl 

Class of 1987 

Class of 1989 

Class Agents: Robert C. DeLena 

Class Agents: : John E. Hellerman 

Lucy Armstrong Henkes 

Alexander G. Moody 

Amount Raised: $5,305.00 

Amount Raised: $2,200.00 

Participation: 26.58% 

Participation: 12.50% 

Jeffrey L. Ashworth 

Amy Russell Bonnerot 

Peter G. Barton 

Lindsey L. Curley 

Anita Russo Bartschat 

Herrick S. Fox 

John A. Blau 

John E. Hellerman 

David A. Bonenko 

Kevin J. Lydon 

A. Kipchoge Brown 

Jason M. McLoy 

Lisa A. Carrigg 

Alexander G. Moody 

Todd E. Crabtree 

Thomas R. Plante, Jr. 

Robert C. DeLena 

Victoria Hill Resnick 

P. Cris Dobrosielski 

John S. Wilson 

Amy Mack Forsthoffer 

Jennifer A. Griffin 

Class of 1990 

Jahnna Boutin Henderson 

Class Agents: Margo Doyle Dhaliwal 

Lucy Armstrong Henkes 

Brian W. Rodgers 

Anne Taylor Kindblom 

Michael S. Yeagley 

Amy Goldstein Northup 

Amount Raised: $2,325.00 

Kristen LaBrie Poulin 

Participation: 12.68% 

John D. Roach 

Margo Doyle Dhaliwal 

Andrew K. Rockwell 

Kate S. Fyrberg 

Ann Blair Silvers 

David M. Johnson 

Sharad Uttam 

Kevin D. O'Handley 

Robin A. Remick 

Class of 1988 

Brian W. Rodgers 

Class Agent: Christian D'Orio 

Amy P. Shafmaster 

Kara Moheban McLoy 

Lori I. Weener 

Amount Raised: $31,720.00 

Michael S. Yeagley 

Participation: 14.89% 

Wayne M. Belleau 

Class of 1991 

Erika Sayewich Buell 

Seeking New Class Agents 

Jordan J. Burgess, Jr. 

Amount Raised: $6,989,821 

Christian D'Orio 

Participation: 8.97% 

Kristina von Trapp Frame 

Stephen J. Aron 

David J. Hanlon 

Catherine D. Burgess 

Damon K. Kinzie 

Michael S. Burke 

Kara Moheban McLoy 

Anthony J. Cohen 

Daniel L. Morison 

Toby Levine Kumin 

Andrew B. Noel III 

Scott D. McLeod 

Todd M. O'Brien 

Brian J. Novelline 

Carrie Walton Penner 

Jenny 0. Reynolds 

Charity Lombardi Simard 

David A. Walor 




Class of 1993 

Class Agent: Jennifer L. Saunders 
Amount Raised: $425.00 
Participation: 6.49% 
Jonathan E. Karon 
Robert K. Kealler 
Shawn T. Markey 
Coral Keith Rabey 
John H. Shea 

Class of 199 '4 

Class Agents: John Markos 
Amount Raised: $945.00 
Participation: 11.90% 
James S. Cavanaugh 
Michelle L. Dumas 
Brendan M. Forrest 
Melissa V. King 
John M. Markos 
Timothy C. O'Keefe 
Nicole Whelan Pavao 
Catherine R. Perry 
Justin E. Rivera 
Rahul K. Sivaprasad 

Class of 1995 

Class Agents: Stephen A. Kasnet 
Gretchen E. Scharfe 
Eric J. Whittier 

Amount Raised: $3,000.00 

Participation: 9.46% 

Sung-Jin An 

Robert S. Faulkner, Jr. 

Stephen A. Kasnet 

Ashley Russell Krasinski 

Martha H. Mercer 

Gretchen E. Scharfe 

Eric J. Whittier 

Class of 1996 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $4,320.00 
Participation: 15.58% 
Lauren E. Carroll 
Daniel A. DiPietro 
Jason G. Greenberg 
Jeffrey R. LaBelle 
Raymond M. Long 
Katherine D. Meyer 
Lea B. Miner 
Katie Lyons Nugent 
Jason W. Rivera 
Brian Rybicki 
Aaron M. Sells 
Michael T. Silverio 

Class of 1997 

Class Agent: David H. Fyrberg 
Amount Raised: $561.59 
Participation: 8.33% 
Mayo Morgan Amos 
Kevin P. Bromby 
Christian J. Derderian 
Meta Mason Foster 
David H. Fyrberg 
Nicole Suggs Plante 

Class of 1998 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $1,050.00 
Participation: 11.63% 

Myla Withington Bleier 
Elinor Bill Brown 
Gregory D. Carroll 
Alicia K. Flynn 
Emily Novis Greeper 
Melissa M. Green 
Adelle C. Lilly 
Joshua L. Miner 
Even M. Trent 

Class of 1999 

Class Agent: Jessica Zaplin Karlin 

Sarah B. Willeman 
Amount Raised: $1,150.00 
Participation: 7.35% 
Jessica Zaplin Karlin 
Megan A. McShane 
Rebecca L. Messinger 
Joann C. Nguyen 
Sarah B. Willeman 

Class of 2000 

Class Agent: Jason M. Salony 
Amount Raised: $660.00 
Participation: 11.63% 
Diana K. Burnell 
Catherine E. Correia 
Emily R. Dana 
Lindsay R. Gobin 
Daria C. Grayer 
Marc R. McDonnell 
Jason M. Salony 
Kirsten W. Scharfe 
Eve R. Seamans 
Elizabeth D. Turnbull 

Class of 2001 

Class Agent: Matthew R. lee 

Shaena A. Tucker 
Amount Raised: $1,815.44 
Participation: 35.71% 
Kristina L. Benson 
Lauren J. Bonaventura 
Bernard J. Christopher 
Courtney Craft 
Christopher G. DeLisle 
Elizabeth Depratto 
Derek S. Falvey 
Jordan Harband 
Kimberly F. Jones 
Jessie L. Kendrick 
Matthew R. Lee 
Daniel G. Lee 
Margaret H. Lloyd 
Richard M. Lufkin 
Laurence A. Lyons TV 
Ashlee M. Nantoski 
Samuel C. Porter 
Jessica Ross 
Megan E. Rothwell 
Joseph S. Shedosky 
John C. Shuster 
Matthew Tomasetta 
Shaena A. Tucker 
Catherine P. Whitney 
Michael Zbriger 

Class of 2002 

Class Agent: Leonard S. Ceglarski III 
Paul R. Morgan 
Michael G. Woods 

Amount Raised: $1,045.00 

Participation: 12.36% 

Katherine L. Almy 

Lucinda Boyce 

Francesca E. DeMeo 

Rachelle E. Dennis 

Lauren R. Marsh 

Paul R. Morgan 

James M. Morrissey 

Aaron M. Parola 

Andrew M. Storm 

Brandon V. Temple 
David W. White 

Class of 2003 

Class Agent: Brooke Eaton 
Amount Raised: $1,235.00 
Participation: 14.85% 
Brandon A. Bates 
Emily E. Block 
Marc I. Borden 
Lindsey Clunie 
Brooke M. Eaton 
Laura E. Ellison 
Shannon L. Falvey 
Katherine C. Harris 
Kaitlin M. Lang 
Alana E. Mercer 
Meghan D. O'Malley 
Michael D. O'Neill 
Jacqueline Ross 
Kelsey I. Shannahan 
Mathew M. Steir 

Class of 2004 

Class Agent: Patrick R. Dempsey 
JacguelineM. Ward 
Kerri O'Neill 

Amount Raised: $340.00 

Participation: 10.00% 

Patrick R. Dempsey 

Andrew d. Doggett 

Katie A. Glynn 

Lauren E. Goglia 

Thomas M. Hyndman IV 

Michelle A. Kinzie 

Jessica R. Long 

Melissa M. McDonnell 

Moira A. Talbot 

Jacqueline M. Ward 

Class of 2005 

Class Agent: Amy Miller 

Julie O'Shaughnessy 
Robert Rudolph 



Amount Raised: $522.00 
Participation: 9.00% 
Victoria B. Allen 
Nicholas H. Almy 
Christopher J. Genovese 
Brendan C. Giblin 
Meaghan A. Owen 
Emilie R. Pickering 
Robert P. Rudolph 
Barrie M. Stavis 
David J. Ward 

Class of 2006 

Class Agent: Elizabeth Guyton 
Andrew Sillari 
Elizabeth Tan 

Amount Raised: $620.00 

Participation: 14.12% 

Cameron Archibald 

Erin C. Connors 

Alexandra S. Cotreau 

Zachary A. Cotreau 

Francis J. Donovan 

Elizabeth C. Guyton 

Meghan Hartnett 

Cameron E. Keith 

Julia E. Mclnnis 

Kristen A. Moores 

Molly K. Owen 

Andrew T. Sillari 

Class of 2007 

Class Agents: Ana S. Alemeyda-Cohen 
Taylor A. Cook 
Lauren E. Guidi 
Angela Scippa 

Amount Raised: $932.63 

Participation: 15.18% 

Ana S. Almeyda-Cohen 

Katherine C. Chandler 

Peter W. Collins 

Taylor A. Cook 

Brian A. Day 

Daniel H. Doggett 

Frederick W. Durkin 

Travis N. Ferland 

Jenna A. Glendye 

Lauren E. Guidi 

Alexandra J. McLain 

Kristen L. Miller 

Alexandra L. Moran 

Rachel A. Stavis 

Laura K. Sullivan 

Joshua M. Weiner 

Yeonju Woo 

Class of 2008 

Class Agents: George M. Dorsey 

Emily Durgin 
Amount Raised: $1,015.44 
Participation: 53.92% 
Sean T. Andrews 
Hunter D. Archibald 
Zachary W. Burke 
John C. Carlson 
Anne L. dayman 
Liana D. Conway 
Caroline J. Cushman 
Courtney N. Dampolo 
Lindsey B. Davitt 
John E. Diamond 
Charlotte R. DiMaggio 
Colin J. Doggett 
David E. Doggett 
George M. Dorsey 
Thomas H. Durkin 
Perry J. Eaton 
Nicholas J. Foley 
Caroline B. Gilbert 

Meghan E. Griesbach 
Timothy W. Gwynne 
James B. Haran 
Michael D. Hill 
Thomas K. Hines 
Alison B. Hoffman 
Margaret E. Hughes 
Tara A. Karin 
Lindsey W. Keith 
Caitlin C. Kelliher 
Michael J. Kenny, Jr. 
Jeanette M. Kincaid 
Toshiyuki Kishida 
Matthew S. Krzywicki 
Thomas F. Lampert 
Max C. LeSaffre 
Mintra Maneepairoj 
Patrick J. Morrisey 
Jeffrey K. Muscatello 
Vanessa I. Norkus 
Scott G. Paskerian 
Kelly J. Pope 
Sam B. Richards 
David E. Rodriguez 
Aleks B. Siegel 
Andrew H. Somerville 
Kyung Min Song 
Decia V. Splaine 
Siqi Sun 

Jennifer L. Tomich 
Michael A. Voto 
Tylor Wailes 
Leslie K. Ward 
Elizabeth A. Warren 
Christian R. Watson, Jr. 
Spensor L. Wolfe 
Ryan Yoffe 

Current Parents 

Current Parents annually play a significant 
role in contributing to the Annual Fund. For 

2007 - 2008, Tom and Sue Durkin P'08'09 
and Brian and Kathy Hines P'08'09 TR chaired 
the Current Parents' Fund. 

2008 Parents 

Captains: Kate Barrand 

Jeff and Carmen Pope 

Jim Krzywicki & Deb Scannell 
Solicitors: Guy and Maria Andrews 

Bill Burke 

Pam Brislin 

Marty and Paula Fisch 

Michael and Kathy Durgin 

Robert and Pauline Haran 

Roger and 
Joanne Muther-Jones 

Mark Muscatello 

Bruce and Pattiann Ocko 

Bruce and Sharon Riedell 

Dan Shakespeare 

Kathy Siegel 

Phil '73 and Winnie Smith 

Kurt Somerville 

David and Janet Splaine 

Marcia Strouss 

Laura Wolfe 
Amount Raised: $170,352.00 
Participation: 78% 
Janet Adams- Wall 
Guy and Maria Andrews 
David and Marilyn Archibald 
Michael and Laura Arrigo 
Jeff '80 and Maggie Bailly 
Stephen and Katherine Barrand 
David and Danielle Berthiaume 
Mark and Pamela Brislin 

David and Kathleen Bryson 

William and Cynthia Burke 

Larry and Sally Carlson 

Jae Kook Chun and Do Kyeong Jeong 

James '66 and Graciela Connolly 

David and Clair Cushman 

Conrad and Elizabeth Dampolo 

Ronald Davitt and Doreen McClaire-Davitt 

Dominic and Sally DiMaggio 

Lee and Patricia Dodier 

Marty and Patty Doggett 

Peter '69 and Susan Dorsey 

Thomas and Susan Durkin 

Henry 70 and Cathy Eaton, TR 

Martin and Paula Fisch 

Michael and Laura Foley 

Jeffrey and Penelope Gilbert 

Richard and Diane Griesbach 

Jeffrey and Diane Gwynne 

Robert and Pauline Haran 

James and Jayne Hill 

Brian and Kathy Hines, TR 

Michael and Marie Hoffman 

Roger Jones and Joanne Muther-Jones 

John and Barbara Kotzen 

David Lampert 71 and Toril Forland 

John and Terese Menard 

Joyce Murray- Allen 

Mark Muscatello 

Michael and Andrea Norkus 

David and Diane Oxton 

Gregory and Sue Paskerian 

Jim 72 and Polly Pierce, TR 

Jeffrey and Carmen Pope 

Tim 77 and Leigh Richards 

Keith and Sharon Riedell 

Ernesto Rodriguez and Ligia Quinonez 

Joseph and Yvette Shakespeare 

Dong Won Shin and Seon Young Min 

Jay and Kathleen Siegel 

Philip 73 and Winifred Smith 

Kurt Somerville 

Jung Haon Song and Hyun Hee Lee 

John Soursourian and Judith Klein 

David and Janet Splaine 

Ann Stevens 

David Strouss 

Marcia Strouss and Brian Bernier 

Charles and Tracy Sweetman 

Robert and Christine Terry 

John and Susan Tomich 

Robert and Karen Voto 

Jay and Lynn Wailes 

Peter Warren 

Jeffrey and Marion Webster 

Dawn Whiston 

John and Laura Wolfe 

Michael Wong and Anning Ye 

2009 Parents 

Captains: Frank and Penny Cieri 
Tony and Stacey DiCroce 
Tom and Jane Riley 
Solicitors: Joanne Brine 

Caroline Collins 

Joe Correnti 

Rob and Nancy DeMartini 

Sandy Dunstan 

Jan Fitzpatrick 

Mollie Hoopes 

Michael and Valerie King 

Erika Leone 

Colleen O'Neal 

Robyn Stavis 

Marc White and 

Stephanie Andrews 
Amount Raised: $223,974.08 
Participation: 78% 
Paul ard Ann Bergman 

Margarita Blanter and Alex Alexeyanko 

Robert and Cindy Brierley 

William '80 and Joanne Brine 

Brian and Diane Cahill 

Maurice and Lisa Caruso 

Thomas Canty and Jane Mosher-Canty 

Maurice and Lisa Caruso 

Hyung Suck Chai and Mi Kyung Hong 

Frank and Penelope Cieri 

Peter and Caroline Collins 

Joseph and Teresa Correnti 

Dale and Laura Cronin 

Robert and Nancy DeMartini 

Anthony and Stacey DiCroce 

Louis and Cathleen DiFronzo 

Steve and Kathleen DiNisco 

Jonathan and Missy Doyle, TR 

Andrew and Brenda Duff 

Steven and Sandra Dunstan 

Thomas and Susan Durkin 

John and Jean Dwyer 

John and Jan Fitzpatrick 

Joseph and Gay Gardner 

Nancy Getz 

Harold and Kathryn Hansen 

Robert and Pauline Haran 

Andrew and Robin Harper 

Denald Hienkle-McCarthy 

Brian and Kathy Hines, TR 

Thomas and Mollie Hoopes 

Stanley and Laurie Jacobs 

Bryce and Tari Johnson 

Yukio and Midori Kaneko 

William and Lori Kavanagh 

Hong Seop Kim and Yun-Jeong Lee 

Michael and Valerie King 

Hongjoo and Hwallan Lee 

Joseph and Erika Leone 

Paul and Joanne Lindmark 

Judson and Christine Ludeking 

David and Donna McGrath 

Rod and Roberta McLain 

John and Terese Menard 

Thomas and Catherine Metcalf 

Keith and Mary Ellen Moores 

Colleen O'Neal 

William and Lisa Press 

James and Ann Quinlan 

Edward and Marianne Riley 

Thomas and Jane Riley 

Steven 74 and Eileen Shapiro, TR 

John and Dorothy Smith 

Norman and Robyn Stavis 

Andrew and Anne Stevens 

Thomas and Diana Sullivan 

Stephen Swensrud 

Jo-Ann Triplett 

Harry Vlachos 

Jeffrey and Marion Webster 

Marc White and Stephanie Andrews 

2010 Parents 

Captains: Joseph and Darcy Cardarelli 
William and Ann DiFrancisco 
Brian and Paula Jerome 

Solicitors: Mark and Kerri Bouzianis 

Mitchell Hardy and Susan Bailey 

Steven and Sara Harrold 

Roland Henneberger 

Paul McKeon 

Joe and Jillian Migliore 

John and Sandy Morrissey 

Jim and Kristen Mullin 

John Pope 

Sarah Sherwood 

Pip and Olivia Winslow 

Amount Raised: $202,576.60 

Participation: 74% 

James and Debra Adinolfo 

■ ■ 

Robert and Karen Barnett 
William and Nina Binnie 
John 73 and Harriet Blake 
Mark and Kerri Bouzianis 
Gregory Brown and Audrey DePatto- 

Joseph and Darcy Carderelli 
Dong Suck Chai and Jung Eun Lee 
Robert and Ruth Clark 
Christopher and Lisa Collins, TR 
Mark and Joanna Connors 
Andrew and Dyane Cotreau 
Troy 79 and Stephanie Dagres 
James and Katharine Dickerson 
William and Ann DiFrancesco 
Christen DiLuglio 
Daniel and Corinne Doherty 
Jim and Paula Doherty 
Rich and Katie Goglia 
Robert and Barbara Grant 
Michael and Shannon Hackbart 
Mitchell Hardy and Susan Bailey 
Jeffrey and Laurel Harris 
Steven and Sara Harrold 
Rachel Healey 
Roland Henneberger and Louisa 

Michael and Michelle Howard 
Brian and Paula Jerome 
Yung Oh Kwon and Ji Min Lee 
Timothy and Stacy Lamson 
Peter and Elizabeth Leary 
Jonghyun Lee and Jieun Jun 
Sang Kyung Lee and Won Jung Han 
Ray and Jeanne Lyons 
Seok Lyoo and Hae Kyung Shin 
Elizabeth Maier 
Paul and Wendy McKeon 
Wilhelm Merck 
Richard and Andrea Montoni 
Stephen Morison 
John and Sandy Morrissey 
James and Kristen Mullin 
Stuart and Sharon Orloff 
David 77 and Michelle Phippen 
Christopher and Sheryl Poole 
John and Nancy Pope 
Patricia Porter 

William Quigley and Leslie Cargill 
Robert and Ann Reis 
Robert '60 and Paula Rimer 
Amos and Catherine Rogers 
Peter Sherwood and Sarah Merck 
Cabot and Tracey Smith 
Francis and Lisa Toomey 
Michael Travers and Nancy Braese 
Tung-Chain Tung and Chia-Jung Lin 
Edward and Angela Valarezo 
David and Elizabeth Wadman 
Mitchell and Carolyn Wallman 
Peter and Sally Wells 
John and Corinne Wilkinson 
Roger and Carla Williams 
William and Marty Willis 
Peter and Olivia Winslow 
John and Laura Wolfe 

2011 Parents 

Captains: Tim and Liz Durkin 
Ed and Jill Kutchin 

Solicitors: Keith and Maria Dyer 

Clinton and Kimberly Furnald 

Janet and Mark Gacek 

Dennis and Teresa Jenson 

Ted and Holly Jenkins 

Tari Johnson 

Sue Lang 

Bill Pinakiewicz 

David and Elizabeth Wadman 
Andrew and Karen Willemsen 

Amount Raised: $106, 738. 90 

Participation: 75% 

Nancy Angell 

David and Allison Annand 

Matthew and Hellen Barbara 

Robert and Denise Basow 

April Bodman 

Taylor and Willa Bodman 

Robert and Julie Carpenter 

Chang-Ho Chang and Chieh-Yun Wong 

Paul and Gail Conway 

Timothy and Elizabeth Durkin 

Donato Frattaroli 

Sheldon Frisch and Fern Selesnick-Frisch 

Clint and Kim Furnald 

Mark and Janet Gacek 

Peter Gallipeau 

Michael '83 and Deirdre George 

Jeff and Karen Gold 

John and Debra Gould 

Tamara Grenier 

Bart and Leslie Grenier 

Judy Salerno 

Robert and Nicole Hardy 

Vincent and Jean Helfrich 

Michael and Marie Hoffman 

Richard Huang and Vivian Hsieh 

Edward and Holly Jenkins 

Dennis and Teresa Jenson 

Arthur and Kathy Kelly 

Douglas and Susan Kline 

Edward and Jill Kutchin 

Joseph and Susan Lang 

Chong Suk Lee and Myung Hee Kim 

Randall and Cynthia Lilly 

Woo Sung Lim and Sun Hee Chung 

Michael and Meggan Mackay 

William and Kathy McDonough 

Leo and Karen Melanson 

Elizabeth O'Neil 

Robert Pease and Carol Wingard Pease 

Luis and Natividad Pena Perez 

William and Diane Pinakiewicz 

Bruce and Gailanne Reeh 

Mark and Gaylyn Reilly 

Evan and Suzanne Rochman 

Darryl Ruffen 

Lawrence and Karen Russell 

Henry and Terry Suominen 

Robert and Mary Ward 

Paul and Marianne Weichselbaum 

Andrew and Karen Kuhlthau Willemsen 

Parents of Alumni, 
Grandparents and Friends 

The fundraising efforts of parents of alumni 
were led this year by Stephen and Beverly 
Giblin P'04,'05 and grandparents by John and 
Anne Webster P'78, GP'08,'09, whose generos- 
ity and diligence helped to highlight the 
importance of these gifts to the Annual Fund. 


Ruth Accolla 

Michael and Sue Adams 

Sylvia Alden 

Donald '60 and Ruth Alexander 

Sid and Susan Alexander 

Michael and Linda Allen 

Susan Allen 

Charles and Rita Allitto 

Saro Almeyda and Ana Cohen-Almeyda 

Barbara Almy 

William and Nancy Ames 

David and Georgia Amsler 

Maritsa Andrews 

Olga Andrews 

Philip '55 Angell and Rosalie Mogan 

David and Marilyn Archibald 

Susan Ardiff 

Chris and Liz Armstrong 

Michael and Laura Arrigo 

Jeff '80 and Maggie Bailly 

David and Sandy Bakalar 

David and Mary Balestrieri 

Wayne '68 and Jayne Barbara 

Anne Baumann 

Dennis and Donna Becker 

Paul and Ann Bergman 

Marion Bergman 

Carl Berntsen 

Adrienne Berry-Burton, TR 

Michael and Cheryl Bielinski 

Bill Hoyt Painting 

Nils and Marlies Bjork 

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood C. Blake 

Huntington '56 and Sharon Blatchford 

Laura Blau 

Robert and Sally Bohanon 

Mildred Bonow 

Gary and Cheryl Borden 

Boston Tennis Court Construction Co. 

Anne Boyce and Paul Swift 

Preston and Allison Bradford 

Breuer & Co. 

Leslie and Barbara Brewer 

Benjamin '43 and Anne Brewster 

Robert and Cindy Brierley 

Peter and Bea Britton 

David and Kathleen Bryson 

Philip and Patricia Bucci 

David and Catherine Budd 

Robert and Helen Burns 

Bartley and Katherine Calder 

Joseph and Gertrude Cardarelli 

James and CeAnn Carney 

Kay Carroll 

Edgar '45 and Marilynne Catlin 

Lindsay Cavanagh 

Hugh and Elizabeth Cawley 

Fred and Sandy Cerretti 

Richard and Lisa Chace 

Jane B. Chance 

Craig and Merrill Chapin 

Elizabeth Childs 

John and Ann Chiungos 

Nancy Church 

Susan Clancy 

Phyllis Clark 

Ronald and Judith Clark 

Richard and Kathryn Clunie 

Robert H. Colgate 

Chris and Lisa Collins, TR 

William and Frances Connelly 

Mark and Joanna Connors 

Grace Conway 

Rodney and Terry Cook 

Joan Cook 

Andrew and Dyane Cotreau 

Theodore and Marie Craft 

Michael and Margaret Curran 

Douglas '67 and Linda Curtis 

David and Clair Cushman 

Ruth Davidson 

Ronald Davitt and Doreen McClaire-Davitt 

Roger and Linda Day 

Joel and Mary Decareau 

Gerry and Peggy DeLisle 

Defiance Graphics Corporation 

Robert and Patricia Dempsey 

Archer '49 and Carol des Cognets 

Design Technique 

Frank Dibble 

James Diefenderfer 

Herman and Marilyn Diehl 

Raymond and Elaine Dietz 

Louis and Cathy DiFronzo 

Michael and Barbara DiGuiseppe 

Dominic and Emily DiMaggio 

Richard and Eleanor Dober 

Helen E. Dobrosielski 

Annabelle Doggett 

Marty and Patty Doggett 

James and Paula Doherty 

William and Eleanor Dorsey 

Burton and Susan Dow 

James and Katherine Dow 

Steve and Edith Dubord 

John and Esty Duff 

Wilson '69 and Kathy Durham 

Timothy and Elizabeth Durkin 

Ash Eames 

Henry 70 and Cathy Eaton, TR 

John and Jane Ellis 

John '60 and Carol Elwell 

Robert and Martha Emmert 

Peter and Candace Erickson 

Pamela Evans 

Bonnie Fabrizio 

Stephen and Candace Falvey 

Frank and Dare Farrington 

Lynda Fitzgerald 

Putnam P. Flint '37 

Donato Frattaroli 

Orrie and Laurel Friedman 

William '55 and Judy Friend 

Harold and Sarah Galpern 

Howard and Naomi Gardner 

Donald and Emily Gay 

Philip Gemmer '48 

Howard and Elizabeth George 

Georgetown Door & Window 

Carolyn Gibbs 

Stephen and Beverly Giblin, TR 

Jeffrey and Penelope Gilbert 

Dorothy D. Gilman 

Frank '57 and Janet Gleason 

Richard and Katherine Goglia 

David '41 and Elizabeth Goodhart 

Robert and Judy Gore 

Robert and Barbara Grant 

Brian '68 and Deborah Griffin 

0. Eric and Anne Gronberg 

Paul and Lauren Gudonis 

Thomas and Karen Guidi 

Janet Gurski 

Douglas and Katherine Guy 

Peter and Barbara Haack 

Denis and Juliette Hamboyan 

Genovieve Hansen 

Martin and Carol Harband 

Richard and Susan Harris 

Diana Harrison 

John D. Hartnett & Son, Inc. 

Hastings Floor Covering Inc. 

Whitney and Tizzy Hatch 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hatch 

Roland Henneberger and Louisa 


David '50 and Brenda Hershey 

Denald Hienkle-McCarthy 

Jeff and Lois Hogan 

Jeanne Holloran 

Kate Houston 

Katherine Howe 

Ray '67 and Paulajeanne Huard 

Hurley Construction & Roofing Co. Inc. 

Charles '51 and Barbara Hussey 

Tom and Mary Hyndman 

Thomas and Laurie Hyndman 

John '50 and Monica Ives 

Benjamin '62 and Ellen Jameson 

Johnson Lumber Company 

Mrs. Charles B. Johnson 

Richard and Edith Johnson 


Susan T. Johnson 

Roger Jones and Joanne Muther-Jones 

Judith Joyce 

E. William '49 and Consuelo Judson 
Kathy Kane 

Plato '47 and Gwenette Kangis 

Betsy Karp 

Stephen '62 and Marie-Louise Kasnet, TR 

Paul and Judith Keaney 

Allen Keith '55 and Winifred Ward 

Richard and Nancy Kelleher, TR 

John and Victoria Kelley 

Jane Kent 

Edward and Carol Anne Khantzian 

Pamela Kirk 

Terrell Koken 

Herbert and Fila Kotzen 

Yung Oh Kwon and Ji Min Lee 

Timothy and Stacy Lamson 

Landscape Planners, Inc. 

Joe and Susan Lang 

Henry and Penny Lapham 

F. Stephen Larned 
Mary-Beth Lathrop 

Donald '35 and Ellen Lawrence 
Hartley C. Laycock, Jr. 
Lance and Cyrille Lazo 
Daniel Leary '55 
Richard N. Leavitt 
Lester and Robyn Lee 
Barbara Levings 
George and Janet Libin 
Marilyn Lilly 
Randal and Cynthia Lilly 
Paul and Joanne Lindmark 
Milman and Lynn Linn 
Tung-Ying and Claudia Lo 
Lombardi Oil Co. 
Charlotte Lombardi 
James and Marguerite Long 
George '39 and Maribel Lord 
Robert and Barbara Lovejoy 
Michael and Patricia Lucy 
Judson and Christine Ludeking 
Robert '40 and Thelma Lyle 
Seok Lyoo and Hae Shin 
Richard and Gerry Mack 
Brad and Sharon Malt 
Thomas W. Manring 
George and Emma Marquis 
Alfred and Claire Martin 

Casper Martin and Linda Woolford 

Bradford Marvin 

Frank and Sheila Mastrangelo 

McConn Communications 

Helen McGuire 

Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis 

Rod and Bert McLain 

Frank and Yvonne Mefferd 

William and Jacqueline Mercer 

Philip and Priscilla Meyers 

Robert and Kristin Miller 

Dolly Miller 

Joshua '69 and Mary Miner 

Phebe Miner 

Anne Minster 

Bijay and Janaki Misra 

William and Jacalyn Mitchell 

LuAnn Mizener 

Mark and Diane Monigle 

Michael Moonves 

David and Robin Moore 

Keith and Mary Ellen Moores 

Timothy and Cindy Moran 

Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan, TR 

Paul '41 and Anne Morgan 

Stephen Morison 

Irving and Ellie Morris 

Donald Morse 

Sherman and Anne-Lise Morss 

Chris and Mary Murch 

Edwin Murphy '37 

Eleanor Murray 

Mark Muscatello 

Barbara Myers 

George L. Needham '56 

James and Susan Nelson 

Carol Neville 

Martinus and Sheila Nickerson 

Northern Business Machines, Inc. 

David and Martha Novis 

Occidental Petroleum Corp. 

David and Pam O'Neill 

Anthony Oreto and Margaret Layden- 

Stuart and Sharon Orloff 
Richard B. Osgood '53 
David and Diane Oxton 

Arthur '45 and Barbara Page 
Donald '45 and Judith Palais 
Florence Pancione 

Ronald and Cynthia Pascucci 

Richard '50 and Lynda Patton 

Richard Paul 

Benjamin '44 and Jean Pearson 

John and Weezie Petrie 

Robert '73 and Sherilyn Phillips 

Shirley Phillips 

Richard '38 and Susanne Phippen 

Sally Pierce 

David '51 and Suzanne Pope 

John and Jinny Pope 

Patricia Porter 

David '52 and Runie Powers 

John and Carmen Pritchard 

Bill Quigley and Leslie Cargill 

Howard Quimby '52 

Jeffrey and Cindy Ravitz 


William '50 and Judy Rex 

Alfred and Linda Reynolds 

George Richards 

S. Robert '60 and Paula Rimer 

Peter and Jane Robart 

Gary and Jill Rogers, TR 

Joan Ross 

Bernard and Jane Rothwell 

Wallace and Carol Rowe 

Jeff Rudman and Susan Fried 

Jim '68 and Susan Rudolph, TR 

John and Roberta Russell 

Richard and Nancy Russell 

Kathleen Ryan 

Safeway Overhead Crane Service, Inc 

Samels Associates 

L. Manlius Sargent 

Candace Sawyer 

Sylvia Schanbacher 

George and Coreen Scharfe, TR 

Hal and Anju Scheintaub 

Roy and Mary Schick 

Mary Helen Schultz 

Robert '40 and Marilyn Schumann 

Alvin and Patty Schwartz 

Arthur and Linda Schwartz 

Richard and Kathleen Searles 

William '71 and Marcy Shack 

Alan Shachman 

Jonathan Shafmaster '63 

Charles Shalvoy 

Andrew and Shirley Shea 

Kenneth and Bernadette Shedosky 

Edwin '40 and Dorothy Sheffield 

Steven and Martha Shuster 

Jay and Kathleen Siegel 

Anthony and Katherine Sillari 

William Silver '46 

Humphrey '42 and Rosalie Simson 

Jeanne Smith 

Russell and Frances Smith 

John Soursourian and Judith Klein 

Joseph and Lorraine Sousa 

Mrs. H. Stephen Spacil 

David and Janet Splaine 

Robert '50 and Rae Squire 

Cathy Marie F. St. Pierre 

Myles and Nancy Standish 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Stavis 

Norman and Robyn Stavis 

Beth Stevens 

William '55 and Ellen Stone 

Sue Adams Interiors 

Stephen and Karen Swensrud 

Brett and Joan Sylvester 

Ete Szuts and Susan Oleszko-Szuts 

Robert '43 and Nancy Tannebring 

Peter Tarr and Gail Nelson 

C. Thomas '39 and Eunice Tenney 

Widgery '43 and Jonnie Thomas 

Timberlane Coach Company, Inc. 

TMS Architects 

Joy Towne 

Cynthia Tracy 

Marc '68 and Sharon Tucker 

George '50 and Benson Tulloch 

David and Susan Turnbull 

Curtis Turner and Dene Ryfun-Turner 

Joseph and Sandra Turner 

Gail Turner 

Mary Twichell 

Uptack Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 

David and Susan Van Ness 

Richard and Heidi Vancisin 

Ernest and Peggy Viera 

Jay and Lynn Wailes 

Louis and Sandra Walor 

S. Robson Walton 

Paul Wann and Bonnie-Jean Wilbur 

Robert and Mary Ward 

Patricia Watts 

John and Anne Webster 

Robert and Dottie Webster 

Hans and Janet Weedon 

Special Gifts 

We gratefully acknowledge these individuals who made restricted gifts for special projects that enable us to enhance all parts of our school including facilities, financial aid support and faculty compensation. 

Mr. William Alfond 

The William Alfond Foundation 

Mrs. Susan Allen 

Ms. Nathalie Ames 

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Andrews 

Mr. and Mrs. David Annand 

Mr. Ralph Archibald 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barbara 

Mr. R. Macdonald Barnes 

Mrs. Kitty Bassett 

Mr. Christopher Beebe 

Mr. and Mrs. James Berluti 

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Blake 

Mrs. Margarita Blanter 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Boal 

Mr. and Mrs. Nabil Boghos 

Mr. Alan Booth 

The Boston Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bragdon 

Mr. and Mrs. William Brine 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cahill 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ceglarski, 

Dr. and Mrs. Sudarshan 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clunie 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Collins 
Ms. Lisa Corbett 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cotreau 
Ms. Carrie Dagres 
Mr. Todd Dagres 
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Dampolo 
Ms. Courtney Dampolo 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Davitt 
Mr. Robert DeLena 
Mr. James Deveney, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Doggett 
Mr. Christian D'Orio 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D'Orio 
Mr. Bradley Dorman 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dorsey 
Mr. and Mrs. William Dorsey 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dubord 
Mr. and Mrs. William Durkin 
Mr. and Mrs. John Dwyer 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eaton 
Essex County Community 

Estate of Bruce McCullough 
Mr. Justin Feingold 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ferland 
The French Foundation 
Ms. Pamela French 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fried 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Furlong 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gargan 
GE Foundation 
Ms. Pamela Gentile 
Ms. Nancy Getz 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gilbert 
Mr. Robert Graff 
Mr. David Graichen 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grant 
Ms. Tamara Grenier 
Mr. Mitchell Hardy and Ms. 

Susan Bailey 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hardy 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Harris 

Ms. Rachel Healey 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hines 

Mr. Lon Homeier 

Mr. Michael Hoover 

Mr. James Houston and Ms. 

Rosalyn Novak-Houston 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Howard 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes 
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Jacobs 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jenkins 
Mr. William Jerome III 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson 
Dr. and Mrs. G. Timothy Johnson 
Mr. Roger Jones and Mrs. Joanne 

Mr. Matthew Kaminaske 
Mr. and Mrs. Yukio Kaneko 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Karin 
Dr. Chong Suk Lee and Mrs. 

Myung Hee Kim 
Mr. Frank Kitchell 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kline 
Mr. John Klotz 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lamson 
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Lavallee 
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lee 
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Lilly 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mclnnis 
Mr. Jack McLeod 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Metcalf 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Migliore 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Montoni 

Mr. Michael Moonves 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morgan 

Mrs. Sarah Morison 

Mr. Michael Nadeau 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Norkus 

Mr. Brian Novelline 

Ms. Colleen O'Neal 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perocchi 

Mrs. Ginny Pescosolido 

Mrs. Linda Pescosolido 

The Penates Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. David Phippen 

Mrs. Jane Piatelli 

Mr. and Mrs. William Pinakiewicz 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Poole 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pope 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Reeh 

Mr. George Richards III 

Dr. and Dr. K. Bruce Riedell 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Riley 

Mr. and Mrs. David Rimmer 

Mr. Brian Rodgers 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rogers 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Russell 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Russell 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Searles 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Siegel 

Mr. and Mrs. William Skaff 

Mr. and Mrs. David Splaine 

Mr. Thomas Sternberg 

Mr. Edward Stitt III 

Mr. David Strouss 

Ms. Marcia Strouss 

Mr. Robert Studley 

Mr. Derek Sullivan 

Mr. Devin Sullivan 

Mr. and Mrs. George Sullivan 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sweetman 

Mr. Andrew Tanton 

Mr. and Mrs. John Tomich 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard True 

Mr. and Mrs. John Tsakirgis 

Mr. Bruce Turner 

Mr. Curtis Turner and Ms. Dene 

Mr. James Walsh 

Mr. Paul Wann and Ms. Bonnie- 
Jean Wilbur 

Mrs. Charles Watts 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weichselbaum 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wells 

Mr. Robert Wenz 

Mr. Marc White and Ms. 
Stephanie Andrews 

Mr. Mark Whiston 

Mr. and Mrs. William Willis 

Mrs. Peter Winslow 

Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe 

Mr. Benjamin Wright 

Mr. Michael Wong and Ms. 
Anning Yee 

Mr. Michael Yeagley 

David and Elayne Weener 

Alan and Deborah Weiner 

Nancy Weinstein 

Josiah '47 and Donna Welch 

Lee W. Wesson 

Dawn Whiston 

Donald and Marie Whiston 

Mark and Eve Whiston TR 

Alexander and Anne White 

Ann White 

Marc and Mary White 

Nita White 

William '59 and Roberta Whiting 

Bea Whitney 

J. Randall '70 and Joan Whitney 

John '44 and Katharine Whitney 

Bradford and Geneva Whitten 

John and Sheila Whittier 

Mary Whittier 

Frank and Maureen Wilkens 

Louise Williams 

William and Marty Willis 

Carol Winkel 

Mark and Dorienne Winters 

Daniel and Susan Wise 

John Witherspoon 

Nathan '58 and June Withington 

Paul '45 and Drusilla Withington 

Marjorie Withington-Watson 

Michael Wong and Anning Ye 

Kenneth Woods 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Woolson 

James and Joyce Zafris 

Zack '57 and Nancy Zuker 

Gifts from Corporations and 

The Governor's Academy is grateful to the cor- 
porations and foundations that have con- 
tributed generously to the Academy through 

direct gifts and matching gift programs. The 
Academy also thanks the alumni/ae and par- 
ents who have made the extra effort to obtain 
funding for the school. 

Abbott and Dorothy Stevens Foundation 

Joshua L Miner IV '69, P'96'98 

The Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Ete and Susan Oleszko Szuts P'96 

AIG International 

Kristina Frame '88 
Michael Silverio '96 

Arbella Charitable Foundation 

John Perlowski '79 

Bank of America Foundation 

R. Neal and Nina McElroy '76 

Bank of New York Company 

David Pierre and Nancy Angell P'll 

Boeing Company 

John J. Mozzicato '49 
Gerald G. Vaughan '54 

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation 

James '68 and Susan Rudolph P'05, TR 

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation 

Dennis P. Gately '85 

The Ellsworth Foundation 

David H. Ellsworth '48 

Emerson Electric 

Robert H. Amsler '69 

Fidelity Foundation 

Michael S. Burke '91 

Joseph and Susan Lang P'03'05'07 

GE Foundation 

Nathaniel Dummer '44 
Arthur Withington '50 

Hanover Insurance Group 

Russell and Frances Smith P'68'76 

Latona Associates 

Timothy and Mary Durkin P'07'll 

Lehman Brothers 

J. Jeffcott Ogden '76 

Merrill Lynch & Company Inc. 

David T. Goodhart '41, P'78'80 

Morgan-Worcester, Inc. 

Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan, P'97'02, TR 
Peter Morgan '43 

The Nash Foundation 

John Nash '54 

The Oxford League 

Richard and Nancy Russell P'89'95 

Quaker Hill Foundation 

Joshua L. Miner W '69, P'96'98 

Raytheon Corporation 

William Jerome '78 

Saint-Gobain Corporation 

Melvyn Blake '57 

The SallieMae Fund 

Robert Faulkner '95 

The Stanley Works 

Edmund G. Noyes '39 

State Street Bank & Trust 

Nicole Suggs Plante '97 

Union Mutual of Vermont Companies 

Ian B. Chisholm '73 


Leo and Karen Melanson P'll 

Wachovia Foundation 

David R. Dent '63 
Frederick J. Lyle '69 

Washington Mutual 

Gordon O'Brien '76 

Wells Fargo 

Sylvia Schanbacher P'97 

Wyeth Nutritionals 

Brerr and Joan Sylvester P'05 

Endowed Scholarship Funds 

Endowed scholarships at The Governor's 
Academy are made possible through gifts 
from alumni/ae and friends, operating funds, 
and by income from the following funds 
established through the years. 

The Alfond Scholarship 
Established in 2003 by the Alfond family to 
benefit students from Maine who are athletes 
or from families of past and present shoe 
workers of Dexter Shoe Company, or its affili- 
ate and other shoe manufacturers. 
Bibby Alfond P'67'71 
The Harold Alfond Foundation 

The Charles Z. Abuza Memorial Scholarship 
Established in 1988 by his family and friends 
in memory of this alumnus, Class of '53. 



The George I. Alden Trust Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by the George I. Alden 
Trust of Worcester, Massachusetts and alumni. 

The Alumni/ae Scholarship Fund 
Established and supported by Academy gradu- 
ates to provide financial aid to deserving stu- 

The Francis R. Appleton Fund 

Established in 1909 by Francis R. Appleton. 

The Col. Harold H. Audet Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by Col. Harold H. Audet 
'38 for a "day student" from Newburyport, 

The Sarah Avalon Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1999 by Putnam '37 and 
Dorothy Flint GP'99 to honor their grand- 
daughter Sarah Avalon '99. Benefitting a 
Senior who through four years of work, deter- 
mination and strength of character, has 
worked to develop his or her potential to the 
fullest and in doing so, has been a true credit 
to The Academy. 

The James Barriskill Fund 

Established in 1960 in memory of the former 

Academy master teacher (1949- 1960). 

The William L. Brian III Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 by his family and class- 
mates in honor of this alumnus, Class of '59. 

1 Kerry Anne Carson Memorial Scholarship 
Established in 1995 by her family and friends. 
Richard and Elizabeth Carson 
Susan Leonard 
Sofres Intersearch Corporation 

The David Knowles Chilton Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1986 by Mr. and Mrs. Herman 
Chilton in memory of their son, Class of '61. 
Awarded to a student "who best demonstrates 
the high principles of The Academy. " 

The Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund 

Established in 2000 by the graduates of the 

class of 1950, in celebration of their fiftieth 


Charles C. Bowen '50 

Alan F. Flynn, Jr. '50 

Timothy G. Greene '50 

Malcoumbe Richardson '50 

Marc am Rhein '50 

Linwood Starbird '50 

The Edmund Coffin Colman Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1939 through the will of 

Elizabeth Tappan to provide aid for 


Elizabeth S. Tappan Trust 

The Corning Fund 

Established in 1989 by Nathan £ Corning to 
provide financial assistance to the children of 
1 Academy staff . 

J The Cumings Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1948 by Mrs. Fred T. Cumings in 
memory of her husband and in honor of their 
son, Allen H. Cumings '48. 

The Richard Little Dodge Fund 
Established in 1957 in memory of this 
alumnus, Class of 1940, by his family. 

The Edward W. Eames Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1975 in tribute to the 

headmaster who led the Academy for 29 years. 

The Eastman Fund 

Established in 1983 by the bequest of 
Elizabeth Eastman Hall in memory of her 
nephews, Robert Kimball Eastman, Jr. and 
Charles Bond Warner Eastman. 

The Vida F. Ellison Scholarship 
Established in 1989 by William G. Griffith '37 
and John E. Griffith '40 for a student from 
Colorado or Wyoming. 

The Ellsworth Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1990 by David H. Ellsworth '48 
in honor of his family. 

The G. Heberton Evans III Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1985 in memory of this teacher, 
coach and dorm parent of 34 years. 

The Richard Hawes Francis '36 

Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1930 in memory of this 

alumnus by his family. 

Kurt A. Liske 

The Friend Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1987 by Mirick Friend '59 and 
family in memory of his father Robert A. 

The William Pinkham Gove Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1926 by his wife and 
son, Karl '27. 

The Joanna Grugeon Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 by her family, faculty and 

friends in memory of this Governor's Academy 

master teacher. 

Susan Clancy 

David Gould 

Phillip Gould and Elizabeth Ratigan 

The Carl D. Hale Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1980 through the will of Grace 
Hale in memory of her husband, Class of 1896, 
to provide financial aid. 
Kurt A. Liske 

The Henley Group Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by the Henley Group, Inc. 
of Hampton, NH, to benefit a deserving 

The Janet G. Higgins Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1976 in her memory by her 
family and friends. 

The Bernard K. Holdsworth Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1987 by Clifford Holdsworth 
in memory of his son, a member of the 
Class of '44. 

The Ingham Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1927 by the family of the late 

Samuel Kellogg Ingham, whose son Dr. Charles 

C. Ingham became the 22nd headmaster of 

The Academy. 

Kurt A. Liske 

The E. Randall Jackson Memorial Fund 
Established in 1966 by the bequest of his 
mother Lillian A. Jackson, to benefit a young 
person from Danvers, Massachusetts. 

The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1982 to enable a worthy 
student to attend an independent school. 

The Kitchell Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by Frank Kitchell '35. 
Members of the Kitchell family who attended 
the Academy include Frank '35, Peter '36, 
Samuel '38 and Webster '48. 

The George Laite Scholarship Fund 
Established in memory of this alumnus from 
the Class of '32 by his family. 

The Leary Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by Jack '48 and Mary 
Leary and their children, '79 '81 '82 '84 '85, to 
benefit a student from Newburyport, 
Massachusetts, demonstrating strong 
personal character and financial need. 

The Barry Nelson Lougee Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 to honor this alumnus of 
the Class of '51 by his classmates and family. 

The Burton Machinist Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1987 by his family to honor this 
Class of '36 graduate 
Peter B. Machinist '62 

The David Macomber Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1978 in his memory by his fam- 
ily and the Class of 1957. 

The Magoun Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 2001 by Thomas Magoun '48 in 
honor of his family, to benefit a deserving 
student from Rockingham County, 
New Hampshire. 

The Magrane Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1994 by members of the 
Magrane family - Mrs. Helen Magrane P'65'67, 
J. Scott Magrane '65 and Ross Magrane '67 - 
to benefit a student who contributes to all 
aspects of the Academy. 

The Christopher Marden '96 Fund for the 
Performing Arts 

Established in 1996 in his memory by his 
mother Joanne and sister Elysa '86 to support 
the performing arts at the Academy. 

The Thomas McClary Mercer Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1992 by Charles A. Goodrich III 
'39* in appreciation for all this former English 
master teacher contributed to the Academy. 

The Montrone Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by Mr. and Mrs. Paul 
Montrone P'82'87 to benefit a deserving stu- 
dent from the New Hampshire seacoast area. 

TheC.W.8, L.H. Morse Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by the Morse family in 
honor of Charles W. and Louise H. Morse of 
Newburyport, Massachusetts, given by 
their sons and grandsons, seven alumni 
of the Academy. 
Estate of Robert Morse '51 

The Howard J. Navins '31 Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1988 by a former student and 

alumnus, in honor of this alumnus, coach, 

and master teacher of 41 years to recognize 

courage and high personal standards. 

Thomas Akin '43 

Sideris Baer '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Beit 

Robert Burns 

Christopher Beebe '55, TR 

E. Ronan Campion '51 

John Canapa '49 

Donald Champoux 

Robert Comey '50 

Jay Cooke '64 

Archer desCognets '49 

James Deveney '60 

Mr. and Mrs.Victor Doherty 

E. Ashley Eames '48 

Phyllis Endicott 

Frederic Franzius '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Freedlander 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Galvin 

John Gannett '39 

Marie Gerald 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Glick 

David Goodhart '41 

A. Charles Goodrich '39 

Timothy Greene '50 

Stanton Healy '62 

Bernhard Heersink P'88',92',03 

John Henry '56 

Richard Henry '60 

Charles Hewitt '39 

David Hicks '54 

John Hylsop '60 

David Jarvis '42 

Mary Karlin '76 

George Kirkham '51 

C. Randolph Light '59 

Edward Luneburg '55 

Robert Lyle '40 

Bruce Macgowan '55 

Brian Merry '65 

Paul Morgan '41 

Edward and Kay Mulligan 

Michael Mulligan '71 

James Munro '43 

Theodore Munro '40 

Ann and James Munroe Fund 

James Monroe '41 

Merrill Lynch & Co. 

The Hicks Charitable Foundation 

Carol Nelson 

Edmund Noyes '39 

Richard Phippen '38 

David Powers '52 

William Rex '50 

Donald Rice '52 

Mr. and Mrs. David Richardson 

Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson 

Robert Salomon 

Robert Schumann '40 

William Shack '71 

Peter Sherin '59 

Robert Sherman '64 

Humphrey Simson '42 

William Sloane '63 

William Sperry 

Widgery Thomas '43 

Robert Wadlaugh '43 

Karen Warren 

James Waugh '44 

H. Dunlap Weichsel '53 

Josiah Welch '47 

Mr. and Mrs. David Williams 

Richard Wyman '41 

The John and Dorothy Ogden Scholarship 

Established in 2004 by their sons Jeff '76, 

Phil '78, Lee and Steve to honor John, former 

teacher, coach and dorm parent and 

Dorothy, former Associate Director of 

Admissions at the Academy. 

Lehman Brothers 

Jeff and Jennifer Ogden 

Lee and Lela Ogden 

Philip and Debbie Ogden 

Steven and Julie Ogden 

The Edward Parish Noyes Fund 
Established in 1915 in memory of the former 
student (Class of 1873) and trustee 
(1895-1913) by Joseph Lee of Boston. 






As my wife and I dropped my daugh- 
ter, Ariel, off for her final year at 
Governor's Academy, I could not help 
but notice the calm demeanor with 
which she is approaching her final 
year. And why not? She has a history 
of personal growth and achievement 
at the school that gives her a source 
of pride and self confidence. She is 
well poised to tackle the challenges of 
d the transitions to follow. 

What better analogy to describe the current fiscal state of 
this great institution. A recently completed construction pro- 
gram has added beauty and functionality to the campus. The 
projects were all completed on-time and within budget. As 
always, many thanks to all those involved in the success of 
these important capital projects: administration, staff, fac- 
ulty and board members alike. I would also like to recognize 
the outstanding work of our Chief Financial Officer, Dick 
Savage, in the execution of this massive undertaking. His 
expertise in finance, control, budgeting, negotiations and 
project management was a major contribution to this success. 
Dick has served the school most ably for 18 years. As of the 
end of this past fiscal year, Dick has officially retired and 
been replaced by a new, but very experienced, Chief Financial 
Officer, Hugh McGraw. I thank Dick for his unequaled expert- 
ise, loyalty and dedication. He leaves behind a solid financial 
control system and a true management legacy. 

As the Academy closes the books on its 245th year, our funda- 
mental belief in sound financial management is as strong as 
ever. As always, the most important footing of the school's 
fiscal policy is an operating budget surplus. The 
Administration has delivered the school's 34th straight year 
of surplus. I should note that the last 18 of these were over- 
seen by the considerable talents and direction of Dick Savage. 
The Annual Fund completed its best campaign ever with a 
total amount of $1,758,000, an increase over the prior year of 
$237,000. The growth in recent years of the Annual Fund has 
afforded the Academy a level of budgeting flexibility that has 
been of paramount importance to the continuous improve- 
ments being achieved by the faculty, administration and staff. 
Many thanks to the donors, staff and, especially, to all of the 
volunteers who made this achievement possible. Continued 
support by all is very much appreciated. Our endowment also 
remains strong at $76,735,000 despite a very volatile market 
in an ever-changing worldwide economy. Our diversified port- 
folio is well-managed and structured to provide the school 
with a foundation of long-term stability. 

2008 was another solid fiscal year for The Governor's 
Academy. We are prepared, as always, to continue the forward 
momentum and meet the ever-present transitional challenges 
of the future. 

Steven G. Shapiro '74, P'09 
Treasurer, Board of TruAteeA 

The Ben Pearson Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by Benjamin Pearson IX 
'44 and Anne Pearson ofByfield in honor of a 
five-generation relationship with The 

The Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr. '55 Award 
Established in 1992 by family and friends of 
Carl A. "Skip" Pescosolido, Jr., President of 
the Academy's Board of Trustees from 1980- 
92. The award is presented annually to the 
top male and female scholar-athletes in the 
junior class whose academic and athletic per- 
formances exhibit the character and commit- 
ment to excellence of Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr. 

The Lee C. Peterson '74 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 2004 in his memory by a 
bequest of his mother to enable a deserving 
student to attend The Academy, where Lee 
spent the four happiest years of his life. 

The Reader's Digest Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1981 by the Reader's Digest in 
honor ofDeWitt Wallace, its founder. 

The Peter R. Remis '52 and 
James A. Remis '84 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1991 by Linda Remis Schwartz 
in memory of her husband Peter and son 
Jimmy. Peter Remis served the Academy for 
many years as a trustee. 

The Revere Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1982 by Howard Zuker '57 for 
deserving students from Revere, 

The 1763 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1946 by the Alumni 

The Arthur W. Sager Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1987 by his friend C. Thomas 
Tenney '39, to benefit deserving students 
from the state of Maine. 

The Ellsworth H. Sherin Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1985 by his children and 
employees. Ellsworth Sherin was the father of 
Peter Sherin '59, an Academy alumnus and 
former trustee. 

The Senator Benjamin A. Smith II '35 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1991 by family and friends in 
memory of U.S. Senator Ben Smith to benefit 
a deserving student. 

The Louis Vernon Stonebraker 
Memorial Scholarship 

Established in 2007 by Dr. Peter Stonebraker 
'60 and his wife, Eva, in loving memory of 
Peter's father, Louis. Funds from this scholar- 
ship are to support "Stonebraker Scholars" in 
their pursuit of an Academy education. 
Qualified students will be day students hail- 
ing from the following six-city township: 
Newbury, Newburyport, W. Newbury, Rowley, 
Byfield and Ipswich. Students will meet high 
standards of excellence both academically and 
socially as committed members of the 
Academy community. 

Angel Talavera '95 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1995 by his classmates and 
their parents to honor his memory. 

The Grace S. Tisdale Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1981 by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 
Buettner of Auburn, Maine, in memory of 
Mrs. Buettner's mother. 

The Richard Tucker Fund 
Established in 1930 in his memory by 
family and friends. 

The Asa Wilson Waters Fund 
Established in 1930 to honor his 
grandparents and great grandparents. 

The Timothy Rogers Whittemore Fund 
Established in 1963 in his memory, by his 
sophomore classmates. 

The Thomas N. Willins Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1990 and given in memory of 
his father by Thomas N. Willins, Jr., 
Class of '33. 

The Nathan N. Withington Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 by a classmate in honor 

of this alumnus, class of '58, former trustee 

and GDA parent. 

The Henry Hornblower Fund, Inc. 

A. Laurence and Kathy Norton P'82 

Nathan '58 and June Withington P'97 

The John Young Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1943 by Dr. John Young. 




n»& \DEMY 

Hj pJf lg DEMY 

In the spirit of The Governor's Academy's original benefactors, William and 
Catherine Dummer, The Schoolhouse Society recognizes alumni parents and 
friends who have made the Academy part of their legacy through a planned 
gift. The Governor's Academy is grateful to so many who have followed in the 
Dummer Family's footsteps by affirming their commitment to the Academy 
through their estate plans. 



Mrs. Walter A. Bodwell PP '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Bragdon 

Ms. Elizabeth Friend* 

Mr. and Mrs. P. Prentice Gilbert PP '96, '98 

Mr. Clark Gowen* 

Ms. Betsy Karp PP '97 

Mr. and Mrs. Lance N. Lazo PP '81, '84, '85 

Mr. Willard S. Levings PP '68 

Ms. Sylvia Lunt 

Mrs. Elizabeth Lyman PP '86 

Mrs. Linda Remis Schwartz PP '84 

(AW Peter. R. Remis '52) 
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin G. Robins P '80 
Mrs. Joan M. Ross PP '00 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Savage 

Class of 1927 

Mr. Warren S. Lane* 

Class of 1929 

Mr. John P. Chandler, Jr.* 

Class of 1930 

Mr. George H. Davis* 

Class of 1931 

Mr. Carl A. Buechner* 

Class of 1932 

Mr. John C. Cushman, Jr.* 
Dr. William S. Johnson* 
Mr. E. Marshall Sargent* 
Mr. Thomas Sayles* 

Class of 1933 

Mr. Thomas N. Willins, Jr. 
Mr. Andrew R. Linscott* 

Class of 1934 

Mrs. Geraldine Baker (AW Seth N. Baker) 

Class of 1935 

Mrs. Cynthia Tracy P '60, 
(AW Gerry J. Dietz '35) 


Class of 1936 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Harris 
Mr. Julian Hess 

( Class of 1937 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Bergmann 

Mr. Putnam P. Flint 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Murphy 

Mr. William P. Sheffield 

Mr. Arthur W. Strenge* 

Class of 1938 

Col. and Mrs. Harold H. Audet 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ferris 
Mr. Leonard F. Poor* 

Class of 1939 

Mr. J. Windsor Frost* 

Mrs. Jane Simson (AW George Simson '39) 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Tenney 

Class of 1940 

Mr. Dana H. Babcock* 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyle 

Mr. Dwight M. Murray* 

Mr. Norman L. Quint* 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schumann 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Wright 

Class of 1941 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Stirn 
Mr. Richard F. Winckel* 

Class of 1942 

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Hill, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Derek Lagemann 
Mr. Edward W. Stitt III 
Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey B. Simson 

Class of 1943 

Mr. Crosby Hitchcock 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter McGill 

Mr. Murray S. Monroe* 

Mr. Carroll M. Robertson* 

Mr. and Mrs.* Widgery Thomas, Jr. 

Mr. Robert Wadleigh 

Class of 1944 

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace L. Bolton 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Wyer 

Class of 1945 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Furth 
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Homeier 

Class of 1946 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Levine 

Class of 1947 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Gorton Baldwin 
Rev. Robert W. Peale 
Mr. and Mrs. Josaih H. Welch 
Mr. Henry M. Sanders* 

Class of 1948 

Mr. Thomas Magoun* 
Mr. Richard J. Smith 

Class of 1949 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob B. Brown 

Mr. William L. Chamberlin 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert 0. Coulter 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Denkert 

Mr. Kimball M. Page 

Mr. Thomas G. Sayles Jr.* 

Dr. and Mrs. Mansfield F. W. Smith 

Class of 1950 

Mr. Henry T. Brockelman* 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Comey, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Greene 

Mr. Dodge D. Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Patton 

Mr. Peter T. Steinwedell* 

Class of 1951 

Rev. Frederic Franzius 

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Kirkham 

Dr. Robert L. Morse* 

Mr. William R. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. Robert L. Wenz 

Class of 1952 

Mr. Barry Gately 
Rev. Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 
Mrs. Linda Remis Schwartz PP '84 
(AW Peter R. Remis '52*) 

Class of 1953 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Bartlett 

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Gale, HI 

Dr. and Mrs. Newton E. Hyslop, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas P. King* 

Mr. Richard B. Osgood 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Waldron 

Class of 1954 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Alven 

Mr. Thomas H. Larsen 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Michelson 

Mr. James M. Morton* 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Raymer 

Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Rhett 

Class of 1955 

Mrs. Martha Ardiff (AW William Ardiff '55*) 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peter Haendler 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Nielsen 
Mr. Albert B. Wende 

Class of 1956 

Mr. Howard G. Davis* 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Henry 

Mr. George L. Needham 

Mr. and Mrs. Otto P. Robinson, Jr. 

Mr. John S. Wilson 

Class of 1957 

Mr. David H.M. Andersen* 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Dickerson, III 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J.V.C. Pescosolido 

Class of 1958 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Hayden 
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morse 

Class of 1959 

Dr. James S. Foley 

Mr. Mirick Friend 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Whiting 

Class of 1960 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Deveney, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hyslop 
Mr. Frederic C. Lyman, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Wood, Jr. 

Class of 1961 

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Stringer 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Haemo De Thorneycroft 

Class of 1962 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Butler 

Class of 1963 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Hawkins, Jr. 

Class of 1965 

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Shepard 

Class of 1965 

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Shepard 

Class of 1967 

Mr. Daniel M. Morgan 

Class of 1968 

Mr. Carl A. Berntsen, III 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Kangis 

Class of 1969 

Mr. Swift C. Barnes, IH 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Dorsey 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Gordon 
Mr. Brian Pfeiffer 

Class of 1972 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bates 

Class of 1974 

Mr. Stephen D. Bottomley 

Class of 1976 

Mr. Perry M. Smith and Ms. Eva Ribarits 

Class of 1981 

LTC. and Mrs. David W. Critics 
Mr. Daniel C. Cross 

Class of 1982 

Ms. Ann K. Rooney 

Class of 1985 

Ms. Nathalie E. Ames 

Class of 1994 

Mr. Matthew T. Prunier 
Mrs. Nicole Abdulla Prunier 

*Deceased, AW - Alumni Widow, PP - Past Parent 

Class Secretaries 

Mr. Peter C. Thomas '64 

Mrs. Nancy L. Wickwire '82 

Ithaca, NY 

Bedford, NH 

Mr. Benjamin B. Brewster '43 

Plymouth, MA 

Mr. Kenneth A. Linberg '65 

Mrs. Danielle L. Jacobs '83 

Isla Vista, CA 

Marblehead, MA 

Mr. Richard A. Cousins '45 

Newburyport, MA 

Mr. James T. Connolly, Jr. '66 

Mrs. Laurianne Murphy '83 

Newburyport, MA 

New York, NY 

Mr. John F Kimball '46 

Boothbay Harbor, ME 

Mr. Bennett H. Beach '67 

Mr. Harry S. Taormina '84 

Bethesda, MD 

Chesapeake, VA 

Mr. Norman G. Brown '47 

Standish, ME 

Mr. Daniel C. Look '68 

Ms. Nathalie E. Ames '85 

Marietta, GA 

Chicago, IL 

Mr. Duncan H. McCallum '48 

Dexter, MI 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Gordon '69 

Mr. Paul B. Nardone '86 

Newport, SI 

Lynnfield, MA 

RADM Thomas R. Emery '49 

Charlottesville, VA 

Mr. Terry E. Nolan '70 

Mrs. Kristen M. Poulin '87 

Stone Mountain, GA 

Byfield, MA 

Mr. Alan F. Flynn, Jr. '50 

Rehoboth, MA 

Mr. James S. Fleming '71 

Mrs. Amy B. Northup '87 

Redding, CT 

Byfield, MA 

Mr. Ted H. Barrows, III '51 

Bristol, SI 

Mr. David Lampert, Jr. '71 

Mrs. Deana D. Boyages '88 

Manchester, MA 

Hudson, OH 

Sev. Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. '52 

Marblehead, MA 

Mr. Geoffrey A. Durham '72 

Ms. Kristin A. Brown '89 

Libertyville, IL 

Weston, MA 

Mr. John M. Nash '54 

Edina, MN 

Mr. Ian B. Chisholm '73 

Ms. Nicolle F DelliColli '90 

South Burlington, VT 

Andover, MA 

Mr. George 0. Gardner, III '55 

Mattapoisett, MA 

Mrs. Pamela J. Toner '74 

Ms. Nicole F LaTour '91 

Fairfield, CT 

Boston, MA 

Mr. James Dean, III '56 

South Berwick, ME 

Ms. Pamela D. Pandapas '75 

Ms. Catharine A. Firenze '92 

Rockland, MA 

Belmont, MA 

Mr. Lyman A. Cousens, III '57 

Boscawen, NH 

Ms. Carol A. Goldberg-Aydin '76 

Mr. Shawn T. Markey '93 

New York, NY 

Byfield, MA 

Mr. Ralph E. Ardiff, Jr. '58 

Danvers, MA 

Mrs. Carolyn L. Nissi '77 

Mrs. Ingrid A. Cunney '93 


Bradford, MA 

Lynn, MA 

Mr. Mirick Friend '59 


Mirror Lake, NH 

Rev. Bradford D. Clark '78 

Ms. Kristen M. Hughes '94 


Ipswich, MA 

Van Nuys, CA 


Mr. John C. Elwell '60 

Newburyport, MA 

Mr. Troy Dagres '79 

Mr. Michael C. Noon '95 

Mr. J Stephen Sawyer '61 

Newburyport, MA 

New York, NY 

Dillsburg, PA 

Ms. Lyme E Durland '80 

Mr. Edward Guzman '95 

Londonderry, NH 

Reston, VA 

Mr. Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. '61 

Dallas, TX 

Mrs. Kathryn A. Shilale '81 

Mrs. Janna De Risi '96 

Medfield, MA 

Huntington, NY 


Dr. Thomas S. Tobey '62 

Los Altos, CA 

Mr. Jeffrey R. LaBelle '96 
Chicago, IL 

Ms. Sandra T. Padilla '97 
New York, NY 

Ms. Elizabeth E. Escobar '98 
New York, NY 

Ms. Jessica Z. Karlin '99 
West Roxbury, MA 

Ms. Catherine E Correia '00 
Gainesville, FL 

Ms. Maria E. Collins '01 
Lowell, MA 

Mr. James M. Morrissey '02 
Byfield, MA 

Ms. Laura E. Ellison '03 
Ann Arbor, MI 

Mr. Michael D. O'Neill '03 

Ms. Kelsey M. Quigley '04 
Cambridge, MA 

Ms. Lesley T. Clunie '04 
Newburyport, MA 

Ms. Kelsey A. Correia '05 
Hartford, CT 

Ms. Marisa S. Frey '06 
Meadville, PA 

Ms. Margaret £ Hughes '06 
Saint Albans, VT 

Mr. Jack A. Lamson '07 
Amesbury, MA 

Ms. Rachel A. Stavis '07 
Hartford, CT 

Mr. Perry J. Eaton '08 
Chestnut Hill, MA 

Abigail £ Harris '08 
Bath, ME 


n Honor ana Memonam 


In Memory of Harold Alfond 

Mr. and Mrs. James Rudolph 

In Honor of Norman Brown '47 

Mr. Samuel Allen 

In Memory of Thomas Chalfant '57 

Dr. Charles Craig 

In Honor of the Class of 1998 

Mr. Paul Wann 

In Memory of George Duffy '46 

Ms. Judith King 

In Honor of Karen Gold 

Mr. and Mrs. John Tomich 

In Honor of recent alums by 
Mr. Barry Gately '52 

Thomas Adams-Wall '08 
Colin Doggett '08 
David Doggett '08 
Perry Eaton '08 
Michael Hill '08 
Christian Watson '08 

In Memory of Pete Houston '48 

Ms. Kate Houston 

[n Memory of Wamer Kent '40 

Mrs. Jane Kent 

In Memory of Gordon MacVean '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Harver Graves 

Mr. and Mrs. John Kraft 

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Schmerling 

The Pittsburgh Foundation 

In Honor of Michael Moonves 

Mrs. Randy O'Brien 

In Memory of Vivian Neyman 

Mr. Richard Neyman '75 

In Memory of Howard Navins 

Mr. David Hershey 
Mr. Thomas Otis 

In Memory of John Ortega '41 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morgan 

In Honor of Wallace Rowe 

Mr. Dawson Steven Lin 

In Memory of Benjamin Towne '45 

Mrs. Joy Towne 

Non Sibi Sed Aliis 

Special thanks to all of these volunteers who committed their time to 
strengthen the community of the Academy. These individuals fulfill the 
true spirit of The Academy's motto "Non Sibi Sed Aliis" - "Not for self 
but for others." 


Thanks to members of our 
faculty and staff for their 
support of The Governor's 
Academy Annual Fund! 

Yvonne Abenante 
Janet Adams-Wall 
Tom and Penny Aham 
John and 

Cathleen Banister-Marx 
Peter and Molly Bidstrup 
Samantha Boulais 
Geoffrey Brace 
Peter and Dottie Bragdon 
Mark and Joanna Connors 
Lori Correale and Henry 

Louis and Cathleen DiFronzo 
John and Patricia Doggett 
Anna Finch 
Lynda Fitzgerald 
Matthew Gettings 
Jeff and Karen Knezevic-Gold 

Richard and Diane Griesbach 
Douglas and Kathy Guy 
Kenneth and Sandra Keyes 
Carolyn Kimball and Alex 

Gillian Kneass 
Jason Lacroix 
Richard Leavitt 
Ray Long '96 
Aaron Mandel 
Shawn Markey '93 
Rod and Roberta McLain 
William and 

Jacqueline Mercer 
Michael Moonves 
David and Robin Moore 
James Morrissey '02 
Holly O'Donohue 
Steven and Julie Ogden 
David and Ellen Oliver 
David and Diane Oxton 
John and Jane Pirie 
William Quigley and 

Leslie Cargill 

Chris and Judy Rokous 
Marty and Joan Ryan 
Richard and Susan Savage 
Gretchen Scharfe 
Hal and Anju Scheintaub 
Richard and Kathy Searles 
John Soursourian and 

Judith Klein 
Tracy and Meg Stickney 
Ete Szuts and Susan Oleszko 
Richard and Patricia Thomas 
Bob and Susan True 
Leslie Turner 

David and Susan Van Ness 
Paul Wann and 

Bonnie-Jean Wilbur 
Timothy and Christina Weir 
Peter Werner 

Christopher and Elaine White 
Mary Willingham 
Jeffrey and Cheryl Wotton 

Reunion Committee Volunteers 

Class of 1958 - 50th Reunion 

Class of 1993 - 15th Reunion 

Ralph Ardiff 

Jennifer Saunders Burgeson 

Harvey Hayden 

Shawn Markey 

Nicole Simkins Nichelmann 

Class of 1963 - 45th Reunion 

Dana Pascucci 
James Walsh 

Class of 1968 - 40th Reunion 

Bill Began 

Class of 1998 - 10th Reunion 

John Emerson 

Kate Katzenberg 

Dan Look 
Rob Lord 

Adelle Lilly 

David Mitchell 

Class of 2003 - 5th Reunion 

Ted Nahil 

Jeff Black 

C. F Spang 

Corey Demuth 

Marc Tucker 
Art Veasey 

Brooke Eaton 
Chris Ebinger 

Jay Worthen 

Shannon Falvey 

Ben Gobin 

Class of 1973 • 35th Reunion 

Dan Guyton 

Chris Baker 

Katherine Harris 

Ian Chisholm 

John Leonard 

Mark Hoffman 

Garrett Lyons 

Jaike Williams 

Kelsey Shannahan 
Morgan Steir 

Class of 1978 - 30th Reunion 

Tyler Youngblood 

Brad Clark 

Pam Webb Gentile 

Jim Giampa 
James Goodhart 
Leslie Russell Lafond 
Rick Neville 
Isaiah Suggs 
John Webster 

Phonathon Volunteers 

Marc Tucker '68 

Arthur Veasey '68 

Peter Dorsey '69 

Rob DeLena '87 

Lucy Armstrong Henkes '87 

Class of 1983 - 25th Reunion 

Amy Goldstein Northup '87 
Kristin LaBrie Poulin '87 

Danielle Schwartz Jacobs 
Karen Gronberg Schulte 

Zachary Burke '08 
Cynthia Figueroa '08 

Bruce Turner 

James Haran '08 
John Carbon '08 

Class of 1988 - 20th Reunion 

George Dorsey '08 

Deana Giamette Boyages 

Christine Alii '09 

Chris D'Orio 

Carlota Caicedo '09 

Kristina VonTrapp Frame 

Raphael Durand '09 

Damon Kinzie 

Jennifer Migliore '10 

Kara Moheban McLoy 

Felix Emiliano '11 

Andy Noel 

Greg Rooney '11 

Heidi Danielson Stevens 

D. Stormy Barbara '11 



Statements of Financial Position 

June 30, 2008 and 2007 

Assets: 2008 

Cash and cash equivalents $4,918,242 

Accounts receivable, net of allowance for 

doubtful accounts of $15,000 (Note 2) 154,832 

Tuition notes receivable, net of allowance for 

doubtful accounts of $52,108 

($79,898 in June 30, 2007) 

Prepaid expenses and other assets 

Deferred compensation (Note 2) 

Contributions receivable, net (Note 3) 

Beneficial interest in Phillips Trusts (Note 4) 

Other assets (Notes 9) 

Investments (Note 5) 

Property, plant and equipment, net 

(Notes 6,7 and 8) 56,962,486 

Total unrestricted 

Temporarily restricted (Note 10) 
Permanently restricted (Note 11) 

Total net assets 

Total liabilities and net assets 

See Notes to Financial Statements 

$ 72,812,961 


$ 113,872,675 

$ 142,937,088 



















Total assets 

$ 142,937,088 

$ 150,778,523 


Accounts payable and accrued expenses 

$ 649,581 

$ 2,289,049 

Annuities payable 



Deferred revenues and deposits 



Other liabilities (Note 9) 



Note Payable (Note 7) 



Bonds Payable (Note 8) 



Total liabilities 

$ 29,064,413 

$ 30,295,302 

Commitments (Notes 5 and 14) 

Net assets: 


Available for operations 



Funds functioning as endowment 



$ 75,248,538 


$ 120,483,221 

$ 150,778,523 

Statements of Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets, 
Current Operations 

June 30, 2008 and 2007 


Education and general: 

Less student aid 
Net tuition revenues 

Special programs, activities and fees 


Spending policy distribution 

Phillips income 

Other income 

Total revenues 


Education and general: 

Operations and maintenance of plant 
Student services 
Special programs and activities 
Facilities use charge 

Total expenditures 

Designated for: 

Unexpended plant 
Faculty housing 

Total designations 

Net change 

Balance at beginning of the year 

Balance at end of year 


$ (339,957) 

$ 276,531 
$ 276,531 


$ 13,160,475 

$ 12,447,466 















$ 16,247,007 

$ 15,243,815 

$ 4,301,173 

$ 3,997,260 











$ 15,907,050 

$ 14,898,820 







$ (344,995) 

$ 276,531 
$ 276,531 


Hi Hi 

Donors may give a personal residence or farm to The Govenor's 
Academy while retaining the right to occupy the residence or operate 
the farm. This type of gift provides an income-tax charitable deduction 
that frees up tax dollars into spendable income without causing any 
disruption to your lifestyle. It also permits you to escape any potential 
capital-gain tax on the built-in appreciation. 

A single-family dwelling, condominium, vacation home, or stock owned 
by you as a tenant stockholder in a cooperative housing corporation 
qualifies as a personal residence if used each year by you. 


Gifts by bequest will build the school's endowment and provide a 
stream of operating income to The Governor's Academy in future years. 
Charitable bequests may specify a dollar amount or a percentage of 
your residual estate. In each case, the amount of the gift is excluded 
from the valuation of your estate for estate tax or inheritance tax pur- 

For more information about giving opportunities, please call 
Martha Delay at (978) 499-3173 or consult the website at 
www. thegovernorsacademy. org 

Outright GiftA 

Donors may transfer cash and other assets directly to the Academy for immediate use in 
funding any of the needs of the Campaign or the Annual Fund. Such gifts can be made by 
check or in the form of securities, real estate, or gifts-in-kind (antiques, art, jewelry, coin 
collection). Gifts may qualify as a charitable deduction, as allowed by law. 

Pledges are encouraged for up to three years but may extend over a period of five years. Gift 
payments may be made in convenient installments. 

Life Income GiftA 

In making a significant gift to The Governor's Academy, you may commit to the gift now but 
delay the Academy's possession and use of the gift until your death or that of the final bene- 
ficiary. Charitable Remainder UniTrusts and Charitable Annuity Trusts offer the satisfac- 
tion of making a gift to The Governor's Academy while retaining income from the principal 
for your personal use. These irrevocable trusts qualify for special tax consideration. 

Corporate Matching GiftA 

As a donor, you may be able to increase your support for The Governor's Academy by taking 
advantage of your spouse's or your employer's matching gift program. 

Life InAurance 

Naming The Governor's Academy as the primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy is 
another giving option. This enables the donor to retain ownership of the policy and have 
access to the policy's cash value. This type of gift can reduce your estate tax liability. 

Should you wish a more immediate tax benefit, you may name The Governor's Academy as 
the owner of the policy. This becomes an irrevocable assignment of all rights in the insur- 
ance policy to The Academy. You are allowed an immediate federal income tax charitable 

Charitable Lead TruAt 

This type of trust provides for a gift of payments from the trust property to The Governor's 
Academy for a term of years, after which the property reverts to you or passes to a non-char- 
itable beneficiary designated by you. The charitable lead trust, depending upon the manner 
in which it is structured, can significantly reduce or even eliminate either the gift or 
estate tax. 

All Jl\ ; :/W : ; -JljL JLj 

class notes 



Pre- 1943 
Sandy Keyes 





of 1929 - 



of 1934 - 



of 1939 - 


Robert Seavey '38 reports: "In May, 
I went with my wife, Dorothy, daughter 
Diane and her husband, Mike, for several 
wonderful days inYosemite Park. This was 
my fourth visit there. The first was in 1 935 
with my family, two in intervening years. 
The weather was perfect and so was the ex- 
pedition." John Gannett '39 says: "NEWS! 
I have a great granddaughter IV2 named 
Kate and another in the oven. That timer is 
due to ring in January, next. Patricia stayed 
here in Ocala, FL while I went north. 
Working on daughter's garage gauge one, 
G-scale, garden railway for two weeks. 
Great gardener is she in Readfield, ME." 
Andrew Brillhart '44 says: "Hurricane 
Dolly wrecked our winter home in South 
Texas. My wife Sandy and I are in pretty 
good health. We've been retired a long time 
and enjoy it." Phil Simpson '39 says: 
"Living a healthy life in Winthrop on Lake 
Maranacooke. Plan to move to Sugarloaf 
Mountain for month of December. Then to 
Kissimmee, FL for four months. We have 
had too much rain this month!! I still like 
the OLD name much better than the new 
one." John English '28 says: "Really not 
much - if anything — going on in my life 
right now but I just want to send a fond hel- 
lo and miss seeing everyone." 

Frank Kitchell '35 says: "Today The 
Governor's Academy Alumni Assoc, is stag- 
ing an alumni get-together at the Red Sox- 
Mariners Game in Seattle. Former 
Headmaster Peter Bragdon is the instigator. 
Approximately 45 alumni from Oregon and 
Washington. Headmaster Marty Doggett 
and his wife Patty will be present. First time 
for such an event. Seating arrangements 
have been complicated — no more than two 
persons per seat. May the best team win, and 
that excludes the Mariners. Have four 

grandchildren through 
the expensive private 
schools and college and 
six more in progress." 
Tom Tenney '39 says: 
"Not much cooking — 
golf isn't getting any 
better but still having 
fun." Bob Harris '42: 
"All's well on the 
Canadian Pacific 
Northwest. My book 
Tracks on the Water about 
my design career in 
yacht design will be 
published in the next 
month or so. I will 
send notice and copy to the Academy Work 
on the landscape of our False Creek Co-Op 
keeps both Pat and me busy, especially now 
that real summer weather is here after a cold, 
wet spring. My hearing has become quite 
bad requiring aids in both ears; still I'm en- 
joying life with my lovely wife Patricia." 
Robert Goodspeed '40 says: "Sales with 
the Shearling Tannery in China continue to 
grow — over 50 million dollars last year. My 
biggest accounts are UGGS (Women's win- 
ter boots), L.L. Bean and Paint Roller ac- 
counts. Joanne and I are back in Hampton, 
NH where we are close to children and 
grandchildren." Andy Bailey '40 says: 
"Joanie and I have been married for more 
than 60 years and are living in Dedham, MA 
to be near three children, three grandchil- 
dren and three great grandchildren. Golf 
and gardening are our primary leisure activ- 
ities. In the winter we head for Naples, FL 
to avoid the abominable snow shovel. I am 
still helping to administer several private 
foundations and trusts from my Boston of- 
fice which seems to keep my mind agile, es- 
pecially with our grating financial markets!" 
Richard Wyman '41 states: "I'm not shy! 
The older I get, the GROUCHIER! I am 
privileged to converse with classmate 
William Abbott '41 and cousin Bill Bailey 
'42. I miss New England, though I don't 
like to complain, I don't think much of 
Florida anymore. We couldn't live in 
Massachusetts due to cost of living. Florida 
has what I call inferiority complexes! 
Florida needs schooling like The Governor's 
Academy! (Governor Dummer Academy 
1763). It's been a long time here in the 
south y'all! My best wishes to the old goats 
of '41." Tom Fenn '42 reports: "Stopped 

Phil '39 and Sue Simpson, Alice and Don Stockwell '39 

motor homing 9/02. Bought park model in 
Showlous, AZ in White Mountains to sum- 
mer in! Very fine. Many friends here. All 
five of our grandchildren are great. Our 
children are doing well also." 

Alan Bullwinkle states: "At 87 I am 
slowing up somewhat but still able to care 
for my wife Margaret who suffers from 
Parkinson's but who is still mobile and plays 
bridge. Deafness in my left ear has put an 
end to singing in our church choir but I'm 
still acting as Church and Village Archivist." 


Benjamin B. Brewster 

88 Warren Avenue 

Plymouth, MA 02360-2428 


benbbrew@comcast. net 

The mail has not been overwhelming 
and that comes as no surprise to all you who 
forgot to answer. I did here from Huck 
Leinbach who is keeping in shape in the fit- 
ness center. He has lost two wives and is en- 
joying the company of a good friend. The 
exercise must be good for him. Speaking of 
wives, we are sad to report Widge Thomas's 
loss of his "Jonnie". She was a ball of fire in 
many fields and he will miss her greatly. As 
the time passes we are finding that our ad- 
dresses are shifting. Walt McGill is now in 
a retirement community. He was so ex- 
hausted by the move, he didn't enclose his 
new address, but I'm sure it will appear. Bob 
Morrel has decided to make it permanent 
and to stay at the same job. This will make 
sixty years that he has been trying out there. 
Your Secretary has had a slow summer. 

TheArchon*** Fall 2008 45 

class notes 


Lyme disease has been ahead for awhile but 
has finally given up and I am winning. 
Nothing like that old Govie spirit. Make my 
day and send in more news for the next one. 

Class of 1944 

Need Secretary 

65th Class Reunion 

June > 5, 6, 7, 2009 

G.A. Pollin says: "Carolyn and I have 
moved to Williamsburg, VA home of our 
former correspondent, Steve Kauffman. 
We said it is fine to be in Tidewater, and it 
is. We are 1 mile from 36 holes, 5 miles 
from Phi Beta Kappa Hall and 10 miles 
from the site of Cornwallis' surrender to 
George Washington. How good can it be?" 
John "Pinky" Whitney says: "Now that 
we've moved into this "so-called" assisted- 
living 'ranch' I am slowly - very slowly, get- 
ting used to a new form of living! I must 
say all I can think of is in three years at 
GDA, sorry, that's what I call it! I can hear 
Ted Barry checking our rooms at 10:15 
pm! If anyone has or knows Dick 
Hamilton's '43 address, I would greatly ap- 
preciate receiving same. Enough said." Ben 
Pearson says: "Jean and I are moving from 
S.C. to an assisted living complex in 
Falmouth, ME. It wasn't in our grand plan 
but being near the family is important. 


Class of 1945 

Richard A. Cousins 

11 Federal Street 

Newburyport, MA 01950-2814 


Paul Withington writes: "I usually try 
to write in with something light or humor- 
ous. However, this is not the case. In 
February 2008 after 60 years of marriage my 
wife Dru passed away. I mention this be- 
cause many of the class knew her. I suspect 
Dru and I were the last to marry of our class. 
We grew up together from playing in the 
sand at the beach through friendship and ro- 
mance. At 14, I asked her, 'When we grow 
up, do you want to get married?' She replied 
'OK'. Six years later in 1948 we tied the 

Robert Coulter '47 and Page, who live in Sandwich, NH 

knot. 2008 was our 60th anniversary. 
I mention this only because one quickly re- 
alizes that many in our class have experi- 
enced such a loss. I suddenly understand the 
very, very deep feelings. We all must learn to 
remember the wonderful memories because 
that is the only way to make our lives worth- 
while." Bots Young states: "Have been 
asked by "Squaw" Waugh, Class of 1944, 
to help him refurbish his collection of sand 
pails and shovels prior to his annual trek to 
winter HQ's in Florida. His interests in dog 
walking and light house watching are over- 
whelming and his new gig is making small 
but accurate sand castles on his beach for 
strollers to admire. Tedious but rewarding 
work, but he is getting a real kick out of it as 
well as living in the past. Please comply. I 
personally had a great summer." 

Class of 1946 

John F Kimball 

41 Johnson Road 

Falmouth, ME 04105 


johnkimball@verizon. net 

Lyndy Watkins says: "I was really sor- 
ry to hear of George Duffy's passing. He 
and I go way back to Camp Winona when 
we were just 8 years old. We lost touch when 

he went to Dartmouth, but I did go there to 
see him once. I have to tell you of a won- 
derful experience. For my 80th birthday, my 
wonderful wife chartered a tour boat and we 
cruised Galveston Bay on a perfect afternoon 
with over 100 of my friends and family We 
still live on Galveston Bay and enjoy activi- 
ties at the Lakewood Yacht Club, which is 
only 10 minutes away. Right now we are 
holding our breath to see what happens to 
Hurricane IKE. John, thanks for your atten- 
tion to your job as Class Secretary." Ted 
Mixer says: "We're traveling a bit — 
Michigan to our lake cottage, Omaha, NE 
and Switzerland to see daughters and fami- 
lies, and to Florida. The local community 
theater keeps us busy also, Jane does acting 
and I am the "Janitor" and Chief Go-fer. I 
do sometimes do windows but I don't do 
lines. We'll be great grandparents soon." 
Herb Levine says: "Not much to report. It 
has been two years since I retired and so far — 
I have it. The good news is, I just turned 80. 
The bad news is — I just turned 80! Sandy and 
I are hanging tough. Hope the rest of you 
guys are doing OK." 


Herb Levine '46 and wife Sandy 

Class of 1947 

Norman G. Brown 

43 Hearthside Road 

Standish, ME 04084-5259 


207-893-0332 (fax) 

Hi guys: 

For some cyberspace reason the photo of 
the opossum that I referred to in the spring 
Archon was missing. This was a unique crea- 
ture for me, as I had never seen a live one be- 
fore. Note the matching nose and ear tips. 

46 The Archon 


Fall 2008 

According to the registration sign-in 
sheet, attending the June 2008 reunion were 
Josiah Welch, Jack Deering, Ben Birdsall, 
Jim Knott and Norm Brown. It was an 

'off-year' reunion for our class but I found it 
great that some of us who could make the 
trip had a few hours to 'catch up'. 

Also at the June reunion, I had the op- 
portunity to chat with Ellen Oliver, our new 
Director of Annual Giving. I found her to 
be such a warm and forthcoming lady who 
I feel is an excellent replacement for Martha 
Delay, who is now the Planned Giving 
Director. I got a kick out of, yet was embar- 
rassed, when Martha approached me, Jack 
and Joe sitting on a bench in the Philips 
House foyer. None of us could immediate- 
ly recall her name due to the attractive new, 
short hair style she had. That is a pathetic 
excuse, Martha, but I hope you will forgive 
our collective short-term memory loss! 

In an email from Bob Skeele '48, he 
writes: "Norm - I saw you a few feet away 
on Saturday (Reunion '08) and regret I did- 
n't talk with you. Later at Sandy Keyes' 
check-in desk in the Phillips Building, I saw 
the copy of the '47 Milestone which I guess 
you had scanned, and also your note which 
said you would be willing to send copies on 
request. If your offer is good for non-mem- 
bers of the Class of 1947, I'd be delighted to 
get a copy. (There's much in your '47 
Milestone that I thought was timeless!) My 
address: Robert Skeele, 111 Fenwood Drive, 
Old Saybrook, CT 06475. Next time I see 
you a few feet away, I'll be sure to make con- 
tact. Best regards, Bob." A few weeks later I 
asked Bob if he had received the copy and he 
emailed: "Hi Norm -Yes, the [yearbook] got 
here safely yesterday and I've been enjoying 
it. The book brings back lots of good mem- 
ories, mostly of the guys involved. I note 
that Standish is not far from Lake Sebago, 
where in summer 1943 I was in a cabin at 
Camp O-At-Ka with Jack Deering and his 
brother Bob and of course others, one of 
whom turned up in my class at Amherst. 
This last one is still teaching at Harvard. Also 
at O-At-Ka in '43 was Joe Welch, then and 
always a good tennis player. It was good to 
see Joe last weekend too. Another coinci- 
dence: you may well remember Phil 
Gemmer from GDA. He turned up aboard 
USS Woodson (DE 359) in 1953 after I had 
been aboard a few months. I talked with 

Phil recently about seeing him at the re- 
union, but he had a special guest coming 
from Sweden and couldn't get to Byfield. 
Old memories intensify as I get older; short 
term ones are another story. And a happy 
Fathers Day to you too. Best, Bob." Thanks, 
Bob, for your email. I'm delighted that our 
'47 yearbook brought back such wonderful 
memories. I would like to remind my class- 
mates, and others, that I have a few more 
copies for anyone who would like one while 
supplies last, so please contact me. 

Today's mail (7/23) brought a colorful 
postcard of the cruise ship, 'Silver Shadow'. 
On the reverse, Josiah Welch writes, 
"Greetings, Norm. Donna and I have just 
returned from a 2-week cruise to the beau- 
tiful land of Alaska. The tranquility and 
serenity a nice change from the wild flashy 
life of Newburyport! Smooth seas and 
smooth scotch helped make for a smooth 
voyage! Cheers! Josiah". Thanks, Joe. My 
sister once made a similar trip and took a 
helicopter tour to a glacier. She said there's 
nothing like a scotch and water made with 
shards of glacial ice which she had brought 
back to the ship! 

Jay Curtis and his wife, Kaila, are on 
the move again. Jay writes: "Re: your 
Archon request. Not much news from 
Chicago. Now that my back operation is in 
the past, Kaila and I have been doing quite a 
bit of bike riding. Illinois is a great area for 
bike riding since old railroad lines have been 
converted to bike trails which makes for very 
scenic paths. Best part of summer will be the 
next two weeks. We leave Aug. 25 for a 16 
day trip to Alaska. First part by land from 
Fairbanks to Denali and then Mt. McKinley 
From there by train to Whittier where we 
pick up our ship to spend a week cruising 
the inner passage. Kaila and I are really look- 
ing forward to this trip to the wild north." 
Sounds like a very interesting trip, Jay. As I 
mentioned to Joe Welsh, my sister told me 
that glacial ice improves a drink. Let me 
know what you think. As luck would have 
it, Jay just sent me this email (9/10): "Yep, 
we're home. Due to plane problems we did- 
n't get home till 2:30 AM Tuesday. Great trip. 
Alaska is such a beautiful State with no pop- 
ulation. Anchorage, its largest city, has a pop- 
ulation of 300,000. The next largest city is 
Fairbanks with 35,000. Juneau, Alaska's 
Capital has only 30, 000. So you can see not 

too populated. And Juneau can only be 
reached by plane or boat. No roads. The state 
is so vast! Massive forests, millions of acres 
that have never be touched by man since 
their inception. Got to see Mt. McKinley in 
its full glory. We were lucky since only 30% 
of tourists get to see the mountain. Saw 
black bears and eagles. As the Alaskans say 
'it's the last frontier' and they are correct." 
Guess I'll never know if glacial ice improves 
a drink. 

In response to my Class Notes letter, 
Dave Wilcox, a retired doctor from 
Hartford (CT) Diabetes Associates, writes 
from his years of experience in the field: 
"Norm, speaking of the 'Golden Years', did 
you know that the only thing 'golden' in our 
age group is the color of our urine?" LOL, 
at least for now. Thanks for the 'heads-up' on 
the realities of life, Dave. 

John Heyl and his wife, Lydia, are still 
enjoying their fives around Mirror Lake, 
NH. John says, "Wife and I still doing vol- 
unteer at local hospital somewhat. I can no 
longer do athletic programs, unfortunately. 
Still doing Wall Street daily as I have done 
since college. Would never change that oc- 
cupation for anything else. Hope I can con- 
tinue 'cause life can still be fun. Hope all are 
well." Thanks, John. All is well here, but I 
wish your Wall Street was healthier! 

Jack Deering's Class Notes postcard 
carried a bountiful bouquet of memories and 
appreciation: "Brownie - With 

mandatory stops on our memorable trips (to 
GDA) at the NH green front; the calls and 
advice from Jay Curtis; the return of Sam 
Allen to our fold; Joe Welch's constant 
phone calls and notes which warms this guy's 
heart and crams it with memories; the good 
notes from Jim Soper on the West coast; our 
love and heartfelt thanks to Sandy Keyes and 
Mike Moonves and crew for their best efforts 
on everything concerning the 1947s. We 
have great pride in our class and it shows." 

The Archon a*» Fall 2008 47 


class notes 


Here it is, Aug. 4th, and it's pouring 
outside. In fact we've had tons of rain over 
the past few days and farmers are com- 
plaining that they can't get their hay crops 
mowed. I was getting a bit sick of this 
weather, too, until today when I received a 
postcard from Al Hughes. Al writes, "Hi 
Norm - keep up the good work. You do a 
terrific job. I hope it is cooler there than 
it is here. It has been 108° for over a week 
here in Las Vegas and no rain since last 
Oct." Thanks for your kudos, Al. The lack 
of rain certainly gives a new meaning to 
the term, 'a dry town', and I guess this is 
the first time it can be applied to Las Vegas! 

It was great to receive the following 
email from Pete Sutton's son, Mark: 
"Greetings from Sutton, MA! Just writing 
to give you an update on Pete: Pete trav- 
eled to North Carolina in January and 
March to visit his daughter, Virginia and 
her husband Kevin as well as their three 
sons, Sam, Tyler and Wesley. In June, he 
celebrated his 80th birthday with a big 
bash in Sutton. His family as well as long 
time friends from Boxford attended. Also 
in June, he went on vacation to Maine for 
a few days with Virginia and family. Pete's 
new cell phone number is: 774-276-2883 
if anyone would like to contact him. He 
cannot see well enough to email, however, 
if anyone wants to email him, we are hap- 
py to read emails to Pete. Our email ad- 
dress is: Thank 
you, Mark and Cindy Sutton". And thank 
you, Mark and Cindy, for bringing your 

Pete Sutton with his grandson, Wesley 

Dad's classmates up to date. I appreciate 
your 'backup' response to my request for 
news for this column. Please say 'hello' to 
Pete for me and all his GDA pals. 

A welcomed note from Bud Snow 
says: "Hi Norm. Not much going on here. 
Connie had a Rotator Cuff Surgery in 
June. I was taking care of her. Planning the 
meals, shopping and cooking. She has just 
begun to drive again. She goes to therapy 
twice a week. No exciting trips. Bud." It 
seems as we age, this unfortunate condi- 
tion becomes more commonplace. Our 
best to you and Connie, Bud. An April 
email from Bud made reference to the 
June issue of the Archon: "Hi Norm, 

Thanks for the item of Connie & I on 
New Year's Eve. You spoke about Ed 
Nichols. I do not remember him at all. I 
do remember Pete Morse from 
Newburyport. His father owned a hard- 
ware store on Washington St in Salem, 
MA. It was called HOWARD'S FOR 
HARDWARE. It was a small store. His 
mother was an interesting person. She 
would give talks to various groups about 
her world travels. I think she called herself: 
"Mrs. Somebody goes somewhere." Or 
something like that. She would wear all of 
the clothes she would take on a trip. I 
guess it was a riot. Connie and I used 
Pete's cabin in NH years ago on a skiing 
trip. The folks on p.28 [spring '08 Archon] 
at Bailey's Island reminds me of the first 
time Connie and I went there. It was a 
Memorial Day weekend. The folks who 
had reserved a cottage cancelled out at the 
last minute. So we took their spot. It was 
real nice. A porch went out over the ocean; 
and lobster traps were there as coffee ta- 
bles. We rented a row boat and rowed 
around. It was real nice. A lady nearby 
made fresh hot biscuits for breakfast. We 
had a fish dinner at a nearby restaurant. It 
was a nice warm day here about 80 deg! 
Bud" And I hope you and Connie had 
the chance to enjoy some of Bailey Island's 
lobster cookouts, too, Bud. 

Sam Allen and his wife, Louise, have 
returned home from their summer 
Shangri-La. Sam notes: "We made it 
through the summer, staying at our place 
on Lake Muskaka, Ontario. Lots of rain, 

lots of grandkids who are now all water- 
skiing, and lots of repair and maintenance 
to our almost 100 year cottage. Best wish- 
es." Thanks, Sam. I doubt many of us east 
of the Mississippi missed out on all the 
rain. Many thanks for the postcard, Sam. 

A few hours after my final plea (9/2) 
to classmates with email to get their news 
items to me, Plato Kangis came through 
in grand style: "Norm, you are so good at 
keeping after us! Hope you've had a good 
summer. Here's an entry for you for the 
next Archon:. A case of severe bronchitis 
this winter led to a chest X-ray which led 
to a CT scan which led to a diagnosis of a 
lung tumor. Had surgery May 7th at Mass 
General Hospital during which the entire 
left lung was removed. Pathology report 
very good; no chemo, but see the oncolo- 
gist every 6 months. Feel pretty lucky and 
realize anew that each day, each moment, 
is a gift. Took 4 months to be able to get 
back into the studio even part-time, but 
feels so good to be creating leather pieces 
once again. Gwen 'Nightingale' was ter- 
rific, as was an amazing support network of 
family and friends, both near and far. At 
our age, good health, loving family, dear 
friends, faith, and above all, hope — make all 
the difference. CARPE DIEM!" I'm sure 
our 'mates join me in wishing you a very 
successful recovery, Plato. 

I wish to express our class's sympathy 
to Shirley Sanders and her family. Henry 
(Hank) Sanders passed away on August 5 
at his home in Portsmouth, NH, as noted 
in the 'In Memoriam' section of this issue 
of the Archon. Hank was on our GDA ri- 
fle team and was a great asset to our ski 
team as well. I still remember the winter 
weekend spent in Franconia, NH with 
Hank, Bob Barr, 'Spider' Leavitt and 
Herb Hoffman. We spent two days of su- 
perb skiing on Cannon Mountain and en- 
joying the views from the aerial tramway 
car on the return trip to the summit. He 
was a quiet, serious fellow with a good 
sense of humor and just a great guy to be 
around. Rest well, Hank. 

Bill Bailey attended Hank's memori- 
al services and emailed me: "Josiah said 
some very fond stories of their Dartmouth 
days and a reveling note from 'Ted the 

48 The Archon ee> Fall 2008 


Head' to Hank's father & mom. How much 
fact or fiction was not important at that 
moment, but provided a moment of need- 
ed levity. Joe did a nice job. The setting at 
New Castle and the day were very memo- 
rable for me - what a beautiful setting of 
old New England. Also present were 
'Wings' Mayo and his very charming wife. 
I am indeed a privileged individual to have 
ever had the chance to "rub elbows with 
the likes of the class members of '47." 
Thank you, Bill, in helping to represent our 
class, along with 'Wings' and Josiah. Your 
last remark mirrors my own and the esteem 
with which I regard our entire class. 

Remarks [by Josiah Welch '47] 
at Hank Sanders Funeral Service, August 

"I first met Hank Sanders on a brisk, 
sunny September morning on the campus 
of Governor Dummer Academy located 
in South Byfield, Massachusetts. The year 
was 1944 and we were both beginning 
our sophomore year at the academy. Our 
friendship was almost instantaneous and it 
lasted a lifetime. I have often wondered 
just what the ingredients are that make 
for a true friendship. It's at best nebulous 
— perhaps it's as simple as just feeling bet- 
ter when you are with that person. I 
know being in Hank Sanders' company 
always made me feel better." 

"While at Governor Dummer, Hank 
was a three year member of the glee club 
whose sole prerequisite for membership 
(fortunately) had nothing to do with your 
ability to keep a tune. You simply had to 
own a tuxedo. Membership in the glee 
club was highly sought after, because at the 
time the school was all male and the only 
chance to meet girls was at joint concerts 
with the Windsor school, or Walnut Hill, or 
Abbott, or some other lucky all-girls' 
school. Hank was also a member of the ri- 
fle club for some unknown, obscure reason; 
and he was also one of the bright lights on 
our school's ski team. Our days at the 
academy flew by until our senior year 
when our #1 concern was will be accept- 
ed into the Dartmouth class of 1951. The 
months seemed to pass at a snail's pace." 

"Dartmouth had always been my first 
choice, influenced I am sure, in no small 

way, by my father being a member of the 
class of 1920 and my brother, Dick, a 
member of the class of 1945. I am not sure 
why Dartmouth was Hank's first choice. I 
know his father went to Harvard. Perhaps 
his uncle, Harvey Hood, father of our 
classmate, Charlie Hood, had some influ- 
ence. I remember Mr. Hood was a trustee 
of the college at the time. And so it was a 
very special day in March when we re- 
ceived word of our acceptance, along with 
Blake Ireland and three other classmates." 

"A few years ago when Hank was 
cleaning out his desk in Darien, in prepara- 
tion for his move to Portsmouth, he came 
upon a letter from the headmaster of the 
academy, one Edward W Eames. It was a 
letter to Hank's mother and dad. Hank sent 
me the letter and since he sent it to me with 
no instruction to keep it confidential, I will 
share it with you. To this day I find the con- 
tents of the letter quite extraordinary for a 
headmaster. He wrote, 'Dear Russell and 
Sabre. I write to congratulate you both on 
Henry's acceptance to Dartmouth College. 
As you know, it is a highly competitive in- 
stitution and quite frankly I was surprised 
that Henry was accepted. As you know, 
Henry is not a strong student academically 
and I just hope he buckles down and con- 
centrates on his studies.' Might I suggest to 
you that Headmaster Eames was never 
known for his diplomacy." 

"Some weeks before we arrived at 
Hanover, a study undertaken by one of 
our national magazines, the name of 
which escapes me, reported on the seri- 
ous problem of drinking on American 
college campuses. There was an extensive 
list of the most flagrant abusers — includ- 
ing Brown, Colby, Bowdoin, and at the 
very bottom of the list there was an as- 
terisk with the comment that Dartmouth 
College was excluded from the list as it 
was determined that Dartmouth had for- 
feited its amateur status and was consid- 
ered professional. This article did not go 
unnoticed by Hank's mother who wished 
to discuss the matter of college drinking 
with him before he left for Hanover. 
She explained to Hank that he would 
undoubtedly be exposed to drinking at 
Dartmouth and he should know how to 
handle himself should the occasion arise. 
Mrs. Sanders sat Henry down in their 
living room and requested that a bottle of 

sherry with two sherry glasses, together 
with a tray of water biscuits, be brought 
in. 'What you do, Henry,' she said, 'is to 
take a sip of sherry and then have a bite 
of the biscuit. Wait a few moments be- 
fore you take a second sip and so on.' 
What happened next can only be de- 
scribed as appalling. Henry took his as- 
signed glass and chug-a-lugged the sher- 
ry. Needless to say, Henry was excused 
from the room and Mrs. Sanders' lesson 
on the proper art of drinking was quick- 
ly abandoned." 

"Hank and I, together with Blake 
Ireland whom I am happy to say is with us 
today, decided that we would like to room 
together that freshman year, which we did 
with great pleasure in room 110 of Middle 
Mass Hall. And that was the prelude to 
four wonderful years on the Hanover 
plain. The three of us pledged to the same 
fraternity, Kappa Sigma, and it was only af- 
ter graduation and the specter of the 
Korean War that we went our separate 
ways. Hank spent four years in the U.S. 
Air Force flying combat in Korea with the 
17th bomb wing. Following the war, he 
married the charming and vivacious 
Shirley Reese, and we caught up again 
thanks to our class of '51 mini reunions." 

"Hank's love for Dartmouth and the 
class of '51 has been expressed in countless 
ways. He served on our class Executive 
Committee for many years. He served as 
chairman of our highly successful 50th re- 
union. He was chairman of our class 
Nominating Committee and he served a 
term as our class head agent as well as serv- 
ing on the Dartmouth College Alumni 
Council. Hank was the director of the 
Alumni Association of Fairfield County and 
recruited and interviewed in both 
Connecticut and New York City, and it was 
my distinct honor and pleasure to present 
him with our highest honor, our Class Spirit 
of '51 award in 1992." 

"Hank, you will be greatly missed by so 
many, and I thank you for your friendship. I 
will always remember you with a smile. I 
want you to know, Hank, that you can rest 
secure in the knowledge that no one will 
ever refer to you as a man of few words. 
Indeed, I can picture you now, advising Saint 
Peter on how to improve his operation. 
Farewell, good friend. Rest in peace." 

The Archon ®» Fall 2008 49 

-"vv Hi 

1 a 

s s notes 

Pyramid of boys from Classes of 1948 and 1949. 

Bill Lundquist '48, Allen Cumings '48, 
and James Campion III '49 


Class of 1948 

Duncan H. McCallum 

4571 Cameron Circle 

Dexter, MI 48130-9407 


William Day (Lt. Col USAF Retired) 
writes: "Still retired in Stratham, NH. Have 
a grandson in Afghanistan serving as an army 
Emergency Medical Tech (EMT). Enjoyed a 
second grandson this past year, Calib 
Maddox. I don't get around much; but am 
more able than most people my age. God 
Bless." Ash Ames reports: "Deborah and I 
toured the campus when we came back for 
the reunion with Bob and Nancy Skeele. 
Only this time we visited his old family house 
(Deegan House) and mine (the Mansion 
House). Bob and I used to tap the maple trees 
on Old Road. It is now done by a faculty 
family; and they gave us each ajar of syrup." 
George Bender writes that he enjoyed talk- 
ing with old friends during our 60th 
Reunion. One was Art Veasey, John 
Veasey's nephew. George and Art worked 
together in a Boston bank for several years. 
George also asked if I knew what happened 
to Bob Rappoli. My answer is no but would 

like to know if anyone has any information at 
all about Rappoli. George also noted that he 
continues to vigorously pursue adding to his 
antique/art collection. Allen Cumings 
writes that he has finally retired and is getting 
ready for another winter. He also notes that 
he was disappointed not to see more mem- 
bers of the Class of 1948 at the June reunion. 
He enclosed the photos above. 


Class of 1949 

Thomas R M Emery USN 

2600 Barracks Road, Apt. 451 

Charlottesvle,VA 22901-2196 


60th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Life here in Charlottesville, Virginia 
continues in the same, happy rhythm. An 
exception is that Gale and I (Tom Emery) 
are making fewer trips to our golf cottage in 
West Virginia, primarily because my golfing 
has nearly ceased. There will be knee repair 
in the future... hope! Our usual trip to 
Chatham on Cape Cod in September will 

be a welcomed vacation. Mansfield Smith 
continues to contribute to community and 
environmental activities at his mountain re- 
treat at Fallen Leaf Lake, CA. He recently 
retired from the local volunteer fire depart- 
ment (FLLVFD) after 20+ years of service, 
and remains on the roster as senior medical 
advisor. The Lake Tahoe area was hit hard by 
last year's Angora Fire, which burned 3,000 
acres and 250 homes, and all right-thinking, 
mountain-dwelling residents have fire pre- 
vention as a high priority. The Smiths still 
live without television and enjoy hiking, 
wildflowers, and fending off the bears whose 
habitat was destroyed by the fire, (picture 
emailed). Manson Hall writes: "I guess I 
need to catch up with you and tell you that 
my life has changed a good deal in the last 
ten months. Since I lost Alison about a year 
and a half ago I have been seeing Ann 
Ferguson whom I had never met although 
she has a house just around the corner here 
in Chatham. She has lost her husband and 
we began dating (do we still use that word?) 
back in September. She also has a home and 
winters in Naples, Florida and since we have 
recently become engaged; I guess I will be 
doing the same. She has three children, one 
of whom is married and living in Duxbury 
where my brother Dan and family five. No 
set plans for a marriage yet but like all young 

50 TheArcho 

Fall 2008 

Chester '49 and Marilyn Ham celebrate 50th anniversary at Pinkert's Tavern. Chester '49 and Marilyn as their Town Marshalls. 

people nowadays, we are living together in 
our various houses. I keep busy playing ten- 
nis and sailing in the summer and hockey 
and skiing in the winter. In September I am 
hosting a reunion with the Experiment in 
Living group that my first wife Merilyn and 
I led to Switzerland. Then a week later my 
Amherst College roommates and wives are 
meeting for three days to discuss three books 
that we have picked. A Letter to a Christian 
Nation by Sam Harris, Passion and Principle by 
Sally Denton, and Richard Russo's novel, 
Bridge of Sighs. The Denton book is a his- 
tory of Jessie and John Fremont back in the 

Zoe and EdVeasey '49 aboard 
the Zoe Mary 

1840s and beyond. He was an explorer and 
later governor of California and presidential 
candidate. Well-written and very interesting 
period of history not well known. In July I 
traveled to Leipzig, Germany with members 
of my men's glee club (The Highland Glee 
Club) to join 14 other choral groups from 
various countries. We had a chance to sing 
our own concert but we also sang with all 
the other groups in two magnificent venues 
- a Lutheran church (really a cathedral) and 
the grand auditorium of the city. Tim 
Greene '50 who sings with the Sangerfest 
choral in the Boston area and is GDA Class 
of 1950 joined our group, and I had fun get- 
ting to know him again. Right now I am 
trying to get permission from the Chatham 
Conservation Board to cut, very judicially of 
course, bushes and small saplings that have 
grown up to obstruct our view of Pleasant 
Bay. Our first hearing was inconclusive so 
they want more information and another 
look. Everyone I speak to wonders why I 
don't just cut away but here in Chatham 
protecting a coastal bank is very high prior- 
ity and I am trying to stay out of jail." 

On a very sad note, Carol des Cognets, 
Arch des Cognets wife called me today 
(August 6) to say that Archer died last night. 
Back in the spring, Tom Emery and I made 
a trip out to Tucson, Arizona to see Archer, 
knowing that he was not doing well. He was 
in good spirits but we realized that we might 
not see him again. Memorial services for 
friends and family are being planned both 
for Tucson and Chatham in September. 
JohnVeasey informs us: "Hi Tom: All is well 
with theVeasey family. Had an opportunity 

to visit with Ann and Rick Tyler early in 
the summer at Ogunquit. One of the first 
subjects was — 'Are we going to get together 
for our 60th reunion next June?' Gordon 
Price also asks about this. They are both 
willing, as am I, in helping with this project 
- if you and our classmates think that it is a 
good idea. We have had a wonderful, busy 
summer and the month of August we spent 
with our five children and 13 grandchildren 
in Maine with lots of boating and sailing. I 
am attaching a picture or two and you can 
take your pick. Sorry to be so late in send- 
ing this, but with all the hurricane warnings, 
we have spent the last ten days putting boats 
away. Chet Ham writes that: "Graduated 
from Colby College and Andover Newton 
Theological Seminary. Ordained in 1957 
into the Congregational Christian Churches 
(now the United Church of Christ). Served 
several parishes in South Dakota, Iowa, 
Missouri and New Hampshire. Since 1969 
have been living in Londonderry, NH, 
worked at the Local USPS and have had a 
number of positions in this town of 27,000: 
member of the Middle School Building 
Committee, term on the Budget 
Committee, term on the School Board, and 
a member of Fire Department and of late, 
the Chaplain of the Fire Department and 
also the Senior Center. In 1957 was married 
and have had three enriching children and 
eight exciting grandchildren. This past fall 
(2007) we had our 50th Wedding 
Anniversary with the family (see picture). 
Also last fall, my wife, Marilyn, and I were 
chosen to be the Town Marshalls for our 
town's Old Home Days Celebration (see 

TheArchon ** Fall 2008 51 

class notes 


Mansfield '49 and Linda Smith 

picture). We DID have a good time! Our 
years together have been a great blessing and 
an unsurpassed joy for us." Bill Judson's last 
submission arrived too late to be included in 
the last issue. Regretfully, we no longer have 
it. It is very important that we hear news of 
you, so please submit anything exciting or 
not for the next issue. 

Class of 1950 

Alan F. Flynn,Jr. 

1 {Catherine Road 

Rehoboth,MA 02769-1938 


The significant advantage in gathering 
your messages for The Archon is that I see 
them first and in your sometimes-mysterious 

Always first, and always legible, is the 
card from Dave Esty of our "Most 
Honored" Class: "Still operating with child- 
like wonder and trying to learn at least one 
thing of some significance each day. Getting 
in shape for ski season with trail/mountain 
bikes and lifting weights. Great seeing Don 
Bishop at our Tuckerman Ravine board 
meetings. He's a champ." Cliff George sent 
a new address: P.O. Box 132, Hancock ME 
04640 and email: mardiclif@ pocket mail. 

"Martha and I have sold our wilderness 
camps to the CHEWONKI FOUNDA- 
TION for a base camp for their girls wilder- 
ness program. We are using my commercial 
lobster license and fishing 200 traps in 
Frenchmen Bay. We live in a real log cabin 
here and would welcome any Class or 
Academy friends if they should travel down 
this way. Tel. 207-422-3726." Hancock and 
Frenchmen Bay are adjacent to Bar Harbor 
and Acadia National Park. Not Bad. Don 
Bishop responded as follows. "We spend a 
lot of time in Brooksville, ME now, but still 
have a house in Eastham, Cape Cod. Wet 
summer here, lots of grandkids visit, sailing, 
tennis, garden, new barn, etc. Typical busy 
prodigal summer." From Dave Hershey 
came this message. "We get together, all too 
infrequently, with Calvine and Charlie 
Bowen. What a treat. Going up to Camden, 
ME for a couple of weeks. Will try to see 
Don Bishop during our stay Lots of great 
memories, and lots to look forward to. 
Brenda and I wish all good health and hap- 
piness." Dick Patton asks, "Is there a differ- 
ence between Old Guard and Old Goats 
status? I don't think so. It's better to be a sta- 
tus than a statistic. Did the Panama Canal 
this spring and got a few runs on the ski 
slopes in May. When one hits 80, the season 
pass is free. Hope to get a free pass in a few 
years. All's well in Pasadena and son Robert 
is 34 today. Perhaps one day I'll be old 
enough to be a grand parent like the rest of 
you old goats." 

I had received an email from Peter 
Gavian back in April, too late for the previ- 
ous Archon. He had just returned from a 
three-week financing trip to Ghana in order 
to establish a sister company, Phytica, Ltd. in 
Accra. The objective was an anti-malarial 
medicine for tropical Africa. Peter had vi- 
sions of changing his summer sailing desti- 
nation from Nova Scotia to the Canary 
Islands. However, a recent email indicates a 
change. "I have quit the partnership that I 
described to you in April. Despite strong of- 
ficial and foundation encouragement, my 
erstwhile partners in the United States have 
proven too intent that the Ghana operation 
be turned into a cash cow for speculative 
projects far afield from curing malaria in the 
tropics." Peter is "looking for new partners 
with a shared desire to address this global 

epidemic with existing third-world thera- 
pies." How about connecting with Rotary 's 
Polios Plus project? Didn't hear from Marc 
amRhein this time, but we should ask him 
about his experiences in Ghana and the 
daughter of a local chief. Bob and Sallie 
Comey spent two weeks of this summer as 
directors of Camp Meadowwood at their 
retirement community near Chapel Hill, 
N.C. More than 20 emotionally challenged 
children attended. A five-member profes- 
sional staff and about 65 community volun- 
teers assisted the Comeys in various activi- 
ties, including arts and crafts, bocce, croquet, 
golf, ping-pong, tennis and a treasure hunt. 
"I doubt that any of the campers had ever 
seen a croquet mallet, golf club or tennis 
racket before," Bob said. "It was a thrill to 
watch their progress and share their enthu- 
siasm." After camp ended, the Comeys 
headed for Maine. Bob had lunch with Kim 
Page '49 and two days later with Tim 
Greene. It was great to see them again. It 
was wonderful to hear from Anton 
Brockelman: "We have moved to 21A 
Bonaire Street, Hampton, NH 03842." 
Great. That's only a few miles from GDA. 
From Tim Greene came news that he "at- 
tended a Choral Festival in Leipzig, 
Germany in July. Debbie could not make it, 
but my roommate turned out to be Manson 
Hall, GDA Class of '49. Besides singing to- 
gether, we had a chance to reminisce about 
our times under Ted Eames, et al."Tim had 
lunch with Bob Comey and baseball was a 
topic of interest. Bob's most recent email 
just arrived: "I'm amazed at how the Indians 
have played since trading Sabathia, Blake 
and Bird, 36-23 since the All Star break." 
This is the latest news from Bob 
Dickerman who refuses to leave the field: 
"I'm back serving my country — coaching 
fall ball at the Naval Academy Prep School 
in Newport. Senator McCain got me to 
volunteer." Got a phone call from Charlie 
Bowen in early September, just before he 
and Calvine were to leave for six weeks of 
travel. Their trip began with a flight to 
Milan, time there and at Lake Como before 
embarking on a cruise from Monte Carlo. 
The cruise is now, as this is written, some- 
where on the Adriatic heading for Venice, 
with many stops both northbound and 
southbound, until terminating in Athens. 

52 TheArcho 

Fall 2008 

That allows time for Charlie and Calvine to 
fly to Basel, Switzerland for a cruise down 
the Rhine to Amsterdam. This should get 
them home in time to host a GDA alumni 
reunion on October 23. They look forward 
to visiting Charleston later in the year and 
seeing the Hersheys in Savannah. 

Emi and I (Alan Flynn) will be on the 
road again to India and Bhutan in 
December. Spent July with children and 
grandchildren at Martha's Vineyard. My 
Wesleyan Alumni Bulletin reported that 
Henri Salaun '49 was one of seven alumni 
elected to Wesleyan 's new Athletics Hall of 
Fame. Henri was an all-American soccer 
player in addition to the fame won in tennis 
and squash. He was a member of the facul- 
ty in 1949/50 at GDA and attended our 
50th reunion. A quote from Bob Ryan's 
commencement address at The Governor's 
Academy says it all. "I'm going to tell you 
right now you will be more interested in 
your prep school alumni gatherings than 
your college alumni gatherings." Start plan- 
ning for 2010. It's only two years away and 
we're not as fast as we used to be. 

195 1 

Class of 1951 

Ted H. Barrows HI 

41 Ridge Road 

Bristol, RI 02809 

(401) 254-1909 

tedbarrows@cox. net 

Dave Pope reports that his grand- 
children are getting married — three 
down, seven left to go. He'll be spending 
time with Ken and Yo Bistany in late 
October and states that he is selling one of 
his businesses, which will lighten the load 
for more travel. He is going to DuBase in 
January with a grandson and to South 
Africa in the spring. Going to shorten the 
ski season a little. George Kirkham and 
Mary returned to Byfield in May for the 
trustees meeting as a new trustee emeritus 
- "whatever that is"... very informative. 
They, also, stopped for a visit with John 
Witherspoon. Dave Bullock has been 
swimming a lot and says that the water 
(Cape Cod) is warmer than ever this sea- 
son so perhaps Igore is correct about the 
global warming thing. He says there are 
occasional encounters with jelly fish, but 
there are none in the Sandwich High 

School pool for winter swims three days a 
week. Dave is also active in tennis, sum- 
mer and winter and says he wishes he had 
taken up tennis at GDA! His note con- 
cluded "I was really saddened to learn of 
Charlie Gesen's passing as Charlie and I 
went on to Brown together to play more 
soccer and were fraternity brothers too." 


Class of 1952 

Franklin E. Huntress, fr. 

5 Independence Way Apt C 

Marblehead, MA 01945-4659 

(781) 631-4785 

therevfehjr@comcast. net 

Dave Powers says: "Your class notes 
are always upbeat! Was honored to receive 
Trustee Emeritus status from the Academy 
in May. Still enjoy doing parades and auto 
shows with my 1952 Willys M-38 jeep. 
Quite surprised to receive Golden (CO) 
Rotary's 'Above Self Award' in July." Don 
Rice says: "Bob Rex and I played at the 
Lake Sunapee CC in a member/guest 
tournament this past weekend. Bob 
moved to New London, NH three years 
ago. As you probably know we played BB, 
baseball and football together in 1952. We 
see a lot of each other — will be playing at 
GDA in October. Oh, we came in sec- 
ond." Charlie Windisch reports: "Many 
thanks for your good wishes. I assume the 
color of your text was either a tribute to 
the gold old G(D)A maroon and white or 
some quasi liturgical selection to ease us 
into the purple days of lent. No, the 
Sturm & Drang of fires and floods that be- 
set California annually passed us by last 
year. That's not to say our turn is not 
coming. We live in a community sur- 
rounded by wonderfully combustible veg- 
etation. Our water supply struggles with 
extended drought, and we wonder 
whether the Santa Ana winds of fall will 
one day fan a conflagration upon us. CA 
is full of excitement though not always 
the kind one looks forward to. Let's see, 
when last I wrote you were crying in your 
beer over the Yanks drubbing the Sox in 
the Series. Seems the Sox returned the fa- 
vor the following year so I guess we're 
even. Luck does trump talent at times. 
We'll get over it. On a more serious note, 
once again our Episcopal Parish is shop- 

Guy Tudor '52 
in Kern River Valley, 
South Sierra, Nevada 

ping for a leader. 
Our last replace- 
ment is a retired 
Lutheran pastor, 
full of the message 
and a marvelous 
voice in the choir. 
He is loved for all 
those good things 
and his sense of 
humanity that 

drew us together in 
ecumenical part- 
nership with other faiths in the communi- 
ty. But like all good people he wants to fi- 
nally retire and find a different life. So, 
Frank, your mission, if you choose to ac- 
cept it, is to spread the word. A small 
Episcopal Church in Cambria, CA, maybe 
100 strong on a good Sunday, wants a 
leader. We have worked our way from 
mission status to become a Church of the 
Faith and want to continue to support and 
expand our reach within San Luis Obispo 
County. It's not for the likes of you, 
Frank. You're too, well, like me, (old), but 
somewhere there must be a few young 
and energetic members of the cloth who 
would like us. So Saint Paul's Episcopal 
Church in Cambria, CA, has a press gang 
working the nation and you, Frank, are 
our New England Chapter. Yaaayy!!! 
OK, don't take me too seriously I'm not 
on the search committee. I'm just a lost 
Presbyterian who married an Episcopal 
convert many years ago when she was 
looking for an honest man, poor girl. Yes, 
the Church needs new blood. I was much 
impressed with Bishop Mary when she 
presided here on Palm Sunday. I just hope 
we can keep the ball rolling." Guy Tudor 
writes: "Only recent major trip to Kem 
River Valley in S. Sierra Nevada in July, for 
big butterfly convention. Lots of wildlife, 
but smoke continually in the air (not my 
cigs.) — 58 large wild fires burning up 
California. One night, we watched hill- 
side on fire not 6 miles from our motel. 
Well, off to North Peru in November." 

Noble Smith states: "Since GDA and 
some additional education at a college 
across the Charles River in Cambridge, I 
started on a nearly 50-year career in devel- 
opment, fund raising and management con- 
sultant ship with non-profits — and despite 
my growing years, I am still consulting on a 

TheArchon «» Fall 2008 53 

WsmMm H 

class notes 




- ^ ^^y^~ 


\ w 

'•*- Ml 

1 ' ^~ . 

Don '53 and Linda Tracy on Lake Como in Puglia, Italy 

Ted '53 and Terry Bailey 

regular, continuous basis." Walter Lawson 
says: "We are doing reasonably well here in 
Roanoke. Joan tore her Achilles tendon 
back in October and was essentially wheel- 
chair bound for two months, forcing me to 
become a 'house elf. (If you have read 
Harry Potter, you will realize that a 'house 
elf is a creature that does all the household 
duties for the witches and the wizards.) 
Unfortunately, while well on the road to re- 
covery, she recently reinjured the tendon 
and is now in one of those big heavy boots. 
We will not know the full extent of the 
damage until after an MRI. We are really 
hoping she will not have to go back into a 
wheelchair. This spring, we are looking 
forward to two graduations. My youngest 
grandson is graduating from Radford 
University here in Virginia while my oldest 
grandson is getting his MD degree from 
Columbia University." Gus Boss reports: 
"Your welcome letter caught up with us 
upon our return from cooler climates - this is 
hot, humid season in Arizona so we spend 
three weeks out (Washington, Oregon, 
Canada) and one week in which makes it tol- 
erable when it's 110 degrees and the mon- 
soon season. Primarily writing to say thanks 
for your faithful diligence in keeping the 
Class of 1952 informed." 

54 The Archon <&* Fall 2008 


Percival M. Lowell, Jr. 
1180 Milton Mills Road 

Acton, ME 04001-5048 


Fall finds me busily working in my 
yard to get ready for the 'winter. How 
about you? We in New England do hope 
that this winter is not as snowy as the last! 
I am retired and keep busy with home 
chores and town affairs. I have been serv- 
ing on three committees for the town and 
have been a general pain to the town fa- 
thers ever since we have lived here. That 
seems to be my history. Marita and I have 
been married 49 years and have two sons 
and five grandchildren . 

Does anyone know the whereabouts of 
Theodore Swenson? His notice was re- 
turned as undeliverable after being forwarded. 
If you do, I'm sure the alumni office would 
like to know. Ted Bailey writes that he 
worked 1 5 years for the family business, then 
set up his own free-lance computer program- 
ming business which he ran for 20 years. He 
and his wife, Terry, have been active in 
Geocaching for the last five years. Charles 

Gibbs has moved around in his professional 
life! Graduated Kenyon college, Yale Medical 
school, taught anatomy at U. of Kentucky, 
Studied UK medicine, General practice in 
Flemington, NS, and New Mexico; 
Psychiatric hosp., Las Vegas, NM, and retired 
from medicine in 2001. Now is horticultur- 
ist for Santa Fe River! He and his wife are in 
good health and have been married 47 years. 
He has traveled to Egypt, Israel, Turkey, 
Greece, Italy, Malta, England, Russia, 
Morroco, Tunis, China, French Polynesia, 
Bahamas and Spain. What was your favorite, 
Charles? Joe Hill writes that he is retired, 
wears trifocals, has diabetes, new knees, one 
kidney and all remaining parts work! He has 
been married 43 years and has two sons (in 
Hong Kong) and one daughter (in NJ) and 
five grandchildren. He visits Nova Scotia in 
the summer and Hong Kong in the winter, 
sails, travels, and enjoys politics as theater and 
is content. Bill Pinkham was elected Mayor 
of Estes Park, CO on April Fools Day which 
he says is appropriate! It keeps him busy and 
ended retirement. He says they still love their 
mountain paradise and invites you to come 
visit. Bill is concerned (as we all are) about 
the future of our nation and lifestyle. He be- 
lieves we are at the front end of significant 
change that will affect our kids and grandkids. 



Kathy Alven, Haskell Rhett '54, Janet Rollings and Dave Alven '54 in Bluffton, SC 

Bill King and wife Cindy moved to 
Meredith, NH a year ago to become year- 
round residents and endured last winter just as 
we did here in ME (only about 60 miles from 
Meredith). They have owned the house 20 
years and after updates and additions have 
made the move. They feel it was the right de- 
cision and a good one. Donald Scot Tracy 
writes that they enjoy kayaking in local salt 
water harbors and have noticed declining 
numbers of boaters and rivers in the area. 
They are designing a solar air heating box to 
mount on the southern wall to help heat the 
house. Tests show air heating to 130 F on 
February sunny days at their latitude. If it 
works well it may provide a business opportu- 
nity for the younger ones. They traveled to 
Italy last fall to Como, Puglia, the Adriatic and 
the Amalfi coast visiting family and friends 
with good weather and exceptional hospitali- 
ty. Their children and grandchildren visit and 
he prepared well over 200 tax returns last year 
after selling his out-of-state clients to some- 
one else. The purposely created hole is be- 
ginning to fill again! Henry Rogers says: 
"Have but little info for alumni news, but 
here it is. I am retired from making industri- 
al sapphire for four years now. Between trav- 
eling, my basement shop, and boating, I am 
fully occupied. Rosa is still head of Foreign 
Languages at Pingree and loves teaching. Our 
daughter, Rosa Maria, gave birth to our first 
grandchild, David Maloney, in May and our 
son, Howard, and his wife, Heidi, are expect- 
ing a daughter in November. Our second son, 
Gregory, is in the midst of starting an internet 
business in New York." 


Class of 1954 
Need Secretary 

55th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 


Class of 1955 

George O. Gardner III 

10 Winnatuxett Beach Road 

Mattapoisett, MA 02739 

(508) 758-6274 

I have the unpleasant duty to tell you 
that Dick Bailey passed away in October 
2007. An obituary is in this issue of The 
Archon. I didn't receive any notes from 
classmates this cycle so I assume you are 
all too busy to write! I am still active 
sailboat racing and helping run sailing 
events. The latest adventure was helping 
deliver a 68 ft. racing sailboat from Port 
Huron, MI to Portsmouth, RI. It's cold 
in the Gulf of St. Lawrence at 2:00 a.m. 
when it's raining and the water tempera- 
ture is 55 degrees!" 


Class of 1956 

James Dean, 111 

P.O. Box 186 

South Berwick, ME 03908-0186 

(207) 384-9184 

diannedean@aol. com 

Herb Hodos writes: "I retired from the 
Massachusetts judiciary (as presiding justice 
of the Greenfield District Court) in May of 
this year. Shortly afterwards, Governor 
Patrick appointed me to the state Board of 
Registration in Medicine. The board attends 
to the licensing and regulation of medical 
doctors and acupuncturists and handles dis- 
ciplining of doctors and acupuncturists 
against whom complaints have been 
brought. I am going through a learning 
process now but I find it to be a great expe- 
rience and a true public service." John 
Wilson and Lorraine both are retired. 
Traveled to the Maritimes this summer and 
got to Newfoundland. John has three chil- 
dren in Vancouver, BO and will get to visit 
them this summer. Steve Bartow keeps me 
posted on his fishing successes in Islamorada, 
FL. His daughter, Felicia, recently gave birth 
to twin daughters in California. Steve plans 
to visit friends in Boothbay Harbor this fall. 
Jim Dean and Dianne entertained their son 
and family over the 4th of July in Maine. 
Reunions of family and classmates took 
place. Bart's cancer condition is somewhat 
stable after 33 chemo treatments. John 
Henry invited Widge Needham to a visit 
and some rounds of golf in Naples, FL this 
past summer. Henry Hill and his wife Carol 
enjoyed a wonderful visit with Tony Miller 
and wife Susan on a trip to England. Tony 
says that his newest grandson is now 8 
months old. Tony and Susan have two 
granddaughters, 9 and 12, and two grand- 
sons, 5 3 A and 8 months. Tony and Susan re- 
turned from two wonderful weeks in 
Thailand, and this is good for a 70-year-old. 
Joe MacLeod and Carolyn recently re- 
turned from an enlightening trip to Central 
and South America on a major cruise. Upon 
return he visited with Joel and Pia Nichols 
in Vermont. Joel and Pia recently returned 
from an excellent trip to Finland. Stan 
Rhodes dined with Bob Conklin, his wife, 
and friends. They made East/West coastal 
connections last February. Stan and Hilda 
very much enjoy their eight grandchildren 

The Archon «f» Fall 2008 55 

1 a 

s s notes 

and took them on a family trip to Nantucket 
this summer. He is also tutoring students in 
physics. Bill Sayles phoned to say that his 
wife was playing golf near my house in 
Maine. He has a summer home in Lovell, 
Maine and a winter residence on the east 
coast of Florida. He has been in touch with 
Joe MacLeod and John Finger. John 
Tisdale called to wish my family well this 
summer. He is possibly planning to sell his 
house and change living locations. 


Class of 1957 

Lyman A. Cousens, III 

4 Goodhue Road 

Boscawen, NH 03303-2500 

(603) 796-6446 

lymancousens@comcast. net 

Correspondence from Classmates seems 
to have dissipated somewhat since our out- 
standing 50th Reunion, but a late-breaking 
email brought some responses from GDA's, 
nowTGA's, Brightest Class. No one has con- 
tested that label, and Ted Eames told me it was 
true. Remember the old phrase, hardy, hardy, 
hardy? WeU, it didn't apply to our Hardy (if it 
applied to anything at all). Our Hardy 
(Bedford) says he is, get this, still 
married... like it is some phenomenon, and 
working part-time at a local marina up there 
on the big lake. When the snow flies, he'll be 
heading south to visit his five granddaughters. 
The Beeb, Ned Beebe, that is, spent a bunch 
of time this summer in Eastern Europe, pri- 
marily by boat on the Danube. Ned said he 
learned more history there in a month than in 
a year from Mr. Livingston. Remember him? 
Me neither... Great to hear from Ned Stone, 
living in Alexandria, Virginia, AND no more 
than 30 minutes away from all four of his kids. 
Lucky guy, two of my three kids and four 
grandchildren are on the west coast. Ned has 
been retired for a couple of years, but like 
many of us is as busy as ever. He is teaching 
and volunteering for the National Park 
Service patrolling bike trails and seeking out 
invasive plants. He and Lydia travel to Central 
and South America every year, putting their 
Spanish to good use. Mr. Barriskill would be 
proud. I miss that guy! Jeff Fitts was a four- 
year member of the Rifle Club. I was a three- 

year member of the Butt Club. It is still called 
the Rifle Club, but the Butt Club has a new 
name I'll bet. Jeff still summers well in 
Wolfeboro, heading to Sarasota shortly. I can 
attest he still hits a golf ball a country mile. 
Mel Blake (who was a big contributor to our 
Reunion) has a granddaughter at, dare I say 
it??. ..Nobles. Turns out her dad and granddad 
were Noble fellows, and great grandpa taught 
there for 40 years. Guess we'll give Mel a pass 
on this one. Bill Mathews (how many re- 
member he was "Harry"?) is living the good 
life in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, with 
120 golf courses within 45 minutes, and 
gosh!, they play all year round down there. 
How sad, no chance to cross-country ski on 
those downhill par 5's at 10 below! 

Great note from my favorite limy, John 
Wichers. John is bemoaning the fact he is 
about to join the Class of 70 (years old). No 
problem, John! He and Judith have moved to 
a flat in Edinburgh, spending a good part of 
the summer sailing the Scottish waters. John 
reports the weather has been so miserable, 
his bees have cut back on honey production. 
Who'd a thunk it? 'Nuffsaid. 


Class of 1958 

Ralph E.Ardijf, Jr. 

238 Conant Street 

Danvers, MA 01923-2528 

(978) 774-3336 

rardiff@ardiffblake. com 

It is hard to believe that our 50th reunion 
at GDA has come and gone. Twelve of us re- 
turned to South Byfield for some or all of re- 
union weekend. Those in attendance and their 
significant others were the following: Ralph 
ArdifF, Chick Carroll, Dave Cox/Gaylene, 
Harvey Hayden, Jim Main/Claudette, 
Ward Miles/Dottie, Neil Quinn, Demi 
Read/Tina, Fred Sayles/Joanne, Jim 
Sylvester, Russ Tornrose, Nufif 

Withington/June. All sorts of stories and 
reminiscences filled the weekend. There was 
the story about an old barber's chair which had 
special meaning to Gump Hayden, which was 
bought at public auction as a keepsake by NufF 
Withington. There were also stories about 
hopping from one piece of floating ice to an- 

other as the Parker River thawed out in the 
springtime. There were even tales about grass 
stains on tuxedos during the spring dance. (I'd 
always been under the impression that we were 
supposed to stay inside the dancehall and 
dance). We had a terrific time, but I failed to 
take any notes, believing that my resignation 
from the job of secretary would be accepted 
and that there would be a new scribe for our 
class notes. Demi Read must have realized 
that he was about to be bumped as our class 
president; so he showed up at the reunion for 
the first time since we graduated to reassert his 
authority and to be elected as our class presi- 
dent for another 50 years. Fred Sayles was 
back on campus for the first time in 50 years 
and was most impressed with the athletic facil- 
ities. Neil Quinn, Demi Read and I dis- 
cussed the many changes in the equipment 
used in lacrosse. All three of us believed that we 
■would have been much better players with the 
21st century lacrosse sticks. Jim Main and 
wife Claudette made it to Byfield all the way 
from California. They continue to do a great 
deal of traveling and conduct tours all over the 
world. Neil Quinn continues to ride bicycles 
enthusiastically, but has sold his bicycle shop af- 
ter 33 years in the business in exchange for a 
simpler life — no more inventories, no more 
employees ever. Dave Cox is semi-retired, but 
continues to work as the psychology supervi- 
sor at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, 
which is Ohio's maximum-security prison. 
On the side he enjoys speed boating on the 
Ohio River and on the lakes of Ohio and 
Kentucky. Ward Miles provided us with a 
brief history of his life. He graduated from col- 
lege, got married five days later, entered USAF 
pilot training two months later. He liked fly- 
ing and never made another decision. He re- 
tired from TWA in 2000. He and Dottie have 
a son and a daughter, three granddaughters, and 
are enjoying the good life and have lived in 
Brookfield, Connecticut for 34 years. We all 
thanked Gump Hayden for all of his hard 
work, keeping in contact with our classmates 
and constantly extolling the virtues of our alma 
mater. Did I mention that Jim Sylvester and 
I were the big winners in the 50th reunion golf 
tournament, in the absence of Newt Lamson 
and Toto Hunt? We have now entered the 
ranks of "the old guard" which title we will 
hold for the rest of our lives. 

56 TlteArchon a» Fall 2008 


"X oww 


Class of 1959 

Mirick Friend 

P.O. 540 

Minor Lake, NH 03853-0540 

(603) 569-3212 

50th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Randy Light sent in a nice e-mail for 
the 2008 winter Archon that I lost in my e- 
file. For that reason I am including it here 
with apologies to Randy: "My wife and I at- 
tended the September 16 (2007) memorial 
service at the Academy for Mr. Navins. It 
was a moving and deserving tribute for Mr. 
Navins. He unquestionably exemplified the 
outstanding people who have been associat- 
ed with the Academy. I have not been back 
to the school for several years. It looked 
great. After the service for Mr. Navins, I had 
the opportunity to talk with Messrs. 
Anderson and Williams, Peter Sherin, 
Harvey Hayden '58, and Reverend 
Eleanor Sager Mercer, among others. 
Hopefully, I will be able to return to South 
Byfield in the near future, certainly for the 
50th reunion in 2009. This past March I 
went 'of counsel' with my law firm, and my 
wife and I moved from Toledo, Ohio to 
Cazenovia, New York, near Syracuse, to be 
closer to the grandchildren. And Cazenovia 
is closer than Toledo to South Byfield. In 
addition, I have since learned that Bobby 
Dietz's relatives apparently own property on 
Cazenovia Lake. When Bobby and I were 
freshmen roommates on the top floor ("at- 
tic") of Moody House, who would have 
thought that some day I would be living near 
his pre-New Mexico hometown of 
Syracuse. Small world. Of course, times do 
change. A further and shocking example: af- 
ter the service for Mr. Navins, I drove by the 
South Byfield church that many of us walked 
to and from Sunday mornings as students at 
GDA. The church has been turned into a 
family residence and is for sale at the offer- 
ing price of $639,000.00. I am sure that 
there is a moral in this 'conversion', but I 
have not yet been able to grasp it. Perhaps, 
engaging in prayer while in a church pew 

and not studying Spanish vocabulary may be 
part of the message." Walter Cannon is fi- 
nally edging towards retirement. He writes 
that he has retired as a thoracic surgeon in 
June but will continue as the co-medical di- 
rector of the many operating rooms at 
Stanford University Hospital. No more be- 
ing on call, no more late night telephone 
calls as has been the habit for 40 years. More 
time now for travel, flying and restoring air- 
craft. While in medical school he met and 
married a Swiss physician, Irene Plattner. 
"We have four kids and now have seven 
grandchildren. Our oldest is in the corporate 
aircraft fueling business in Portland, OR. 
Our next is a girl who married a British 
pathologist and lives in Shrewsbury, England. 
She is also a physician and works part time as 
she has five children including one pair of 
twins. Our third is a girl and a real estate bro- 
ker in Palo Alto, CA. Our fourth (Harvard 
CE97) is a marine FPA-18 fighter pilot and 
has spent three tours of duty in Iraq. [Ed. - I 
guess they don't have names!]" Walter con- 
tinues to pursue his interest in and love for 
sport of glider flying and restoration. He has 
restored five antique gliders and is working 
on his sixth. He says, "Taking an aircraft 
apart, restoring the structure, covering it 
again with Dacron fabric is a very rewarding 
endeavor. It is cheaper that a psychiatrist and 
when you have finished you have something 
to show for your many hours of work." 
David Latham writes that he has retired 
AGAIN. He and his wife Brenda have 
bought a motor home and will be taking it 
to Florida for the winter, their first vacation 
of more than a week's duration in many 
years. He started playing guitar at GDA and 
has taken it up again, learning to play jazz 
and blues. Jim Foley is looking forward to 
the 50th: "Been quite a year in Albion 
(Maine) - all the rain caused a planting delay 
and haying was really late. Could not get the 
tractors into the fields. Everybody up here is 
really stocking their woodpiles for next win- 
ter." Ken Wolf is still practicing medicine. 
Flying and golf are his passions. He is spend- 
ing less time now volunteering to teach eye 
surgery worldwide and more time practicing 
putting. Still flying a prop jet and has recent- 
ly learned to fly helicopters. He and wife 
Fredda hop around Maine in a little two- 
seater for impromptu lunches where they 
can land. Finally, Bob Pouch tells us he is 
hoping to get back for the 50th. He is retir- 
ing from the NYS Pilot Commission this fall 

but continuing another year in his NYS 
National Guard unit. Susan is active with our 
local hospital board and is president of our 
building coop. Brian Marsh OBE sent me a 
huge package of financial reading. From it I 
have been able to glean that he is chairman 
of the B. P. Marsh Group which is a niche 
venture capital provider to early stage finan- 
cial services businesses. Of more significance, 
however, is his position as chairman of the 
Marsh Christian Trust. This is a 1981 cre- 
ation of Brian's which started with a base 
funding of L75,000 and has grown to 
L5, 700, 000. The trust makes financial awards 
to the "unsung heroes and heroines from 
professions within the scientific fields of ge- 
netic bio-diversity and conservation biology 
to volunteers working with both the young 
and old."Truly impressive. The Marsh Awards 
"recognize those who do it out of love, not 
for money." Go to www.marshchris- to learn more. 


Class of 1960 

fohn C. Elwell 

266 High Street 

Newburyport, MA 01950-3838 

(978) 462-8149 

News from my fellow classmates is very 
sparse this cycle. I heard from Greg Meyer 
via a postcard and phone call. Greg is doing 
well and appears to be settled into their 
beautiful home in Florida. He is trying to 
figure out what he has to do technologically 
to produce a picture of his home for our 
class notes. Greg writes that his wife Joan just 
completed her office with a 92-gallon fresh 
water aquarium. (Now if my math is correct 
that is over 700 lbs of aquarium... in Maine 
they might call that an indoor pool!). Greg 
also shares that they have converted two 
bedrooms into a library and a media room 
with a 100' screen (it does say "100"') and 
ceiling projector. "Stretch" is not sparing any 
size!!! Walcott Hamilton sends greetings 
from far away: "Shula and I are still enjoying 
the good food, wine and living in Buenos 
Aires. Despite inflation the cost of living is 
more affordable than most other big cities. 
We like the ready transportation though the 
price of cabs is going up, but they too are 
cheaper than in the US. We love not owning 
a car. The politics and economics of the place 

The Archon ■&» Fall 2008 57 



class notes 

are interesting to 'watch. Nobody trusts ei- 
ther; so most of the money gets turned into 
buildings and land, or is shipped out of the 
country. There's not enough investment in 
industry in a country that is mostly about 
exporting commodities. But the somewhat 
leftish administration is so intent on seeing 
to it that wealth gets redistributed that it in- 
duced a strike by the entire farming com- 
munity which withheld exports. The coun- 
try has now missed the recent commodities 
price spike and things still aren't settled. We'd 
rather beat up the goose that lays the eggs 
than let it get fatter and actually lay some 
eggs. Furthermore we'd rather borrow our 
money from Chavez at 1 5 percent than from 
the IMF at 5 percent. It's all quite entertain- 
ing for someone not dependent on this 
economy for a livelihood." 

Great to hear from you, Walcott. What are 
the citizens' impressions of the United States, 
especially with our current financial mess? 

And that's the news I have this time. Hope 
all is well with everyone. Remember the porch 
light is still on for you at 266 High Street. 

After a successful year at Mercersburg 
Academy last year, Sarah decided to opt for 
the local area. Laura and I are enjoying the 
close proximity (five miles) of our daughter 
and her family 

Class of 1961 

Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. 

5311 Edlen Drive 

Dallas, TX 74220-2101 

(214) 987-3090 

tmercer@cerescap. net 

J. Stephen Sawyer 

202 South Fileys Road 

Dillsburg,PA 17019-9563 

(717) 432-2860 

stevesaw@comcast. net 

Albie Booth writes that he saw Tom 
Woodruff in San Francisco and was able to 
catch up with the activities of Tom and 
Kathy He also saw Dave Stringer in Florida 
and planned to visit again with the Stringers 
this August in Manlius, NY. Albie claims to 
have shot a one under par 69 in Tuscan in 
July - his best round of golf ever. [ed. note: 
actual number of holes not specified, we're 
assuming 18 here]. My two granddaughters 
are attending the local public schools after 
years of home schooling. Cassie, 13, is in the 
eighth grade and Sarah, 15, is in the tenth. 

Class of 1962 

Thomas S. Tobey 

59 West Portola Avenue 

Los Altos, CA 94022-1209 

(650) 941-5060 

Hello, Class of 62. I can hardly believe 
that it has now been 50 years since those 
who matriculated in '58! I feel a little bent 
over at the thought of actually being that 
old. Of course, I quickly straighten up in case 
someone is looking over the fence at me. 
There are many ways that we all should be 
engaged to keep healthy and fit. I will try to 
give you a review of some of the class since 
last I reported. 

There is one among our classmates who 
is clearly leading the pack in the adventure 
category - Peter Butler. His report is too 
good to pass up so I am sharing a major por- 
tion of his report: "I did a three day climb 
with Alpine Ascents. Our party had eight 
clients and four guides. Day one is a steady 
climb of four to five hours from the base 
lodge at 6,000 feet to Camp Muir at 10,000 
feet. I scheduled to climb early in the season 
when the snow is deep, so we were climbing 
on snowfields and glaciers the whole way. 
Later in the season the weather is a little bet- 
ter, but much of the climb is on bare rock. 
We had good weather to start, but conditions 
deteriorated as we approached Camp Muir. 
We had blizzard conditions overnight, but it 
seemed to improve in the morning. Day 
two is time to acclimatize and practice 
climbing techniques so as to prepare for the 
summit attempt. We practiced climbing on 
ropes with ice axes and crampons. The Muir 
route on Rainier is not a technical climb, but 
it does require climbing on glaciers with cre- 
vasses. We got to bed early to be up at 2 a.m. 
on day three to begin the summit attempt. It 
is best to climb early before the sun gets on 
the snow and makes conditions mushy. We 
took a couple and a half hours to reach 

11,000 feet. Even with the temperature in 
the single digits, it is easy to overheat when 
climbing. As soon as you stop to take a break 
you need to throw on several layers to stop 
from freezing. Our pace was far too slow 
and conditions were deteriorating. We still 
had 3,000 feet to the summit and then 8,000 
feet to descend to base camp. I decided to 
declare victory and start down. Half of the 
group decided to push on, but a half hour 
latter they were almost blown off the moun- 
tain and also had to turn back. The weath- 
er was perfect two days earlier and two days 
later, but for our date it was not to be. My 
second adventure this summer was a two- 
week kayaking trip to Ellesmere Island in the 
far north of Canada. Our goal was to reach 
Pirn Island, a spot where in 1884 Adolphus 
Greely and his party of 24 men were ma- 
rooned. Nineteen of the crew died, mostly 
from starvation. There was one execution 
and some cannibalization as well. Pirn is a 
rather grim and barren place at the mouth of 
Alexandra Fiord at about 79 degrees north 
and is about 20 miles from Greenland. There 
is an old abandoned RCMP station in 
Alexandra Fiord and the outfitter stores a 
dozen kayaks in one of the old buildings. 
The half-dozen small huts of the RCMP sta- 
tion are the only structures for a couple hun- 
dred miles. Ellesmere, the world's tenth 
largest island, is treeless and uninhabited ex- 
cept for a tiny Inuit village and two small 
'weather stations' that are very interested in 
the weather conditions over Russia. Our 
group had eight guests and two guides. We 
first flew from Ottawa to Resolute Bay, a vil- 
lage of 500 that is one of the most norther- 
ly communities in the world. While we had 
planned to fly out the next morning, the 
weather in the far north is unpredictable and 
we were stuck in Resolute for three nights 
(of course this far north in the summer the 
sun is up 24 hours a day, so there really aren't 
any nights.) The weather finally cooperated, 
and we took a small de Havilland Twin Otter 
for the three-hour flight to Alexandra. It was 
mid-July, and the ice was just starting to 
break up, so we flew over vast ice flows, ice 
bergs and glaciers. The kayaking season is 
only four weeks long, from mid-July to mid- 
August. We arrived on the small airstrip to 
be greeted by a half dozen researchers. The 
RCMP station is now home for a few weeks 

58 The Archon «> Fall 2008 

Tom Tobey '62, Dave Williams 
and Frank Bond '62 

Tom Tobey '62, Peter Butler '62 
and Frank Bond 62' in York, ME 
with former coach, Bob Anderson 

Tom Tobey '62, Marty Doggett 
and Frank Bond '62 

each summer to a scientific study group re- 
searching the effect of climate change on the 
(almost non-existent) plant life. They were 
excited to see some new faces after almost a 
month in the field and explained to us the 
changes they have been able to document af- 
ter nearly 20 years of annual study in 
Alexandra Fiord. Conditions have changed 
markedly, but Alexandra is still solid ice for 
nine months of the year. We camped 
'overnight' at the station and then began 
kayaking toward Pirn Island, about 30 miles 
away. We were only able to go about five or 
six miles before the ice blocked our way. We 
camped and waited two days to see if the ice 
would break up. It didn't, and we had to 
abandoned our plans for Pirn and kayak to 
other areas along the coast. Only about one 
in three expiations that have tried have actu- 
ally been able to get the whole way to Pirn. 
Our two-day delay in Resolute left us with 
little cushion, and we were forced to change 
plans early. All of Ellesmere is spectacular. 
There are several fiords connected to 
Alexandra, all with rugged mountains and 
gorgeous glaciers running down to the sea. 
Time and time again we were blocked by 
ice. While we were often able to slowly ma- 
neuver through the ice pack, when the ice 
pack got too dense we were always able to 
turn and go a different direction. Although 
no one lives on the east coast of Ellesmere 
today, various Inuit peoples have inhabited 
the area for thousands of years, and we visit- 
ed several archeological sites. The wildlife is 
active this far north during the brief sum- 
mer. I know that Frank Bond has been to 
the far north to study the bird life. I'm not 
an expert on birds, but I can say we saw 
many common eiders, snow geese, glaucous 
gulls, red-throated loons, snow buntings, and 
arctic terns. In terms of birds of prey we did 
see jaegers. The researchers told us that there 
had been a pair of gyrfalcon nesting on an is- 

land in Alexandra. Last year they had been 
successful in rearing a chick. This year they 
were not successful and had abandoned the 
nest before we arrived. Early in the trip we 
saw bearded seals. A couple of days later the 
walrus appeared. They only come into the 
fiord after the ice has opened up. Walrus can 
be aggressive and are particularly dangerous 
to kayakers. Imagine aVW-sized 4000 pound 
red-eyed walrus planting its tusks on your 
foredeck. Not a good thing. Polar bears can 
also be a problem but we successfully man- 
aged to stay out of each other's way." 

While Peter was up north, John 
Tarbell chimed from his summer home 
away from New York City on Long Island. 
Here is his report: "I've spent the summer on 
Long Island, testing the ability to work vir- 
tually away from the office while serving as 
'Mr. Mom' for our 13-year-old daughter 
Liza while Anne rode out Wall Street's storm 
seas in the city. I have a lot more respect for 
the so-called soccer moms now, having spent 
eight weeks doing the horse show circuit 
and daily runs to training barn, the beach 
and the supermarket. How to disguise my 
whereabouts on conference calls while the 
lawn mowing crew did the lawn got past me, 
though. All in all it was very rewarding ex- 
perience, but many of you would have 
smiled to bear witness to my dispensing of 
parental wisdom to our new teen daughter. 
While this is indeed a whole new world, ba- 
sic values remain fundamental, unfortunately 
something that what I call the Peter Pan 
Parents have given up on. It's just amazing, as 
you know. Our family reward is a trip over 
Labor Day to Italy and France, celebrating 
significant birthdates for all of us this year. 
My first trip back to Rome and Venice since 
'64 when I traveled with Peter and David 
Butler, GDA '62 and '64 respectively. I'll have 
to catch up on the DNC and RNC conven- 

tions' pithy moments from my political ana- 
lyst, Tim McNally. Hope you are all well, or 
as reality has it, as well as you can be." 

I was very pleased as you will be to hear 
of the exploits of Peter Buck and his wife, 
Lynda: (I never seem to get around to re- 
sponding to your notes that you so faithfully 
send out to us, but have decided I need to.) 
"Lynda and I are headed up to Peaks Island, 
Maine tomorrow for a two-week vacation. 
We have been to Bailey's Island, Maine the 
last two summers but decided to try Peaks as 
some close friends also vacation there. Sorry 
to say I will not have any opportunities to 
contact classmates this trip. I should have 
thought of it sooner. Recent events have 
been somewhat predictable. As you may 
know, I have a video business Waterford 
Productions. Our oldest son Jamie was be- 
tween jobs and agreed to leave Denver to 
come and help build the business. It has been 
spotty at best. However, we (Jamie & I) did 
spend 16 days in Togo, Africa shooting, edit- 
ing and authoring a two-hour DVD movie 
for a team associated with a missionary hos- 
pital there. The story was written by the 
Togolese team and was shot completely in 
French. I did not understand too many 
words but was able to shout 'arete!' which 
means 'cut!'. We worked very hard. Did 90 
percent of the shooting the first two days we 
were there and spent the rest of the time ed- 
iting, adding music and special effects, etc. 
We did leave a completed movie on DVDs 
behind when we left. We are now starting to 
put in the English subtitles. I've attached 
some pictures. Cheryl is Cheryl Gayle, the 
wife of a doctor who works at the hospital in 
Togo. We are now trying to break into 
shooting video of standard bred yearlings 
that are going to the sales. It is quite exciting 
standing in the middle of a paddock with a 
wild horse running around. At one time I 

TheArchon «** Fall 2008 59 

iiC Jl'HyWflH'i 

■ I - 


class notes 

i ■ 

thought I might be slowing down and set- 
tling into a routine at this point in my life. I 
am so glad that is not the case." 

Ham Agnew has clocked in with some 
very interesting facts about himself from the 
past that I found fascinating. I hope you will 
too. Ham has a collection of music which he 
put together when he was with Radio Station 
KFML in Denver, Colorado in the 70s. 
Listeners could expect the unexpected, from 
contemporary pop artists to the roots of the 
blues. From in-studio performances by a folk 
rocker like Eric Anderson, to electric poets. 
Just yesterday I spoke to Ham on the phone 
at which time he relayed an interesting ac- 
count from the early 70s when he was a 
sound engineer with radio station KFML and 
was doing some mixing for Jim Hendrix for a 
couple of hours. He also worked with Bonnie 
Rait, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and others. What 
Ham is doing never ceases to amaze me. 

I received a brief report from Andy 
Whittemore who, as you can imagine, is still 
making contributions in the field of medi- 
cine. I make no apologies in saying that Andy 
remains one of my personal heroes for his 
help to me and for his contributions to the 
medical community at large. He reports that 
all is well with his growing family, now with 
five grandchildren. Andy was recently elected 
President of the American Surgical 
Association, which is a real honor. Andy ac- 
knowledges having been fortunate to have 
had wonderful mentors, opportunities and a 
supportive family along the way. Kudos to 
Andy. I had a long overdue conversation with 
Colin Studds a few days ago. He is recover- 
ing following a freak accident near his home 
in Cohasset, MA. I understand from talking 
with Colin's wife Mary Lou that their sons, 
Tyler (an accomplished cabinet maker on 
Martha's Vineyard) and Colin Jr. may be ex- 
panding their social plans in the near future. 
Colin Jr. is completing a doctorate in some as- 
pect of bird science. JohnTarbell and I have 
been in touch several times in the past months 
with Ted Moore in Alaska. Ted has been our 
"man on the street" with regard to the Sarah 
Palin vice presidential candidacy since Ted 
and his wife, Ginny, have been residents of 
Anchorage for almost four decades. Ted and 
Ginny are now grandparents three times with 
their son Ian and daughter, Heather. 

The past summer took my wife, 
Karen, our golden retriever Kona and me 
to Oregon, Idaho, Colorado and the 
Grand Canyon. The trip was ostensibly to 
see our granddaughter, daughter Rachel 
and her husband Will. We had a few ad- 
ventures on the way. Crested Butte, wild- 
flower capital of Colorado was a great 
destination which was new for us. The 
Grand Canyon was as spectacular this time 
as when I visited over 25 years ago. While 
I continue to stay busy working with a 
California start up, Karen is looking for- 
ward to a change when she retires after 33 
years at the same school in Palo Alto. 
Future plans include returning to New 
Zealand in 2009. After that, who knows. 

Four years and counting till our 
50th reunion. 



Need Secretary 

Cal Mackenzie says: His new book 
The Liberal Hour: Washington and the 
Politics of Change in the 1960s was published 
by Penquin in July. Cal is the Goldfarb 
Family Distinguished Professor of 
Government at Colby College, where he 
has taught for the past 30 years. Robert 
Mann says: "I continue selling residential 
real estate in Fort Lauderdale. Bob 
Fullerton recently retired as captain on 
American Airlines 777. He now flies my 
Gulf stream 5! All is well." 


Class of 1964 

Peter C. Thomas 

600 Warren Road, Apt. 3-2F 

Ithaca, NY 14850 

(607) 257-2370 

45th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 


Class of 1965 

Kenneth A. Linberg 

6766B Del Playa Drive 

Isla Vista, CA 931 17-4910 

(805) 685-1868 

linberg@lifesci. ucsb. edu 

Greetings to all classmates and their 
families! I want to express 'our' appreciation 
to all of you submitting updates this time. 
Perhaps this will stimulate additional stories 
from others among us. That would be nice! 

Some time ago one of those little 
cards arrived from Jack Gregg, so it is 
only fitting that he should lead the field 
this time. Jack related that last year he "ran 
the Marine Corps marathon in October — 
think it is my last!" He went on, "After 26 
years at essentially the same firm, I have 
changed and am now at Deutsche Bank." 
Thanks for keeping us posted, Jack. 
Delighted to receive a phone call from 
Scott Magrane who had his own 26-year 
story: what with his youngest child off to 
college, he and Lynn are 'empty nesters' 
for the first time after this same time span. 
Having left Goldman Sachs four years ago, 
his own business was doing well and we 
certainly hope that it and he have been 
minimally impacted by the financial 
storms of late. Perhaps this new freedom 
will permit their attending our next 
Reunion in 2010. That would be sweet... 
Chimed in with Mark Starr when he was 
stationed in Beijing for the Olympics. 
Knowing from past communications how 
non-stop busy he is at such times, he 
wrote back quite a newsy update: "Hope 
to catch up on some China next week, do 
a few touristy things, but this is pretty 
consuming and isolated. Coolest part, not 
that I've seen her, is that my daughter is 
here, interning with NBC. We have a din- 
ner scheduled for Thursday night and that 
will be exciting. She spent half of the year 
at the University of Cape Town, brief stint 
home, and then off to Beijing (she came 
almost a week ahead of me). This is the 
life for 21 -year-olds today. I hadn't crossed 
the Mississippi or the Mason Dixon line at 
that age. This could be my last Olympics.. I 
am retiring September 30." He goes on to 

60 TheArchon e>* Fall 2008 


explain that as a Contributing Editor, he 
might be making an 11th Olympics dur- 
ing the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 
2010. He concludes, "Beyond the 
Newsweek stuff, not much of a clue about 
the future, but it has been a helluva ride." 
An understatement! It's been great to have 
shared your insights and your being cen- 
tral to so many Sports stories over the 
years. One idea: after Vancouver in 2010 
comes Byfield in June. Just a thought... 
Another classmate involved with the 
News business chimed in as well. Peter 
Imber e-mailed that he had recently re- 
turned from a vacation in Maine. Driving 
down to Logan for the trip back to LA he 
drove by the Academy but in lieu of look- 
ing around the school he instead "drove 
across the street to wander around the 
[Ould Newbury] golf course which I 
haven't played nor seen since we graduat- 
ed. I was co-captain of the golf team with 
Arnie Morton 43 years ago but posed for 
the Captain's picture alone at the 
Milestone after Arnie got kicked out of 
school..." Updating his activities, he con- 
tinues, "I'm still a producer for ABC News 
based in California. I'm now one of the 
older people doing what I do at the net- 
work. Even though my business has 
changed dramatically, I'm happy to be 
working and to have health insurance. My 
son is about to start his final year at UC 
Irvine. But my big news is that I've re- 
married. My wife, Jo Dondis, is a New 
Englander by birth and upbringing and a 
wonderful person I feel most lucky to 
have met." Congratulations, Peter, to you 
and Jo! Perhaps you'll be vacationing in 
New England in June 2010 and possibly 
be reunited with your former co-captain 
as Arnie is a faithful and enthusiastic 
Reunion attendee — and lots of fun to 
boot. I think the links at Ould Newbury 
are one of many activities during the 
weekend. Thanks for all your news, Peter. 
Also wonderful to hear from Eric Shepard 
who persevered with the e-mail snafu and 
submitted all that he and Diane have been 
up to of late. He writes, "I finished the re- 
quirements for my Master of Divinity de- 
gree in December, 2007 and graduated 
from Asbury Theological Seminary in 
May, 2008. Diane and I interviewed in 
South Carolina in August, 2007 with the 
prayer that we might be transferred closer 
to our grandchildren. The Methodist 

Jim Connolly '66 with daughters Camilla '08, Caroline and Christina 
at graduation in June at The Governor's Academy 

church transferred us to Seneca, SC in 
June, 2008. We serve two small churches. 
Sundays are a bit frantic with just 15 min- 
utes and 6.5 miles between the services. I 
am now a full time, Licensed Local Pastor, 
and am preparing for the submission of 
my paperwork for commissioning and 
eventual ordination in the United 
Methodist Church." Eric concludes, "We 
are anxiously awaiting Reunion, 2010 and 
look forward to seeing every one." Music 
to my ears, Eric! Way to go, fella. 
Congratulations to you and Diane for all 
of your hard work and accomplishments, 
and I hope the ordination process goes 
smoothly As far as my news is concerned, 
as I mentioned in my last communique, I 
spent almost three weeks in and around 
the Cape and enjoyed Chester Parasco's 
company during much of it. Certainly at 
the top of our list was our terrific and 
memorable visit to the home of Charles 
and Carol Dunton on Nantucket for the 
Fourth of July weekend. We did have a de- 
lightful visit full of great food and fun 
times together. Always so hard to climb on 
that Ferry back to the mainland. Chester 
and I also visited with a mutual friend on 
Naushon. Something to see for sure. 
Anyway, that's all for now. Plan to send 
some news of your own come the Spring 
issue of The Archon. You'll hear from me 
in advance of that one. 

And remember, think June 2010. Not 
that far off... 


Class of 1966 

James Connolly 

P.O. Box 332 

Newburyport, MA 01950-2646 

(978) 465-3331 

I went to another great production of 
the drama department this Spring — Noises 
Off. My daughter, Camila, played a tipsy 
housekeeper - a role played with great au- 
thenticity. I don't think any further comment 
is necessary. She also graduated in May as a 
proud member of the Class of 2008. This 
year she is participating in the English 
Speaking Union program, so she will spend a 
year boarding at a high school in England, 
before she starts college atWellesley This is a 
program in which Roy Hope also partici- 
pated. Although Roy found that his freedom 
was more restricted than that of his GDA 
classmates at college, it works for us. Her class 
was the last to be given the option of having 
the diploma read from Governor Dummer 
Academy, which she selected. We were pleas- 
antly surprised at graduation when she re- 
ceived the Moody Kent prize for English, 
which it turns out her uncle, Bill Connolly 
'72, also received when he graduated. We are 
awaiting their first novels. In the absence of 
any other photographs for these notes, I am 
including a picture of Camila and her sisters 
from the graduation luncheon. 

The Archon ae Fall 2008 61 




It is a sign that the seasons are changing 
here that Len Johnson is pulhng his boat for 
the season this week. Len spent much of the 
summer on his powerboat taking day trips to 
local spots like Gloucester and Rockport. 
Len's wife, Christine, retired from teaching 
this year. Already an accomplished artist, 
who has shown works at The Governor's 
Academy, she is now able to spend more 
time painting. They are still living in 
Amesbury and have turned a room in the 
house into a studio. Len works in the claims 
office of Travelers Insurance Company. 
Fred Barker has moved to Union, South 
Carolina, where he practices general surgery. 
Fred has four children ranging in ages from 
27 to 13. His 18-year-old is spending a year 
in Puebla, Mexico as part of a Rotary 
Exchange program. Although he now lives 
in Union, which coincidentally happens to 
be my mother's home town, Fred has an an- 
cestor who arrived on the Mayflower and his 
descendants owned the Richard Barker farm 
in North Andover for generations. On a sad 
note, Larry Hilliard advises us that Mary 
Helen, his wife of 29 years, lost her battle 
with cancer and died on Palm Sunday. Larry 
is surrounded by his five children, who have 
been a great comfort to him. Larry is the di- 
rector of public relations for the State of 
Mississippi Public Employees' Retirement 
System and he plans to retire next year. 

That is all the news I have. If any of you 
are touched by a Muse while working on the 
computer, please send me an email, and I can 
include it in the Spring Archon. Pictures are 
always welcome. 


Class of 1967 

Bennett H. Beach 

1201 Denton Road 

Bethesda, MD 20814-2335 

(301) 951-9643 

ben_beach @tws. org 

In June, Joe Schwarzer's Graveyard of 
the Atlantic Museum at Cape Hatteras be- 
came a regional history museum in the 
State Museum System. Since his collection 
included 2000 shipwrecks off Hatteras and 
Ocracoke alone, covering 400 years of 
state, national, and international history, it 

had become increasingly clear that the 
museum had to come under federal or 
state auspices. In July Joe was made the di- 
rector of all North Carolina maritime mu- 
seums, adding two more to his list: the 
North Carolina Maritime Museum at 
Beaufort and the North Carolina 
Maritime Museum at Southport. Another 
of the Ambrose boys, Win Burt, has com- 
pleted his rookie season as an outfielder 
for the "Braves" in the western 
Massachusetts Quabbin Valley Over-30 
Baseball League. Using his original 1965 
Rocky Colavito glove and a wooden bat, 
he played two games a week from May 
through August. Eyesight and legs have 
been the big issues, Win says, but happily 
many of the old instincts have returned. 
As of September, Jeff Wood was making 
final edits to his book, Lyft Faetels - Inner 
Peace, which he was hoping to see pub- 
lished by Christmas. "I'm trying to pull off 
a Da Vinci Code scenario by publishing the 
second of the trilogy first, to generate in- 
terest in the other two," Jeff explained. 
"The second book right now is the most 
powerful of the three, although I like them 
all equally. The first book is just called Lyft 
Faetels, and the third book is called Lyft 
Faetels - The Beginning. " 

Ward Westhafer had a stroke in May, 
but is recovering. Newbury voters reelect- 
ed him, unopposed, as library trustee last 
spring while also giving Joe Story a sec- 
ond term as selectman. "Joe then led the 
forces of good in a zoning fight that nar- 
rowly defeated the forces of evil in the 
most contentious town meeting in a 
decade," Ward reports. Drawing on their 
own Govie gridiron experience, Ward and 
Wayne Noel turned up in Byfield Bowl 
this fall to watch GDA's finest and offer 
free advice to the coaches. "Summer vaca- 
tion is one of many reasons why teaching 
is such a rewarding profession," Harper 
Follansbee reported as he prepared for fall 
semester at Kingswood-Oxford School in 
West Hartford. "Harper, Harriet, and I 
have spent the last three months at the 
beach in Rhode Island (the ocean is much 
better than the Sound), kayaking on the 
Farmington River, camping in Camden, 
Maine, bicycling in Hadley, Massachusetts, 
reading, gardening, and eating up a storm. 

Hard to beat and hard to make the transi- 
tion back to school." Bill Alfond appears 
to be the first class member to have a child 
run successfully for elective office. Justin 
was elected to the Maine State Senate 
from Portland. Anne and Bob Bass were 
up front at two weddings this year. Their 
younger daughter married in March, and 
their younger son married in July. That 
leaves them with one child still single. Bob 
spent another August in Maine. Roger 
Block, who did a sailboat trip to Maine in 
the fall, says, "The only change here is that 
I'll be voting for a Democratic president 
for the first time since George McGovern. 
I sure hope I'm on the winning side this 
time." Speaking of highly regarded former 
Cottage proctors, Hershey Foods recently 
named Chuck Davis to its board of direc- 
tors. Son Tyler is a student at Colorado 
College, while Tucker is happily living and 
working in New York City. In August, 
Mardi and Rich Brayton drove their 
youngest, Dan, to the University of 
Colorado for his freshman year. Rich re- 
ports: "I remember when I drove to UNC 
with my parents and almost got into a fist 
fight with my father for some long-forgot- 
ten infraction. Fortunately, we both came 
to our senses in the nick of time and end- 
ed up laughing. I know I wanted to be on 
my own almost as much as my parents 
wanted to be on their own by then. 
Determined not to repeat history, we had 
a nice drive out to Boulder and made it 
without incident." Larry Miller reports 
from the nation's capital that his son Elliott 
has just begun graduate work in physics at 
the University of California at Riverside. 

Due to Martignetti's acquisition of a 
major competitor, Phil Finn has been busy 
integrating the two inventory manage- 
ment departments while they remain in 
two different facilities, forcing him to split 
his time between Norwood and Braintree. 
Martignetti is now the seventh-largest 
wholesaler in the country. "As a result," 
says Phil, "my business load is getting 
tougher at a stage in my career when it is 
supposed to be getting easier. On the 
home front, we love being back in New 
Castle, making the three to four-hour 
round-trip commute bearable but expen- 
sive. Our oldest son, Phil, continues to 

62 The Archon *» Fall 2008 



Bill Alfond '67, a true Mainer born and bred, and now a Mount Katahdin climber. 

manage the OCSC sailing fleet on San 
Francisco Bay, and Richard is in Boston 
working with Clean Harbors. I am still 
looking for the perfect affordable sailboat." 
Now retired from the liquor wholesaling 
business, Jeff Forte says that he and Kathy 
"have found a pretty enjoyable groove, and 
have stuck to it for the last several years. In 
the summer we generally travel, sampling 
lots of cool, clear lakes in Ontario the last 
two summers. In the spring and fall, we 
enjoy our home in Key West. Winters are 
out West, in Taos (visiting grandchildren) 
and Colorado, with a lot of skiing. It's 
pretty much a pinch-me scenario, and I 
feel most fortunate to have the opportuni- 
ty and good health to enjoy it." Another of 
our Florida Foursome, George Swift, re- 
ports that with both children having fled 
the nest, his tennis game is showing 
marked improvement. His work for Save 
the Children took David Marsh to 
Vietnam and Burma in September. E- 
mailing from Asia, he wrote: "Just finished 
a training in technical writing for our 
Vietnam Team, complete with photos of 
my English mentors (my mother and 
JBO!). Confucian culture reveres teach- 
ers , so the trainees were quite touched 

that I'm still in contact with my sopho- 
more English teacher." Watching the pres- 
idential race from Seattle, Hugh Munro 
put it this way: "The electoral process is 
beyond repair." Web Pearce has joined 
the ranks of Californians who are relying 
on solar power to generate home electric- 
ity. "It is fun to watch the meter running 
backwards and to realize we are preventing 
tons of C02 from going into the atmos- 
phere," Web says. He continues to work at 

Palm, and wife Donna is still training dogs. 

In June, Bill Haggerty paid his first 
visit to the San Bernardino, California, 
area to see his daughter and her new hus- 
band. They spent some time traveling in 
the southwestern desert, which Bill called 
"spectacular." Add Fran and Lew 
Rumford to the list of empty-nesters.Will 
is now at Dennison, Grace is at 
Middlebury, and Julia is working in the 
Big Apple. Business is back on the growth 
track after a flat year, says Doug Curtis, 
founder & CEO of Guidewire 
Technologies. He and Linda (and her 
horse) have spent some weekends compet- 
ing in dressage. "I am the amateur 'groom' 
(slave)," Doug explains. Linda qualified for 
the New England Dressage Association's 
year-end championship in Saugerties, 
N.Y., and won the Second Level Adult 
Amateur Division. This fall Don Gay was 
in the Windy City singing in the Michigan 
Opera Theatre production of Margaret 
Garner, starring Denyce Graves. His 
daughter Candace racked up some real 
miles, traveling to Korea to teach English 
to Korean grade scholars for six months. 
Here's a number to blow your minds: Rem 
Clark has downloaded 110,000 songs onto 
his hard drive — every one of them legally, 
he claims. He thinks "Moulty" put him 
into six figures. Who wants to wager on 
when Rem will hit a million? His younger 
daughter, Linsley, has a Kennebunkport 
wedding set for July. Bart and Paul 
Hemmerich were part of a two-week 
bike tour of Greater Yellowstone and the 
Teton Range in July. "What a beautiful 
tour," said Paul. "Yellowstone is a magical 

place full of boiling mud pots, belching 
sulfur vents, rainbow-colored plateaus, 
acres of 20-year-old standing deadwood, 
and a few geysers." Later in the summer, 
daughter Amanda, an experienced fire- 
fighter, reported for duty in Idaho's 
Sawtooth Mountains. Talk about a stack of 
W-2 forms! Alan Rothfeld is holding 
down several administrative and college 
teaching positions. "These jobs require 
more hours, but they are easier and much 
less stressful than practice and, to me, more 
rewarding," Alan explains. His daughter 
Christine is in law school, while Jeffrey is 
a sophomore — and starting offensive tack- 
le - at Claremont McKenna College. Over 
the summer, Stanley Greenberg and wife 
Julie "traded" their condo in Old Orchard 
Beach for a camp on Lake Maranacook in 
Winthrop, Maine. It is just 20 miles from 
the Cal Ripken League field that the 
Harold Alfond Foundation and other no- 
table contributors have created in 
Oakland. So Stan and his two boys stopped 
on the way to Baxter State Park to see this 
replica of Fenway Park. The weak econo- 
my has not dragged down Reid Pugh's 
two main businesses, which are thriving 
and thus putting him on the road more 
than ever. "There is lots of work on power 
plants, chemical plants, and even commer- 
cial buildings, which require products that 
I supply," says Reid. "Much of this has to 
do with the energy savings achieved by in- 
stalling or improving insulation systems 
(which is where my stuff gets used). Also, 
the shipbuilding business is unbelievably 
busy with lots of new Navy ships and 
commercial vessels, which use our adhe- 
sives and coatings." 

TheArchon^ Fall 2008 63 




Members of the Class of 1968, taken 8/18/08 on " Forever Young,"Jirn Rudolph's 39'sailboat. 

From left: Marc Tucker, winner of the Goodwin Athletic Prize; Art Veasey, 

past president, Alumni Council; Jim Rudolph, parent and Trustee; 

Jay Worthen,Thorndike Prize winner and valedictorian. 


Class of 1968 

Daniel C. Look 

3287 Whitfield Drive 

Marietta, GA 30062-1285 

(770) 977-3135 
dcl@dm-resources. com 

I've got to tell you that if our 45th re- 
union is more exciting than our 40th, they 
should line up a bus to take us to Anna 
Jaques. We must tip our hats to Tuck, CF, 
Veasey and the other members of the re- 
union committee. The class of '68 had more 
members returning than any of the other 
classes. We also had the best time, although I 
know Emmo would have settled for some- 
thing a little less exciting. 

Rob Lord has been talking with Cam 
Smith who is finishing up his chemo. The 
prognosis is very good and Cam looks for- 
ward to getting back into the mainstream 
soon. We are to continue to work at getting 
together more frequently than once every 
five years. I am to work with classmates on 
keeping the newsletter that we sent out pri- 
or to the reunion a more regular event, per- 
haps every quarter. Therefore, I would ask 
that any of you who are not receiving e- 
mails to please make sure that I have updat- 
ed e-mail address for you by sending me the 

64 The Archon am Fall 2008 

same at I will also 
remind everybody that you can view the re- 
union pictures at the following site 
Reunion?authkey=e_AJsQTKewU# . 

John Emerson updates: "Feeling ter- 
rific following my by-pass surgery on July 
24. Back at work now and regaining my 
energy. Lost 20 pounds. The outpouring of 
support from the Class following my heart 
attack on Reunion weekend through the 
surgery to the present is greatly appreciat- 
ed. Your support has made an uncertain 
time and set of events much easier to man- 
age. Thank you to everyone." From Steve 
Cox: "I'm one year away from being an 
empty nester. My son, a senior in high 
school, is in the middle of the applications 
dance. My daughter, who is in her senior 
year at the UC Santa Cruz, is applying to 
grad school in BioEngineering. For me, 
I'm still attempting to augment my income 
on the golf course and look forward to any 
visits from GDAers wanting to escape the 
upcoming snow season. I'm especially hop- 
ing for a visit from Tom Jacobs! Hope all 
is well with you." From Chuck Johnson: 
"My mother (age 82) is happily remarried, 
the wedding happening the same time as 
the reunion, hence my absence. My grand- 
son, Benjamin, is seven months old, crawl- 
ing and threatening to walk before he 
reaches nine months and he can spit ba- 

nanas across the kitchen effortlessly. I've 
been monitoring the Turnbull Tiny House 
project on http://www.turnbulltiny- And Arnold is still 
flexing his biceps at the California legisla- 
ture as they enter their 10th week without 
a state budget. From Art Veasey: BD: "I 
believe you have the picture of Tucker, 
Worthen, Veasey, Rudolph on board 
"Forever Young", Jim's aptly named vessel. 
We enjoyed a great afternoon sail out of 
Marblehead Harbor and we played Nahil's 
reunion CDs throughout to keep up the 
spirit of '68. I guess I must be considered 
a great deck hand: CF Spang and his love- 
ly wife Judith keep their boat in Boothbay 
Harbor and Carl remembered that we have 
a summer home on Squirrel Island and in- 
vited Susan and me out for a cocktail 
cruise one splendid July evening. It's nice 
to have nautical friends. Marc Tucker 
shared this correspondence with JBO 
(Mark's letter to JBO came back redlined 
and graded!!) El Grande, when you have a 
chance, please share with the class JBO's 
beautifully hand-written thank-you note 
for the diploma and mementos which we 
sent him on behalf of the class. I've 
reprinted it here verbatim except for a 
couple of asides that are bracketed: 

25 July 2008 

Dear Marc, 

I can't tell you how honored I am to 
have been made a member of the Class of 
1968 and to have a diploma from Governor 
Dummer Academy to prove it. Over the 
years I've had some recognition by students 
(positive recognition, that is) but this is by far 
the most meaningful, and I will treasure the 
membership and diploma for as long as I 
five. It came at an especially appropriate time 
in that in late June I had a right hip replace- 
ment — after spine surgery just after 
Christmas last year - so being remembered 
eased pain and lifted my spirits. I'm home 
now and walking pretty well with my left- 
handed cane. How humiliating to be lean- 
ing left after all my conservative years! The 
John Adams biography (autographed) has 
special meaning as well in that I've always 
been an Adams man though I have to watch 
what I say here in the heart of Jefferson 
country [JBO is presently residing in 



Williamsburg, Virginia] . Adams, unlike TJ, 
was careful to climb into the right bed - 
with the inimitable Abigail. The Original 
Red Dog GDA jersey is a handsome gar- 
ment but I miss the allusion. How did that 
one get by me! Since Steve joined the GDA 
faculty, Dorothy and I have been able to keep 
up with the wonderful progress of our 
school. I remember how bitterly Heb and I 
fought against co-educaticn on the principle 
that some boys do better in a single sex en- 
vironment. We were right in principle but 
wrong for GDA. Please extend my gratitude 
to the class. 

John Ogden 

PS Another treasure is the handsome 
Revere bowl given me by the undefeated 
pony football squad of 1964. I'm thinking of 
loaning it to Steve for display in the Dean's 
Office QBO's son, Steve, an English teacher 
at the academy for several years, was recent- 
ly appointed Dean of Students]. That's a 
unique piece of GDA history! JO" 

I wrote JBO back explaining the Red 
Dog allusion, welcoming him to the associa- 
tion of left-leaners (weren't his years at 
Harvard College in Cambridge enough?), 
and thanking him and Dorothy for dedicat- 
ing so much of themselves to us. Also, on 
behalf of The Gov's Academy Athletic Hall 
of Fame, I accepted his offer to loan his 
commemorative Revere bowl to the 

David Mitchell writes: "After a won- 
derful start to the summer with our 40th 
reunion, I was lucky enough to find myself 
in Atlanta visiting Grande and an old col- 
lege friend whom Dan has gotten to know 
as well over the past 20 years. A great meal 
was shared and then Dan and I got on the 
Chattahoochie River in a double scull the 
next morning. After having spent a good 
bit of my college career going backwards in 
a long skinny boat, it was a real pleasure to 
experience the feeling again for the first 
time in 30 years. And Dan was very good 
to put up with a rowing style which appar- 
ently hasn't evolved with the times. The 
rest of the summer has been spent working 
very hard on a start up company, The 
Fairfield Fun Factory, which has a very 
unique product to sell, namely, wearable 
plush for kids, which are small stuffed fig- 
ures (think SpongeBob, Dora and Barney at 

1" - 2" that attach to shoes, clothing, back- 
packs, etc.) that kids can take with them 
wherever they go). We call them Ziggideez 
and so far they've been extremely well re- 
ceived by retailers. We should ship our first 
orders in Jan/Feb '09. As with any start up 
we are still raising capital, in case you know 
of anyone who is interested in these sorts of 
investments! Again, it was just great to see 
everyone again at the Reunion. We who 
were there hope everyone who wasn't will 
come next time. As Big Dan so eloquently 
expressed it during our class dinner, we re- 
ally were a 'Band of Brothers' who had a 
great and lasting impact on each other 
which exists even today. The only other 
thought is: Emmo, next time don't do that 
again! (And stay well)." 



Class of 1969 

Jeffrey L. Gordon 

Slocum, Gordon & Co. 

39 Mill Street 

Newport, RI 02840-3016 

(401) 849-5893 

40th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

This is the first official message to re- 
mind everyone of the Reunion Weekend on 
June 5-7, 2009.Yes, this is #40! We are put- 
ting together a large committee which will 
organize things along with the Alumni 
Office. As class agent, Peter Dorsey will be 
the chairman. 

Two notes came in the mail recently: 

Josh Miner writes that life is grand ex- 
cept that daughter Lea '96 is loving life in 
Alaska, and son Joshua '98 is salmon fishing 
in Alaska for the season - so they are too far 
away. Josh and his wife Mary spend their free 
time tending their house and their mothers 
and bribing their kids to visit every once and 
a while. Jim Bayley just returned from his 
second tour in Iraq with the 86th Combat 
Support Hospital in Mosul. The unit was 
profiled in the HBO Special Bagdad ER. His 
comment is: "Al Qaeda in Iraq is toast." 

See you in June! 

Class of 1910 

Terry E. Nolan 

4377 Briers Way 

Stone Mountain, GA 30083-6209 

DejaVu. Just like in the spring of 1970, 
here I am sitting at my desk, it's 3:30 a.m. 
and I am putting together a composition for 
John Ogden, which is due at 10 a.m. Only 
I'm writing for The Archon, and while Mr. 
Ogden is not grading me, I'm sure my com- 
position will be read and evaluated by the 
rest of the Class of 1970. 

Being the class secretary is fun, simply 
put, just plain fun. It's also easier as I get to 
quote my classmates in the composition. 

Jeff Brown writes: "Life in West Virginia 
goes on with adjustments that seem to be dic- 
tated from places far away." This echoes a sen- 
timent I often have felt of late. Especially in 
light of the ongoing financial, energy, political 
and military crisis's we have faced in 2008. Jeff 
also writes: "My wife Patti and I ventured 
through New England this August, with visits 
to Lake Sunapee, Boston and Nantucket. Our 
daughter Molly is beginning a two-year MBA 
program at Boston University. Our task was to 
get her into an apartment on Beacon St. We 
caught a Red Sox game (Boston won) and 
toured the Green Monster." Ron Latham 
writes: "I've been director of the public library 
for the City of Pittsfield (MA) for 16 years. 
I'm currently serving as president of the local 
95-member Rotary Club, where we are active 
in lots of charitable giving. I've been married 
to Kay, the love of my life, for 32 years. She 
and I started dating while I was a senior at 
Governor Dummer, and miraculously we 
stayed together through college. I have two 
sons, 30 and 28. Adam, my oldest, a 2001 
graduate of West Point, is a captain in the 
Army and stationed at Ft. Lewis in 
Washington. He served 15 months in Iraq in 
and around Baghdad and we're all wondering 
when that next shoe will drop to get him sent 
back. He is married, and he and Heather have 
provided us with twin grandchildren. Kay and 
I bemoan the fact that he is stationed on the 
other side of the country depriving us the op- 
portunity to be the spoiling grandparents we 
were intended to be. He has begun thinking 
about life after military and to that end has en- 
rolled himself in an MBA program. Justin, my 
second son, attended Dartmouth, my college 

The Archon & Fall 2008 65 


class notes 


David Lampert '71 with son 
Thomas '08 on graduation day 

alma mater, and was actually in the same fra- 
ternity. The place was as filthy as I left it, and 
smelled just the same. There's nothing quite 
like the essence of very stale beer in the morn- 
ing. He is a software engineer for Hamilton 
Sundstrand in Windsor Locks, CT, and is also 
currently working on his MBA. He lives with 
his new wife, Adrienne, in West Springfield, 
MA. Howard Comis contacted me by email 
and writes that he is well and living in the 
Bronx. He is currently going to college with 
plans to complete his degree in August. 
Howard writes that he has moved many times 
over the years including living in the 
Dominican Republic. Like myself, Howard 
wrote that he regrets having lost touch with 
everyone and was really interested in how the 
cross country track team members had faired, 
especially Emery Boose and Mike O'Leary. 
How are you, guys? 

Earlier this year, Mike Franchot and 
Terry Nolan finally met for an outdoor 
lunch in midtown Atlanta. Mike was easi- 
ly recognizable as not having aged at all in 
the last 38 years! Terry (your class secre- 
tary) was less easily recognized. Alas, the 
last time Mike and I meet I had a head full 
of curly messy hair. Mike, as always, ap- 
peared well kept. It was truly a great feel- 
ing to get together and talk, we are plan- 
ning another lunch soon and hoping that 
we can pull in some of the other GDA 
grads in the Atlanta area together. Mike 
and Marty are contemplating a near future 
where their kids are both in college and 

66 The Archon w» Fall 2008 

Class of 1972: Jim Irving, Kevin Kearney, Peter Franklin, Paul Commito, 

in Arlington, VA, at the home of Jim Irving 

they will be facing the "empty nest" syn- 
drome and thus are in the market for a 
new nest by the river. Mike's family and 
business are both doing well. 

As I close this composition, I am re- 
minded that our senior year at GDA began 
with the summer of 69: Woodstock and the 
Moon Landing. We jumped the hedge and 
went our separate ways in 70. My greatest 
achievement in those 38 years since has 
been my family and with my oldest son 
who is to be married by the time this arti- 
cle is published. While we have no grand- 
children yet, I'm assuming that life's event 
will be upon us all too soon. 

I'm hoping to hear from more of you, 
with notes I can publish here. Send pictures. 
Peace, live long and prosper. 


Class of 1971 

James S. Fleming 

9 Red Coat Lane 

Redding, CT 06896 

(203) 938-7922 

jfleming@sntg. com 

David Lampert 

8 Old Neck Road 

Manchester, MA 01944 

(978) 526-1167 

Peace be unto you, my good and 
righteous brethren. 

Many of us have been in touch with 
each other via email lately so many of us have 
recent news of each other. For those who are 
not connected with this unseemly group of 
former classmates, please send me (James 
Fleming) an email or 
to Dave Lambert, 
Speaking of Dave, he writes that he" enjoyed 
some great days at the Academy in May as son 
Thomas graduated. The school did a great job 
for him and we were thrilled. The school just 
gets better and better." Congratulations, Dave. 
Andy Nelson is always in touch and says hel- 
lo to all. Will Phippen writes asking when 
will be the next informal get together which 
is a very good question and which must be 
answered very soon. We were all happy to 
learn that our West Coast poet and painter 
classmate, Jim Lourie, made it through some 
tricky surgery and is doing well. David W. 
O'Connor says: "I married Mary Francica 
on 10/26/01. Our son was born on 
10/15/04. We five at 4 Birch Drive, Hampton 
Falls, NH 03844." Mario Rivera writes: "All 
is well with the Rivera household. Kristoffer 
is off to the University of Michigan to pursue 
a software engineering degree. Krystle is 
studying at a college in Tallahassee, Florida in 
pursuit of a major as a veternarian. Frances 
and I are continuing to do well as empty 
nesters. Regards to all of my friends and class- 
mates. Much health and good wishes to all." 


V:-.. *>:*.: 



i of 

i or 


I to 


e is 




r '|l 



F • 


Members of The Class of 1973, Reunion Weekend 2008: 

Top: Kevin McKenna, Ian Chisholm, Harry Cabot '72, and Gary Haselton; 

Middle left: Buzz Goddard and Gary Haselton; Bottom left: Ginny (George) and 

Christopher Baker; Middle right: group at dinner; Bottom right: cocktails in the library 

Class of 1972 

Geoffrey A. Durham 

504 Roosevelt Drive 

Libertyville, IL 60048-3120 

(847) 549-8401 


Class of 1973 

Ian B. Chisholm 

140 Catkin Drive 

South Burlington, VT 05403-3002 

(802) 859-9331 

ibx220@comcast. net 

Jaike Williams writes: "The rest of our 
class missed a truly fun reunion. We should 
try to have more of us come back at the next 
one, the 40th! We all had a great time sitting 
in the New Dorm lounge that night, telling 
lies about classmates that weren't in atten- 
dance. Played golf with two of the class's 
finest extremes, Bill Martin and Buzz 
Goddard and we had an absolute blast; lousy 
scores but great laughs. On the third hole, we 
ran into Chip Connelly and Chris Baker 
who were, appropriately, out-of-bounds. 
Great to catch up with Kevin McKenna, 
shilling oil out of his basement office. What 
a life! My thanks to Ian for getting us all or- 
ganized as well as driving Gaz down from 
Burlington, Vermont. We have just moved 
into a new house that we built in 
Hillsborough, NC as my three daughters are 
schooled and done - well, actually, the 
youngest, 21, is at Appalachian State — and 
thus we have started the next phase without 
them. Sort of pleasant, in a way; a whole lot 
quieter around here." Geoff White sent us 
an Email from down under, "I am well and 
living in Sydney, Australia as I have on and 
off for the past 22 years. I came back briefly 
last year but I missed Sydney so much that I 
returned after just six months. I am working 
in Sydney and painting as usual. See my 
works at the Robb Street Gallery website 
and do Email me at banjogeoffrey@hot- I still play five-string banjo, always 
loving it. My three daughters are doing well: 
Brittany, 25 and working as a lawyer in 
Sydney; Kiera, 23 and a professional chef in 
West Australia, trying to make me a grandfa- 
ther; and Tayra, 21 studying film and TV in 
Perth. A great bunch. I am also studying 
Scientology, as I have since 1975. You all de- 

The Archon *•» Fall 2008 67 

class notes 

Picture of an orca whale taken in 
Juneau, Alaska by Ian Chisholm '73 

serve to benefit so have a look at a website 
or read a book! Do write!" 

Carol Salloway writes, "I had a great 
time at the 35th reunion! It was a small but 
cozy group. It was just like old times-Ginny 
(George) and I were the only gals among 
the group of guys. Here is a synopsis of the 
past 35 years. I got an MBA 21 years ago and 
have been a management consultant ever 
since. I joined a consulting firm right after 
graduate school and stayed there for ten 
years and have had my own practice for the 
last 1 1 years. I am an Executive Coach work- 
ing with leaders, primarily in small to mid- 
sized companies. My website is www.perfor- I have been married for 21 
years and my husband is my partner consult- 
ant (he is a CFO Consultant). We live in 
Sharon, Mass. We have two daughters, Leah, 
who is a senior at Sharon High, and Julia, 
who is a freshman at Moses Brown School in 
Providence. And we have two dogs. Life is 
pretty busy." Mike Balf sent me an email 
just prior to the reunion. "I have decided not 
to come since my son has a basketball tour- 
nament and my wife is out of town. Please 
send a warm hello to all of those brave souls 
who come." Mike, you were missed. I (Ian 
Chisholm) enjoyed seeing a lot of old 
friends at the reunion and wished that more 
of the Class of '73 could have attended. It 
was nice to see Harry Cabot from the Class 
of '72, who was hanging with us. Gary 
Haselton (Gaz) and I had the AC cranked all 

the way back to Burlington. Man, was it hot! 
A week after the reunion, Joanne and I went 
on a 1 4-day trip to Alaska, which was spec- 
tacular. It was like visiting another planet. 
Snow capped mountains everywhere, Eagles, 
Grizzlies, Mt. McKinley, Dall Sheep, Orcas, 
Moose, Glaciers, Eagles - we saw it all. The 
weather was perfect and I have some great 
photos. I have attached one of a breaching 
Orca taken in Ketchikan. And yes, I went 
through Wasilla. It looked like a gravel pit 
surrounded by gas stations and convenience 
stores. Actually, gravel is Alaska's number one 
export - ahead of oil and gas. If you ever 
have the chance to taste fresh, Pacific 
Halibut, take it! I'm not much of a fish eater, 
and I couldn't get enough of it. We had some 
flash frozen and shipped from Ketchikan to 
our house last month and we're hoarding it 
for special occasions. Thanks go out to 
Mark Hoffman who took some reunion 
photos. Some of them will hopefully find 
their way into The Archon. Some of them 
will never see the light of day! I hope to 
hear from a lot more of you in the future. 


Class of 1974 

Pamela Jo McElroy Toner 

223 Riverside Drive 

Fairfield, CT 06824 

(203) 254-2371 

ptoner@optonline. net 

35th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

From Kim Potter: "We just got back 
from a trip to Turkey. What an interesting 
country. We took the boys and had a really 
good time together. Family trips are really 
rare when the children are 25 and 22 years 
old because they are so busy with their own 
lives. Can you believe the kids are older than 
we were the last time we saw each other at 
GDA ? Amazing! Pierre, the eldest, is now a 
full blown doctor; he is in his second year 
residency in orthopedics (three more to go!) 
He has a wonderful girl friend and they seem 
serious. Andre, the youngest, has gone back 

to Ryerson University to continue his stud- 
ies in Radio and Television. He continues to 
film movies for his buddies and would like to 
find summer employment in a TV station as 
that is the direction he wants to go. Anyone 
from GDA in that business? We have not 
used our 26' sailboat much this year, due to 
weather conditions, and regret it. C'est la vie! 
At least we do not have a drought... I am 
working over the internet for companies 
that want brochure and website content. A 
great way to work; it gives me the freedom I 
want to do as much or as little as I want, ac- 
cording to my schedule. And I can take my 
work with me when I travel. A great way to 
semi-retire. We had been toying with the 
idea of retiring in France for the past several 
years, so we scoped it out while we were 
there this summer. Even my husband, who is 
French, came away from the excerise saying 
that we are much better off in Canada. 
France is beautiful and perhaps a house 
rental or peniche will suffice for six months. 
But to live there when Canada has so many 
more advantages seems ludicrous. To work 
there for a few years may be an option if the 
right fit appeared. Well, that is all for now. 
How are the girls?" 

Ben Pearson was featured in a January 
article in the Wall Street Journal about new 
products on the market. Ben, Senior 
Product Manager of Sporting Goods for 
L.L. Bean described new gadgets with glob- 
al positioning capabilities that can share in- 

Rick Atwood '74 

68 The Archon &* Fall 2008 




formation with friends, families or potential 
rescuers for viewing on Web-based maps; 
tents that are wired from a 12-volt battery 
pack that can provide up to 12 hours of 
electricity without recharging; and new 
equipment and clothing made from recycled 
nylon and other materials. 

News from Woody Wallace: "My 
knees hurt. Such that I am getting a bilat- 
eral knee replacement in November." 
From Steve Epstein: "Looking forward to 
passage of Question 2 on MA ballot in 
November and our 35th Reunion in June! 
Party at my house? Oldest daughter grad- 
uated U-Del last spring and has stayed in 
Delaware. Middle daughter, valedictorian 
of her class, started U-Penn this September. 
Baby girl is freshman in Georgetown High 
School. Jane and I are married 23 years 
and in same house 22." 

"A Lawyer's time and advice are his 
stock in trade." 

Abraham Lincoln 

My (Pam Toner) news is that our class 
is getting ready for our 35 th reunion in 
2009. We are putting together a reunion 
committee of Scott Williams, Steve 
Shapiro, Steve Epstein, and me. We would 
like more volunteers. My daughters are in 
high school and I am starting the college 
process with my oldest who is a junior. I had 
a long conversation with Courtney Wang 
who was visiting his mother on the cape this 
summer. His business (ISP) is thriving in 
Dallas. His daughter is also a junior and he is 
getting ready for the college migration. 

That's it for now. 


Class of 1975 

Pamela D. Pandapas 

202 Central Street 

Rockland, MA 02370 

Hello, Classmates! I hope everybody 
had a good summer and fall. All is well with 
my household. I have been staying busy do- 
ing my usual stuff. I spent a week in 
California in May visiting family and will 
have gone to Las Vegas again later this fall 
with Rob. Other than that all is pretty much 
the status quo. 

Jay Taggart 75 

Lisa Johnson wrote that her time seems 
to fly by so quickly as their time has been filled 
with school, sports, camps, and family time. 
Pam Post said she got together with Wendy 
O'Brien April for a lunch while in 
Portsmouth, N.H. Pam was on her way to the 
Machine Quilters Expo in Manchester. The 
two of them had not seen each other for sev- 
eral years so they enjoyed the chance to catch 
up. Jay Taggart is still working at Brooks 
Brothers at the Westchester in White Plains. 
He has been there for 12 years. He's also cur- 
rently serving as President of the Board of 
Directors of his cooperative apartment build- 
ing. Jay occasionally gets the pleasure of seeing 
classmates at Brooks Brothers. He has enjoyed 
several visits to Cape Cod and also to New 
York. Jay invites any classmates to contact him 
if they're in Westchester County, N.Y. and 
sends best wishes to all. Stephanie Farrar is 
still going strong with her business having 
been involved with the farmers' market every 
Saturday since mid April. Her daughter Carey 
graduated from UNT in May with two BAs. 
One is in French and the other is in 
Psychology. As of the end of August, Carey ac- 
cepted a job in Dallas with Children's 
Protective Services. After a year, she will move 
to Austin to do her graduate work at UT 
Steph's husband Craig is busy with his 13 
Burger Kings and is planning to build three 
more in 2009. She is grateful his office is at 
home else she would never sec him! 

Pam Post '75 and Wendy O'Brien '75 
in Portsmouth, NH 

That's it for this issue. I hope you all 
have a nice winter and more of you will 
write for the spring issue. 


Class of 1976 
Carol Ann Goldberg- Ay din 

301 E 94th Street Apt 2 4B 

NewYork,NY 10128-4719 

(212) 410-1781 

I hope this note finds you all well and 
enjoying the fall weather. I sent out a let- 
ter asking each of you to chat about what 
you did, or will do, for your 50th birth- 
days. I was so happy to hear from Deb 
(Gravelle) Qua, and thank her so much 
for her phone call and great note: "You 
will actually have news in our response 
area!!! (that's Maine!) I have reached the 
'50th b'day' and was rewarded with a trip 
to Italy this summer that was amazing. 
Can't wait to go back. In response to one 
of the last newsletters, I see that Ginny 
"Sutton" lives in Davidson, N.C. My son, 
Ian Qua is a senior this year at Davidson 
College. Ginny, if you have the urge to 
give some good home cookin' to those 
Davidson Boys, look him up! He also be- 
longs to K.A. We will be down for Family 
Weekend the end of October. I also have a 
daughter who will be attending Elon 
University in N.C. They love that 
Southern climate. She recently graduated 
from the Williston Northampton School 
in Easthampton, MA. Ironically, I was at 
Parents Weekend and 'thought' I 'saw' 
Mike Moonves on campus. I asked myself, 
'Why would he be HERE?' I kick myself 
now for not speaking. Any way, while at 

The Archon ■*« Fall 2008 69 

WO? -a,' ■ ■;<>.(■ 


class notes 


From left to right: Tom Balf, Nick Caldwell, Eric O'Brien, Dave Phippen, Rosa Balf 
(Tom's daughter in foreground) and Steve French. Photo taken by Dave Higgins. 

Williston, Blake's soccer team ironically 
was placed up against GDA for the soccer 
finals in 2007. Lucky for us, Williston won. 
Blake also took up lacrosse junior year and 
enjoyed another New England 
Championship in '07 and '08 plus being 
undefeated in '08, first time in school his- 
tory. We reside in Kennebunk, Maine, cur- 
rently looking for some type of housing 
part time in North or South Carolina. My 
husband Hovey and I operate an environ- 
mental company in the local Boston Area, 
All And Inclusive Environmental, Inc., 
(AAI, Inc.) This will be my "empty nest" 
season so look me up!!!! We still have our 
golden retriever 'Tug' who grew up on the 
soccer field with many friends who have 
now passed on. It is sad. Unfortunately he 
is very afraid of thunder and lightning and 
has been out of it for most of this Maine 
summer we are having as we have to sedate 
him due to the weather. I hope all class- 
mates of 76 and others are well. If you are 
in the area, look us up!!!" 

Perry Smith wrote: "Eva and I spent 
our 20th anniversary on a visit to Venice, 
then a 12-day cruise through Dubrovnik, 
Corfu, Argostoli, Santorini, Sicity, Naples, 
Rome, Florence and ending in beautiful 
Barcelona ... in combination with attain- 
ing that mystical age of 50!! Most mem- 

orable were the canals of decaying Venice, 
the streets of Pompei circa 72 A.D. (in- 
cluding its brothel!), the fourth century 
catacombs of Rome, the Tuscan Hills sur- 
rounding Siena and - and Puciano and the 
modernist architecture of Gaudi in Spain 
- a truly inspirational history trip — where 
age is appreciated." Steve French sent a 
note about celebrating his 50th last year: 
"Please see the photo I sent of my 50th 
which was a just over a year ago now, but 
that was a fun party at my camp on 
Governors Island in Hampstead, NH. We 
all had a great time telling old GDA sto- 
ries which were listened to intently by my 
son George, Class of 09, and the other kids 
that were there." 

As for me (Carol Ann Goldberg- 
Ay din), your class secretary, I am unem- 
ployed still, but happily so! I've been vol- 
unteering for the Cancer Schmancer 
Movement and Foundation, which was 
started by the actress Fran Drescher on 
June 21, 2007. She was recently named a 
Public Diplomacy Envoy of The State 
Department. She is leading the cause to 
change women's health history, by work- 
ing with Congress and by educating 
women to understand the early warning 
sings of cancer, so that it is caught in stage 
1, when most curable. You can see some of 

my photographs linked on their Facebook 
page, and soon on the website www.can- (I've been freelancing 
for them, as well as shooting a few band 
gigs and portrait sessions of friends and 
colleagues' children). This is a grand or- 
ganization and I'm proud to have a job of- 
fer to be their director of operations for 
the Movement and Foundation. 
Unfortunately, the position is not yet 
funded, so now I am writing out grant ap- 
plications to other foundations and family 
trusts to fund my salary! My daughter had 
a lovely summer at overnight camp in 
Harrison, Maine, and is now entrenched in 
the intensity of the seventh grade, and is 
also preparing diligently for her Bat 
Mitzvah next February. I am going to turn 
50 years old in early November. After cel- 
ebrating the event with family in New 
York City, my beau is taking me to Paris, 
where I've never been! I lived in Vienna, 
Austria, my junior year in college, but 
traveled more in Eastern Europe at that 
time, and since then, have spent more time 
in Turkey, Greece and England. So I'm so 
looking forward to this trip, in which we'll 
take a side trip on the TVA (fast train) to 
Basel, Switzerland, to see dear friends. 

As for the rest of my darling class- 
mates, you still have a window of opportu- 
nity to send me notes about yourselves and 
what you did/will do for your 50th birth- 
days. Come on, it's okay to give us your 
update. I promise, it will be okay to put 
pen to paper or type the words in an e- 
mail. XOXO 


Class of 1911 

Carolyn L. Nissi 

102 Haseltine Street 

Bradford, MA 01835 

(918) 312-0122 


Greetings, classmates, thank heavens for 
email! I received TWO responses to the 
postcard that was mailed. My email, howev- 
er, was fairly effective. If you know anyone's 
email, please forward it to me. I would re- 
ally appreciate it. Here's the scoop. 

Dave Bell writes: "My wife Jeanne 

70 TheArchon «*» Fall 2008 




and I are still living in Simsbury, CT 
where I am an Associate Dean of The 
Hartt School, the performing arts college 
at the University of Hartford. My son 
Dan (15) is pursuing his dream for ski 
racing as a sophomore at the Green 
Mountain Valley School in Waitsfield,VT, 
and my other son Andrew (12) is spend- 
ing his fall playing both tennis and 
lacrosse. We are looking forward to the 
coming of fall color and frosty mornings 
as we move into autumn. I hope to see 
some of the class of '77 at the reception 
for Mr. Moonves this October at the Yale 
Club in NYC." 

Hugh Jones emailed: "I left the rela- 
tively calm waters of Ventana Medical 
Systems after almost nine years and I have 
started my own intellectual property law 
practice in Tucson as part of the Hayes, 
Soloway law firm. And, not to be at risk 
of being bored, I thought I'd simultane- 
ously pursue my MBA at the University 
of Arizona. If anyone needs any legal ad- 
vice in the area of intellectual property 
and/or licensing of IP, give me a shout. 
Rates are relatively low here in Arizona. 
Son Trevor has attained his First Degree 
Black Belt in Tae kwon do at the ripe old 
age of nine, and he's half way to his sec- 
ond. Wife Cynthia tries to keep us both 
in line, but there's a lot of testosterone 
floating around the Jones household so 
it's a challenge occasionally. I visited Jack 
'Hangin' Judge' Lu and family at his 
home in Andover a month ago while the 
family was out East and he's looking pret- 
ty good these days. I believe he could 
wrestle at 145 again if he put on a few 
layers of sweats and ran stairs for a few 
hours. Anyone in Phoenix or Tucson feel 
free to drop me a line or say hey. Email 

Elisa "Sam" Adams is doing well, 
and I am very jealous of her, read 
on... "Things are going well here in 
Concord, Mass. Empty nest is upon us in 
full force! And we are loving it. My step- 
son Kailin has graduated from Brown, is 
working a two-year stint at the NY 
Federal Reserve Bank and is living in 
Brooklyn. Ariana is at NYU,Tisch School 
of Photography. So the kids get to see 
each other weekly which is great! I have 
just finished building a small vacation 
rental home in sunny St. John, in the 

Virgin Islands. It is a sweet place about 10 
minutes from the ferry dock. I love it. 
Ariana and I have been going there for 15 
years and we have always thought of hav- 
ing a home there and finally it is finished. 
You can see it at 
if you are interested. I spent a week there 
every month for the last five months of 
construction making decisions, helping 
tile and paint. Island time and life is dra- 
matically different than back here. Not 
many choices (which can be a blessing or 
a curse) and going with the flow and hav- 
ing no agenda makes it bearable. For ex- 
ample, they were coming to deliver the 
fill for the driveway one day after many 
days, actually weeks, of them saying they 
were coming. Any way... finally the day ar- 
rived. Six loads were supposed to be 
dropped off and he brought one and then 
said that he would be back tomorrow as 
the excavator decided to go home early, 
he felt too hot.... there are many stories 
like this... It was an experience to say the 
least... On the home front, my chiroprac- 
tic practice in Lexington is thriving. This 
year is my 25th year in practice. Yikes, are 
we getting THAT old? I guess all in all I 
feel grateful. Work, family and love life 
are all doing well.... Hope you all are 
well!" Kate Tewksbury had a great sum- 
mer: "We were able to get to the Outer 
Banks twice (no easy feat with busy kids). 
We brought a lot of kids, but it was a lot 
of fun. Taylor (16) is about to get his li- 
cense and, I guess, start looking at col- 
leges. Kenzie (13) is in eighth grade and 
having a good time cheerleading and 
playing some volleyball. We are about to 
go to contract to completely gut and redo 
our kitchen. Looking forward to the end 
result, just not getting there." Kate, Tom 
and the kids live in the Baltimore area. 
Give them a call if you are in the area. 

Vicki Papaiouanou Murphy 

writes: "This is a long overdue email. 
Lots happening in my family, etc. but I 
know that is no excuse, so I'll try to up- 
date you. Let's see My oldest 

daughter moved to San Diego to become 
part of the digital sales team at San Diego 
magazine. She's 24, very excited to be in 
an exciting city, and I miss her very 
much. Will have to swallow my fear of 
flying and get out there to visit this win- 
ter. Middle daughter Krisia is finishing 

up her senior year at UMass and wants to 
go into hotel management (as much as I 
tried to change her mind....). Riley is 15, 
playing field hockey and texting her way 
through high school. Can you imagine if 
we had that in Mr. Eames' math class in- 
stead of getting caught sending notes? 
I'm still at the Andover Library and enjoy 
coming to work every day; it's a lovely 
environment, I have an awesome boss, 
and the job suits me (I'm kind of like a 
secretary/ambassador :). I have run into 
Jack Lu and Nina and Evelyn Caron so 
far from our class. I would like to run 
into other people though, so pass this 
email address on to whoever you choose. 
John and I spend most weekends in the 
Lakes Region at our home in Barnstead 
NH. I caught a five-lb. large mouth bass 
the other night, not as exciting as win- 
ning the lottery, but fun anyway. That's 
it, just heard from Joe P. that he is mov- 
ing to Florida. ...another place to fly to, 
huh? I wish him every (much deserved) 
happiness in this new life." 

Doug Cawley and his wife, Laurian 
Rhodes, celebrated their 13th wedding 
anniversary in August. They have two 
sons, Dregan (4) and Blixa (1). They live 
in Oakland and own and run a picture 
framing store in San Francisco. Doug 
plays in a punk rock band, The Grannies, 
and regularly tours Europe. They also run 
a record label, Wondertaker. Joey 
Pietrafesa says: "FYL. .moving 

September 1st to Palm Beach, FL. New 
fiance, Martha joining me. ..change of 
scenery, better lifestyle... all good." 

Joseph and I (Carrie Nissi) are busy 
as ever. His daughter, Emily, is a senior at 
Brooks School (and yes, I wear my 1763 
sweatshirt when I visit) and is applying to 
colleges. Sarah is 13, in eighth grade, and 
alternately drives me crazy and delights 
me. She is looking at schools and the 
whole process has me dizzy. My fall is 
filled with school tours and interviews. 
Andrew is 15 and is doing well. He has 
begun to talk — minimally, but effectively. 
His favorite word is "no," which we all re- 
member being one of the first words. His 
sense of humor continues to grow and 
keeps us on our toes. If you remember my 
brother, Dirk, think Dirk at 15, yet skin- 
nier. Same barrel chest and skinny limbs. 
Cuter, though.... Joseph is in sales and 

TheArchon S" Fall 2008 71 


^^B I H | H 


class notes 

working as hard as ever. I am a Title 1 
teacher in Lawrence and adjusting to third 
grade after years in sixth. My niece, 
Whitney, is staying with us this fall on a 
break from Trinity College, which is ab- 
solutely wonderful. I only wish she could 
stay all year. (She's really fabulous with 
13-year-olds, which I am definitely NOT.) 

And last, but not least, Corky 
Vickers' email came back at me. "I will 
be away from my desk from September 
19th through September 22nd and will 
not have access to e-mail. I will respond 
to your message as soon as I can upon my 
return. If you need to contact me, please 
call (760) 224-2511. Thanks, & Cheers! 
Corky Vickers" Just so you know, I 
emailed Corky back on the 23rd, and 
have not heard from him. Has anyone???? 


Class of 1978 

Bradford D. Clark 

78 East Street 

Ipswich, MA 01938-1353 

(978) 356-0817 

Rick Neville of Hampton, NH was 
named president of the Rotary Club of 
Hampton in July. Rick is principal at Neville 
& Associates Financial Services. 


Class of 1980 
Troy A. Dagres 

6 Henderson Circle 

Newburyport, MA 01950-3406 

(978) 465-6672 

30th Class Reunion 


June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

People, I expect more from you. This 
was the lamest response in my long and il- 
lustrious career as your Class Secretary. I 
know we are all busy, but come on. I would 
have to grade this assignment as an "E", and 
definitely not for "Effort". I'm referring to 

the same kind of "E" that was handed out for 
not memorizing a Shakespeare soliloquy. 
Not that I have any firsthand knowledge in 
that area, but just a random example. 

Our 30th is just around the corner and 
I hope this lackluster Archon response is not 
a harbinger of Reunion 2009 for the Class of 
'79. Jim Ronan is now our Class Agent and 

is hard at work ( NOT!) heading up 

our Reunion Committee. Jim, with help 
from John Perlowski, Lisa Law, Henry 
Rosen and me, will be striving to make this 
the best Reunion ever. We are very fortunate 
to have a special guest appearance from Mr. 
Moonves to aid in the planning of the Class 
of '79. As you may know, Moon is retiring 
after the 2009 academic year and wants to go 
out with a bang. So let's make it a great one. 
Henry Rosen is still at Choate Hall and 
Stewart, LLP in Boston. He and I happened 
to meet up at the Garden for Game 6 to 
watch the Celtics dismantle the Lakers 
for the 17th NBA Title. It was a very 
entertaining evening. Henry also ventured 
to Minnesota to watch the UFC 
Championships. He was especially nice to 
invite my son Andrew along, who is also 
hopelessly addicted to the octagon. Lisa 
Law is still in North Carolina and liking it. 
She has been working out and getting 
ripped with the p90x fitness system. With 

Wendy (Bixby) Cowie '79 with family 

her great results, she is proud to have been 
featured in the p90x infomercial. She has also 
become a personal trainer. John Perlowski 
is still living in Stratham, NH with wife Jane 
and son Joey. His policy is to claim to have 
comprehensive knowledge from his over 23- 
year career working at Arbella Insurance and 
says don't take the 15 minutes because you 
won't save 15 percent. Wendy (Bixby) 
Cowie writes that they "still live in Andover, 
but are now officially empty nesters (though 
the dog, cat and rodents are still at home) 
and the house is definitely quieter! We can't 
wait to start our traveling. Kids . . . Our old- 
est, Katie (20), is a junior at Bentley major- 
ing in Marketing. Our middle, Becky (18), is 
a freshman at UNH and studying in the 
Health and Human Services field and Chris 
(14), our youngest, is a freshman at The 
Governor's Academy!!!! We are thrilled to 
have him there and he loves the school 
(though classes just began yesterday). We'll 
wait until they crank up the heat in home- 
work then ask him. I do feel honored to be 
back at GDA though. As far as what I have 
been up to... I have been 'volunteering' for 
my husband as a Collections Analyst at his 
company, Managed Technology Partners in 
Charlestown, MA, since last October and 
loving it (building where Olives Restaurant 
is. Come visit)." 

72 The Archon &* Fall 2008 


My nephew Chad Martin has started his 
freshman year at the Academy. He is playing 
JV football and has Abu for Spanish. My son 
Andrew is a junior and taking AP US 
History, Honors Physics, and Pre-Calc. Proof 
that the apple can fall far from the tree. We 
have just begun looking into that college 
thing. As of yet, no real idea where he'd like 
to go. The SATs should help us narrow that 
down. Well, that's it for now. You will be 
hearing from us regarding the Reunion. If 
you'd like to help, just let us know. 

Class of 1980 

Lynne E. Durland 

114 West Road 

Londonderry, NH 03053-3141 

(603) 421-0940 

kb lfem @comcast. net 

Parts of me want to whine and complain. 
There were 73 of us who graduated 28 years 
ago this past June, and I get one postcard! Then 
I realize that it is as much my fault, as anyone 
else's. I was always the shy one around new 
people, but you guys aren't new people any- 
more. I do hear from Jonathan Welch once 
in a while via email or radio from the boat, 
when he is up here. Liz Evans lives and works 
right here in Manchester NH, but I don't reach 
out and call her to go to lunch. One of our 
classmates' brothers lives here in town. I drive 
by his house almost weekly in my travels 
around town, but don't go knock on the door. 
Scott Mason is in television these days, in fact 
has been for 25 years, down in North Carolina, 
being the local Charles Kurault of CBS News 
fame. He's a feature reporter and is on The Tar 
Heel Traveler. He is hoping to travel on up to 
Byfield with his wife and three kids one of 
these days. Me? My office moved to Bedford, 
NH from Manchester earlier in the summer. 
We did some construction on the house. 
(Small piece of advice: if you are taking walls 
down to studs, and tearing up floors, go stay in 
a hotel for the duration) My daughter went to 
China in June with the Londonderry 
Marching Lancers as invited participants of the 
Olympic Youth Cultural Festival. (Search 
youtube for marching bands in china; there are 
some fun videos) and tomorrow morning City 
Year is kicking off here in Manchester. My 
middle son is in the corps of 45! 

Write Soon, I have new email address: 

Mike Reilly '81, Jenny Graf '81,Vinca 
Weatherly '81, Eric AdeU '81 at Michael's 

in Newburyport 

Eric Adell,Vinca Weatherly, Jenny Graf 
andTracey O'Dea, all Class of 1981 

Clarissa Dane '81 with her children, Cady 
andjacdon, along with Jenny Graf '81. 

Keller Laros '81 and Kathryn Shilale '81 
in New York City last December 

^. ym* r : -^»*^M** 

I ) 

■ - -^- 

■ ■ 

vJM B ■■* 


Keller Laros '81 and Sara O'Leary (daughter 
of Rich O'Leary 75) at Sea Camp 

Class of 1981 

Kathryn A. Shilale 

18 Longmeadow Road 

Medfield, MA 02052- 1011 

(617) 242-1299 

As usual, the summer goes by too fast 
with not enough golf! Hope everyone 
played more than I did. Also, as usual, the 
only two postcards I got were from Aro and 
Clarissa! Richard Aranosian had a nice 
visit to NH and caught up with TJ and Jeff 
Bailey. He says all is well in South Florida. 
Clarissa Dane Hughes shot a small part in 
a band scene in the film / Love You Phillip 
Morris with Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor 
which is due out in March of 2009. She is 
busy with the Pajama Program (www.pajam- and her late nephew Phil's 
foundation She 
says being a mom is her greatest reward! 
Cady is five and started kindergarten and 
Jacdon is one. I was lucky enough to catch 
up with her in Boston when she was home 
in August for a quick Swanboat ride. She 
also caught up with Jenny Graf. I had a 
nice visit from Peter Starosta and his boys 
Henry and Theodore on a rainy day in 
August. Pete is doing 'well in Atlanta, work- 
ing hard and loves spending time with his 
wife Cynthia and their boys. Tracey O'Dea 
writes: "All is well with me - spent a great 
deal of time on the water this summer, cul- 
minated by a trip to Nantucket for a week - 
it was beautiful!! Fished, sunbathed, swam, 
ate and drank way too much, but had a blast! 
The boys are doing great - Conor will be 
coming through the admissions process here 
this fall along with Joe Benson's '80 son 
and another son of Jeff '80 and Maggie 
Bailly's. Can you believe it? Let's see what 
this generation of alumni kids bring to the 
Academy. Aidan is in sixth grade now and 
doing well; he spent his summer writing and 
acting in the lead role of a movie for his 
summer program and is now looking for- 
ward to his environmental camp in Rhode 
Island this November. Just got together with 
Mike Riley and Eric AdeU for a few back 
to school cocktails and stories; we are still all 
game for a junket to Las Vegas if Keller is 
willing! Any other takers? I had a nice day 
trip to Marblehead and saw Lisa Louden 

TlieArchon &■* Fall 2008 73 

c 1 a 

s s notes 

well. Lisa is still with State Street in Boston. 
My niece Sarah checked in on Keller Laros 
at Jack's Diving Locker this summer and had 
a nice time meeting his whole family. For 
those of you who haven't heard, Moon is re- 
tiring this year. There are several receptions 
around the country and we should all try to 
get to one. Best to all. 


Class of 1982 

Nancy Lord Wickwire 

378 Smith Road 

Bedford, NH 03110-6201 

(603) 472-8993 

anwick@comcast. net 

John Nye: "We had a terrific summer 
and our auction company continues to 
thrive. With all the 'stuff' hitting the fan on 
Wall Street and people looking for work or 
just trying to make sure they keep their jobs, 
let me tell you about brother Dan, who 
would have been Class of '84 - had he stayed 
at GDA the full term. He became the CEO 
of highly touted Silicon Valley professional 
networking firm LINKED IN. It's a way for 
people to stay in touch 'with each other, post 

questions, resumes, job searches, et al to 

the network. During his tenure of about 18 
months, the site has grown from about five 
million users to 26 million, and is adding 
people at over 1.5 million per month! Many 
schools have alumni groups on the Linked In 
site - something TGA might consider doing. 
I realize this isn't exactly Class of 82 news, 
but below is my official response to your 
questions: We are just beginning the college 
search for Tupper. Hannah is almost 1 1 and 
loving middle school. Avery is seven and en- 
joys working at the auction house. How's 
that?" Derrick Perkins: "It's been too long 
since I sent an update even though you have 
been great about sending out requests. Last 
June I traveled through England for a month 
with my wife Michele and our two boys 
Derrick (11) andWally (9) whom she home 
schools. We traveled throughout the country 
and did some great sightseeing. We visited 
with family and also stayed with our fellow 
alumnus Stephen Oldfield and his family 
Steve says that he will be back in the states in 
three years for his next big reunion festivi- 

Teacher Dick Leavitt with sonjeff 82 and 
grandson Ian at the Whiston-Bragdon Arena 

ties. From Derrick Perkins: "We enjoyed a 
wet summer in Wolfeboro, NH but are now 
back in Michigan where we five the rest of 
the year. I'm looking forward to getting out- 
doors this fall for some good bow hunting! I 
have started an archery company 
( and I con- 
tinue to run and engineering firm (www.lib- I hope that all is well 
for everyone and I can be reached at either 
of these two web addresses." JefF Leavitt: "I 
can't believe that summer is over already! 
September marks the start of my 13th year 
working with and for Scott Holloway and 
my dad's 45th at the Academy. Planning on 
catching a football game or two down at 
school this fall. My oldest son, Rich, will be 
23 next week and is on his own working for 
Tyco and doing well. My oldest daughter, 
Catherine, just turned 21. She is also on her 
own and working her way through photog- 
raphy school. My youngest daughter, Sam, 
has just started her senior year at 
Winnacunnett High School, studying graph- 
ic design and marine biology. My youngest, 
Ian, is just plain wearing me out. As you can 
see by the above photo, he is a hockey jock. 
The picture is two years old so now he's up 
past my shoulders and loves to lay some 
heavy licks on his opponents. I've been 
coaching his team for the past five years. 
This year we are looking to take the Granite 
State Championships since we were elimi- 
nated in the semi-final round each of the 
past two years. Ian has his sights on skating 
for the Academy when he gets to that age. 
He's just started sixth grade so I have a cou- 
ple of years left before that happens. Ian 
spent a week up in the mountains fly-fishing 
with my dad and caught his first 'brookie' 

Clara Lucille Krigbaum, daughter of 
Denise and John Krigbaun '82 

and a rainbow trout. - My nose did get 
'cracked' last year by a deflected puck during 
practice so I guess you could count that as a 
coaching related injury." 

Matthew Teborek sent an "OUT OF 
OFFICE REPLY" so I don't know what he's 
up to but I do know that (1) He's got a job 
and (2) I have his correct email address. 
Robert Low: "I bring Natalie, 14 months, to 
soccer practice every day, and the girls love 
it. We've tied our first two games (St. 
Georges and Brooks) so I might sneak her in 
the line-up to generate more offense. This 
summer we hosted a lacrosse camp at Groton 
with recent Gov's alum Greg Allis on the 
staff. What a class act. Spent the summer on 
the lake working at Cardigan Mt. Summer 
Session. Lots of swimming. Best to all 
82ers." Heather Ryan: "We have a little bit 
of news. By 'little' I mean about 15 pounds, 
furry, four-legged and with a tail. Our new 
addition to the family is a Beagle/Hound 
mix which we adopted from the local shel- 
ter. So far, house training isn't going that 
well so if he didn't have those cute floppy 
ears, take-pity-on-me-because-I'm-only-a- 
puppy eyes and an incessantly wagging tail, 
his owners would NOT be so forgiving." 
John Krigbaum writes: "There's a new 
kriggy in the world!! I got married in May 
2007 (to Denise) and we had our (my) first 
on July 28th. Her name is Clara Lucille 
Krigbaum and she is a cutie (see above). All 

74 TheArchon s» Fall 2008 

Daneille Jacobs, Lori Whitney, Karen 
Schulte, Greg Skaff 

Erika Nicholson and Sarah Bradshaw 

Caleb Ham and Lori Whitney 

Mark Kagan and Chris Nesbit at the 
home of Teresa Russo 

Peter Riley Drew Hoffman, Rick Stram 

is good in my world. Still teaching biologi- 
cal anthropology at University of Florida and 
conducting research at archaeological sites in 
Cambodia, Southeast China, Philippines, and 
Malaysia. Wishing all well!" 

As for me, Nancy Wickwire, I should 
have called Bobby! I am coaching my 
daughter's fourth and fifth grade soccer 
team, despite announcing (when they asked 
parents to consider coaching) that I had 
never played soccer in my life and was, in- 
stead, a field hockey player from way back. 
Way, way back. Like almost three decades 
back. I thought my disclosure would induce 
some other parent to feel guilty enough to 
step up to the plate. But no, the next email 
I got read, "Congratulations, you are the 
head coach!" Just like drink mixing, jitter- 
bugging, and parenting, I have no formal 
training or prior experience but I'm very 
good at faking it. Besides, dribbling drills 
and the essence of the 'give and go' translate 
across the lines from lacrosse, field hockey, 
ice hockey (yes, I was on the Tripods intra- 
mural team whilst in law school at C.U.) to 
soccer. It's just a different sized object, sent 
in a different manner. The skill you PvEAL- 
LY need to coach a group of 13 ten and 
eleven-year-old girls is duct tape to elimi- 
nate the yapping. I swear it looks like they 
are at a cocktail party, standing in small 
groups, chatting away, whilst I attempt to 
demonstrate various soccer techniques 
(thank heavens for the coaches clinic and for 
the ability to "google" soccer drills), or list 
off the roster and instructions for the next 
drill or scrimmage. Then when I am done 
and say "Ok let's get started." It's like they 
all just landed from an alien planet. "What 
position am I playing?" "What are we sup- 
posed to do now?" Or, sometimes, they just 
keep chatting. Does this happen with boys, 
too? Yeesh. I just check with Layla on the 
car ride home to find out how I did. As 
long as she doesn't tell me that I embar- 
rassed her to death, then I figure it's all 
good. The rest of the family is just fine. 
Eddie is getting ready for the eighth grade 
backpacking trip to Cardigan Mountain. 
They depart Tuesday after Columbus day, 
camp for three nights and return exhausted, 
happy and stinky after tramping all over 
learning about streams and soils and who 
knows what all else. Parents are welcome to 
go on this trip! But, thankfully, they are not 
required to attend. 


Class of 1983 

Danielle L. Jacobs 

91 Pond Street 

Marbkhead, MA 01945-2604 

(781) 639-9272 

Laurianne Murphy 

101 W End Avenue Apt 11M 

NewYork.NY 10023-6321 


lmurphy@nyc . rr. com 

Hello to the Class of '83! 

It was fabulous to see all of you that 
made it to Teresa Russo Cramphorn's to 
kick off our 25th year reunion! I can not 
believe it has been two-and-a-half decades. 
And we all still look like teens! (Or at least 
act like it!). 

First of all, thank you sooo much to 
Teresa, for hosting our get together! Many 
people emailed me after the weekend want- 
ing to thank Teresa. She doesn't do email, so 
T, please know it was greatly appreciated! 
Also, thank you to Lori Whitney for pro- 
viding all the yummy food, compliments of 
her restaurant, The Green Bean, in Exeter, 
NH. And to Karen Gronberg, who looks 
dynamite, for all her help in coordinating 
the party. Karen and I are eager to plan next 
spring's get together so we are just waiting 
for someone new to suggest a venue. 
(Maybe Peter Riley's newly renovated 
home?). (Just kidding, sort of...). I'll try to 
remember all that were there and I'm sorry 

in advance if I leave someone out from 

Cali, David Agger and John Borgman, 
Erica Walberg Nicholson and Sarah 
Bradshaw. Sarah has an adorable little girl 
and Erica looks exactly the same. David and 
John are California "hip". Thanks to Mark 
Kagan for supplying the ice. If you plan to 
throw a party he has a bar sized ice cooler in 
his garage! Will and Jill Adams (that sounds 
sooo cute), Drew and Kate Hoffman 
(David H. and John Gibbs went to dinner 
that night with the wives and could not be 
bothered) (I want to say more but will try to 
be a lady). Chris Nesbit and his brother. 
Chris and I had a 30-minute phone conver- 
sation a few days prior to the party. Perhaps 
our first conversation ever, and it was great 
chatting with him. I love that about re- 

TlieArchon e* Fall 2008 75 

class notes 

unions, you get to reconnect or just connect 
with people that you never got a chance to 
know back in the day. Peter Riley, Nancy 
Higgins, Caleb, Jamie, Mike Gilfeather 
and Luc. I don't think Peter and Nancy had 
seen each other since they were high school 
sweethearts. I thought that was awfully cute. 
Caleb brought some of his artwork; it is re- 
ally great. David Dow, Greg Skaff, Rick 
Stram and John Stahl. John was a big help 
with setup and manning the fire. It was great 
to see you, John! The outdoorsman award 
goes to Jamie and Luc, who camped out on 
the beach in front of Teresa's house. I wish 
everyone else could have made it and like I 
said Karen and I (and probably Teresa and 
Lori) would love to plan another party next 
year so email me any ideas and keep in 
touch! I'm sorry I couldn't make it to cam- 
pus the next day (had a Bar Mitzvah to at- 
tend) to see those of you who made it! 

Luc Levensohn reports that he is alive 
(and not in jail. He's living in Manchester- 
by-the-Sea with wife Sara (St. Mark's '84), 
son Philip (sixth grade Manchester 
Memorial) and daughter Emma (fourth 
grade Manchester Memorial). Luc is Vice 
President of Infrastructure & Security at 
Pro-Teck Valuation Services inWaltham. 

My wife and I both coach Beverly 
Youth Lacrosse where we see a lot of Rick 
Morse as well as Dede "Daley" Warren 
'84. Trivia: Hillary Seward Kempanen '84 

was the maid of honor at my 'wedding! 

Keep in Touch and have a great fall! 


Class o/1984 

Harry S. Taormina 

1 706 Vinton Circle 

Chesapeake, VA 23323-6664 


harry. taormina@cox. net 

2 5 ih Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

I must say that the job doesn't seem 
too difficult when you have a great re- 
sponse from classmates. The first to 

check, in via email, was Cathy (Riley) 
Scerbo. She says she is doing great! 
Her oldest son Sean is attending 
GDA/GA/TGA (whichever it is) as a 
freshman this year. He's 6'1" at 14, 
sounds like a great prospect for the ath- 
letic fields. Her seventh grader, Drew, is 
traveling with the U-13 soccer team as 
their goalie. Her youngest, Ryan, is also 
keeping her busy but most of all he's a 
huge Sox fan. Cathy is training for her 
second triathlon, where she finds the 
time, I don't know. She sends good news 
of a happy and HEALTHY family. She 
can't wait to relive the GDA/GA/TGA 
experience as a parent. 

William Tempel emailed in an up- 
date on a very busy life. He started out at 
cooking school and ended up becoming a 
chef and taught at the Art Institute of Los 
Angeles. He says he liked it but his true 
calling is acting. As a member of the 
Screen Actors Guild, he is truly a working 
actor with spots in a few movies and sev- 
eral spots on General Hospital. If he 
breaks it big, I'll let you know. Brett 
Engel checked in to see what was up. He 
is doing great with his law firm. He passed 
on that he is thinking of opening up a 
chain of hair salons, "Brett's Nail's & 
Things". I don't know if he was serious 
but good luck with that. He was excited 
to hear about William Tempel and 
his acting career. Brett said, "Now 
I know some- 
one on General 
Hospital, my 
favorite soap"! 
He sends his best 
to all. Charlotte 
Amorello says 
hello from her 
very busy life. 
Her eight-year- 
old son, Mayo, is 
keeping her on 
her toes. "With 
school programs, 
town sports and 
just keeping up 

with him, he just keeps me going." 
Timothy Clark sends in the news that he 
is "getting married, living in Geneva, CH, 
and speaking passable French. Peter 
Bragdon, I owe you a call — Hey Moonves, 
what's up? Most importantly to the class, 
hope all are well!" 

I send my best to all; keep the good 
news coming. 

Greg Waldman'87 with daughters Sophie, 
Sarah and newborn Everett. 

Everett Joseph Waldman, son of Greg '87 and Melanie (D'Orazio)'86 

76 TheArchon «* Fall 2008 



Class of 1985 

Nathalie E. Ames 

2355 North Commonwealth, 3 

Chicago, IL 60614 


Alex Konovalchik writes: "After many 
years as an assistant football coach I am now 
the head football coach.This is in addition to 
my duties as head wrestling coach and histo- 
ry teacher. All is well!" Victoria de Lisle 
says: "I hope this email finds you all well. 
Life in New Orleans is good but I wish I 
could work less, if only to spend more time 
on my latest hobby - see the attached picture 
of me and Seal. I used to horseback ride as 
a young girl and always wanted to get back 
into the sport. Turning 40 was the perfect 
excuse. I rode in my first show last month 
and am jumping at the three-foot level at the 
moment. The fences look a lot higher now 
than they did when I was 14! Hope every- 
one is doing well and will see you in 2010. 
Tim Maxfield writes: "Things are moving 
along well here in Maine. My daughter 
Rhiannon is now 14 and for three days in 
early August we attended the 2008 Soul Fest 
shows in New Hampshire, which were a 
blast. She is entering Thornton Academy in 
Saco, Maine this fall as a freshman! I have 
taken a new full time position as Program 
Director at Foundation House in Portland, 
supervised residential living facilities for 36 
men in early recovery from addiction. 
Although I have been working here for over 
three years, there are new things to learn 
everyday. If you are coming through Maine, 
give me a call!" 

Class of 1986 

Paul B. Nardone 

190 Summer Street 

Lynnfield, MA 01940-1857 

(781) 334-2037 



Patrick McCullom is living 
Hingham, MA with his wife Sandi, son Max, 
daughter Madeline and latest addition to the 
family, Fenway (boxer puppy) . He caught up 
with Jason Katsapetses over the phone and 
reports that Jason and his wife, Kim, and 

Amy Northup s '87 children Charlotte and Ellie on the beach in Block Island, RI, Labor Day 

daughter Zia, are West Coasters now. 
Melanie D'Orazio Waldman reports: 
"Greg '87 and I just had our third child on 
Aug. 17th. Our first boy! His name is Everett 
Joseph Waldman. My sister Stephanie '85 
was with Greg and me when I delivered our 
girls but my sister Kim '84 was with us for 
Everett which was very cool. My brother 
Tony '88 and his wife Stacy will be Everett's 
godparents. I'm lucky to have such a great 
family to support us. Our girls, Sophia (6) 
and Sarah (4) are still not sure of him but we 
all agree he is very cute. Greg just sees all the 
sporting events and wrestling meets in their 
future... and he actually GLOWS! Well, that 
is my news. Hope all is well in your world." 

Congrats goes out to Melinda Stahl and 

husband Matt. It turns out that Mart's show, 
Burn Notice, was selected to air for two more 
seasons on USA Network (Thursdays at 10 
pm).Will we see Melinda and Matt on the red 
carpet one day? Dave Moore and wife 
Andrea live in Upstate NY with their two chil- 
dren, Caity (16) and Liam (10). Dave works for 
Honeywell as an Account Manager in the 
Northeast. John Huard and wife Sarah live in 
Barrington, RI with their two sons. John is 
busy managing his family's Field Turf business. 
Chances are he's installed a beautiful field 
somewhere near you. Next time you see the 
Pats play on the great turf at Gillette stadium, 
be sure to think of John. Susan Gage says: 
"Life at 40 is interesting. I've been busy put- 
ting together a festival with the McKee Faust 
Club for Tallahassee's Gay Pride. And when 
I'm not busy with my massage practice, I'm 
working on my blog (www.scg- Hope everyone has 
a great summer!" 

David Miller's '87 newborn Gavin 
with Uncle Scott '91 

As for me (Paul Nardone), all is well 
with family (wife Laura, son Casey and 
daughter Hope). We 're still in Lynnfield. I'm 
back in the organic food industry and am 
CEO of Immaculate Baking Company. We 
make all sorts of delicious organic cookies 
( . 


Class of 1987 

Amy B. Northup 

84 Central Street 

Byfield, MA 01922 

(978) 465-0724 

anorthup@pacificpkg. com 

Kristen M. Poulin 

41 Main Street 

Byfield, MA 01922 

(978) 462-9953 

Yeah, um, my name is Amy and I am 
a Facebook addict ( 
I've heard admitting you have a problem 

The Archon «§■* Fall 2008 77 

class notes 


Children of Heather Moore Roche '87, 

Pam Chase Paradee '87 and 

Katrina Russo Burks '85 

is the first step. Seriously, if you are not 
on it, get on it. If you are already on it, 
try not to ignore other responsibilities 
while you are on it. I may have spent a 
little less time focused on work, my girls 
and/or my husband (not necessarily in 
that order) at the beginning, but now I 
think Facebook and I have a healthy rela- 
tionship. It is a great 'way to stay in touch 
and reconnect with friends. I hear it is 
also a professional networking site, but 
I've been too busy checking in with old 
friends to notice. If you are already on it, 
be in touch. If not, check it out. . .but just 
don't say I didn't warn you... 

Anita Russo Bartschat sent an email 
and wonderful pictures: "My family has 
been dealing with the biggest challenge of 
our lives. Our oldest, Christoph, was diag- 
nosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia 
(A.L.L.) in May 2007 when he was 10. He 
got right on chemotherapy and made it 
through the worst of it. Now he is on 
maintenance chemo for two more years 
and feeling great. As a result of this expe- 
rience we founded a non-profit organiza- 
tion called Christoph's ALL Stars to help 
kids with cancer. Our goals are to make 
kids more comfortable during treatments, 
raise awareness of childhood cancer, and 
fund the still-needed research. Our com- 
munity has just poured out the support 
and we have done a number of fundraisers 
including an auction Sept 21. So I have 
found myself in a full-time volunteer job 
while still managing four active kids! If 
anyone is interested in more info, email This sum- 
mer we drove out to MA for a short visit. 

Heather Moore Roche '87, 

Pam Chase Paradee '87 and 

Katrina Russo Burks '85 

Saw Lucy (Armstrong) Henkes, Pam 
(Chase) Paradee, Heather (Moore) 
Roche and, of course, my sisters Katrina 
'85 and Teresa '83. All my best! "Thanks 
so much for sharing your story and we 
hope the auction was a huge success. 
Amy Mack Forsthoffer wrote: "Mae 
Isabelle Forsthoffer was born July 18, 
2008. A healthy baby who is currently 
keeping her parents awake entirely too 
much! Brother Finley (2) is excited 
and skeptical about her arrival." 
Congratulations and I hope Mae is sleep- 
ing a little more these days. Kris 
Kolbialka checked in with: "Writing 
more songs, recording. Still working 
about half time as an archivist (Boston 
Architectural College and First Church in 
Salem (Est. 1629)). My online music press 
kit is at and 
you can listen to my songs there. 
Thanks!" Greg and Melanie (D'Orazio) 
Waldman welcomed a son, Everett 
Joseph Waldman, August 17th. He 
weighed in at 9 pounds and was 22 inch- 
es. Congratulations! More congratula- 
tions for Dave Miller. He emailed: "I 
couldn't be prouder! Gavin Douglas 
Miller was born 4/26/08. He is a super- 
star! Here's a picture of Gavin and his 
Uncle Scott '91. I'm still in Manchester, 
NH working for TD Ameritrade. Ben 
Williams got married this past April on 
St. Thomas Island. His new bride, Sarah, 
and her son are living in Gorham, NH. 
Hope you are well!" 

Take care, enjoy the fall, and please 
stay in touch. Gotta run, need to go 
check Facebook... 

Class of 1988 

Deana D. Boyages 

156 Aurora Street 

Hudson, OH 44236-2943 


dboyages @msn . com 

Hi everyone. I (Deana Boyages) am 

happy to report that we had a great turnout 
for our reunion and apparently BECAUSE 
we had a reunion, no one thought that they 
needed to send an email or cards updating us 
on their lives. Well not to panic all of you, 
but since you didn't write I will HAVE to use 
my selective memory to recall all that I heard 
from you while holding a glass of wine! 

Okay, well the object of SO many jokes, 
and to be considered the "straight guy in my 
comedy act," Chris D'Orio and his lovely 
wife, Dana, were at GDA the whole week- 
end. It was great to spend time with Dana. 
All the years I have been tortured listening to 
Chris were worth the friend I have gained in 
Dana! Their boys are definitely "chips off 
the old block." They look like Chris AND 
act like Chris. . . poor Dana! You only had to 
look at the rink to find their family. Go fig- 
ure! And now a quick walk down memory 
lane with me. . . Reginald Walter Winston 
Edmonds, III (he added the III for effect), 
was in my freshman English class with Mr. 
Rowe and now he has a yoga studio in 
Georgetown! It was great to see him briefly 
as he made an unplanned appearance on 
Friday night. His full name is forever em- 
blazoned in my memory for some reason (he 
sat next to me in English) and it was fun to 
see him and hear about his business venture. 
We decided that for our 25th we will have a 
GDA yoga session, to "balance" us all for the 
weekend festivities. So pen it in! Speaking 
of Mr. Rowe, he did have our reunion 
scheduled but HE FORGOT TO 
COME!!!!! I have to tease him, because if 
you ever had him in class you know how re- 
lentless he was at teasing you if he found out 
a shred of personal information!! Now that 
I have him feeling guilty for forgetting, he 
did mention that he would "do anything" to 
make it up to me and you. . .What should we 
ask for?!?!?! Hmmm, the possibilities! I 
have heard from Andy Noel, but he never 

78 TheArchon &* Fall 2008 

r\r , nuk 

Martin Wallem '88 with classmates climbing the White Mountains in New Hampshire 

made reunion, you know, work, work, work: 
"I'm so sorry to have missed our 20th re- 
union event. Choate graduation always takes 
place on the weekend of reunion and, as 
such, it's almost impossible to sneak away. I 
may have to play hooky, however, for the 
25th. I had a chance to touch in with Peter 
Bragdon recently and he echoed Deana's 
comments about how the mighty Class of 
'88 was, indeed, one of his favorites. Quite a 
special comment from a special guy. The 
Noel family is doing well and coming off a 
fun-filled summer of small trips, mountain 
climbing hikes and family visits. Once again, 
The Noels and Moodys (Alex '89) gathered 
for an annual family event in Eastman, NH. 
A great weekend with the families. Hoping 
all enjoy the fall season and Soxtober! Go 
Sox!" Okay, so I am feeling a bit slighted, but 
maybe you can put in for a weekend off five 
years from now, Andy?!?! Is THAT enough 
notice for Choate? We hope so! 

Another few alums that we saw were Lisa 
Sweeney Ryan... she is still upright and can 
speak in full sentences, all this despite being a 
"freak of nature" with all those kids!! The 
freak of nature thing was her terminology not 
mine!! She was the same as ever and is plan- 
ning on being a "weather girl" for her local 
television station. We are hoping that she will 
do some online broadcasts that we can see. 
She will give us the link when she has it. With 
Lisa was Kara Moheban McLoy. She is do- 
ing well, has two cute kids - a boy that is a 
dead wringer for his dad, Jason McLoy '89, 
and an adorable daughter. All that with a suc- 
cessful law career and helping to plan our re- 
union too! We got Jason to take a class picture 
with us. . . we really think of him as one of us, 
I mean after all, he married our Academy 
Prize winner and graduated with us! To com- 
plete our Three Musketeers, Carrie Walton 
Penner flew in for the weekend too. She is 
busy with her kids and foundation work and 
lives in the San Francisco area. Regina 

Glanzberg was also visiting from NY. She has 
a veterinary office on Long Island and I didn't 
get to bend her ear to hear more about it. 
With her was Anne Cole who is still in NYC 
and in publishing. I was excited to get home 
to my oldest daughter to tell her what you can 
make a career in when you love reading. Anne 
is as busy as ever, but doesn't think she will be 
in NYC forever. She likes the city, but is up 
for a change. Also with them was Christina 
Dalessio. She is in Portland, ME and loves it 
up north. I didn't have any trouble recogniz- 
ing anyone! It was fun to laugh and spend 
time together. On Saturday I saw, Reena 
Manimaleuth, Erin Saunders Braunstein, 
Jill Goldman Miller who arrived for 
Saturday lunch. They were visiting together 
and came by to say hi. They are all doing well 
and were amazed at all the building that had 
been done at GDA since we graduated. 
Reena is still in Georgia, Erin in Colorado 
and Jill in Massachusetts. Dave Walor and 
Wayne Belleau were at all of the events 
with their kids and wives. It was fun to 
laugh with them. Dave is living in Wakefield 
and Wayne in New Hampshire. Their kids 
were cute and we sweated out, literally, at the 
activities on Saturday. At dinner on Saturday, 
Paul Bucci arrived. He explained to us that 
he is mean in the beginning of the year, be- 
cause as a teacher in RI, it is easier to get 
nicer than it is to get tougher. It sounded to- 
tally logical and reminded us of when Mike 
Karin threw Dave Walor out of geometry 
class in November. We were stunned to say 
the least, but 20 years later it was cause for a 
good laugh! Not so funny at the time. 
Michelle LaFlamme was at the Saturday 
activities with her family as well. As a mat- 
ter of fact, she is now employed by the 
Academy at the Health Center! Do they 
have any idea who they are dealing with?!?!? 
We won't tell them, they will see what we all 
know about our "spunky" classmate! 

This leads me to my final story about 

our reunion. At Saturday night's dinner we 
had Martin Wallem arrive to spend/sweat 
at the dinner with us all. It was amazing to 
have him with us. Let me please assure you 
his humor is still in tact, although his voice 
has a somewhat higher pitch, since Cara 
must translate for him. She found it unbe- 
lievable that he would call me a liar and a 
cheat all within two minutes of greeting 
him on the walkway! If it weren't for her 
I would have sent him to the Science 
Building for the dinner, not the library 
where we were actually meeting! As is the 
case with Martin and Chris D'Orio, their 
wives certainly make them more tolera- 
ble!!!! We cried the whole dinner. Firstly 
with Mr. and Mrs. Bragdon being hon- 
ored as members of our class. Lisa 
Sweeney Ryan stood up and said a few 
words about how important the Bragdons 
were while she "negotiated" the perils of 
adolescence and we cried. Mr. Bragdon 
read from the dreaded wonderful nature 
book. (We definitely cried, but for a differ- 
ent reason than from the previous story!) 
Mrs. Bragdon couldn't object (too loudly, 
at least) about his reading, because now she 
too, as a member of our class, must quietly 

Headmaster Emeritus Peter Bragdon 

believes the Class of '88 was entranced 

by another reading from his 

"Nature Book" at Reunion 2008. 

TheArchon as Fall 2008 79 


class notes 

Victoria de Lisle '85 

listen as our Headmaster reads... it was like 
morning meeting all over again. Then we 
surprised Mrs. Piatelli with an honorary 
diploma for her and Mr. P. Here again, we 
all cried. Then, we began a practice of 
electing a class President at our reunions. 
We unanimously elected Martin Wallem. 
Then we all cried. It was really a fun 
evening, despite all of our tears. What it 
made us realize is that despite time and dis- 
tance we are all so connected with one an- 
other. We genuinely care about our class- 
mates and their progress and happiness 
through life. It was like being at Brantwood 
again. When we came back from that trip, 
I gained a new appreciation for everyone in 
our class. We really all cared for and about 
one another, genuinely cared. If you were 
not able to come to our 20th, please con- 
sider coming to our 25th. I am planting the 
seed now so you will have it to plan around. 
It was an amazing weekend and I hope that 
all 101 of us can be there five years from 
now. I love you guys!! PS. If I forgot any- 
one, and I am sure I did, please forgive 
me... better yet send me a note next time 
and let us all know what you are up to! :) 

Martin Wallem writes: "First off I 
want to thank Deana for being the glue that 
holds our class together. Her entertaining 
commentary and encouragement to stay 
connected all these years is appreciated more 
than she will ever know. I can't encourage 
you enough (you long lost class members es- 
pecially) to make Deana's life easier by writ- 
ing in a few lines to let the rest of us know 
you are alive and well. I will be the first to 
admit that I was one of those 'lost souls' but 
now that I have reconnected, it's a wonder- 
fully freeing experience to contribute to the 
Archon. So let's have it! The position of 

Honorary Class President that you have be- 
stowed upon me is a tremendous honor and 
privilege. I have never felt more connected 
to you my classmates, my friends. The emo- 
tion that I felt that night of Reunion was 
overwhelming and bittersweet. As so many 
memories of my time at GDA came flooding 
back, I was thrilled just to be there, to see 
you all (and everyone looked great! Who 
would believe we had aged 20 years) and yet 
at the same time I was bursting at the seams 
wanting to speak to you, to reach out and 
learn where life has taken each of you and to 
relive our high school days. Thank you for 
looking past the limitations of my illness and 
sharing your lives with me. Thank you also 
for making my wife Cara felt right at home 
at Reunion. After meeting all of you, I think 
she secretly wishes she was a member of our 
class! This past summer and fall were good 
to me and my failing body. With the help of 
family and friends I was able to get out of 
the house and do more things than ever be- 
fore. A few of the highlights: I was chosen to 
represent the ALS community as a pit crew 
member at a Loudon New Hampshire 
NASCAR race, spent a very rainy week in 
the White Mountains, was pushed and pulled 
up a 2,800 foot mountain (to a spectacular 
view at the top), traveled to Virginia to visit 
family, went deep sea fishing and got to 
watch my five-year-old son board the school 
bus for the very first time to kindergarten. 
Each one of these events has great signifi- 
cance for me as seven years ago when I was 
diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) I 
was not expected to be alive for more than 
three years. Battling my illness has forced me 
to have a whole new appreciation for the 
truly important things in life: having roots, 
being part of something that is bigger than 
yourself and connections and relationships 
with family and friends. In the end these are 
the things that sustain us when the difficult 
times hit. And they always hit in one form or 
another. That is part of this journey called 
life.You may not realize it, but you, my class- 
mates, are a pillar of kindness, compassion 
and strength then and now. I am so fortunate 
that you have left your enduring mark of 
friendship on my life. For this I thank you. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Martin Wallem 

Honorary President, Class '88 


Class of 1989 

Kristin A. Brown 

45 Georgian Road 

Weston, MA 02493-2110 

(781) 893-3523 
kristinbrown29@yahoo. com 

20th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Greetings, Class of 1989! We are gearing 
up for our 20th high school reunion. 
Hopefully, you have received the news that 
this year our reunion will correspond with 
the retirement celebration for Mike 
Moonves. Who can forget the "moon dance" 
Mr. Moonves performed for us to the sounds 
of Prince's 1999? I am confident that the 
coupling of these two events will surely 
bring many of us to Byfield in June. A few of 
us have begun talking about the plans for our 
reunion, including Kevin Lydon, Alex 
Moody, Tom Plante, Rick Fox and John 
Hellerman. If anyone is interested in joining 
the planning for this exciting event, please let 
me or the Alumni Office know. Our reunion 
will certainly be a great time to catch up, 
reminisce, and re-familiarize ourselves with 
our alma mater. In fact, rumor has it that 
Derek VanVliet thinks his parents might be 
out one of those nights and we are welcome 
to head over to their house for the night! 
Fun times! A few of you have written in to 
share your news and I thank you for that. 

Jennifer Walsh writes: "My family is 
growing again. Ben is now 2-? years old and I 
am due with baby #2 in early January. It's ex- 
hausting keeping up with it all while working 
full time. I work at SAP - the third largest soft- 
ware company in the world. I am busy with 
our business partners and travel. Hope all is 
well." Rick Fox also shared his news: "Jen and 
I are still living in Jackson, WY; our daughter 
Stella is now two years old and I'd remark on 
how quickly the time has gone but actually the 
time-space continuum has been completely 
blown out of the water by the birth of her lit- 
tle sister and brother, Ruby and Benjamin, in 
late August. And just a month before that we 

80 TheArcho 

Fall 2008 

finally moved into our new house, which 
we've been building for nearly four years. And 
of course my work in forest planning for the 
US Forest Service tends to get a little caught 
up in politics so this year's "silly season" has 
been truly wacky. But that's OK because I 
don't sleep anymore anyway so everyone I 
work with is just as wacky as I am these days. 
Oh, the babies just fell asleep so I better take a 
nap now... Hope you'll all come to our 20th 
Reunion next June so I can introduce you to 
the clan!" Also, just in time for these notes, 
Jessica (Clapp) Hennessey and her husband, 
Richard, recently announced the birth of their 
daughter, Annabelle. Congratulations, Jess! 
Please be sure to write in or e-mail me with 
your news for our next edition of the Archon 
in the spring. Don't be shy - it could be your 
news that entices some of our classmates to 
head to Byfield! See you there. 


Class of 1990 

Nicolle Fardy DelliColli 

311 Lowell Street #2116 

Andover,MA 01810-4553 


Shannon Davenport writes: "Hi, every- 
one. This summer has been a busy one. Our 
second daughter, Moxie Davenport Clifford, 
surprised us by coming two months early and 
weighing a whopping four pounds, four 
ounces. She spent her first month of life at 
Maine Medical Center up in Portland where 
she had to learn to breathe on her own, reg- 
ulate her body temperature, and eat. Jamie and 
I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House 
while our 17-month-old, Maitri, flip-flopped 
between her grandparents' houses. It was pret- 
ty scary and crazy, but now it's just CRAZY. 

Maitri and new sister Moxie, 
children of Shannon Davenport '90 

That's about all that's worth mentioning, but 
that's plenty. We have much to be thankful for. 
Hope everyone is well." Shannon, I speak for 
myself, but I'm sure others as well, when I 
send best wishes, prayers and positive energy 
to you, your family and your little girl Moxie. 

Current news from Mr. Glenn Johnson 
is: "I bought a two-family in Greenfield, Mass. 
where I'm currently working as a youth sub- 
stance abuse prevention coordinator. I'm work- 
ing with small-town police chiefs and town 
councils on enforcement of under-age drinking 
laws. I was a contestant in a local radio station 
promotion to see who would be president of 
the Western Mass version of the Red Sox 
Nation. I ran to represent all the people who do 
not care about baseball. I was truly touched by 
how apathetic so many people are by America's 
pastime. I'm proud to say I was a finalist and in 
the end came in second. I continue to bask in 
the glow of my defeat and invite people to 
check out my outdated blog which I have been 
too indifferent to work on much lately: I'm also 
swimming and preparing to re-enter the local 

Stratton Newbert '91 and sonTheo 
at his first Red Sox Game 

amateur acrobatics class. I hope to reclaim my 
title as the most advanced intermediate amateur 
acrobat in Western Massachusetts." Congrats 
on your property and other endeavors, Glenn. 
I still want to see that back handspring! Keep 
up the aero and come dance with my compa- 
ny sometime! Thank you Shannon and Glenn 
for your updates. Best wishes to all! Keep in 
Touch. Best, Nikki 


Class of 1991 

Nicole F La Tour 

9 Worcester Street 

Boston, MA 02118 

(617) 267-2008 

Anita Aubin (Sweeney) writes that she 
and her husband, Jason, welcomed their first 

Kori Winter Clarke's wedding 

Sharon Rickets Betz, Kori Winter Clarke, Alex Vincent 
Regan and Rebecca Baker Mayhew at Kori's wedding 

The Archon «» Fall 2008 81 

1 a 

s s 



Javier '92 and Carla Braun with triplets Javier, 
Diego and Camila, now 3, in Lxtapa 

Baby of Amy Nicolo '92 and 
Ian Jones '90 


New daughter Isabelle Aurelia Moya 
of Ardy Louis '92 

baby, a daughter Sabrina on May 2, 2008. 
They are all happily living in Westford, MA. 
Kori Winter married David Clarke on May 
31, 2008 in Greenwich, CT. In attendance 
were Sharon Betz (Ricketts), Alex Vincent 
and Rebecca Mayhew (Baker). Rebecca 
Mayhew wrote that she is living in Chapel 
Hill, NIC raising her two sons, Will (4) and 
Ian (1). For the past three years she has been 
teaching fitness classes and before that she 
was in accounting. Her husband Bill teaches 
at Duke. They recently celebrated their 10- 
year wedding anniversary by taking a trip to 
the US Open tennis tournament. Sadly, she 
wrote about the passing of Sharon Betz 
(Ricketts) in July '08 after a fight with ovar- 
ian cancer. Alex, Kori and Rebecca were able 

to see Sharon the weekend before she passed 
and they were all laughing about the silly 
things in life. Rebecca further wrote that 
Sharon was a great friend and will be missed 
tremendously. Sharon is survived by a hus- 
band and a young son and daughter. An ed- 
ucation fund for her children has been estab- 
lished. For anybody interested in contribut- 
ing, donations can be sent to: 

Betz Children Education Fund 
c/o TCF Bank 
8081 Main Street 
Dexter, MI 48130 

This summer I was able to catch up 
with Catherine Batchelder (Tuthill) and 
Lindsey Boden (Miller) at Catherine's 
house in Newburyport. It was great to see 
them and catch up on each other's lives. 
Lindsey's daughter Piper played with 
Catherine's kids Will, Callie and Cecelia 
which was a hoot to watch and certainly 
made the visit lively. Catherine had just 
finished her second season coaching 
women's lacrosse at Newburyport High 
School and Lindsey lives in Newtown 
Square, PA where she continues to do edu- 
cational consulting. Sitting in Catherine's 
kitchen it was hard to believe that we were 
discussing the education of their little ones 
as it seems like only yesterday we were talk- 
ing about our weekend plans in the hallway 
at Moody... time does fly by. 

Class of 1992 

Catharine "Cassie" A. Firenze 

44 Dean Street 

Belmont, MA 02478-3257 

cwfirenze@gmail. com 

It was great to hear from so many of 
you this time around. Here goes ... The 
class of 1992 has been, for lack of a better 
word, busy! See if you can follow all the 
baby news: 

Ardy Louis has been living in the 
Dominican Republic for the past seven 
years. She has completed her medical de- 
gree, married, and had a baby! Isabelle 
Aurelia Moya was born on May 22, 2008. 
Ardy enjoyed some family time in 
Massachusetts this summer, and I'm sure 
Isabelle was glad to meet her stateside 
family! Also enjoying the baby boom is 
Jon Kazanjian - he and Claire wel- 
comed Christopher Bryan this summer. 
I'm sure that Thomas is happy to be a big 
brother - and I'm also sure that Claire is 
exhausted from taking care of all the 
boys! Chris Peabody also welcomed a 
second baby - Merina is now a big sister 
to George. The Peabody family celebrat- 
ed their grandfather's 100th birthday this 
summer - he made the news and the pa- 
per! (not including The Archon!) Erin 
Elwell Rich writes in from West 
Newbury where she is busy with her two 
sons, Aidan (6) and Clin (3) - catching 
her breath before baby #3 arrives around 
Thanksgiving. Erin saw Becca Martin 
in Newburyport this summer with her 
2.5 year old son and infant boy/girl 
twins. Javier Braun writes that after five 
years living in Los Angeles (two doing an 
MBA and three working), he and his 
family went back to Mexico City in 
2005. He's working for a Telecom hold- 
ing Company "Grupo Pegaso" heading 
the satellite services area. His triplets, 
Javier, Diego and Camila turned three in 
May. Javier and Carla are having a blast 
with them. Amy Nicolo and Ian Jones 

82 Tlie Archc 

Fall 2008 

'90 welcomed a daughter, Cosima 
(Coco) in June. Amy also writes that 
Dara Shain had a baby girl, Ila, in 
February, and that Cara Fineman had 
twin girls, Alexa and Dylan, in February. 
Jackie Hogan writes the most upbeat 
message I've seen in a long time: I'm 
marrying the greatest man in the history 
of all great men in September! And then 
we're starting a new life in the three di- 
mensional city of Seattle where fresh 
food is paramount, farmers markets shut 
down city blocks, public art is an expec- 
tation, big mountains, water and views of 
the beloved space needle are everywhere, 
and leaving work early to convene with 
nature is generally fine with the boss. I 
convinced Harvard to let me work re- 
motely so I'll be sporting pjs and a styl- 
ish headset often." 

Also on the west coast, Randy 
Hemming sent a note celebrating the 
downfall of New England sports this year 
- highlighted by our Super Bowl choke 
on his daughter's first birthday, and the re- 
cent Red Sox migration to the Dodgers. I 
wonder if he missed the day that the 
Celtics beat the Lakers this year? When 
he's not watching sports, he's enjoying his 
daughter who is now walking and getting 
into everything. The Hemmings are living 
it up in California: fishing in the Sierras 
and camping at the beach in Malibu and 
Santa Barbara. Patrick Gervais is glad to 
be back in touch with several GDA 
friends via Facebook. He visited Maine 
this summer and swung by campus - glad 
to see new buildings and feel the old 
charm at the same time. Andre Sheffield 
checks in from New York and reports that 
his daughter celebrated her ninth birthday 
in August. How time flies! Devin 
Sullivan's son, Henry, turned one in June 
and started walking in July - plenty to 
chase. Devin wants you all to know that 
our class is behind in fundraising, and a 
phone call will be coming soon. Maybe 
we should celebrate the dedication of this 
year's Annual Fund to Mr. Moonves with 
a catch-up gift? It was great to hear from 
so many of you - here's to a happy and 
healthy winter. Take care. 

Drew Alexander, newborn son of 
Tim O'Keefe '94 


Class of 1993 

IngridA. Cunney 

33 Windsor Avenue 

Lynn, MA 01902-1128 

(781) 842-1150 

Shawn T. Markey 

1 Elm Street 

Byfield, MA 01922-2734 

(978) 499-4959 

smarkey@govsacdemy. org 

Our class must be extremely busy, be- 
cause most of you did not respond. I hope 
you were all out enjoying the summer weath- 
er! I heard from Saundra Watson, who 
wrote that she is still living in Boston and 
working as a Special Educator in Needham 
and loving it. She will be attending Simmons 
College this fall to get a second Master's 
Degree in Reading and Literature. She heard 
from Shirani Wickramasinghe and was 
asked to join Facebook, but said the best way 
to get a hold of her would be through email 
at ( As for me 
(Ingrid Cunney), I took on a lead teaching 
position at a preschool in Swampscott and am 
loving it. My kids at home and at school keep 
me busy, but I truly enjoy it! I hope everyone 
is getting back into the swing of things as 
school kicks into high gear, and I hope we 
hear from more of you in the spring! 

Coral Robey says: "I am still living in 
Guernsey in the UK. I have been so lucky 

Adam andjenn (Mulloy) 
Wright's '94 son, Seller 

and blessed with two beautiful children, Max 
(4) and Sky Lilly (16 months). My husband 
Steve is well and enjoying working with the 
Fraud Department in the Guernsey Police. 
Say hello and best regards to everyone." 

Hope everyone is well!" 


Class of 1994 

Kristen L. Hughes 

5649 Colbath Avenue 

Van Nuys, CA 91401-4725 

(818) 780-1309 

kris. hughes@sbcglobal. net 

15th Class Reunion 

6, 7, 2009 

.. . 

Kristen Jule was awarded her PhD 
from Exeter University in England in the 
field of Animal Behavior. Her research was 
cited in National Geographic, Discovery 
Magazine as well as other publications 
worldwide. Congrats, Kristen! Kate Savage 
Conner writes that by the time this Archon 
is printed she and her husband, Steven, will 
be new parents! The baby was due on 
September 10th and they wanted to be sur- 
prised, so she promises an update for the 
next Archon. Jenn Mulloy Wright is still 
living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with 
her husband Adam. Their son Seller was 
born on April 1 5 and keeps them extremely 
busy. Jenn left her job as executive director 
of an environmental education non-profit 

The Archon s» Fall 2008 83 



ass notes 

and is now working part-time with a climate 
change research laboratory. It's perfect for 
her since she can work from home and be 
with Seller during the day. She and Adam 
love the mountain lifestyle and his parents 
have moved from Rockport, Maine to a 
small town 30 minutes from Steamboat, so 
they're thrilled to now have family close by. 
Jenn's family is doing great and are still back 
in NH. She also writes that Tim O'Keefe 
is living outside Aspen and has a new son, 
too, who is a few weeks younger than Seller. 
Libby Foster also lives in Steamboat so Jenn 
sees her around town. Libby is the director 
of a non-profit that provides mentoring for 
at-risk kids and has been doing some great 
things for this community. 

As for me (Kristen Hughes), I now 
work in publishing and my husband Ryan 
and I opened our own business - a fully-in- 
teractive children's fitness facility in Sherman 
Oaks called I-Fitness KidZone (www.i-fit- If any of you live in the area 
and have kids, bring them by. Okay, enough 
of me talking about myself. Hope everyone 
is well and looking forward to hearing from 
more of you next issue! 


Class of 1995 

Edward Guzman 

23 16 Branleigh Park Court 

Reston, VA 20191-2813 

(718) 129-1318 

Michael C Noon 

136Waverly Place, Apt. 15B 

New York, NY 10014-6862 

Once again, I find myself writing, 
"Once again, autumn is upon us - recall- 
ing fondly to mind our days of academic 
splendor..." or something of the sort. 
However, the repetition doesn't make it 
any less true. Indeed, the leaves are begin- 
ning to turn - again - and, when mean- 
dering along a path, I sometimes worry 

that I haven't 
done all my 
reading for Mr. 
Finn (or Searles, 
or Ceglarski, or 
Ms. White, or 
whomever). This 
year, however, is a 
little different for 
me, as I'm back 
in school study- 
ing fiction at 
Emerson, and so 
it's highly likely 
that I have for- 
gotten to do 
some reading. It's 
nice to be back 
in school, and 

exclusively pursuing the art form that has 
commandeered my life, and nice to be back 
home in NE, though I do miss New York. 

I am pleased to report that the "Don't 
be shy..." postcard has not entirely been a 
futile exercise once again, as I did get one 
response. Lou Olerio sends his greetings 
from Dallas, TX, where he's been busy 
building custom homes, thanks to a local 
housing market that has remained "fairly 
solid." He occasionally trades emails with 
Tim Gould, but notes that he hasn't heard 
from Sung An or Eric Whittier in some 
time. Sung, Eric, please give Lou a call. He 
hopes all is well. On the electronic front, 
I'm pleased to report that Facebook-stalk- 
ing was unnecessary this time around. 
Meg Murphy, in particular, took pity on 
me and provided an account of her sum- 
mer doings, which would seem to have 
been "pretty much run of the mill," as she 
describes it, but pleasantly so: 

"Red Sox games, city life, weekends at 
the beach house with the fam, and im- 
provements on the new south end condo 
(with a pretty sick renovation to my patio 
thank you very much). Probably more in- 
teresting to note (for those reading the 
notes) is that I attended an early summer 
Sox game with Tim Gould, Ryan 

Hudson Howard born June 16, 2008, 
son of Ashley Russell Krasinski '95 

"Stony" Martin and his lovely wife... and 
last night had drinks with none other than 
Saiyid Brent, Archie Seale and Justin 
Rivera. Good times..." I hope to see you 
around town soon, Meg. 

Other news came in from Mike 
Angelis, who's still crafting young minds 
in CT, as well as from Ashley Russell 
Krasinski, who writes: "My husband, Paul, 
and I welcomed our first child this sum- 
mer. Hudson Howard Krasinski was born 
June 16th 2008. He was 9 lbs. 2 oz. and 
21.5 inches long (he takes after his Dad - 
6'9"). He is amazing and we are loving 
every minute of it!" In a few dozen years, 
when Ashley and Paul's Bloom's Day su- 
per-baby is Emperor of the Interior 
Planets, you can say you saw a picture of 
him when he was cute and defenseless. 
Now then, while I know I said I didn't 
Facebook-stalk anyone this time around 
(and I didn't!), that's not to say I wasn't 
contacted by people via Face mail. There 
was a flurry of banter over photos posted 
by Meg Vaught (Graetzer, class of '94), 
in which we all looked young and clean 
and eager. And Laura Beth Barnes has 
actually attained the "kidult" ideal in 
Hong Kong, where two new roles - as a 
Responsible Sourcing Manager for the 
Early Learning Centre and Mothercare 

84 The Archon @" Fall 2008 

UK, and Social Responsibility Consultant 
for the International Council of Toys 
Industry - keep her neck-deep in toys all 
day. "Plus," she says, "I have been selected 
to serve as Vice Chair of the Corporate 
Responsibility Committee for The 
American Chamber of Commerce in Hong 
Kong, as well as continuing to serve on 
the boards of several charitable organiza- 
tions in Asia." Way to go, Laura! Keep 
them kids safe! 

Class of 1996 

Janna De Risi 

3 Ladder Court, Southdown Landing 

Huntington, NY 11743-2556 

(631) 659-3036 

Jeffrey R. La Belle 

2931 N Sheffield Avenue Apt. 1 

Chicago, IL 60657-5065 


To the Class of '96, 1 hope that you look 
forward to hearing the updates from your 
classmates as much as I do. Unfortunately, the 
response rate for the Fall Archon was much 
lower than normal. I hope that is only be- 
cause all of you were busy enjoying the sum- 
mer. Mike Silverio writes that his daughter 
Mia was born on June 2, 2008 and Mom and 
child are doing very well. For myself, I spent 
two amazing weeks traveling around Costa 
Rica where my experiences ranged from zip 
lining in the middle of a torrential downpour 
to fixing a flat tire for the first time in the 
middle of a rain forest. As I (Jeffrey LaBelle) 
write, I am preparing to trek up to The 
Governor's Academy this weekend where I 
will be staying with Ray Long to participate 
in the Trustees meeting. They have opened 
up the fall Trustees meeting to the class offi- 
cers and am looking forward to the event. 

Lt. Christopher Todd "Chilly" 
Winters graduated from the TOPGUN 
Navy Fighter Weapons School on March 14. 
Lt. Winters was commissioned in February 
2002. After graduation from flight school in 

Pensacola, FL he was assigned toVF-101 to 
fly the F- 14 Tomcat at NAS Oceana,Virginia 
Beach, VA. As a Radar Intercept Officer 
(RIO), he joined VF-213 Blacklions and was 
deployed to the Mediterranean Gulf in 
support of Operation Iraq Freedom from 
September 2006 to March 2007. In April 
2007, his squadron then transitioned to the 
F/A-18 Superhornet. In the fall of 2007, 
he was selected to TOPGUN and began 
the class in January 2008. Lt. Winters is 
now a Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor for 
the Pacific Theater, stationed in NAS 
Lemoore, CA. His responsibilities include 
evaluation and training for Navy and 
Marine Corps F/A-18 squadrons in 
California, Guam and Japan. 



Class of 1997 

Sandra T. Padilla 

235 E. 40th St., Apt. 4D 

New York, NY 10016-1745 

Hello, Class of 1997. I hope all is well! 
This issue we have special news from 
Elizabeth Gould. Elizabeth and her hus- 
band, Greg Daniels, added a new addition 
to their family, a little baby girl named 
Hadleigh Anne Daniels. Elizabeth and Greg 
live in Wayland, MA. Congratulations! In 
May, Kara Sergeant received her Master's 
degree from Tufts University in 
Environmental Policy. After seven years at 
New England Interstate Water Pollution 
Control Commission, Kara is now an 
Environmental Consultant with the Green 
Restaurant Association where she works 
with restaurants all over the country to 
help them reduce their environmental im- 
pact. She customizes environmental steps 
for each of her clients and once those 
steps are complete, they become a 
Certified Green Restaurant™. Kara loves 
working in Boston and is learning a lot 
about the restaurant industry. As always, I 
look forward to hearing more of your ex- 
citing news! Please keep me updated. 
Thank you. 

Elizabeth E. Escobar 

888 Main Street, Apt. 402 

New York, NY 10044-0217 


ericksone_e@mac. com 

This year finds this class secretary in yet 
another job! I abandoned my position with 
New York Children's Services and moved 
into the private sector, having joined a firm 
and am now practicing matrimonial law. I 
am still living on Roosevelt Island in NYC 
with my husband and our two puppies. I 
think the word is spreading about our Class 
of 1998 Facebook group. If you have not 
done, so - JOIN! Caitlin Marino reports 
that she is working at Mass General Hospital 
in Child Psychiatry right now: "My sister 
(Courtney '00) and I just sold our condo in 
the city. I am applying to nursing programs 
and in the middle of a four-year apprentice- 
ship with an energy healer who saved my life 
a couple of years ago! Everything is going 
really well for me now." 

1998ers seem to be a bit homesick this 
time around: Toni Karbe commented that 
she graduated last summer from MBA in 
Chicago and decided to move back to 
Germany. She says: "It's great to be back 
'home' and Hamburg is an amazing city but 
I do miss the states. I did move in with my 
long-term boyfriend last November and it's 
been a blast to discover a new city together." 
Kasia (Newman) Deuel reports: "I married 
my sweetie Jon in a beautiful beach ceremo- 
ny in Belize. We met in Berkeley in 2004 
and we now live in Monterey, California 
and work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I 
am in the public relations department and 
love the work and really enjoy life in 
California. Although I do miss New 
England, especially in the fall." We have sev- 
eral happy reports on Governors-in- 
Training. Tali (Jamieson) McBride wrote 
in: "John and I have become elementary 
school parents! Our daughter, Gracie, start- 
ed first grade this year and we can't believe 
how old she seems as she hops on the school 
bus each morning. Johnny, now four, is in 
his second year of preschool and loving 

The Archon <» Fall 2008 85 

class notes 


Owen, son of Liz Parmelee Cahoon '99, 
at York's Wild Kingdom in Maine 

every minute of it! It is a lot of fun to watch 
them develop and to experience life 
through the eyes of two very active, fun-lov- 
ing children." Maura Sprince writes: "My 
daughter, Caroline, is now five and just start- 
ed kindergarten which she loves! We have 
lots of fun things planned for fall: apple 
picking, weekends at the Cape, and, of 
course, High School Musical 3. As for me, I 
am in my final year of law school at Suffolk 
Law in Boston. I'll graduate in July and I 
can't wait!" Myla (Withington) Bleier re- 
ported: "My husband Paul and I live in 
South Carolina mostly staying home with 
my future Govs - Porter is two and Zach is 
six months! We're a mile from the 
beach... Life is Good!" Elinor (Bill) Brown 
reported: "I'm applying to medical schools 
this fall and splitting my time between a ge- 
netics lab and a free clinic. Aaron and I are 
busy keeping up with our two-year-old 
daughter, Beatrix, who has recently learned 
the power of the word 'no'." She also notes 
the approaching nuptials of Missy Green in 
November and that Evan Trent just took a 
new (interesting) job. I often speak to my 
sister, Holly Erickson '00. She has em- 
barked on her Master's in Fine Art at Boston 
University, where her talents were noted 
even prior to her matriculation when she 
was awarded a full merit scholarship by the 
Dean on the faith of the faculty! She is liv- 
ing on Newbury Street, above the Copley 
Society Gallery which, until one month 
ago, as Gallery Coordinator, she managed. 

Class of 1999 

Jessica Zaplin Karlin 

22 Schiller Road 

West Roxbury, MA 02132-6336 

(617) 191-5134 

jess, karlin @gmail. com 

10th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Liz Parmelee Cahoon writes: Well, 
I can hardly believe that we graduated 
from GDA nearly 10 years ago. Where has 
the time gone? Well, I went on to become 
an English teacher. First I taught college, 
then high school, but now I am at the 
middle-school level. I love it! I was mar- 
ried in 2003 and 
gave birth to a beau- 
tiful baby boy two 
years later. My hus- 
band also built our 
house, which, by the 
way, still has finish 
work left. My son, 
Owen, turned three 
in August - he makes 
me smile more and 
more each day - 
cheesy, I know. I live 
in New Hampshire 
and still hear from 
Liz Dayotis (now 
Conte) and 

Courtney George 
from time-to-time. 
It's so hard to keep 
in touch. Luckily, 
my space and email 
makes that a little bit 
easier since we live 
far apart. I have 
added some other 
GDA alumni to my 
myspace page too. 

My newest journey is to get my CAGS 
(certificate of advanced graduate studies) 
as either a reading writing specialist or an 
administrator. Who knows what the future 
will bring. Maybe I will see some of you 
at our 10-year reunion. Notes: Justin 
Marshall is looking forward to seeing 
everybody at the 10-year reunion in June. 
He is busy working at Boston City Hall 
and going to Suffolk Law. He would love 
to hear from everybody - you can email 

I (Jessica Zaplin Karlin) was married 
to Jeremy Karlin on June 21, 2008. We had 
the most perfect wedding on a gorgeous 
sunny day at the DeCordova Museum in 
Lincoln, MA and Megan McShane was a 
bridesmaid. Megan is doing really well 
and still living in Miami, FL. I hope 
everyone is doing well and I look forward 
to seeing you in June 2009! 

Jessica Zaplin Karlin'99 (Class Secretary) and her husband 

Jeremy at their wedding. 

86 TheArchon • Fall 2008 

Cassie Depratto's wedding. Front left to right: Kevin Nutt 

(groom), Cassie (Depratto) Nutt (bride); back left to right: Eve 

Seamans, Elizabeth Turnbull, Meg Lloyd, Catherine Correia, 

Mr. Chris White, Mrs. Elaine White, Beth Deprattto 

John Shuster's wedding. Back row left to right: JJ Morrissey Larry 
Lyons, Chris DeLisle, Loe Leavitt; seated left to right: Brad Kasnet, 
John Shuster,Joe Fannon, Whitney Hannan Shuster stretched out. 


Class of 2000 

Catherine E. Correia 

7624 SW 58th Lane, Apt. 236 

Gainesville, FL 32608-4980 

(617) 245-0244 

Catherine. correia@gmail. com 

Eve Seamans 

840 Hale Street 

Beverly, MA 01915-2216 


Hi, Class of 2000! I (Catherine 
Correia) am writing these notes from the 
floor of my apartment as I am in the process 
of moving back up to Massachusetts from 
Florida. I am very excited to have the help 
of Eve Seamans to put together our class 
notes this round and going forward. The 
idea to ask Eve to help me out popped into 
my head this past May while Eve, Elizabeth 
Turnbull, Meg Lloyd '01 and I drove up 
to Ontario, Canada together to attend 
Cassie Depratto's (now Cassie Nutt) wed- 
ding. It was a beautiful wedding that took 
place in Cassie 's (and her sister Beth's '01) 
hometown. We all really enjoyed catching 
up on what each other are doing now and 

heard lots of updates about GDA from Mr. 
and Mrs. White. 

Beyond being newly married, Cassie is 
now a practicing Occupational Therapist for 
the government's home care program. 
Elizabeth Turnbull is off to Yale's Forestry 
and Environmental Studies this fall. Meg 
Lloyd is teaching at a school in Lawrence. 
Beth Depratto just had a beautiful (and very 
well behaved) little girl. And Eve is in her 
second year of graduate school at BU. Eve is 
doing an internship this year at the Rogerson 
House which is actually where Mark 

Lipman works as an Expressive Therapist (his 
day job). Mark is also busy singing and writ- 
ing songs with his band, The Mark Lipman 
Band. You can check them out at My Lipman. Emily Sears 
■wrote in to say: "I am working as a cardiac 
nurse at Maine Medical Center in Portland, 
Maine." Tanya (Hamboyan) Harrision 
wrote: "My left wrist replacement surgery 
was a success. I'm still in the midst of recov- 
ery, but the pain is greatly reduced. I'm start- 
ing my webpage design work again 
( for info). This 

Willow Malick '00 and Bob Bucher 

Willow Malick '00 and moose in Alaska 

TheArchon^ Fall 2008 87 

class notes 

fall I'm taking a local college course online 
for fun: Cultural Geography." Kathleen 
Sager wrote: "I am living in the Washington 
DC area, working as a Foster Care Social 
Worker for DC. It is a stressful job but very 
nice working with kids that want help. I 
graduated 'with my Master's last year. I am 
getting married this Saturday to Kevin 
Kubera whom I went to college with. The 
wedding is in Upstate NY on the campus." 

Willow Malick wrote to say she fin- 
ished her second Bachelor's degree in 
Biological Sciences in May from UAA. She 
has since moved to Houston, TX with her 
significant other, Robert Bucher III. They 
have bought a house and are in the process 
of remodeling it. She is enjoying the abili- 
ty to have more affordable horses in Texas, 
but very much misses Alaska. Willow also 
wrote: "I'm pretty exited to also be travel- 
ing through South Africa in October with 
Robert looking at narrow gauge trains 
(Robert) and the amazing wildlife (me). 
This year has been quite a year of changes! 
Feel free to pass my email on to any who 
want it. I have extra bedrooms for friends 
that want to visit too!" Willow's email is: 

Elizabeth and Michael Tomasino's fa- 
ther sent in this update for the two of them: 
"Michael Tomasino received the High 
Technology MBA degree at Northeastern 
University. He lives in South Boston and is 
working as a business analyst at State Street 
Financial. Elizabeth Tomasino has started on 
her PHd in Enology at Lincoln University, 
Christchurch, New Zealand. She will be re- 
siding in New Zealand for the next few 
years while completing the degree." 
Zenovia Wright wrote in to say: "Things 
are going well here in DC. I am still work- 
ing as a research admin at the NIH. I will 
start coursework towards my MPH with a 
concentration in Public Health Leadership 
and focus in Public Health Practice at 
UNC-Chapel Hill next week. I am also go- 
ing to buy a condo in DC by the end of the 
year. So things are exciting, a bit busy, but I 
prefer it that way." 



Class of 2001 

Maria E. Collins 

24 Bay Ridge Drive, Apt. 1 

Nashua, NH 03062-4706 

Hey, Guys! I (Maria Collins) hope 
you all had a fabulous summer! My hus- 
band, Ryan, and I had a baby girl on 
August 20th! Her name is Noelle Shea 
Collins and she is becoming quite a little 
chunk now. We are living in Nashua, NH 
right now, but are planning to move to 
Chicago next summer! 

Caitlin Mcintosh writes: "I am in 
my last year of veterinary school, looking 
to graduate in June 2009. I am also get- 
ting married to a great guy from college 
in the same month. Besides that, I am still 
in Columbus, OH and loving our old 
house!" Beth Depratto welcomed a 
beautiful baby girl, Arianna Catherine 
Grace Johnson, last winter. She is work- 
ing as a financial consultant at Caisse 
Populaire. Beth is also planning her wed- 
ding on Feb 13th, 2009 to Chris Johnson. 
John Shuster said: "I got married this 
summer to Whitney Hannan (now 
Whitney Shuster) on 7/12 in South 
Dartmouth, MA. There were many GDA 
people in attendance, including JJ 
Morrissey, Larry Lyons, Chris Delisle, 
Joe Levitt, Brad Kasnet, Joe Fannon, 
Heather Jameson '02, and Mr. 
Moonves. Nate Tsao made the trip from 
all the way from Hawaii but isn't pictured 
here. We had perfect weather the whole 
weekend, and the GDA guys all stayed in 
a rented beach house for the weekend. It 
was great catching up and celebrating 
with everyone." Meg Lloyd is currently 
working and living in Lawrence, MA and 
is looking forward to coaching Newton 
North's women's hockey team this win- 
ter! Lauren Bonaventura is working and 
living it up in Boston! Catherine 
Whitney is living in Davis Square and 
continues to work at Ernst & Young! 

James M. Morrissey 

Class of 2002 

3 6 Park Avenue 

Winchester, MA 01890-2009 


jmorrissey @govsacademy. org 

Lucinda Boyce is working for 
Lindblad Expeditions, third mate on their 
U.S. registered boats. Alaska in the sum- 
mer, Baja in the winter. Peter Langella 
says 'Hello' to all: "I have been very busy 
since I left Byfield. I was at Trinity 
College in Hartford, CT for my freshman 
year before transferring to Norwich 
University in Northfield, VT Norwich 
was a great fit for me. The school was the 
right size, the community was inviting, 
and the hockey was excellent. I was 
lucky enough to play in four NCAA 
tournaments including one Frozen Four. 
I was also luck enough to meet Jesse 
Williams, my future wife, during my time 
at Norwich. Jesse went to UVM and 
played hockey there. She just finished 
her advanced graduate work in Speech 
Pathology. A smart hockey player. What a 
catch for me! I finished up at Norwich 
in December '06 with a degree in 
Communications. I then moved to 
Huntsville, AL to play minor pro hockey 
for the Huntsville Havoc. It was a great 
experience. We traveled around by sleep- 
er-bus and I got to see the entire south- 
eastern US, a part of the country I prob- 
ably would have never really seen other- 
wise. We had over 7,000 fans at some 
games; not quite what one would expect 
in the deep south. I was also playing in 
the same division as my former Govs de- 
fense partner David Mullins '02 and 
was looking forward to matching up 
against him like we had in college, but he 
was traded to a team in Ohio a week be- 
fore our meeting. The season finished 
and I decided to get a "real" job. I was 
hired by Eaglebrook School, my home 

88 TheArchon em Fall 2008 



before GDA, and began working in June 
'07. Jesse and I got married in August 
'07 at a beautiful barn in the mountains 
of central Vermont. Just a magical day. I 
am currently Eaglebrook's Assistant 
Athletic Director. I also teach history 
and coach football, hockey and baseball. 
We live in a boys dorm and are enjoying 
life in the hills of western Massachusetts. 
I would like to give a special hello to Mr. 
Matt Gettings, the best advisor in the 
ISL, possibly all of NE." 

Rachel Manikian reports: "I will 
be graduating from NYU this spring 
with a Master's in Social Work and will 
most likely remain in Manhattan, get my 
license, and then work as a therapist/ad- 
vocate for children and adolescents. 
Allison Sparks came up to NYC for a 
visit this weekend and she, Alyson 
Gerber, Rachelle Dennis and I met up 
for drinks down in the East Village. A 
picture is attached!" 


Class of 2003 

Lauya E. Ellison 

346 Village Green Blvd. Apt. 104 

Ann Arbor, MI 48105-3626 


Michael D. O'Neill 
13-F 164 DunHua South Road 

Sect. 2 

Taipei, Taiwan 


This edition of the '03 class notes 
brings updates from across the country 
and across the globe. It was wonderful to 
see so many of you during reunion week- 
end. For those of you who were able to 
make it, I (Laura Ellison) hope you had 
fun catching up back in Byfield. Now, 
let's hear from two classmates who 
weren't able to celebrate five years in per- 
son. An update from Dan McKenna 
reads that he is "living and working in LA 

since graduating from RIT; working for 
an interactive design agency on major 
films and fortune 500 companies. Check 
out" Across the 
Pacific Ocean, Michael O'Neill has re- 
cently gotten a new job in Taiwan- he is 
now the Director of Recruiting - Korea 
for a small recruitment company called 
Reach to Teach. He loves his job and his 
friends and doesn't see himself leaving 
Taiwan any time soon! Since he has been 
here, he has snorkeled with whale sharks 
and camped on Mayon Volcano in the 
Philippines, watched men fight live King 
Cobras, explored ancient Khmer Temples, 
ridden elephants and bamboo rafts, petted 
live tigers, ridden the death railway over 
the bridge on the River Kwai, and scuba 
dived with Bull Sharks, barracuda and 
hosts of other marine life in Thailand, and 
has eaten dim sum while admiring the 
view of Central in Hong Kong. In late 
August, he will visit Seoul, Korea for 
business and excitement! All this, in ad- 
dition to an exciting and adventurous life 
in Taiwan. He missed everyone at re- 
union, but invites you to visit him in 
Taiwan for a second 
one. He wants every- 
one to know that 
then, again, the drinks 
are on him! 

I had a great 
summer in Ann 
Arbor. I'm still work- 
ing for Google and 
competed in my first 
triathlon, which was a 
lot of fun. Ann Arbor 
is back in full swing 
as the students return 
and football season 
gets back underway. I 
made my first trip to 
Texas and saw Lance 
Armstrong, Aaron 
Piersol and Matthew 
McConaughey at a 
10k race in Austin. 
Very exciting! I hope 
all is well with all of 
you. Keep in touch! 


Class o/2004 

Lesley T Clunie 

87 Neal Street 

Portland, ME 04102 

Kelsey M. Quigley 

13 Dunster Mall Center 

Cambridge, MA 02138-7523 

(978) 462-3776 

kquigley@fas. harvard, edu 

5th Class Reunion 

June 5, 6, 7, 2009 

Emily Bryson writes: "I will be living 
in Edinburgh, Scotland for the school year 
working and coaching at a local school. 
Please let me know if you are traveling in 
Europe! ecbryson@" Ben 
Bell is working at the Boston Herald and 
will be living in Jamaica Plain until March. 

Dante DeMeo '04 and Ben Bell '04 in 
Boston at formal dinner 

TheArchon » Fall 2008 89 


class notes 

Jessica Long '04 with Dartmouth 

President James Wright and Mrs. 

SusanWright at graduation 

After that, he writes, "who knows!" Jessica 
Long writes: "Hello! I graduated in June 
along with Amanda Webb '04 from 
Dartmouth College. Oh-8! Followed up 
graduation with a trip to Limerick and 
Dublin, Ireland and London, England with 
the Dartmouth Track and Field Team 
where I got to see the sights and compete 
against some of Europe's finest. It was won- 
derful. When I returned home, I got to 
party for my graduation and see Cassandra 
Duchard '05, vicariously through her 
mother, Nancy Duchard, and her brother, 
Gregory Duchard, who will be attending 
GDA as a first year this fall, at my party. My 
brother Raymond Long '96 was my DJ. 
Thanks, Bro! It was a blast! I got to see 
Maura Devaney for the 4th of July. We 
hooked up, each bringing some of our 
friends, and went into Boston to see the 
fireworks. It was wonderful seeing her and 
her family... 'Are you a good kisser?' 
Thanks, Mrs. Devaney! I spent the summer 

working at an enrichment camp for bright 
children from Lynn and Lawrence with 
Holly O'Donahue, a current GDA math 
teacher, called PREP@Pingree. It's an awe- 
some program. I was a history teacher and 
we have one student at that program com- 
ing to GDA and because of an admissions 
panel we had there we have many more in- 
terested in the Academy and other schools 
like ours. I have a wonderful commence- 
ment to life outside of Dartmouth and plan 
to keep moving forward. I plan to work 
within the medical field as I plan to apply 
to medical school in the coming spring." 
Alexandra Shalvoy graduated magna cum 
laude and Phi Beta Kappa from SMU and 
is working at UT Southwestern for a neu- 
ropsychiatrist in addictions before she goes 
back to school to get a PhD in psychology. 
Kelsey Quigley has one more semester at 
Harvard College. While in Washington, 
DC this summer she got together with 
Dante DeMeo '04 who is starting gradu- 
ate school at Tufts this fall in electrical en- 
gineering. His research is in photovoltaics. 
Lesley Clunie moved to Portland, ME this 
fall to join sister Lindsay '03, and is work- 
ing for the United Way of Greater 
Portland. They recently attended a recep- 
tion hosted by Widgery Thomas Jr. '43, 
at the Cumberland Club in Portland, to 
honor Mr. Moonves, where they ran into 
Laurie Hyndman, mother of Tommy 
Hyndman '04, and Headmaster Doggett. 
They reported that Tommy is living in 
California and enjoying life on the west 
coast, while his cousin Andrew Doggett 
'04 is involved in Teach for America and 
just started the school year teaching math 
at a school in Philadelphia. One more ex- 
citing announcement for the Class of 
2004: Over the course of the next year, we 
will be organizing the FIFTH YEAR 
CLASS REUNION! We hope that every- 
one will be able to come. We'll be in 
touch soon with a Save the Date, so stay 
tuned! together. 


Class of 2005 

Kelsey A. Correia 

300 Summit Street #702304 

Hartford, CT 06106-3100 

(781) 245-0244 

kelsey. correia @trincoll. edu 

Greetings, GDA Class of 2005! I 
(Kelsey Correia) hope all of you are hav- 
ing a pleasant start to your academic year. I 
am now a senior at Trinity College, excited 
yet nervous about my last year of school! I 
am living in the community service dorm, 
which is a great reminder of my time at 
GDA and why living in a community based 
dorm is so enjoyable. I am one of the chairs 
of Trinity's Fourth Annual Relay For Life 
this spring. This is an overnight fundraising 
event for the American Cancer Society 
where the money goes towards cancer re- 
search. We have already started planning the 
event and I'm excited to make this year 
bigger and better than ever. This past sum- 
mer I had several great experiences. I was a 
part of the Planned Parenthood League of 
MA's Massachusetts Voter Action Project, 
where we were trained in grassroots cam- 
paigning, including a hands-on direct ac- 
tion day at the Democratic State 
Nominating Convention, working at out- 
reach events and collected support for 
PPLM's legislative initiatives, working on 
campaigns of endorsed pro-choice candi- 
dates, for which I interned at John Kerry's 
Senate reelection campaign. It was a very 
worthwhile summer and I'm looking for- 
ward to a great final year here at Trinity. 

Sam Adams spent first semester last 
year in Edinburgh, Scotland. He saw 
Audrie Grigun often. Second semester he 
was back in Atlanta at Emory. This summer 
he had an internship with Usher at a sum- 
mer camp for talented performing and vi- 
sual art youth ages twelve to seventeen. He 
also is working in the Executive Branch of 
NAPA Auto Parts. He sends his regards to 
everyone in our class and is looking for- 
ward to graduating from Emory in 
December 2008. Ed Cassels will be visit- 

90 TheArchon <**• Fall 2008 



ing Sam this fall and perhaps fitting in a 
trip around New England to see some oth- 
er GDA classmates. He was recently finish- 
ing his final exams at the University of 
York. He had an amazing three years, in- 
cluding playing lots of lacrosse where he 
met Sam Adams at the British Universities 
tournament, and watched Sam's team 
(Edinburgh) win the tournament. Ed re- 
ports that Sam played really well, made two 
great saves in the final, which they won by 
one goal (against St. Andrews). Ed has been 
in good touch with Sam since graduation 
and also has been able to see Meg Owen 
and Molly Owen '06. He will be going to 
Cambridge University to do a law degree 
for the next two years, and then Oxford to 
do more law for another year. He has a job 
with an American law firm, Cleary 
Gottlieb, waiting for him once he is done 
studying, in New York - and looks forward 
to seeing any GDA alums who've migrated 
there by then. He plans to try to make it 
to GDA for our fifth-year reunion. 
Congratulations to Ed on all of his 
achievements and we all look forward to 
seeing him back in the states. Meg Owen 
interned with Channel 5 ABC this sum- 
mer, which was a great experience and is 
still working on the BC news show Now 
You Know. She is also teaching a full 
practicum, for first grade girls at Brimmer 
and May School five days a week for this 
semester. She looks forward to her last year 
at Boston College. Kelsey Johnson saw 
Ruth Splaine at St. Michael's when she 
played against them in lacrosse for St. 
Anselm. She also has been playing hockey 
every Thursday night with Erin Reil, 
Rossli Chace '06, and Brittany 
McKenna '06. Kevin Kapstad is now a 
senior at UNH studying Health 
Management and Policy. He is playing for 
the UNH Wildcats hockey team as a de- 
fenseman. He has enjoyed college very 
much and lives at UNH year round. Colin 
O'Rourke spent the summer living in 
New York and studying at the CAP21 
(Collaborative Arts Project of the 21st 
Century) Summer Professional Musical 
Theatre Program for six weeks. CAP21 is 
the Musical Theatre Studio of NYU-Tisch. 
Recently he was just cast in the B.C. fall 

Main stage, "Angels in America: Part 1, 
Millennium Approaches" as Prior Walter. 
The show runs November 19-23. 
Congratulations to Colin for all the success 
he is having. Nikki Bitsack interned at 
Boston Casting this summer and worked 
on casting the extras for the new movie 
"Edge of Darkness" with Mel Gibson and 
various television commercials. Things are 
going well for Chris Vancisin. He still 
plays rugby at Colby and went back to 
school early this year to get some training 
to be an outdoor leader for a freshman ori- 
entation trip called COOT2. Last year 
Chris was abroad in Melbourne Australia, 
which was where Jen Muscatello was 
abroad also and they even lived in the same 
building and coincidentally walked into 
each other one day. He and Jen also saw 
Mike Barnaby and Tim Brierley when in 
Sydney at Bondi Beach. Talk about a small 
world! Nicole Greco just moved into an 
apartment in the South End. She reports 
that the neighborhood is fantastic and has a 
lot of great restaurants. She is still teaching 
at the Runkle School in Brookline, but this 
year she is working with second grade and 
loving it! She is also volunteering at a 
school in the South End that is dual lan- 
guage, so she gets the opportunity to work 
on literacy with students who have very 
limited English language skills. She is very 
busy but happy with how things are going. 
Lindsey Hery visited New York City this 
summer with Ariel Lilly, Julie 
O'Shaughnessy, and Daisy Martinez 
where they all met Melanie B (aka Scary 
Spice). She reports that Daisy and Ariel 
spent their summers doing internships, 
while she and Julie were working for the 
summer in Maine. Jon Guy is back from a 
year studying in Paris to finish up at 
College of Wooster. His photo of Paris re- 
cently won an annual competition spon- 
sored by his college's international pro- 
grams office. 

Thanks to all of you who sent in 
notes. I wish everyone continued success 
in all of your projects. Please feel free to 
contact me with news at any time via 
facebook or through email, Kelsey. cor- Take care! 


Class of 2006 

Marisa S. Frey 

Box 1661 Allegheny College 

520 North Main Street 

Meadville, PA 16335 

freym @allegheny. edu 

Margaret E. Hughes 

51 High Street 

Saint Albans, VT 05478-1618 


Emilie Arthur said: "This summer I 
had an internship at Varsity Place in 
Durham, NH. I have also been hanging 
out with Devyn DiFronzo, Erin 
Connors and Lizzy Guyton a lot this 
summer. In the fall I will be attending 
Bond University in Australia." The school, 
she says, is filled with international stu- 
dents so she is meeting many cool people 
from all over the world, and making many 
connections through GDA which is awe- 
some. She hopes all is well with everyone 
and she definitely recommends going 
abroad to every single person. Julia 
Mclnnis says: "I am living in an apartment 
with Emilie Arthur, where Keith 
Corbett is our neighbor. Lizzy Guyton, 
Molly Owen, Devyn DiFronzo, Sam 
Light and Daniel Lindquist all came to 
visit UNH for my birthday. I'm going to 
the University of Otago in New Zealand 
for next semester." 

The mighty Class of 2006 has cer- 
tainly maintained their reputation; every- 
one seems to be very busy with fabulous 
college plans and trips abroad. I (Maggie 
Hughes) am now underway with my 
sophomore year here at St. Michael's and 
am having a terrific time. I am Student 
Association Representative for the Drama 
Club and am currently putting together a 
club hockey team, which should be a 
blast. Liza Tarr is spending the fall semes- 
ter in Madrid as part of her Spanish major 
at Tufts, and, in the spring, she plans on 
going to Buenos Aires for the whole se- 
mester. Liza is really excited to travel 
throughout Europe and looks forward to 

TheArchon^ Fall 2008 91 



class notes 

pursuing her interest in translation! Since 
she has been at Tufts, she has pursued 
Spanish, French, and now Italian. Cam 
Archibald has been enjoying Tufts 
University also but will be spending the 
year at the University of Edinburgh in 
Scotland, studying English and exploring 
Europe. Zack Richards is starting his 
junior year of the Civil Engineering 
Program at Bucknell, which, he says, is go- 
ing real well. He has still been keeping up 
on his golf game, playing a lot this sum- 
mer, and he plans on going abroad to 
Australia in the spring. Jake Robinson 
writes: "Hello All, Still in Boston here, the 
summer is over and all the schools are 
flooding the city with new and returning 
students. Work is great, and business is 
BOOMING. I'm still working towards 
purchasing a coffee shop between two and 
three years from now, and I'm well on my 
way. Changes in management have al- 

Photo in Paris by Jon Guy '05 

lowed me to literally build a business from 
the ground up at my cafe here in Boston, 
and the hands-on experience is well ap- 
preciated. It's hard work, but very fulfill- 
ing. I encourage you all to come by and 
visit, or just drop me a line. Good wishes 
to all, and enjoy the new school year!" 

Marisa Frey is still at Allegheny 
College and declared as a communication 
arts major and a values, ethics, and social 
action minor. She is a member of the 
Bonner Foundations service program and 
she will be going abroad with Semester at 
Sea this spring. Karina Montilla went 
abroad to the Dominican Republic and 
says that she could have never decided on 
something better in her whole life. She is 
having so much fun, making so many 
friends, and learning so much about the 
amazing island. Karina writes that she 
"wishes everyone the best in everything 
that they do this year and I guess I'll see 

you all back in the states in 
January!" Lauren Budd had 
a busy summer working as a 
substitute teacher for an 
Early Intervention Pre- 
school. Her summer though 
was cut short by Resident 
Assistant (RA) training at the 
end of August. She got to 
work with Travis Ferland 
'07 since he was one of the 
Orientation Mentors for 
some of her new first-year 
residents. She writes that she 
has a busy year ahead but is 
very excited. Tony Gross 
enrolled in the Apicius 
International School of 
Hospitality in Florence and 
right now is studying culi- 
nary arts. Matty Moore is 
■working on a philosophy 
major and trying to help turn 
around the baseball program 
at Colby. Cameron Keith 
writes that "for the first time 
in my life I did something 
fun... I flew to Austin, Texas 
this summer for a few days 
and LOVED IT! I have always wanted to 
experience/move down south and I now 
have a feeling my love for country music 
is leading me down south!" Sarah 
Harmeling will be studying abroad on an 
Emory program in Salamanca, Spain this 
fall semester. Andre Cruz was going to 
the University of Tampa but he just trans- 
ferred to UMASS Lowell. He is a double 
major in biology and nursing. He is also 
engaged to his girlfriend of five years. 
Caroline Turnbull led bike trips over the 
summer in Vermont and MA for 
teenagers. She is back in Maine now and 
loving it. She found herself back at GDA 
for a few days at the end of August help- 
ing her sister work on a building project 
and the campus looked gorgeous. Thank 
you all so much for your updates. I truly 
wish you all the best and much love! 

92 TheArcho 

Fall 2008 

r r h 


Class of 2007 

Jack A . Lamson 

51 South Hampton Road 

Amesbury,MA 01913-5733 

(978) 388-5368 

Rachel A. Stavis 

300 Summit Street #700624 

Trintity College 

Hartford, CT 06106-3100 


rachel. stavis @trincoll. edu 

Greetings, Class of 2007! I (Jack 
Lamson) hope this edition of The Archon 
finds you all well enjoying school, sports 
and other activities. I've taken hosting a 
Television show called The Morning After 
here at Quinnipiac; it gets a slightly larger 
audience and has a little more diversity 
than the Academy News did. Jacky 
Russell and I aren't the lone govs here at 
the Q anymore. We've been joined this 
year by Whitney Ocko '08. Allan 
Bradley was the only 007 agent to check 
in with Rachel and me this time around. 
Don't forget to send us anything and 
everything that you'd like your classmates 
to know about! 

Allan Bradley writes: "I spent the first 
five weeks of my summer on a tour across 
America with the Harvard Glee Club. 
Currently, the Glee Club is an all-male en- 
semble with about 50 members and has the 
distinction of being the oldest college cho- 
rus in the country. Our tour covered well 
over 8,000 miles, first with a stop in 
Phoenix, then moving through Great Falls, 
Seattle, Los Angeles, and the Ravinia Music 
Festival outside of Chicago, with many 
stops in between. We sang in highly vari- 
able settings; in Sandpoint, Idaho, we en- 
tered the rather unimpressive Panida 
Theater with decidedly mixed feelings, but 
the unabashed enthusiasm of our audience 
enlivened our humor and musical focus. We 
now remember Sandpoint as one of our fa- 
vorite stops on tour. At the other end of 
the spectrum, we performed in the Walt 
Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles to 

over a thousand people. The prestige and 
acoustic quality of the hall was a treat and 
a privilege for us which we took full ad- 
vantage of, performing at our very best. 
Not only was this tour the fulfillment of a 
personal dream to take a cross-country 
road trip, it was also an extraordinary op- 
portunity to sing challenging choral music 
with an entire tour bus full of close friends. 
I will always remember the beauty of the 
music, the excitement of the travel, the 
hospitality of the strangers we met, and the 
powerful bond we as a group forged among 
ourselves over many long hours on the 
road. As I write this, the Glee Club is 
preparing to admit a new group of singers 
to replace recent graduates, and we are all 
excited to begin another great year. 
Regards from Cambridge." 

She didn't tell us, but Alex McLain is 
officially the fastest American female surf- 
skier on the planet! Alex attended the 2008 
U.S. Surfski Championships in San 
Francisco in September and came in sec- 
ond to an Olympian from South Africa. 
For those who don't know, a surfski is the 
fastest type of ocean kayak. Her second 
place finish comes on the heels of winning 
the title of Maine state champion for the 
third year in a row and being named New 
England champion and East Coast champi- 
on before being invited to paddle in the 
nationals. Not only was Alex the youngest 
competitor and the only female from the 
East Coast. She was also the only female 
competing who has not participated in the 
Olympics. Way to go, Alex! 


Class of 2007 

Perry J. Eaton 

30 Travis Drive 

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-1022 


Abigail E. Harris 

1 Edwards Street 

Bath, ME 04530-2729 


Matt Fisch '08 and Sean Andrews '08 
in Egypt this summer. 

After an eventful summer following 
graduation, the Class of 2008 has finally 
settled into their new locations all over 
the world. While we are all very busy ad- 
justing to this new stage in our lives, we 
always find time to catch up with our 
Governor's friends and reflect about our 
time at the academy. In the words of Sean 
Andrews, "I absolutely love the people at 
USC, but I still think about you guys all 
the time. Our class was a unique group 
with amazing people, and I feel lucky to 
have been a part of it. Let's make every ef- 
fort to keep in touch." Sean also wants to 
send a special message to the faculty say- 
ing, "I miss you all too. You taught me so 
much in my four years and helped me to 
become who I am. I especially miss not 
being able to walk into the dining hall and 
see my teachers, something that only hap- 
pens in a small community like GDA. I 
look forward to seeing you when I visit 
sometime this winter." Sean had a very 
exciting summer traveling the world with 
classmate Matt Fisch, and then spend the 
second half of the summer in Nantucket. 
Matt says: "Sean and I spent one month 
traveling through Europe, Africa and the 

The Archon*** Fall 2008 93 

class notes 

Middle East this summer. We started in 
Dublin and worked our way through 
Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Cyprus, 
Egypt and then finally the United Arab 
Emirates. We particularly enjoyed Ibiza, 
Spain and Mykonos, Greece, where we 
experienced some of the best nightlife in 
the world. We also got to see the pyra- 
mids, ski indoors, swim in 96 degree 
ocean water and eat horse. Overall, it was 
an amazing experience and we will re- 
member it for the rest of our lives." 
Katherine Goodwin spent all summer 
working out and getting ready for 
Division One basketball while also finding 
time to relax at home in NH with her 
family and new nephew. Now that 
school's started she's busy with her classes 
and basketball. She says: "Everything is go- 
ing real well and playing ball is a lot of 
fun." Another phenomenal athlete, 
Brooke Duchaney, is also enjoying 
school and reports that "Bryant just 
turned to Division 1 this year and my 
team had the first Dl game ever for the 
entire university. We went to and played 
Northern Colorado and I scored the first 
Dl goal for Bryant! We wound up win- 
ning in overtime off of my assist to anoth- 
er freshman with 15 seconds left in the 
first overtime, yaay! I've been starting al- 
most every game so I'm really excited. I 
also see Daisy Martinez every day but 
she isn't playing cause she tore her ACL." 
Down in North Carolina, Sam Richards 
says that he and George Dorsey are "rep- 
pin Wake hard core." Sam is playing club 
ultimate frisbee and describes it as "pretty 
sweet but mad intense." Tim Oxton is 
currently working at Guitar Center but 
plans to fly to Virginia to volunteer for the 
Obama campaign in October. During 
November he says, "I'm flying to China to 
combat and protest the communist regime 
and then for a few weeks in December 
I'm flying to upper Canada, near the 

Arctic Circle, to combat global warming 
and study the effects of global warming 
on the ice shelf." (Tim starts at Wheaton 
in January). Paige Valchuis reports: 
"Union is great. I made the soccer team 
and I am getting a good amount of play- 
ing time for a freshman." On a similar 
note, Kelly Pope says: "Bowdoin is AWE- 
SOME! I made the soccer team and I love 
my roommate and all my floormates." 

Whitney Ocko "had a really nice 
summer with no real adventures besides 
working with Emily Durgin. I have not 
been doing too much, but I love school, 
it's awesome, I am meeting a lot of people 
and having fun." Whitney recently went 
home and saw Annie Clayman, who's 
playing Field Hockey for Northeastern. 
Greg Allis moved to Danvers over the 
summer and is now attending Lafayette 
College where he plays lacrosse and is 
studying engineering and economics. Our 
favorite Englishman, Rob Colclough, 
says that "it has been raining lots and I 
have just come up to university this week. 
I got back from interrailing around 
Europe a few weeks ago." This past sum- 
mer, Matt Kotzen spent three weeks in 
Belize and Costa Rica with a group of 
kids. While traveling he "scuba dove off 
the world's second largest barrier reef, 
sailed on catamarans, surfed off the coast 
of Costa Rica, and rafted down one of the 
top 10 rafting rivers in the world." Matt is 
loving Purdue and says that he's, "partying 
like a 'mofo' and playing a lot of intramu- 
ral sports." Tom Adams-Wall is enjoying 
College of Wooster were he's playing Dili 
basketball and working as an assistant 
trainer in the athletic training room. 
Chris Barrand, who is spending a semes- 
ter in Spain before attending Colby, wants 
everyone to know that he, Thomas 
Lampert and Chelsea Barnett are hav- 
ing the most fun in their first semester of 
college. Chris remarks: "From the week- 

end excursions around Spain to Toledo, 
Segovia, Madrid to our homes in the 
beautiful city of Salamanca, the trip has 
been a blast." He also mentioned that 
they've seen Sarah Harmeling '06 along 
their journeys. Caroline Cushman says: 
"I'm really enjoying St. Lawrence and 
meeting a lot of great people. I joined the 
crew team and we practice on St. 
Lawrence river almost every day. I also 
sometimes see Grant Rogers '07 around 
campus. I also hope to do some exploring 
of Quebec and Ontario while I'm up 
here." Camila Connolly says: "Hey 
Abby! I'm currently packing for England 
because I leave August 27th for my year 
abroad. When I get there I will be spend- 
ing a couple days in London with Jamie 
Dunlop (our ESU '07 student) before 
heading to Cobham Hall in Kent for 
school. Hope you're having a good sum- 
mer." Kerk Soursourian is all settled in 
at Cheltenham College in England for his 
ESU year. During his October break, he 
traveled to Holland and Berlin to visit rel- 
atives and his host family from last sum- 

I (Abby Harris) am loving Tulane, 
New Orleans and the whole southern cul- 
ture (especially the food and music), and 
I've been really busy with school. Also, I'm 
working in the Tulane Career Center as 
well as the athletic training room. As a stu- 
dent trainer I work with the football team 
and get to be on the sideline for all of the 
games. During the "hurrication," when 
Gustav forced Tulane to evacuate, I spent a 
week in Alabama and Mississippi with a 
friend and ate at Waffle House way to 
many times. Well, that pretty much wraps 
it up for news of the most recent gradu- 
ates of The Governor's Academy. I wish 
everyone the best of luck with all of your 
endeavors and let keep in touch as much 
as possible! 

94 TheArchon <** Fall 2008 



Douglas S. Rowley '33 of La Jolla, CA, 
died in December 2007. A retired photogra- 
pher, Douglas is survived by a son and 

William R. "Bill" Murphy '34 of 

Georges Mills, NH, died in April 2008. He 
attended Bowdoin College and the College 
ofWilliam and Mary. He moved to Georges 
Mills in 1971, where he had summered for 
several years, and worked as a sales represen- 
tative for an automobile dealership until his 
retirement in 1989. Bill was a member of 
Lake Sunapee Country Club, Salem 
Country Club, Tedesco Country Club and 
Corinthian Yacht Club; he was the golf 
champion at Tedesco in 1949 and 1957. He 
is survived by his three children and three 
grandsons. He was predeceased by his wife 
of 45 years, Mae J. (Karlson) Murphy, in 

Stafford J. King Jr. '36 of Exeter, NH, 
died in April 2008. At GDA, he won the 
Academy Prize at graduation before going 
on to study at Dartmouth College. He was 
the retired owner of Stafford J. King Co. He 
is survived by his wife Ruth and four sons. 

Eugene Ayers '38 of Falmouth, ME, died 
in August 2008. He graduated from Bates 
College where he played varsity football. 
After serving as a lieutenant in the Army 
near the Phillipine Islands during World War 
II, he entered the insurance field and was a 
claims manager for INA (now CIGNA) un- 
til his retirement in 1986. After retirement, 
he co-founded the Falmouth Forecaster and 
was a Test Administrator for the Armed 
Forces Entrance Exam. Eugene was active in 
the community over the years, serving as a 
Sunday School teacher, Boy Scout Troop 
master, church trustee, member of the 
Falmouth Town Planning Board, and volun- 
teer tax preparer for the elderly. He is sur- 
vived by his wife Nancy E. Ayers, four chil- 
dren, and two grandchildren. 

A. Charles "Chuck" Goodrich III '39 of 

Winnetka, IL, died in January 2008. Chuck 
and his identical twin brother Arthur "Bud" 
served together in World War II in the 50 
Field Artillery in General George Patton's 
Third Army. They landed at Utah Beach "D- 
plus ten days, with plenty of bullets flying," 
according to Bud. Chuck earned his 
Bachelor's degree at Lake Forest College and 
his Master's degree at College ofWooster. 
He was a high school English teacher after 
spending some time working for a saw mill 
and for Japan Air Lines. He is survived by his 
three siblings, a niece, five nephews, and ten 
great nephews and nieces. 

David Gearhart '40, died in April 2008. A 
graduate of Lehigh University, David re- 
ceived his Master's of Divinity from Virginia 
Theological Seminary. He is survived by his 
wife Harriet and four children. 

Ployer P. Hill '41 of Florida, died in 
January 2008. Ployer followed in his father's 
footsteps as a career officer in the U.S. Air 
Force, first serving during World War II. 
After the war ended, he earned his 
Bachelor's degree in Engineering from 
M.I.T and a Master's of Business 
Administration from George Washington 
University. He returned to the service dur- 
ing the Korean War and stayed for the re- 
mainder of his professional career, retiring in 
1974 after 27 years of active duty. Ployer is 
survived by his wife Dot, five children and 
ten grandchildren. 

Joann Thomas, wife of Widgery Thomas 

Jr. '43 of Scarborough, Maine, died in August 
2008. As the mother of five children, three of 
them dyslexic, Joann devoted herself to creat- 
ing remedial reading programs at Waynflete 
School and North Yarmouth Academy where 
she volunteered for a decade. Joann also en- 
rolled in nursing school at age 50 and then 
worked in the surgical recovery and critical 
care units at Maine Medical Center in 
Portland for 16 years. She shared with 
Widgery, her husband of 59 years, a passion 
for boating, skiing and giving back to the 
community. Joann is survived by her husband, 
children and several grandchildren. 

James E. Lothrop '44, died on January 30, 
2008 in Dover, NH. After graduating from 
GDA, he enlisted in the Navy and became a 
Seabee serving in the South Pacific for 30 
months on bothTinian and Saipan. After the 
war James attended Amherst College and re- 
ceived a Bachelor's degree in psychology in 
1950. He owned and operated the J.E. 
Lothrop Furniture Company in Dover, NH 
until it was sold in 1970. He later worked for 
the state of New Hampshire Department of 
Safety and later as a licensed private investi- 
gator. He is survived by his wife Dolores and 
four children. James was also the brother of 
Scott Lothrop '53 and the uncle of David 
Lothrop '79, John Lothrop '82 and William 
Lothrop '83. 

Donald Palais '45 of West Newton, MA, 
died in September 2008. A graduate of 
Harvard College and Harvard Business 
School, Donald was former president of 
Design Resources International. A longtime 
GDA Class Agent, Donald is survived by his 
wife Judith, three children and two grand- 

Richard Walsh Jr. '46 of East Greenwich, 
RI, died in March 2008. He entered The 
Governor's Academy for a post-graduate 
year after completing his senior year at 
Newburyport High School where he 
earned 10 varsity letters in football, basket- 
ball and baseball and was named the out- 
standing scholar athlete in his class. At GDA, 
he also earned letters in football, basketball 
and baseball. After serving in the U.S. Navy 
for two years, he completed his Bachelor's 
degree at Tufts University where he contin- 
ued to excel as an athlete, student and leader. 
In 1996, he was inducted into the Tufts 
University Jumbo Club Hall of Fame. 
Richard was employed for 38 years as an ex- 
ecutive with the New England Telephone 
and Telegraph Company/NYNEX, retiring 
in 1990. He is survived by his wife of 54 
years, Nancy J. (Riley) Walsh; three sons; and 
five grandchildren. 


95 The Archon «■> Fall 2007 

TheArchon «■* Fall 2008 95 



Henry "Hank" Sanders '47 of 

Portsmouth, NH, died in August 2008. 
Before moving to Portsmouth in 2002, he 
had resided in Darien, CT for 40 years. Hank 
graduated from Dartmouth College. After 
college, he entered the Air Cadet program 
and spent four years in the U.S. Air Force, 
serving one year in Korea during the con- 
flict. Hank spent more than 20 years with 
International Paper Company, much of it in 
New York City as a regional sales manager. 
After retirement, he devoted much time to 
public service and Republican politics. Hank 
was a member of the Sons of the American 
Revolution, served on the Board of Advisors 
of the Appalachian Mountain Club, was a 
Granite State Ambassador and volunteer for 
the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, and 
volunteered as a Pease Greeter, welcoming 
troops coming from and going overseas. He 
is survived by his wife of 49 years, Shirley 
Reese Sanders; two children; and three 

Archer Barber des Cognets '49 of 

Williamstown, MA, died in August 2008 in 
Tucson, AZ. After graduating from GDA, he 
served as First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army 
during the Korean Conflict. He then received 
his Bachelor's degree from the Cornell 
University School of Hotel Management and 
his Master's of Business Administration from 
Cornell. He was employed by Kidder 
Peabody Company and then Putnam 
Management Company in Boston for 20 
years where he became senior vice president 
of Putnam Advisory Company. He then 
joined United Asset Management 
Corporation where he was responsible for 
corporate development. An avid skier, hiker, 
fisherman, beach lover, jogger, and traveler, 
Archer is survived by his wife, Carol (Treman) 
des Cognets; his former wife, Gwen Grohman 
des Cognets; five children; nine grandchil- 
dren; and a sister. He was predeceased by his 
brother, Louis des Cognets III, father of Louis 
des Cognets IV, Class of 1970. 

Edward R. "Ned" Werner '52 of 

Gloucester, MA, died in August 2008. He 
was a graduate of Michigan State University 
and the Boston University Graduate School 
of Communications. A founding partner and 
treasurer of Leggat, McCall and Werner, a 
major real estate development company in 
Boston, Ned was also a prominent commu- 

nity presence, serving as president of the 
American Red Cross of Boston, and on the 
Board of the Addison Gilbert Hospital, the 
Gloucester Economic Development and 
Industrial Commission, the Essex County 
Club, and The Governor's Academy. He also 
was active in various roles at the Boston 
School for the Deaf, the Pine Street Inn, and 
the Society for the Industrial Realtors. An 
avid sailor and boater, Ned is survived by his 
wife Karen "Driscoll" Werner, four children 
and four grandchildren. 

Richard Bailey '55 of Bay Shore, NY, died 
in October 2007 of lung cancer. A graduate 
of Trinity College, Richard earned a Master's 
degree from Hofstra University. He retired 
from his position as Employment Specialist 
for the Suffolk County Department of 
Labor. Dick is survived by his wife Lois, a son 
and a grandson. 

Gordon Gavin "Tim" MacVean '56 of 

Pittsburgh, PA, died in March 2008. He re- 
ceived his Bachelor's degree from Dartmouth 
College and attended graduate school at 
Columbia University for two years before 
entering the U.S. Army where he was a 
weapons instructor for two years. After leav- 
ing the military, Tim joined National Mine 
Service Co., founded by his father in 1946. 
There Tim served as vice president before 
becoming president of the Eickhoff 
Corporation. He was regarded as a leader in 
the mining equipment industry as well as a 
philanthropist to area museums, colleges and 
universities. Tim is survived by his wife Kate. 

John Easton '67, died in July 2008. 
Originally from Newton, John attended 
GDA for four years before studying 
at Case Western University and earning 
his B.A. at the University of Miami. 
He spent most of his adult years in Illinois and 
Wisconsin, working as a financial analyst for 
Amoco and as director of PC procurement, 
training and support at J. I. Case. His love for 
the personal computer was founded while 
beta-testing the Lisa & Macintosh for Apple 
Computer before teaming up with his wife, 
Doris, on a graphics arts company: 
Imagemaker Graphics. In his final year he 
was the general manager for Houston-based 
Axiom Design Group. His many interests in- 
cluded computers, pets, dancing, shopping, 
and cooking. John and Doris produced the 

highly acclaimed book for the class's 30 re- 
union. He is survived by his wife Doris and 
their five children. 

Nathaniel "Nat" Bowditch '74 of Kittery 
and Islesford, ME, died in September 2008. 
Nat graduated from the School of the 
Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with a 
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography. 
As a staff member of the Maine Arts 
Commission, he actively advanced the arts 
through Maine's Percent for Art Program and 
then served as the state's Deputy Director of 
Tourism for more than 17 years. In 2004, he 
and his wife became proprietors and 
innkeepers at the Portsmouth Harbor Inn 
and Spa of Kittery, ME. Nat enjoyed paint- 
ing, taking photographs, sketching, hiking, 
canoeing, sailing, tending organic gardens, 
and traveling. Nat is survived by his wife 
Lynn (Spann) Bowditch, his mother, three 
siblings and several nieces and nephews. 

Daryl P. Killip '78 of Hudson, NH, died 
unexpectedly in December 2007. Before 
coming to GDA, Daryl lived in Libya and 
Indonesia with his family After high school, 
he earned his Bachelor's degree at Cornell 
University and his Master's degree in 
Mechanical Engineering from the University 
of Maine. He was employed for many years at 
AT&T and then Vectron. Daryl's interests 
were orienteering, hiking, motorcycling, mu- 
sic, computer "war" games and traveling. He 
is survived by his wife Heidi, his parents, 
grandmother, two sisters, and nieces and 

Sharon (Ricketts) Betz '91 of Dexter, MI, 
died in July 2008. Sharon received her B.S. in 
Health Sciences from Merrimack College 
and a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular 
Pathology form the University of North 
Carolina School of Medicine. She then com- 
pleted postdoctoral fellowships in clinical 
molecular genetics and cytogenetics at the 
University of North Carolina Hospitals. She 
joined the University of Michigan's 
Department of Pathology in July 2007 as 
Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of 
the Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular 
Diagnostics Laboratories. Sharon is survived 
by her husband Bryan Betz, their two chil- 
dren, her mother and siblings. 

96 TheArchon^ Fall 2008 











ior's Academy 
merit Office 
n Street 
MA 01922 

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What makes The Governor's Academy 
special to you? Pass it on. 

Left to right: Peter '80, Mary, Nate, and Bob '51 Morse on a sailing trip to Bergen, 
Norway in 1987. 

My grandfather and grandmother, Charlie and Louise Morse, sent their 
three sons to the Academy during the 1940s and 1950s. My father, Bob 
Morse, used this opportunity well and went on to college and medical school. 
Later, he was always interested in the goings on while I was a student in South 
Byfield. He would quiz me about physics and I would need to keep my facts 
straight or he would call me on it. Stories that he told of his time at school - 
English class with Mr. Mercer, and Latin with Mr. Navins - convinced me not 
to take Latin (I would not have been able to pass the home quiz) and showed 
me how much my dad was interested in learning. In fact, all through my col- 
lege years these quizzes continued; somehow he seemed to keep up with both 
of my brothers' studies also. I was only a little surprised when he helped the 
X-C Ski team on a snowless winter with a donation of roller skis for training. 
I later found out his Academy hockey team had a similar warm winter and had 
to travel to Lynn to have ice to skate on. If he saw a niche where he could 
help, he would do so. 

During the 70s and 80s, the family reconnected to the Academy when sev- 
eral grandchildren of Charlie and Louise attended. Nearing the end of this era 
in our family, my father and his brothers collaborated to create a scholarship 
fund at the Academy in memory of their parents. They spent time discussing 
employer matches and planning to maximize their gift. My father and uncle 
recognized that the Academy had been an important and positive influence on 
the Morse family and they wanted to reciprocate. The scholarship was one 
way to give back to the school, but later in life my dad wanted to do more. As 
I was helping him with year-end bookkeeping near the end of his life, I asked 
the simple question, "Who are we going to gift money to this year?" There 
was a bit of a pause and then Dad said, "I think we should give some money 
to GDA." I knew he did not mean the normal year-end type of gift, we were 
on new ground having broached the subject of estate planning. I now know 
he had been thinking of this for some time. I am glad we had time to talk and 
to discuss other important things in our lives. 

My father died late last year. In his estate was that gift to The Governor's 
Academy. I have received many thank yous for my dad's gift and I can only 
add my own: Thanks, Dad, for all you have done. 

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In the spirit of the Academy's origi- 
nal benefactors, William and 
Catherine Dummer, the Schoolhouse 
Society honors alumni, parents and 
friends like Dr. Robert Morse '51, 
who have made the school a part of 
their legacy through a planned gift. 

Planned gifts include a variety of 
charitable giving options that allow 
you to express your personal values 
by blending your charitable and 
financial goals. The most frequently 
made planned gifts are bequests and 
other popular options include char- 
itable gift annuities and trusts. 

Planned gifts can be made with 
cash, but many planned gifts are 
made by donating assets such as 
stock, real estate, art or business 
interests. There are many opportu 
nities and several benefits that 
may enable you to: 

• Make a larger charitable gift 
to the Academy than you 
thought possible 

• Increase your current income 

• Plan for the financial needs of z 
spouse or loved one 

• Provide inheritances for heirs a 

reduced tax cost 

• Leave a charitable legacy for 
future generations 

If you would like to learn more about 
these giving options, please contact 
Martha Delay, Planned Giving Advisor, 
at (978) 499-3173 or by email at 

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